Would I Be An Angel

Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in Poetry and Prose

Would I be a bright angel if I could?
If I had a chance, I really think I would.
Fly around sweet heaven every endless day.
And when I took a fancy on my harp play.

Of course I’d do exactly as I’m told,
I’d never be presumptuous and never bold.
Nor with appointed tasks would I be bored.
And from required distance, I’d admire the Lord.

I could see from Heaven, human’s awful state.
And feel a bit smug that is not my fate.
To see their misery, then to watch them die,
I’d rather to the limits of heaven always fly.

But at one time I saw the most amazing thing.
A human came and spoke directly to the King.
The Seraphim did not him to micro atoms smash.
Or throw him out of heaven, hear gates crash.

But instead I heard almighty God say “hello”
“You are welcome here in heaven, not below.”
Gave him a pure white robe and golden crown.
Not on any dread archangel did I see a frown.

“Great Father let me introduce my good friend.
A man who stuck with me to embittering end.”
Now if that’s not outrageous, what could be?”
Not if spoken by Jesus with His great authority

“Together we have walked many a weary mile.
At times his silly jokes would make me smile.
We shared the triumphs and tragedies of each day.
And with his grandkids he would let me play.

I’d sell my angel rights to hear those words.
Or spend eternity sharpening angel swords.
A friend of Jesus! There is no higher state.
Yet a brief painful life-span, humans cannot wait.

One second of pain is all they ever know.
For each brief trial helps them wiser grow.
To know the Lord as friend and brother,
In all the universe there is no other.

One ten millionth as glorious as He,
Oh great God a friend of Jesus let me be.
And if in trials I begin to complain,
A proper perspective I would regain.

I’ll concentrate on really knowing You.
Whenever I’m in pain or feeling down and blue.
By Your great love I know you’ll see me thru.

So thank you God you made me to be,
A wounded human, You are setting free.