Will Humanity Survive?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Science


Since there is and can only be one truth, science and morality must agree. Moreover, the better the morality the better the science. The better the science and morality, the more likely humanity will thrive and civilizations advance.

Nobody has thought of a better morality than the one found in the bible. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself. (1)   Those who have lived by this morality have lived better, longer, discovered more and raised better children. When there was a collection of these God-lovers, they brought about wisdom in people and civility in their institutions.

When in the prosperity and peace, God lovers became proud of their achievements and lovers of themselves, they became foolish, ignorant, disease ridden and war torn. They used slaves to keep building, instead of enjoying the healthy sweat of their own brows. They sacrificed humans fearing that some god somewhere wanted his/her share of the wealth. They intuitively knew that God would not approve of any human taking advantage of another. The harder they struggled to progress on the backs of slaves, the more guilty they felt and the more humans they sacrificed. To sustain the flow of slave sweat and innocent blood, they had to conquer, pillage, rob, rape, torture and kill.  Quickly they became uncivilized, turned on each other and destroyed what their more righteous ancestors built. Soon there was no trace of them except distorted images of themselves as idols so proud and monuments to their stupidity in crumbling tombs and temples. The triumph of Satan is the destruction and enslavement of humans, using humans as his agents but a remnant has survived until now (2).

The history of the Babylonians, Greeks, Hittites, Romans, Aztecs, etc. show that God did not approve, in fact He hated slavery and the murder of innocent people, particularly small children. Sometimes it was an act of God roaring in wrath. More often it was the inevitable consequence of the “Reciprocal Response”. What proud, stupid people did to others was done to them.

Currently there is rampant world-wide slavery and human sacrifices. There are very few countries where economic slavery and abortion are not practiced. In those countries there are already signs of civilization collapsing, particularly the USA and Japan. With all civil restraints removed, aggression, torture and internecine warfare will become the norm.

Humanity is rapidly destroying itself. Will it survive? Probably not, apart from a remnant that God has promised to preserve. The 3 major species annihilating factors are:

a)      The civil, legal and political restraints of a post-Christian civilization have been thrown out with hardly a sigh of sorrow.

b)      The God-given instincts that have ensured human war, atrocities and plagues did not destroy every human have been eroded or superseded with counter-productive laws.

c)      God, who hates killing innocent children and/or enslaving people (refs), has become righteously furious and exasperated.


God’s original plan was to populate the universe with people who had willingly, joyfully desired Him to be their best friend and king.  After the original sin of the Devil’s pride that Eve and Adam got sucked into, God’s backup plan was eternal life thru His Messiah Jesus. To ensure people retained a choice, He has remained relatively veiled and uninvolved in human affairs. But His eternal purposes are never thwarted. He will preserve a remnant who will populate the stars.

Is there a chance this tragic trajectory can be redirected? Yes of course because God is always merciful but it seems humans cannot let go of their pride so the chance is very slim.

“Gather together you shameless nation (Canada, USA, UK etc.). Gather while there is still time before judgment begins and your opportunity is blown away like chaff. Act now before the fierce fury of the Lord falls and the terrible day of the Lord’s anger begins. Beg the Lord to save you—all you who are humble; all you who uphold justice. Walk humbly and do what is right. Perhaps even yet the Lord will protect you from his anger on that day of destruction.  (3). We must all repent and act like our beliefs that the current world situation dictates. Yet Jesus said, ”It is not success you are after in such times, but survival. Be survivors!” (4). He also said, “In fact, unless that time of  calamity is shortened, the entire human race will be destroyed”(5).


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