You Lazy Shepherds

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Theology

YOU LAZY SHEPHERDS. Song/Sermon. Based on Jeremiah 23

Philip G. Ney,     Pioneer Publishing3/4/12


1.You lazy shepherds don’t lead your flocks.

Afraid of hardship, and him who mocks.

You want your comfort, fill of man’s praise.

You fear a prison where to spend your days.


2. The sheep are scattered on bare hills.

They have no protection from him who kills.

The lambs are torn, blood stains the land.

The ewes are weeping, cringe in dark sand.


3.The rams are running. None make a stand.

While priests and pastors strut oh so grand.

There is no leader, that’s worth his salt.

They keep on shouting, “It’s not our fault”.


4. You love man’s praise, not that of God.

You soon will feel the devil’s prod.

You’ll be the first to die in some strange land.

Hear funeral dirge, not some grand band.


5. Oh loving Father! Our merciful Lord.

Most of Your people act like they’re bored.

The screams of babies, loud in Your ears,

Give us great wisdom, quell our worst fears.


6. Words of false comfort, are not from God.

They don’t read scripture nor follow the Lord.

“I sent not these ‘prophets’, nor told them what to say.

“You will have peace, no harm come your way.”


7. “Does not My Word burn like a fire?”

 “A mighty hammer that smashes rock.”

 Not like these finely dressed prophets.”

“Whose message comes from each other”.


8. “Therefore” says the Lord, I will stand against these prophets”.

Their imaginary dreams are flagrant lies that lead people into sin.”

“I will expel them from my presence.

Away with you cowardly pastors, false preaching prophets.


9. If you care not for the least of these my young lambs,

   I will not care for you.

Now I will pour out my judgment on you for the evil.

You have done to my sheep.