Why God is so disgusted with Canada and the USA

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WHY GOD IS SO DISGUSTED WITH USA AND CANADA.          Philip G. Ney  24/2/2016


Scripture is very clear, God’s first intents for humans are that they: i) become everything that He designed them to be, ii) get to know Him, iii) choose Him to be their eternal friend.  The second order intents are that His new friends become interesting, loyal, obedient and experienced in helping Him do His work on earth. When people live and work with God’s purpose fixed in their minds, He blesses them and their country. When anyone attempts to thwart His purpose, He will tolerate, then block, then destroy them and their country. When any country not only practices God defeating and depopulating lives but also persuades and coerces other countries to do the same, God is disgusted then enraged. It is only because of His patience, mercy and love that He does not destroy them immediately. These countries, although subconsciously aware of God’s judgement, presume on His mercies, which presumption enrages Him further.

God is loving beyond description, merciful to the ends of the universe, patient to the depths of hell BUT He is always holy and just. “Let them boast in this alone that they truly know me and understand that I am the Lord who is just and righteous whose love is unfailing and that I delight in these things, I the Lord have spoken.” (Jer. 9:24) He must insist on His principles and justice for the moral and physical tenets that maintain the universe are based on holiness. Holiness is purity which means mathematically there are no error terms or random factors.

God’s judgement always begins with His people because He loves them as His children and they must learn to respect and obey Him. He has had a least one entity that was arrogant and disobedient to the point of rebellion and He sure doesn’t want that to happen again. His discipline is less rage and wrath than it is a temporary withholding of His mercy which means He allows the natural consequences of human stupidity to have their effects. One of these natural effects might be ROD (Rapid Orbital Decay) as a consequence to the dehumanization, lack of protection and cruel killing of preborn babies.

God rules and makes history.  God elects, selects, predestines some people but He is always careful to protect a person’s opportunity and freedom to choose. That is why He veils Himself. But when given choice, God usually allows people to feel the natural consequence of their choices. God disciples His children but destroys nations that are so depraved there is literally no chance they will repent.  “I will completely destroy the nations where I have scattered you but I will not completely destroy you. I will discipline you, but with justice; I cannot let you go unpunished.” (Jer. 30:11) “The Lord will destroy the nations living in the land, just as he destroyed Sihon and Og, the kings of the Amorites. (Deut. 31:4-5)  The earth will shake at the force of his word and one breath from his mouth will destroy the wicked (Isa 11:4).

Wicked people rebel against the light of truth. They refuse to acknowledge its ways or stay in its paths.

The murderer rises in the early dawn to kill the poor and needy; at night he is a thief.

The adulterer waits for the twilight, saying, ‘No one will see me then.’ (Job. 24: 13-15)

Yet even while a nation is being destroyed God is merciful to individuals who turn to Him for salvation.  “Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.  For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood.”(Rom. 3:24-25).

If the whole nation repents of its violence and idolatry then God may change His mind. “Then the king and his nobles sent this decree throughout the city: “No one, not even the animals from your herds and flocks, may eat or drink anything at all.  People and animals alike must wear garments of mourning, and everyone must pray earnestly to God. They must turn from their evil ways and stop all their violence.  Who can tell? Perhaps even yet God will change his mind and hold back his fierce anger from destroying us. When God saw what they had done and how they had put a stop to their evil ways, he changed his mind and did not carry out the destruction he had planned.” (Jonah 3:7-10)

But how many times have whole nations repented?  Very few. There is no evidence that Canada and the USA are now inclined to repent.

The following is a partial list of ways that the USA and Canada are enraging God. These 2 countries have been so well blessed but have become the epicenter of evil and the promulgation of evil to all the nations of the world. Logically they will undoubtedly feel His wrath. That anger is partly expressed as God permits these countries to feel the natural consequences of their foolishness. That is happening right now. The stock markets are chaotic and countries are going bankrupt beyond recovery, mainly because no one can run a free market economy with an exponentially declining population. The population is declining mainly because of abortion. In fact, abortion is economically ruining every country that practices it.

Of course other countries have contributed to these errors and omissions but none have been as well blessed as the USA, and Canada  with a Christian heritage, buoyant economy, every natural resource, amazing scenery, opportunities for education, inventions, stable democratic governments, freedoms to communicate and worship etc. Where God has so richly blessed countries and His people, He has higher expectations. Canada and the USA have ignored their God, destroyed His babies and thwarted His desires to know and be known by many millions of loyal, loving, mature followers and friends, for a long time. He has issued many warnings which were disregarded and those that spoke His words correctly have been ignored and derided. Maybe one last time, Christians have an opportunity to respond to God’s kindness, patience and pleadings but there is very little time left. “When they start down the wrong road and discover their mistake, don’t the turn back? Then why do these people keep going along their self-destructive path, refusing to turn back even though I have warned them” (Jer. 8:4-5)

  1. Highways, backroads and foot paths to ruin and hell paved by commercial media’s propaganda.
  2. True love is what you feel in your heart”.

Love is not an emotion. It is best defined as meeting another’s needs. (1) Since needs are definable, love is understandable. Since loving is enabled by God it is always do-able. The movie and paper pulp magazine industry, centered in Hollywood has persuaded people everywhere that love is the warm feeling you get when sexually aroused. This notion has enabled the advertising industry to sell billions on clothes, holidays, entertainment, relationships they don’t need. It has encouraged the breakup of marriages to the deep and persisting damage of children. Neglected, depressed and angry children feel a little better when they watch sex and violence saturated videos and all too frequently pornography. Thus entertainment watching and passivity is reinforced by the sexual and aggression arousal is conditioned in an almost unending vicious cycle.

Young people are desperately longing for real love. If they were really loved their real needs met and consequently they have a better chance to become the Person I Was Designed to Become (PIWDB) which is the basic motivator of almost all human behaviour. But being raised by parents who are loving themselves, their children are usually disappointed.  People who are searching for the ingredients and experiences to become who God designed them to become are easily seduced into thinking the fun and excitement of sensory stimulation is the route to the happiness of becoming mature. In their bitter disappointment their search becomes more and more desperate leading to more and more self- destructive behaviour.

Each family  breakup discourages and depresses them but the media persistently suggests they should keep trying something new because out there, somewhere in the near future they will find their soul-mate, the most fulfilling job and ideal children which will allow them to live happily ever after. All they have to do is to buy some pretty new clothes or travel to some remote pleasure center to find their one and only. But it doesn’t work. Yet instead of people giving up to become content with whatever they have, people will exhaust themselves and their bank account in one addiction or vain pursuit after another.  Still the cynical advertisers have a solution to your blues. It is the very antithesis of God’s plan to pleasure yourself.



Narcissus fell in love with the reflection of himself on the blackened surface of a quiet pool.  He was so enamored with himself that he fell into the betraying waters which embraced him in a cold death grip. People are encouraged to “look after yourself” with this diet, exercise gym, spa, hotel room and sex toy. “You deserve it”. The narcissism of North Americans is almost untreatable and this disorder is almost untreatable.  It is the undoing for the more you think about yourself, pleasures and problems, the higher goes your heart rate and blood pressure. Those who pleasure themselves die younger but they don’t really care. Why?  Because they become addicted to “self pleasuring” they soon cannot see any alternative.

Narcissism is the also the undoing of the nation because with increasingly prevalent narcissism, the neighbourliness that once kept families caring for each is fading. Governments try to make up the gap with social services but the cost is huge and unsustainable in the face of declining number of tax payers.

  1. Perverted sex is okay as long as you wear a condom”.

God designed male-female sexual behaviour for 3 purposes:  i) to provide inexpensive pleasure available to almost everyone. With the anticipation and the ecstasy almost every married couple has the opportunity of relaxation and joy during which they can thank God for intimacy and momentary relief from the cares of the day. ii) Re-uniting with the other half that was split off with the creation of woman.  Thus intercourse remakes the one flesh life long bond necessary for the optimum raising of children, iii) the conception and inception of progeny to help populate the universe.

To make all three very complex components of mating take place so quickly and easily by having male female intravaginal copulation, God designed the orgasm. This experience is so intensely pleasurable all creatures will do it as often as is optimum for propagation, even if it happens only once in a life time and then at the cost of their lives, e.g. salmon. Humans will go without food and sleep just so they can have 15 minutes with their beloved. God planned it that way so people would procreate to have the maximum number of offspring as possible. It seemed a simple fool proof design. Satan deviously schemed and distorted normal sex so that the object became pleasure only. Thus bonding and children and joy were pushed to the inconvenient periphery. Satan successfully argued that sex of any kind in any way at any time with any object or person was good for you. Thus the other true purposes of sex (reuniting, bonding and progeny) became hindrances that were first disparaged then illuminated by way of legal abortion and socially tolerated profligacy.

Orgasm producing sex with anyone in any way for any reason at any time or place became the modern mantra supported by the modern sex education, philosophy, and the seductive clothing, and entertainment industries. It was made more accessible because more people had machines to do the back breaking labor that would bring a man to the point of sexless exhaustion by the end of the day. And there was more time available. Food and drink were cheap and readily at hand. The philosophy of sex as healthy recreation took over from sex for one woman and the same man for life.   As a result people became increasingly less well bonded to the person they made a commitment to for a life-long marriage. Very few of the religious, moral or scriptural restraints have much effect any more.

The USA and Canada are responsible for pushing the LGBT agenda at the UN and using the UN to force that agenda in small vulnerable countries. They used blackmail with threats to cut funding, aid and educational programs if “developing” countries resisted them. Although the UN with financial backing from the US widely distributed free condoms to prostitutes and pubs for drivers along the busy lorry route between Mombasa Kenya and Kampala Uganda, the rates of AIDS and venereal diseases increased, not decreased as predicted. A 40 ft. container full of condoms was left on a dock in the very hot tropical sun in Dar Salaam, Tanzania. Many were distributed before it was discovered that the heat had left most condoms with very small holes but they were use in that part of the world.

About 50 % of all families are shattered by divorce. The grieving children retained deep conflicts that they subconsciously tried to understand by repetitive re-enactments of marital turmoil and divorce which kept the tragic cycle spinning more and more out of control. To ease their depressing thoughts, children were easily enticed to become sexually active at earlier and earlier ages. The resulting pregnancies were “terminated” with little thought of the innocent child whose life they had just terminated. Instead the teenagers distracted their minds with more sex, sex and violence entertainment and drugs.

As if that was not enough to destroy humanity, satan fanned the almost inexhaustible desire for better, less expensive orgasms with sex toys, sex with the same sex and sex in any orifice. And to make even more “exciting”, sex with different sexes on different days and with animals.   One man told me that during his average working day at the office he had 10 plus homo-sexual “contacts” most in toilets but all orgasticly satisfying. There were fewer on Sundays because he attended church where people understood his addiction and sympathized with his struggle.

People are vaguely aware that because most of their sexual experiences do not fulfil God’s intention and they worried “He”, “Her” or “the Power” or (you name it) probably took a dim view of their pseudo-sex machinations. But any guilt they had they drowned in booze, drugs or medications and learned to use the rationalizations they learned in university or college. The only reality that had any restorative impact was the exponential decline in population which was ruining the economy. That there was a rapid increase in sexually transmitted diseases, some of which were resistant to all form of treatment, seemed to increase rather than decrease their narcissistic ardour. The best explanation for this pointless copulating was that about 50% of the population were abortion survivors. The existential guilt of abortion survivors drove them to take near death risks in order to keep them on the survival edge. It also distracted them from the incessant obsessive ruminations about:  i) were they still wanted enough to be allowed to survive, ii) how could my parents say they killed my little sister or brother out of love and concern for me. Iii) Since they had the social and legal approval to kill their children, could they still do it?

  1. You don’t need to feel guilty. Here is a pill to make you happy and a ticket to a movie that will take your mind off God”.

Becoming aware of the fact that they have contravened some natural force, law or God has kept humans from more rapidly exterminating themselves. When a person stumbles in the dark and momentarily feels no pressure on the bottom of his feet, he anticipates a painful result for his forgetting to bring a flashlight. That awful feeling of rueful regret, anxious anticipation of pain and desperate desire to go back to some more secure position is practically speaking, human guilt. It is inevitable and universal. The intensity of guilt is most closely correlated with how well in touch with reality that person is most of the time and how conscious or inebriated he is at the time of the misdemeanor. If he has known about God, he anticipates God’s deep disapproval. If he has a family he cares for he can easily hear their cries of “oh not again”. But even if he cares for no one but himself, he knows he has injured his mind, or body or spirit and thus expects some retribution.

The USA and Canada have been pushing sex education in primary schools, including how to have sex without intercourse, to children in grade 5. The best evidence shows that sex education is an ineffective deterrent to sex activity. In fact sexual activity of all kinds increases with more sex-ed. Moreover the earlier the sex ed., the earlier the sex activity. The more the sexual activity, the more the sexually transmitted diseases which is the opposite of what the sex-educator was ostensibly trying to curtail. The sex education to young children includes being tolerant towards those who engage in any kind of sexual activity  and proclaim they are now a “trans” or any other they can think of a name for, (now listed with 78 different kinds.).

The child’s natural aversive response to things or people that look or act queer is being labelled as a phobia and forcefully suppressed. The result is that healthy children no longer feel free to show any kind of avoidance behaviour toward people they consider queer, even if Gay people are recruiting receptive children.

Though I have evaluated in consultations, many people who are imprisoned for serious crimes, I have yet to find one person who could be diagnosed as a sociopath without a conscience and not feeling guilty for his crimes. Beneath a cover of callous disregard there was always evidence of some regret, often for disappointing his father or hurting his mother or grandmother. As long as a person is able to discern reality, that person can recognize when they have broken a natural law. This usually results in a fear of retaliation by God or government or the police plus a small component of their thinking that says they should pay for their crimes e.g. “I guess I owe it to society” “I know I will have to do my time even if I rot in this stinking hole”

I have interviewed many abusing parents, some who have done atrocious things to their children, but never encountered a father or mother who had planned to hurt and only hurt their small son or daughter. Most abuse their children out of ignorance, drunkenness, drugged or irritated when they are fatigued or very lonely.  And when they hurt their children they almost always felt guilty. This guilt instilled by God has restrained much of humanity’s inhumanity to man.


The worst crime of anyone is to deliberately and cruelly kill their own trusting, innocent child. It makes no difference whether or not that child is in the uterus or in their arms. There could be nothing worse partly because it results in so many irreparable damages to the child’s family but mostly because it is such an insult to that child’s Creator. The devil has incited people to counsel each other to not feel guilty but this guilt squashing counselling seldom works for long. Since about 60% of women and men have procured an abortion of one or more of their tender infants, there is a massive accumulation of unresolved guilt. To offset this, the devil has arranged sexually deranged and mechanically engineered violent entertainment. For the brief interval when a guilt ridden person is so absorbed in the drama, they feel little guilt. But that movie or video has incited and conditioned thru imitation, the onlooker to engage in more degrading sex or gruesome violence. The resulting dehumanization results in more harm affects everyone, married couples, prostitutes, sex slaves and child victims. The more often the guilt inducing behaviour the more guilt there is to absolve or and more guilt that must be temporarily entertained away. Thus there develops a vicious cycle of destruction, dehumanization, guilt ridden perpetrators and observers 2)

The devil’s most destructive way of using guilt to produce more harm and guilt is thru the nefarious philosophy of “every child a wanted child”. Wanted children and abortion survivors have existential guilt that is virtually impossible to eradicate. Feeling deep guilt for existing when others were unwanted and consigned to die is the root conflict of a definite syndrome of symptoms and signs that afflict 50% of children born into the world today.

Evidence shows that people who have been mistreated as children are statistically more likely to abort one or more children. People who abort a child are statistically more likely mistreat children. People who are abortion survivors are more likely to neglect their children. Thus in many people there is a cemented combination of guilts (Terrible 4 Guilt Combination,T4GC) from:  i) Abusing and neglecting their children, ii) Aborting one or more children. iii) Being a wanted child who was not aborted but as a survivor is more likely to be guilt ridden for existing, iv) Euthanizing the disabled, infirm, elderly, dying and mentally ill.

This T4GC combination of guilts is very seldom recognized and less often treated in any effective way. While these people feel uplifted while in praise and worship, they return home to face an even deeper guilt for insulting their Creator God by daring to worship Him with blood on their hands.” On the very day that they sacrificed their children to their idols, they boldly came into my Temple to worship! They came in and defiled my house”. (Ezek. 23:39)

.And so for vast numbers there is a 5 way combination of guilts (T5GC) which is almost never addressed in a healthy manner. The devil takes advantage of this extreme situation and offers some immediate relief thru entertainment, drugs, orgasms, extreme sports, violence and dishonesty in business.  The evil one has prompted many so called educators, philosophers and religious priests to concoct false assurances and much repeated rationalizations. When all of these distractions lose the ability to divert feelings of guilt and the anxiety of retribution, the evil one will entice a world war and mass suicide. God will let him for God needs to discipline his children first. God is also determined to show there is no other God and no other way to reconcile except thru His Messiah Jesus.


The USA and Canada have led the world in providing and promoting both the causes of guilt with abortions, child abuse, survivors, and euthanasia,  and also producing the distracting entertainment,  false assurances, atheistic religions and pseudo- scientific rationalizations that keep people from truly dealing with their guilts. Those 2 countries have also produced a plethora of simplistic therapy programs for counselees that using suggestion, leave people with a momentary sense of being guilt free. They feel fine for a short while and then a minor trauma precipitates a guilt ridden, sorrowful crash. Most people then report to their family physician who prescribes an antidepressant medication that they “may need to take for the rest of your life.”   Sadly, some of the most superficial remedies are called Christian healing weekends. When all attempts to relieve these combinations of deep guilt fail, people long for war to distract them. The USA and CAN will probably provide the reasons and much of the armaments for war.

  1. The Human body as sensual toy so enjoy pleasuring yourself”.

Over a period of time, with infinite patience and wisdom God created the human. The complexity, capability, adaptability, regeneration, procreation, resilience, quick thinking, discovery and inventive capacity of the human body, mind and personality is still beyond understanding. Then wonder of wonders, God breathed into that body, a never dying spirit that is capable of transcending time and communicating across limitless space with the one and only Holy God. The idea that all this accidentally evolved has a probability that is so remote, it must be preposterous, especially in light of the discovery of entropy.

Jesus showed utmost respect for His human body and by His choice and decree had his battered human reconstituted and resurrected. He still wears it with humble pride. The bible is full of how to take care of this amazing machine so it runs best and keeps going longest. The 7th day dedicated to rest and communing with God is now seen as being a very good health maintaining measure. God’s command to love others is very good for the lover because by focusing on others the heart rate and blood pressure are reduced and so a person’s life span is lengthened. The remarkable sharing of male and female hormones keeps happily married and sexually active couples alive significantly longer than the average. We are still unraveling the marvels of sleep. It’s recuperative and information storing capabilities are being discovered today. The way dendrites make new connections to get around damaged areas of the brain and allow stroke victims to walk again is still a puzzle very worth understanding. How the conscious and subconscious mind work in harmony or conflict to promote problem solving and interpersonal cooperation is barely scratched.

As the psalmist wrote about 7000 years ago, “When I consider thy heavens , the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visit him? For thou hast made him a little lower than (the angels? Wrong translation) a littler lower than Elohim” or God” Ps 8:5). That idea was so mind boggling to the translators that for many centuries they translated ‘a little lower than the angels’.  Man was designed and created to become a friend of God. People God could have an interesting chat with.

Satan was jealous of God’s love for humans.  He took his assigned/volunteered task of belittling and dehumanizing humans with enthusiasm. He got humans to dehumanize each other thru slavery, war, torture, cannon fodder, child labor, pseudo sophisticated philosophies and sophistry, distorted paintings, sculpture and public displays of dignity destroying and body desecrating executions. Though slavery was ostensibly abolished, it was replaced with virtual slavery in which the employee was driven by poverty and ignorance to work from dawn to dusk, 7days a week paid a pittance to buy food, clothing, minimal shelter but no gifts for each other and no time off to visit relatives and their sick. The major difference now to olden times is that whereas the slave owner cared for his slaves as valuable property whose effective work could make him rich, the virtual slave owners in USA and Canada with their chattel out of sight in countries far away, don’t have to worry about their slaves illness or disability from work, for out of sight is out of mind. These people in sweat shops work often in worse conditions than slaves of long ago making pretty dresses and fine shoes at “such wonderfully low prices”. To her husband the average NA house-wife says while glued to the screen, “Oh my darling, did you see those lovely shirts on sale at W&W?” I know you don’t need another shirt but they were so cheap, I bought you two” Do either of them have any idea of the mind degrading, body crippling  conditions under which these shirts were made? So by taking advantage of industrial competition and owners ruthless greed, Americans and Canadian are enslaving people; people who live shortened lives, do not have clean water, are forced to abort their babies, forego their dreams because they cannot get education, work in pain and illness and are glad for 1-2 days off work per month. There are more wholly owned slaves today than there were in the days of Wilberforce.

North Americans more than any place on earth destroy their wonderful bodies with too much food and drink. They sap their minds from God worshipping wonder by staying “high” on drugs. They won’t bother to spend the time and money to resolve their deep conflicts in scientifically proven psychotherapies but prefer the quick fixes of anointing oil or psychotropic medications. They use their bodies for bizarre sexual gratifications and their mind to fill with outrageous thrillers that implant God defying ideas. They titillate the sexual appetites of children with useless sex education. Satan has made large inroads among the clergy with pornography.

Recently the amazing discoveries of stem cells with their remarkable capacity to heal and prevent diseases have degenerated into the lowest of low degradations of God created bodies. They are selling to the highest bidder pieces of body from recently aborted babies. They are toying with gene manipulations with the possibility of making super humans. There are no self-imposed limitations of ambitions to mold and improve the human mind and body. Not so handicapped people can be made whole but to defy God with, “Hey you up there, you think you are pretty smart, well just look at what we created” is foolish in the extreme. Don’t they realize God can smash their labs like He deconstructed the Tower of Babble? It is not because He is threatened by human ingenuity or discovery but because He does not want people to become vain and proud and think they can do whatever they wish without Him to guide them. To defy God is to disregard the fundamental reality that keeps them sane.

Americans and Canadians are “pushing back the frontiers” of sanity and encouraging others to take similar God defying risks. God is carefully watching to see if anyone will give Him the credit He is due and seek His wisdom in knowing what the boundaries of sanity and humility should be.

  1. “Truth or Falsehood, what’s the difference. It’s your choice.”

The USA and Canada are leaders in concocting and promulgating lies and distortions of truth that are harming their citizens and people in developing countries. The US has used its control of banks and other lending institutions to coerce struggling governments to accept Gay marriages and abortion and one child policies. Satan is behind these truth distorting efforts.

Truth is the most accurate description of reality. Reality is what is permanent or is permanently connected to reality. The devil cannot create anything, not lies, but he is good at craftily distorting truth. Distorted truth is even more effective than lies because the smooth and subtle distortions make is sound like reality. This puts people off their intuitive reality sensing mechanisms. “The first right of every child is to be wanted” is an example of such a smooth sounding statement that few people recognize it as one of the worst evils the world has ever had to grapple with. Even many Godly people think it is “lovely”. They cannot see it is the very antithesis of God’s mandate which is to welcome every child. Jesus said, (paraphrased) Tell every child that you welcome them as they are when-ever they arrive and that you recognize their right to be and become everything  that God intended for them even though at present they have a handicap and their parents don’t want them.  “Then He put a little child among them, Taking the child in his arms e said to them, ‘Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes my Father who sent me” (Mk 9:36)

  1. Errors, Distortions and Lies confronted by harsh truth.

1) “Humans came into being mystically and accidently evolving into their present form”. Evolution is statistically improbable with a probability less than 1X 10 1000. Since the discovery of entropy (3) (Claudius, 1850) the idea that organisms can spontaneously become more complex and energetic is ludicrous. It is impossible to have order and energy decay (entropy) while at the same time there is an increase in order and energy within the same system. Entropy has far more and better supporting evidence than evolution yet evolution is taught in national and international schools and universities as fact. It has turned people from recognizing God’s truth and from discovering much more about all forms of life.

2) You Poor women are being left behind, discriminated against, economically disadvantaged, used and abused. “Stuff and nonsense.”  Modern women are wimps,” my mother who pioneered in 2 countries, was wont to say with a disdainful expostulation. Women have never had it so good. They have at least 43 economic, political, legal and social advantages over men and they keep manipulating and pleading for more.  North American women hold the majority of the wealth. They spend about 80% of the circulating dollars and because of that they have the advertising driven media most often taking their point of view. Because of their anatomy, physiology and neurology they are much better suited to sedentary education and office jobs. Men learn and work better on their feet. Women live longer and therefore they outnumber and can easily outvote men. (See www.messengers2.com “Where are you Adam” for a more complete list of the advantages of women).  Where they have ultimate power over men is having the sole ability to choose which child will live and which child shall die by abortion. This makes men cringe, whimper and beg their partner, “Please don’t kill my son. I have so many dreams and plans for him. Please” It is awesome to behold. Not often in these words but by her manner and decision she replies with, “No way buddy. It is my body and my decision alone so get lost” Of course when he does just that, she accuses him and all men of not being responsible.

Some men have seen themselves as heroes defending the rights of women. Pastors, police, judges and social workers tend to automatically take a women’s perspective especially in custody battles and domestic violence.  North American governments are exporting and insisting on “women’s equality” in cultures where they have no comprehension of the historic power balance of men and women. There is no question that in some cultures women are subjugated but often these same women don’t trust the NA view of male-female equality.

The large and growing power inequality is driving men from their homes and families, not infrequently into the arms of other men. Thus this erroneous attitude of “you poor women” is depriving children of fathers and exposing them to over-controlling women as the head of the household. This results in young men avoiding marriage lest they lose what little power they have to an apparently submissive wife. The girls who want to raise families cannot find a “real man” who will protect and provide for her and her children. They feign submissiveness only to take over control as soon as her husband “steps out of line”. They are encouraged to become assertive and independent with “Stand up for your rights my sisters” type of articles in hundreds of movie and home-maker magazines exported around the world from the USA and Canada. Women are taught how to be effective victims in schools and colleges all over North America. And operating at a man’s subconscious level is the fear, “If she gets pregnant, I won’t be able to stop her aborting my child.  She can use that threat to get anything she wants from me and she knows it”.

3) “Homophobia is disgusting and must be stamped out forcefully.”  So called homophobia is supposedly the conscious intent to put down and displace homosexual acts and people.  Without any research to back it, North American countries are insisting “homophobic” children must be taught to be tolerant. To enforce this, gays are insisting on sex education programs introduced into primary schools that children to be tolerant of 78 different sexual orientations, with the option for more if any child should choose to identify themselves as a bi-trans-partial-gay-lesbian. The people who promote these programs have little understanding of how these programs are affecting “regular”, “straight” children.  “Normal” children, especially wanted children, are trying so hard to please their teachers and be accepted by their peers and be perpetually wanted by their parents that they will accept the indoctrination.  And yet sexually abused children will tell good child psychiatrists, “I didn’t like him. He looked queer. I wanted to run away but I don’t think I can. My teacher said I must be kind to everyone.”

A phobia is a psychiatric condition, something that nobody wants and cannot help. Some people with a phobia cannot function at home or on the job. They need treatment. What gays are objecting to is a normal, natural aversive response to something that could be life threatening. This aversive response is instinctual and has saved thousands of lives. People have an aversive reaction to pus, blood, intestines, faeces, dead bodies, rotting smells, deformities, spray from sneezes, changed voice tones, lunges and twisted smiles not because they are discriminating against people but because they are trying to protect themselves, family or society. Without instruction to do so children will say, “Go away, you scare me,” or they will attempt to run away from someone who has a limp and twisted face from a stroke. To quell this normal avoidance behaviour in children is to expose them to danger.  To tell them any form of discrimination is bad is to try to re-wire their brains. To label them as homophobic is to create unnecessary mental conflicts. They can recognize the need to be cautious even when their elders tell them to be tolerant.

It isn’t difficult to illustrate this point by  asking  good church- goes how many of them would kiss a gay person on his/her lips if they were suspected of having AIDS.

What loving people should do and teach their children to do is to acknowledge their aversive reaction, make the source as clear as possible, take any necessary avoiding response and say something like this to the approaching individual. “Excuse me sir. I was a little taken aback by your twisted face and so was my little girl.  Please explain what happened. And sure, we can give you a ride home when we are reasonably sure we are not taking uninformed risks.”

Medicine learned that the best way to deal with contagious diseases was a combination of: i) isolating  the source of the infection (quarantine), ii) treating the infected people as well as possible, iii) cautioning the general public about preventive measures,  iv) informing every one of early symptoms v) seeking medical attention as early as possible  vi) personal hygiene. Had this been done with HIV and Ebola, thousands of live would have been saved and the economies of countries left intact. Of course it is discriminating to those who are infected and their contacts but when the need to protect others is explained, cooperation is not hard to obtain. Whenever special interest groups are allowed to put their demands for privacy and tolerance ahead to the health and welfare of friends and fellow citizens those isolated outbreaks become epidemics. What is behind this is a sense of shame, partly inherent and partly induced. Society is held responsible for this shame even though it is clear that in most instances the infected individuals took risks associated with their life style and sexual orientation.

By word and deed Jesus always reached across avoidance boundaries, touched the untouchables and taught his disciples to do the same. Was he taking the usual risk or did He have some divine immunity, we don’t know. What history teaches us is that many altruistic medical and other serving people have in treating the “untouchables”, become infected and died in the leper colonies etc. What is also clear or should be is that people, instead of loudly proclaiming they are not “homophobic”, “leper-phobic”, “Ebola-victim-phobic” etc., should acknowledge that they have  instinctual self-protective avoidance tendencies call it what you may, but they will try to contain these fears while helping anyone who is innocently infected or diseased or handicapped. At the same time they should appeal to the infected persons to accept any necessary quarantine or public health measure that can help reduce the prevalence of the disease. (See Homophobia and Homosexuality on messengers2.net).

  1. Abortion is a woman’s right”. Although this statement, originating in the US, is now trumpeted all over the world, it is simply not true. No government or court anywhere I know, has made abortion an unrestricted right of women. Even the very “liberal” decision Roe v. Wade, (US Supreme Court, 1973) states it is a decision to be made by the doctor. (Blackmun writing for the majority opinion for the Supreme Court of the USA in Roe v. Wade, 1973, states “on the basis of elements such as these, appellant and some amici argue the woman’s right is absolute and that she is entitled to terminate her pregnancy at whatever time in whatever way and for whatever reasons she alone chooses. With this we do not agree…..the abortion decision in all its aspects is inherently and primarily, a medical decision  and the basic responsibility for it must rest with the physician. If any individual practitioner abuses the privilege of exercising proper medical judgement, the usual remedies, judicial and intra-professional are available” (4)

The reasons for this are very clear: i) to make it an unrestricted right of a woman to have an abortion at any time, for any reason would create a very bad legal precedent. Based on that legal decision, anyone could order any physician to perform any medical act whether they needed it or not or whether or not it was beneficial just because the patient demands it. “It is my body and the government must pay for it. I request you amputate one breast and do it now”. ii) The compelling evidence is that abortions are never medically necessary, never beneficial and only do harm. No government would make it legal that a physician can knowingly harm his/her patient. iii) Depriving physicians the responsibility of always putting the best health interest of the patient would destroy medicine as a profession.

Women and men and children have a right to:  obtain good treatment, to be protected from harmful medical practice and from unscrupulous doctors who make money practicing bad medicine. That would mean providing an abortion if and only if: i) it is necessary, ii) it has proven benefit.  iii) it is relatively free from harm, iv) other less invasive and more reversible remedies have been tried vi) if it is done it good faith (the abortionist has done a systematic follow up of his/her patients and found the results are good, vi) fully informed consent has been given. These 6 criteria are essential for any evidence based medical practice. Abortion does not meet the requisites for any of them.

Although it is not very politically correct to be prolife now days, every politician is safe from stupid criticism when stating, “Of course I fully support the best health care of women, including abortion if and when it is shown to be necessary, beneficial and free from major harm. Therefore we must support good research on abortion. If not we could be and from the scientific evidence we now have, we would be treating women as unsuspecting guinea pigs. I am totally against that. Women deserve more respect than that. Women have a right to good medicine all the time. So vote for me”

Since about 60% of women and men have directly contributed to at least one abortion and 50% of children are abortion survivors and women have approximately 20% chance of having some post abortion harmful consequence that needs treatment, the costs of medical care have escalated. Abortion has greatly increased the demand for medical staff and the overall cost of inpatient and outpatient medical diagnosis and treatment. Since providing abortions has taken precedence over public health measures like clean water and basic medication like anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics, the level of health in poor countries has declined. Thus the USA and Canada have not only harmed millions of their own citizens but exported the demand and policies that are harming women and families all over the world.

5) “Women should have a career”. US and Canadian feminists supported by “liberal” governments have demanded that women are given affirmative action in obtaining jobs, professional education, and administrative positions and deserve equal pay and extra child care benefits. The implications are evident. Raising a family is not as challenging or self affirming as having a “meaningful role in society” filing reports in a large business. This is nonsense.

If women want to compete with men they can do so without given advantages that disadvantage men. The Soviets on coming to power decided their state-run industries could outperform the west and their GMP doubled if women were encouraged to join the work force. After approximately 50 years of trying this experiment, they admitted it failed. The GMP didn’t double.  There was a huge increase in social problems, divorce, alcoholism and juvenile delinquency that increased the cost of government so that any women’s contribution to industry was offset. The Russian birth rate declined drastically so they ended up with an exponential population implosion that has a devastating impact on the economy. The west did not learn from this recent history and is doing the same thing with the same result.

“The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world” is an ancient saying that has wisely counselled women to realize their importance in birthing, nurturing and guiding children to become healthy, helpful adults. But the feminists are advocating giving up their really important roles as wives and mothers in favor of repetitious routing tasks as long as it has an important title of: the 2nd vice president’s administrative assistant, (one of 20) like those worn by men.

A child is more complex than a Saturn Rocket, with a much more intricately wired brain, greater adaptability and with the amazing capability of regenerating himself. Therefore it takes far more understanding to learn how to coax the best performance from a child than it does to fly a rocket. Women, who plan to have children, should first get a PhD with demanding courses in neuro-physiology, the biochemistry of digestion, the nuances of imitation, male and female hormones at different stages of life etc., etc. Instead they get PhDs in literature with little utility and limited employability. Though much of this wrong emphasis arises from very wrong ideas of valuable work and self-worth, much also stems from devaluation of children which arises from the dehumanization of preborn babies and wrong notions of world “overpopulation”.

Women are encouraged to be dissatisfied with their little home, house work, husband care and changing diapers. The consuming industries want women to work so they will have cash to spend on many pretty shoes they are unlikely to wear and books they will never read. Women without a career soon resent demanding children and hopeful husbands and thus their concern and effort for them quickly drops off after the first blushes. Babies are dumped into day care and husbands are expected to cook the meals because after all he has been laid off, (when some less qualified woman got his job thru affirmative action). All too soon, their mutual bitterness grows into bitter strife for which they can see no resolution but divorce.

God designed male and female with quite different features for significantly different but equally important roles. According to bible, in every family there should be one male led Christian mission (full or part time) and one paid employment (full or part time) with the woman being the helper and mate and as many children as God designed them to have. Far too many Christian households are 2 incomes with incompatible work shifts so the children seldom see their parents interacting lovingly and therefore lack healthy role models. These multitasking, smiling images are exported by the USA and Canada, creating a great demand for tertiary education and soon thereafter for counselling and divorce litigation.

6) “Your child should be in day care”.  A very common lie emanating from North America is that children thrive in day care. The majority of good long term studies on the effect of daycare show that though in day care children learn to socialize earlier and progress faster in the early grades of school, by the  time they are in high school there is a wide discrepancy between home and day cared reared children. Day care children are more anxious, unnecessarily competitive and less able to make good pair bonds. Children in day care grieve for the loss of their parents and while parents on the job are distracted by the pleading voices of their children echoing in their heads. I will not hire a mother who places her young child in day care partly for the pragmatic reason that her mind is only ½ on the job. She jumps every time the phone rings because she is sure her precious little one has had an accident or “has been pushed around by that aggressive little Smith kid”.

The demand for day care escalated with the common use of abortion partly because parents did not trust the control of their irritation. They didn’t consider why they were tending to “lose it” with their demanding 3 year old.  The most likely reason was due to their higher level of stress now she is working:  fatigue, self recriminations, competitions for promotions etc., but mostly from their diminished SSIRAA. A parent’s Species Specific Instinctual Restraint of Aggression and Abandonment no longer operates efficiently for them because in at least one instance they suppressed this live preserving instinct in order to have one of their babies murdered. To kill a baby takes gritty determination to break through this powerful restraining instinct. Now it is broken or bent and doesn’t automatically stop them from getting carried away with anger or abandoning when “she just won’t stop crying.” Later they discuss their shame at becoming enraged by a small helpless child.  The mother tearfully admits to smacking her baby too hard. “I don’t understand myself. It isn’t like me to hurt a baby. I better get on some antidepressants”.  While the sympathetic hubby murmurs soothingly. “Sweet heart you are okay. Why don’t we put her in that lovely small child day care down the street? You know she loves other children. And besides  they are government approved professionals.”

There is a significantly high rate of day care staff turnover, partly because they cannot help becoming attached to their sweet little charges. Eventually their accumulated grief gets them down. The staff quit and the children must make new attachments. Not only does this impair their ability to make lasting attachments later in life but the children have their own version of pathological grief which impedes their immune system. That combined with many respiratory tract infections of other children, keeps them from becoming as robust and energetic as they could be.

All other things being equal, parents make the best caregivers of their children because sharing genes makes it easier to intuitively understand their child’s blueprint and needs. Because home reared children are better understood and have their more adequately needs met, they are more confident and resilient to emotional hurts and inter-current infections. This is important in NA but it’s a matter of life and death in countries that don’t have modern toilet facilities and clean water. But does the USA and Canada care that they are inadvertently contributing to high rates of infant mortality with their exported culture bound notions of day care? Not a whit.

7) “Children need sex education from schools”.  The best evidence regarding sex education is that: i) the more the sex education, the more the sexual activity, ii) the earlier the sex education the earlier the sexual activity, iii) the more and earlier the sexual activity,  the more there are sexually transmitted diseases and ill-timed pregnancies  iv) there is a the demand among  teenage students. Post abortion adolescents are more likely to get AIDS and up to 35 other sexually transmitted diseases.  Some of these are resistant to all known antibiotics. Thus a vicious cycle is begun and speeds up. This sex ed. to sexually transmitted disease, to more sex-ed. cycle destroys many lives. It starts with a combination of sex education and sexual titillation from romance movies and novels and sexually provocative clothing. The net effects are poor health, preoccupation with who is dating who which interferes with education and pair bonding.  Whenever there is heterosexual intercourse the couple become bonded for life.

When pair bonding takes place the less likely those individuals will become strongly bonded to the person they marry. Thus the more premarital affairs, the more extramarital affairs there are. This fact is clearly shown in research. Young men know this intuitively and that is why though they may deflower many girls, they prefer to marry a virgin.

Modern sex education teaches children can have sex in any way with anyone and “it’s okay as long as you don’t get pregnant, so always wear a condom”. Children in developing countries who have sex education thrust on them by the USA and Canada are not told the truth about condoms. This harsh hidden truth is that condoms even if good quality and properly worn and used all the time provide about: i) 87% protection against AIDS, ii) 0% protection against Human Papilloma Virus that causes vaginal, oral and ocular cancer, iii) 96% protection against pregnancy, less effective than good natural family planning, iv) 0% protection against orgasm reinforced conditioning of all kinds that result in perverse attachments and behaviours.  Operant and Classical conditionings are the best explanation for all types of so called sexual orientations. The orgasm, the greatest pleasure know to men and women and children as young as 11, reinforces the behaviour and the attachments of all kinds of sex.

Children seldom need any of the information that parents cannot teach. Parents knowing their children much more intimately have a clearer understanding of what and when their children should learn about the basics of sex. It will occur naturally amidst conversations on other topics. What children should be taught is health education with the emphasis on looking after your body, mind and spirit because there is one agent and many pushers who only want to drag you down. Their only concern is how best to spread faeces on your faces, not what happens to you eventually. This dictum is not taught by any US or Canadian agency. They only forcefully spread a doctrine that does not protect but harms children all over the world.

8) “You are married when the city clerk, pastor, priest pronounces you are man and wife”. This is wrong scripturally and biologically. For many centuries and in many countries there are a variety of ceremonies and commitments that are intended to bind a man and woman for life. Up until the 11th century Christian a father took the hand of his daughter and placed it gently into the hand of the groom thus signalling the fact they were now legally recognized as married. (This is where the expression “gave his daughter’s hand in marriage” came from) However by common custom everyone understood they were not really married until they had intercourse and it better be with a virgin or all hell broke loose. Then because the Roman Catholic  church was determined to arrange the right alliances by marriage, the priests and subsequently  pastors attempted to usurp God’s prerogative and solemnly pronounced them man and wife after they exchanged vows, kissed, put on their rings etc. The scripture records the fact that they are made “one flesh” by God and “what God has joined together, let no man try to take apart. (Matt. 19)

Biologically they become one flesh when during intravaginal intercourse they exchange hormones and thus take on each other’s hormonal profile. They biologically become one flesh thru sex and become mentally joined by imprinting and classical conditioning at the time of intercourse. They do not become one personality because God carefully makes individuals and He wants them to stay that way. They don’t become one spirit but are joined together in spirit when they are united with Christ when they become indwelt by God’s Holy Spirit.

The one flesh bond is only broken by death. Then the surviving partner, after grieving his/her loss is free to marry another. Since the evil one has convinced people having sex is recreation that is good for you, the majority of people are joined to a least one other person when they formally exchange their marriage vows before a pastor or priest or magistrate. It is small wonder that as newly- weds they have less satisfying sex than if they had both been virgins. Too often they will compare their present mate to some other person, “who could really turn me on”.

When I have explained these facts to those religious people who marry couples, they protest but cannot deny either the scripture or the science. Yet it has never changed their practice. The saddest fact is that North American Christians have implicitly supported Hollywood’s view of love being romance and marriage resulting from a nice party for their friends and relatives during which “the nice priest spoke so kindly and then married them.” This view has resulted in superficial marriages and increasingly high separation and divorce rates when traditional marriages were closer to what God ordained even though they were not overtly Christian.

9) “A person is what he believes in his heart”. Obviously the faithful old blood circulating pump in your chest doesn’t have the capacity to think, even though it has many neurons that are constantly at work adjusting rate, pressure and volume for the required effort of everyone. When the bible records….”As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”, it must be indicating some part of the brain.

Dr. Sigmund Freud discovered the brain operates with two layers named conscious and subconscious. Moreover these 2 don’t necessarily function together. An individual can consciously portray a kind, even saintly person but in his subconscious mind there may be considerable anger and pride.  The subconscious mind is more honest. This truthfulness is recognized in a person’s dreams during which the conscious mind is out of action. This is one reason people do not like to share their dreams. They may become very embarrassed when the sweet dreams are analyzed. Yet when people understand the significance of what their apparently bizarre visual and sometimes auditory experiences during sleep, they will usually respond with, “Isn’t that interesting. I don’t really think that way but on the other hand it does fit.”

When bible readers substitute subconscious in almost every instance the word Heart is used in scripture they find the message is much more penetrating and informative. However the romantic notion of heart spread by western literature and movies now pervades the universe of mankind. The devil uses it to foster the spread of disease and multiple weak pair bonds. It leads to false worship and false relationships for anything coming from a person’s heart is assumed to be truthful. It isn’t necessarily truthful but it is more truthful than the crowd pleasing conscious mind.  Moreover romantic movie engendered use of heart interferes with a deeper understanding of how God operates.

Hollywood teaches, “Go with your heart”. “If your heart says it is true love, go with your heart”. Going with your heart means follow your feelings. Following their feelings has led millions of people astray, especially those who are looking for a mate but also those who are deciding on a career or how best to do God’s will. Emotions are indicators of how the human machine is operating. They are not pointers of direction like a compass. Emotions are much more like the hundreds of lights on the dashboard of a 747. They don’t tell the pilot when and where to land but what is going on in the outer starboard engine. It is certainly useful information but the captain must take into account many other blinking lights and factors before deciding on an emergency landing. Emotions if understood properly can tell a young person the level of certain hormones but not which girl God would approve of him pursuing. This erroneous idea that the heart thinks keeps people from using their intelligence in making decisions and in understanding God. The net effect is that there are millions of immature Christians being blown about by every wind of doctrine and politically correct thinking.  This heresy is devastating the young churches in developing countries.

10) “Of course the world was created in 6 days, the bible say so”. This kind of magical thinking promoted by the media controlled by satan, tends to makes many Christians the laughing stock of thinking and well educated people.  What the bible says is: i) creation took time,(Gen. 1&2) (even a day is a period of time.  ii) Jesus reassured his disciple with the announcement that he was going back to heaven to prepare a place (new heaven and earth) for them and when finished He would return to earth to take them to their new home. So far it has taken at least 2000 years to make this new home (John 14:2), iii) Creation required energy. Remember what Jesus said when He healed the woman with menorrhagia,” I felt power going out of me” (Luke 8:46) iv) God took a rest after the work of creation (Gen. 2:3) v) creation required a vast intelligence. vi) God enjoyed his work as a painter each of his brush strokes, vii) God wants us to know Him and how He operates so would not hide how He does anything. viii) God wants us to understand the process of Creation so that we will wonder all the more ix) God is the epitome of honesty so He would not make glacial striations look like they took millions of years when He did it over-night. Thus the biblical view of creation agrees with the best of science.

There is almost incontrovertible evidence that the Big Bang happened over 17.3 billion years ago. It began with intense heat and energy from a minuscule amount of matter. The bible states God spoke and everything came into being. I suspect that word was “NOW”.  After many angels using God’s energy and Jesus’ enormous intelligence, had rehearsed their parts and when all the forces of the unfinished universe were exactly in line, God shouted “Now, Let her rip” and a mighty roar filled every angelic being with breath stopping awe.

The 6 day idea of creation smacks of magic. It is an idea that “Christian science fiction” writers employ but it misrepresents God in so many ways that people are led away from Him, not to Him. God wants us to really struggle to understand how he does things. Any scientist worth his/her salt will tell you that every discovery opens up more questions, not closes the door with “well I guess we figured that one out”. What scientist of every discipline yearns for is the one theory or equation of everything. We are inching closer and it is very exciting. Christians have many advantages in doing research but very few are using them. Far too many are not using their God given intelligence to understand the world in which they live and how and why God made it. They have lolled about in simplistic explanations, insisting this or that hypothesis is how God operates, thus confusing the world about God and making Him the brut of jokes. Still worse they have dragged new believers in developing countries into the same ignorance. To find out a Christians attitude toward science and scripture, ask them, “Would you like to know how, when and why God does His work”.

11) “Of course we are eternally confined to Terra and here it is getting very crowded”. This idea is not only very foolish; it is resulting in much destruction. For if the life boat is too full, and then someone must be thrown overboard. This started with killing massive numbers of beautiful preborn children, then to dying old people, then the handicapped, mentally ill etc. The associated errors are almost endless: i) the world is not over crowed, There are vast tracts of uninhabited land ii) the food production has quickly gained on population growth so now no one need starve, iii) the universe is full of energy, matter and potentially livable conditions if only people had the determination and courage to explore with the resources and technology at hand. iv) God wants humans to exponentially grow and inhabit the universe (Matt.24:31)

Although time and gravity seem insurmountable obstacles, like many other situations in civilization, what was initially considered a road-block turned out to be a great asset. It was once thought if only air was denser we could fly. Now thanks to Daniel Bournuli, (5) we can take advantage of lift and fly at speeds once never thought possible. Gravity is so fast it is always there ahead of everything else. In fact it is probably a substance not just a force, much like air only without any particles. I suspect that gravity and time are closely related if not the same so that once we better understand and use gravity, time won’t be much of a problem. As with other momentous endeavours, God will aid us because we are acting according to His will and desire for innumerable friends populating the whole and growing universe. In this giant leap for humankind, the USA and Canada with resources to spare could take the lead. Otherwise their pessimistic message there isn’t enough room, will make people scrabble  for resources and war for their share shrinking wealth, kill more babies, discard the aged, handicapped, infirm and dying  all of which makes God very angry. It is time Christians gave up their lethargy, sold their fancy cars, shrunk their houses and pooled their resources to further research. develop new technologies and build the rockets to take them close to the speed of light so they can be the first to populate adjacent spheres.

12) “Good clean entertainment can’t hurt you”.  It will help you to relax. The fact is that even the cleanest entertainment is harmful for it conditions you to be passive. By the basic tenets of operant conditioning you are being made to do more often and more readily whatever you are doing at the moment you are rewarded. Entertainment is very rewarding (reinforcing) and you are sitting doing little else when you are being entertained. You are entertained by good videos, documentaries, sermons, worship teams, and even good education all occurring while you are sitting. The more often you are entertained the stronger the conditioned behaviour of sitting. The end result is that you become a couch potato and you soon find it hard to be anything other than that.

Millions of people shout “someone should do something about that: starving children, abortions everywhere, lost souls, foul politics, dishonest merchants, road rage but they never feel motivated to do somethings about that themselves. The growing passivity of good people allows evil people to take over with hardly any effort. This is especially true for Christians who crowd large churches to hear wonderful speakers with whom they are persuaded to do something but seldom do. They pray “oh father help me to know what you want me to do. I promise I will do it as soon as I am sure of your will for my life” and nothing happens. If you ask them why they didn’t get on with it you hear a raft of meagre rationalizations: i) “Of course I will get at it right away but first I must: water my roses, spend time with my grandchildren, clean house, take a break (holiday) etc. ii) I will as soon as I am sure God wants me to do it”. iii) “When I finish my training”, iv) “I need to listen to another sermon on the subject so I am sure of what needs to be done and how”. v) “If you can convince me that I am the person who should be working at this, of course but your arguments will need to be very convincing.”

It doesn’t matter how clean or educating the entertainment, as long as it is absorbing, uplifting, relaxing, informing and most of all entertaining, you are being conditioned to be passive. In this age of education, people have become increasingly inert and passive. They see a terrible act of murder or mayhem about to occur on TV. Biologically they are urged to impulsively respond to rescue or warn someone even to endangering yourself but “don’t be ridiculous, it’s only a movie” you say to yourself.  So you relax and ask your wife for another beer, after all it was a very hard day filing all those forms.

Isn’t interesting that home schooling is so much more effective than professional teachers with many skills at “keeping children interested”?  Isn’t it remarkable that so many things are invented by mechanics who though “poorly educated” spend all their days trying to figure out “what the h is the matter with this gd machine anyhow? I bet we could build a better one” and they do. Isn’t it sad that education is about 90% sedentary where men are at a significant disadvantage to women and yet men as still expected to be the bread winners? Isn’t it insulting to God that worshiping Him has become so passive and stereotyped? Does it not strike you as a disaster that Christians will earnestly affirm they are prolife but cannot exert themselves to even join a prayer vigil or “prolife march” or “40 days for life”?

Not only are people increasingly passive in the face of growing chaos and turmoil but they develop many rationalizations that are effective in convincing themselves, supporting their friends rationalizations and warding off erstwhile recruiters. These rationalizations are backed with cogent arguments and statistics like, “I would if I could but here are the stats. Don’t you realize it is too late?”  Once again the entertaining industry has been used by the evil one to pave the way for world dominance by deluding and pacifying his opposition.  Since both the best and the worst kind of entertainment comes from movie making, publishing industries and churches in North America, the USA and Canada will be judged most harshly by God. Flashy entertainment is aimed at the developing countries where the novelty of TV itself is so attractive and the results of conditioned passivity so destructive to healthy life styles and energetic efforts to build proper housing and sanitation.

12)” You don’t have to be good, you just need to look good”. Not many people would say this but their life style and emphasis on clothes and cosmetics say the same thing loud and clear. Women compete with who has the newest most fashionable dress. Many men do it with testosterone boosted muscles. And it seems to work. They get more attention and admiration on the job. Even the boss notices it and makes a note about who should get promoted next. This theme plays on a similar promotion theme. Obviously if he or she can look so good on the menial job, they could do a great job in promotions or sales. The look good ideology infects churches were people wear clothes they cannot afford. They spend more time glancing at another’s clothes and wondering, “now just how much did she pay for that and where did she get that, than they do listening to the sermon on Poverty for Jesus.

The same theme often has the reverse effect on pastors who want to look good by looking humble. They don’t often wear a fine suit behind the pulpit. They wear a T-shirt, sometimes with holes in it and ill -fitting jeans that they must keep hitching up over their bulging buttocks.   They don’t need to say, ‘you all should to be humble like me’. It shows in their posture, mannerisms and worn clothing. But they cannot restrain their strutting and waving and smiling and sounding ever so pious. Their sermon shown on TV to small congregations in poor countries,  has the effect of making pastors imitate each other’ godliness while  the congregations spruce up with the latest fashion they can afford. In some countries the family impoverishes itself to buy a new suit in which their beloved is to be buried. Because grave robbers want that suit, the current practice is to have a large slab of concrete poured over the grave so that no one can dig up “the miserable old chap” and take his new clothes.

Jesus expressed shear disgust at people who wanted to look fine but were quite foul inside. Luke 16:19) Christianity began with ordinary people wearing ordinary clothes speaking the ordinary language of common people. All too soon those who gained some extra clerical privilege as prophet, apostle or deacon wanted to be recognized for their newly acquired status and began copying the styles of the scribes and Pharisees. The more elaborately they dressed in cassocks, robes and hats, the less they behaved like the earnest, honest, evangelical people God wanted. Sadly these trends which were focused in Europe were elaborated in North America and exported from there to the world. These ornate religious costumes coincided with the fashion, clothing and movie industry and soon people began to feel ashamed not to have fancy clothes in which to go to church and so skipped the “worship service”.

13) “Not everybody is a human and not every human is a person”.  After many centuries of slavery, it was finally recognized that all people were equal and should be treated as such. But the abortion promoters first had to convince people that preborn babies were not persons but “a piece of tissue” or “just a fetus” or “a conceptus” and that they didn’t become humans until they had completely exited the birth canal in a live state. It was easy to illustrate how stupid and how damaging to the definition of every human, this legal definition was, but it was soon almost universally accepted.  Once the preborn baby was classified as less than a person and dehumanized, people didn’t have to feel guilty when the murdered him or her.

This redefinition of babies worked so well for all those who found a pregnancy unwanted or inconvenient that it was used on the elderly, dying, handicapped, and mentally ill and those who were suffering so much they wanted to have doctor assistance to “die with dignity”. The whole industry of killing nonpersons was easily shown to be scientifically stupid and morally corrupt but very few listened to reason.

As a psychiatrist I have diagnosed and treated thousands of people who ostensibly wanted to kill themselves but never encountered anyone who wanted to be dead.  Many people find living is too painful, hopeless, meaningless or lonely to continue. But given even a 10% improvement in their condition they are glad to keep living.

Moreover the pro euthanasia promoter’s method of providing a “dignified death” does the opposite. The level of stress hormones found at autopsy show that for almost everyone the moments of dying are either terrifying or ecstatic depending on the person’s spiritual state and the reason they die. High post mortem levels of catecholamines show that compared to many other causes of death, poisoning results in the most prolonged and most stressful way to die. Thus being given an injection of lethal medication is the most undignified way to die. Yet the pro-death promoters  of the USA and Canada have so well convinced  the world that doctor assisted death (DAD) is the way to go, country after country are legislating euthanasia. Even many Christians accept that in this world of limited resources and population explosion (both are not true) they should do their duty and relieve their families and society of their burdensome existence. Christians should never forget that:  many people find Christ on their death beds, some on the brink of death.  Many people need to accomplish at least 10 essential tasks before the can peacefully die (6.) Christians need to remember that although a person’s body is decaying and their mind clouded, their spirit can be alive and growing even as a person is dying.

14) “Mega churches are wonderful places to worship and hear the most dynamic preaching”. This is not so but even if it was, it will soon become phenomena of the past because persecuted Christians will need to worship in house churches and caves. The “I praise you. I praise you I praise you God” is thought to uplift people’s spirits.  It appears people in large congregations with very loud worship teams and huge scenes of the wilderness and smoke and people dancing ecstatically are in some kind of trance state but on analyzing it is easily scene as a histrionic phenomenon. It is not very different than the Nuremburg rallies the Nazis staged and the results are similar.  Moreover shouting, “I praise you God” doesn’t please Him. He want’s people to speak and sing of His innumerable praise worthy attributes to others so that they will also experience the wonder of God. (Ps 149:1)”Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song.”

The mega church sermons are seldom teaching people how to behave in difficult times and then doing it as an on -going exercise.  They may illustrate some esoteric aspect of the bible but what the congregation needs is a living example of Godly courage and how to react when you are accosted or assaulted. They need to learn how to fight a losing battle courageously, courteously and victoriously and how to witness to those who capture and imprison them and are about to execute them. The sermons should come before the worship because if people better knew their awesome God, the praise and worship would be much more authentic. As they are now, they are emotionally engineered experiences (3E) which entice hypocrisy and insincerity.

The current mode of Christian worship emphasizes the need to wait faithfully for God to resolve the problems of the world. The phase “and you will find rest unto your souls” ignores the fact that with the assurance of salvation a person can always be at peace in their spirit even in full scale spiritual battles. “Rest unto your souls does not mean their bodies and minds should not be working overtime. The result of this rest to your souls preaching is passivity in the face of horrible atrocities to preborn babies, elderly and refugees. Could a Christian rationalize his peace and inertia if a bus full of children went into a big ditch in front of him? Yes, Christians can and do with “I can’t stop to help them now. I am on my way to an important bible study. Maybe later. Okay?”

People need to learn how to minister but the opposite happens as they listen to the minister. By operant conditioning the minister rewards the congregation for passivity because he/she entertains them (reinforces) them as they do very little other than sit. At the same instance, the congregation reinforces the minister for his vanity by passively listening.

Jesus often said to would-be disciples, “follow me” not to hear another lovely sermon but to join me in a wide variety of activities and by watching and helping, learn how I handle the daily challenges. Okay lets row across the lake and yes the signs in the sky indicate we are in for a real blow. Paul wrote; imitate me as I imitate Christ. (I Cor. 1:11)

The mutual reinforcing of maladaptive behaviour in churches has resulted in a generation of Christians who literally cannot do anything to resolve problems of poverty, lack of clean drinking water, child mistreatment, abortion and so many other iniquities. This adherence to the model of mega-churches and the insinuation this is the norm, has removed the natural initiative of Christians in developing countries and replaced it with passivity just as the UN, USA and Canada are promulgating false ideas of worship. Moreover the way to teach people to be courageously loving is to accept their offers of love in small and practical ways. By accepting loving acts, you reward spontaneous loving behaviour. By doing all the loving, ministers seriously hamper loving by the congregation. Being selfish, pastors feel they must correct that tendency with another sermon. The well paid worship and ministerial teams of mega-churches feel it is their duty to do almost everything since they are being paid so well.

14) “If it feels good it is probably right so go ahead and do it”. The corollary to this destructive statement is another that looks like it is the opposite but it is not.  “If it feels good don’t do it because the devil is using it to lead you astray”. Christians hate making hard decisions but God keeps throwing more and more difficult dilemmas their way until the moment they die. God’s desire is to have mature and interesting friends with whom to spend eternity. Christians most often mature by struggling with complex issues. Besides which in heaven, Christians will serve their God by judging the angels. “Don’t you realize that we will judge angels? So you should surely be able to resolve ordinary disputes in this life” (1 Cor. 6:3) and probably mediating when they have an irreconcilable difference. Judges are supposed to make hard decisions and that skill is learned by making hard choices for yourself and others during earthly life.

Most materialistic Christians, with passivity induced by their style of worship, like to be part of a large corporation or the military where decisions are made for them.  They like to hear their pastor intone, “Wait until God speaks to you and then you can act with certainty”. Or they will follow the leader who is most popular for obviously he is being blessed by God. When they put up a little fight to make a hard decision and someone gives them a “prophetic word” they grab it with a vast sense of relief.  The sense of relaxation they feel sure is God’s indication is probably not a sign it was the right decision. When you make any decision, you relax. It is not God telling you it was the right decision. You must realize any decision, even to have an abortion, brings a sense of relief. It is not the peace of God at all but just the cessation of a struggle that lets you relax.

As they age most Christians expect to retire and not have to make hard decisions any more. In God’s bright kingdom, there is no retirement. He expects His older servants to keep making even harder choices because He keeps hoping they will keep maturing. So paradoxically, or so it seems, the older a person gets, the harder the choices become. It is certainly true for this ancient soldier. Making the right choice usually brings with it the necessity of some difficult work and even more struggles.

God is very angry with lazy immature Christians, especially those in Canada and the USA, who retire from confronting the world’s evils just when they can count on a retirement income which enables them to work for their Lord full time. They must not use their pension to cruise around the world soaking up sunshine and eating far too much while anchored off the coast of some tropical country where people don’t have enough to eat or clean water. Those Christians need to be disciplined and they will be. “And I will destroy the beautiful homes of the wealthy—their winter mansions and their summer houses, too” (Amos 3:15) They will be the first to feel the effects of starvation and dehydration as God punishes the nations that have used their assets selfishly.


When God created humanity and gave them an alluring alternative to Himself to follow and serve, He knew the devil would try ever trick he could think of to get people to kill themselves and each other. He also knew that human ingenuity, philosophy, religion and science could not provide adequate protection against self and species destruction. For that reason He built into genes and thought patterns, instincts that could not be as easily manipulated as human reason. As a species we have been well protected by these instincts: i) pair bonding (PB),  parent-infant bonding (PIB) and fraternal bonding (FB). ii) restraints to aggression and abandonment (SSIRAA), iii) instinctual recognition of reality (IRR) which is the core component of conscience, iv) genetic and hormonal determination of sexes and reproduction (GHDSR), v) curiosity and the desire to know the truth (CDKT), vi) biologically driven courage to protect family (FPPC) and to discover lands and seas far away (DLSC). vii) The drive to civilize humans with regard to their equality and neighbourliness (CHD).

With increased time and money for research and technology it is now possible to partly alter those instincts. Some have already been nearly destroyed in millions of people.  Thus the human species is on the brink of extermination. According to the Principle of Uncertainty, there are some things humans can never know. Likewise there are some things so delicately balanced or intricately interwoven that humans are bound to get wrong and should leave alone. If they wish to survive they should not tamper with their instincts.

Most humans assumed that they could easily turn off and later turn on rates of human reproduction. They did a mammoth uncontrolled experiment in China by insisting a couple have no more than one child. Their insistence was backed with the threat of forced abortion, loss of employment, housing and education for their children. Although there was some very courageous resistance mainly by Christians, most people complied. Now that the Chinese have awakened to the fact that there are too few workers and too many old people, they are trying without success to reawaken the desire for children. But the young couples are responding with, “oh no one is already too much work and it would interfere with our (hedonistic) life style”. What no one acknowledges that the sensitive balances which affect the survival of any endangered species is even more sensitive with humans.

There is one factor the population manipulators will not even acknowledge, namely the abortion survivor’s dislike for having children. Although I have probably treated more abortion survivors than anyone, I have not been able to effectively reactivate their normal desire for children.  With the similar failure of many other countries to get the young people to enthusiastically propagate, (e.g. with the highly touted slogan, “Do it for Denmark” and they ring a huge bell with the birth of every child in Copenhagen.) it is safe to assume that nothing now being tried will work. Therefore it is likely the population in Germany, Japan and Italy (the WWII axis countries) will continue to decline exponentially and other countries will soon follow suit. Since it is just being acknowledged that it is impossible to run a free market economy with a declining population, countries will become even more desperate to have children but humanity has broken an eternal mechanism that normally ensures the survival of Homo sapiens.

With the popular belief, effectively promulgated by the USA and Canada, that sex is healthy recreation, pair bonds are irreparably weakened. Now there is little likelihood that couples will be held together even when they are hotly at war with each other.  Couples that are well pair bonded endure awful hardships, bitter incompatibilities, and despair producing personal tragedies without marriage disruption.  Pair bonds were designed by God to make a “one flesh” union for life “Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for God has joined them together” (Matt. 19:5). The bonding occurs automatically with every new sexual (heterosexual intercourse) partner. The more pair bonds there are the weaker become each one of them. As pair bonds become weakened, so divorce rates rapidly increases. Because divorce is so painful to the affected children, as adults they will be much more loath to attempt to form stable marriages. More children are born to stable marriages. Thus another species destroying vicious cycle ensues.  This disaster results from the arrogance of humans plus devilish temptations to tamper with and weaken the God given bonds that sustain human survival.

Parent-infant bonds develop during pregnancy and especially during the first 18 hours after delivery. There are many factors which interfere with this bond formation, but if a couple are mature, well bonded, loved, prayed for and cared for by the extended family, parent-infant bonds become well established and last for life. Parents who are well bonded to a child more easily learn to know that child’s blueprint and then because they know the child, they more easily detect what he/she needs at different stages of development are provided. Because they know the child’s individual needs, they can love him more accurately with the correct timing of his needs so that his growth and development is well woven together. This gives him a secure sense of who he is and what he can and cannot accomplish in life. Because he is well bonded, his parents will treat him as an extension of themselves. Neglect and abuse are much less likely to occur even when a parent is badly frustrated if the child has a strong parent-infant bond.

The Species Specific Instinctual Restraint to Aggression and Abandonment becomes well instilled in children during their early development. When that child is a parent and becomes so filled with hopelessness, pain, fatigue or confusion that they temporarily “lose it”, the SSIRAA will operate to ensure that that all their children will be protected from their fury &/or disgust. However if a parent has had an abortion or contributed to one of their children being murdered in the womb, the SSIRAA is weakened. Thus that parent is more likely to physically damage a child or abandon him. A child who has been seriously assaulted or abandoned does not develop their SSIRAA as well and thus a vicious cycle ensues. With little SSIRAA in their minds, people will not naturally respect and protect the elderly. In fact they will become increasingly the victims of “euthanasia” with no one to mourn their loss.

These three instinctual mechanisms will develop well during times of minimal distress but refugee families and those living in abject poverty may have but a remnant of these instincts. Thus there is less spontaneous love and protection among refugee families.   When one member of the family is threatened the others are more likely to disclose their where-about to the authorities who are seeking them for “questioning”. Humans, who are not naturally bound to care for each other, are more likely to treat each other as objects. Since no one can count on surviving because of human instinctual mutual regard and protection, there will be much higher levels of anxiety with the growing awareness and anticipation of disaster.

What people dread they are more likely to make happen due to their attempts to understand the underlying conflicts by subconsciously re-enacting them. At the root of the lack of development and the destruction of these three individual and species preserving bonds is abortion. Abortion was developed and promoted first by the USA and Canada will be the first to feel the brutal natural consequences. Because mutually protective bonds are weakened and people are dehumanized and world conditions are chaotic, the next war will be the cruelest ever especially in the USA and Canada. (6)




The bible is full of God’s commands which He kept insisting were there so that people would live rightly and get to know Him. When people acknowledge Jesus as Saviour and obey Him as Lord of everything in their lives, they live rightly. They will have inner peace when everything around them is going to hell in a handbasket. They can have prosperity that affords them the opportunity and joy while giving it all away. It all depends on obedience. The only unforgivable sin is not responding to, ignoring, and rudely declining the invitation of Jesus to accept His gift of salvation through His sacrificial death. Since there are few in North America who did not or could not hear the call of Jesus, these nations will be judged most harshly.

When a person accepts Christ as Saviour and Lord they are automatically given His holy Spirt. God’s Spirit in a person gives peace, power, enlightenment, assistance and joy so that it is easy to obey God no matter how harsh the task. Christians are ordered (commanded) to love God, their neighbours, every child loaned to them and themselves. Love is not an emotion. You know that because emotions cannot be commanded. Love is clearly defined as meeting a person’s needs. This must include living a life of meeting God’s “need” for intimate human fellowship. Being a loving Christian should be as easy as falling off a log because:

  1. i) Love is commanded (not suggested) and obedience brings its own sense of satisfaction,
  2. ii) That command is easily understood because it is simply defined as meeting a person’s needs,

iii) The specific needs of every individual are exactly knowable from:  the words and Word of God, the close guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, good science, human empathy, failed and successful attempts to meet needs and the sense of satisfaction when the needs of an individual are met.

  1. iv) The almighty power, protection and wisdom available thru God’s Spirit, that makes all things possible.
  2. v)  The approval from God of knowing Him better when we love Him and each other
  3. vi) The growth into maturity that everyone naturally desires.

vii) The wonderful sense of doing what comes naturally given the lover’s blueprint.

viii) Encouraging the love of family, especially children, by accepting their attempts to love us.

  1. ix) Loving ourselves by leaning what are the real needs of ourselves and when in doubt letting others define our needs.
  2. x) Loving ourselves by thankfully accepting God’s love and the love of family and friends.

Because with teaching from the Bible, examples of loving Christians, such wealth no man before has ever known and millions of people with dire needs surrounding them that are being ignored, God will bring upon Canada and the USA the very conditions they see and ignore in others. Since everyone’s greatest need is the saving knowledge of God, having ignored that need in millions the reciprocal response of God will be that North Americans will lack the true teaching of God’s way and that will hurt them more than anything else.  “People will stagger from sea to sea and wander from border to border searching for the word of the Lord, but they will not find it”. (Amos 8:12)


Canada and USA were rightly known as being Christian countries. The world looked to them both as the sources of love, freedom and truth. When that admiration and affection was no longer justified because both nations were so hypocritical, Christians should have confronted the falseness. Instead North American Christians brought the world’s values into their churches and became more and more false. They became so subtle in feigning godliness that at first it was difficult to tell the idol worship from God’s worship. Like in Elijah’s day the false priests attempted to get their god’s attention by frantic worship and self-flagellation. Elijah’s quiet confidence and humility showed how to get God’s thunderous acknowledgement. Christians should know this but their “worship” of God centers on worship teams who shout, drum, sing loudly enough to produce hearing deficits and dance on stage all for the applause and approval of the congregation. They don’t hear the incessant whispers of God telling them, “I don’t want your false worship; obedience is better than false worship. Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams. (I Sam. 15:22)

North Americans shout “I praise you God. I praise you. I really praise you. I praise, praise, praise, praise you God. This is offensive to God partly because it is so loud and repetitious but mostly because it is false. It is not how you would praise a friend.  For someone you really admire, you would say something like, “Hey Joe, I really want you to meet my good friend John. He is some guy. He can………….etc. To praise God you tell others of who He is…….etc. and what He has done for you.

Inadvertently the congregation and pastor reinforce each other’s maladaptive behaviours. The rapt attention on the audience rewards the pastor for his strutting and platitudes. The pastor entertains the congregation with silly joke and dramatic sermons reinforcing their passivity and lack of clear discernment of truth. All too soon the worship service becomes the focus of a person’s entire Christian walk with Jesus. Jesus came to demonstrate how living with Him was a full time job with hourly expressions of appreciation and affection. It is small wonder God is fed up with humans treating His glorious son with such contempt and disinterest.

North Americans emulate the style and music of discos and nightclubs. At one time, Christians composed sweet music, wrote stirring verse and composed memorable ballads for the rest of the world. Now the “music” is grindingly repetitious, the lyrics are nonsensical and the beat always the same 2:4. At one time, Christian painters and sculptors made enduring carvings. Now it is distorted iron in grotesque shapes to whose honest response can only be at best, “interesting” Once Christian scientists led the world to wonder at God’s amazing power and minute connections. Now it is which brand of evolution shall we accept?

Jesus having designed them, knew what was the most efficient, egalitarian way for them to govern themselves as a collected body. He set aside hierarchies, artificial religious distinctions and wrong sexual identities. Instead he taught that no one can benefit at the expense of another. (Matt. 7:12). If what you think and do isn’t good for your neighbour regardless of shape, sex, color, intellect or size, it will not be good for you. The most exalted should stoop to wash feet, real smelly, swollen feet, not the symbolic show of church officials. No one should clothe themselves in fine raiment and tassels or tall ornate hats for everyone is equal in God’s sight. He knows people from the inside out, not the other way round.

Because every man and woman is equal in God’s sight, there could be no slavery. After many “Christian” empires, Roman, British, American etc. were built on the scarred backs of slaves and servants, slavery was abolished. Not so. There are more slaves today than there were 200 years ago. In addition there are many millions of virtual slaves. These are those children born into desperate poverty, men and women who work (for scanty) wages, 7 days per week for 10-12hrs per day with no holidays or even time off to visit their sick old mothers or breast feed their babies or have a tiny celebration. They are as much enslaved as any black, brown and white slaves who died of wounds, fatigue and starvation in the salt mines of the “Christian” Roman Empire. The major difference was that a frugal slave owner took care of his property to get the maximum amount of work out of them. The virtual slave requires no capital investment or upkeep. If they die or become sick or exhausted, they can always be easily replaced and no employer needs pay for their burial. If a woman becomes pregnant the virtual slave employer will insist she has an abortion or lose the miserable paid job that provides a little sustainance for her three little ones.

North Americans don’t see or hear the moans of virtual slaves and assure each other that the free trade agreement is working well and the products are oh so lovely and cheap. God hears them cry in the all too short nights. He hates slavery. “But now you have shrugged off your oath and defiled my name by taking back the men and women you had freed, forcing them to be slaves once again”.(Jer. 34:16) and will soon show His full anger as He did in Jeremiah’s time, by destroying Jerusalem.

Modern North American Christians would loudly swear “I do not approve of slavery. It is a terrible thing” At the same time they will boast to each other “Isn’t this a lovely shirt and it is so cheap. I wonder who made it and where. Never mind. It is truly a work of art” If they listened to their conscience they would/should know it was made in a cotton mill by virtual life-long slaves under appalling conditions.

North American Christians give money for missions when what the average African longs for is a fair exchange of wealth and equal access to health care. North Americans are promoting abortions and sex education with millions of dollars in many countries when what every country needs are more (not fewer) people and basic medical care like antibiotics. It is very good to sponsor a foreign foster child but what that child really desires is to know and be known by his/her foster family so they can be family in more than word only.

God hates hypocrisy and will soon deal with North America and its Christians as they have dealt with the poor and needy.

  1. Spoiled Leadership.

God made man.  God gave him the important and complicated task of classifying every living thing. “He brought them to the man to see what he would call them, and the man chose a name for each one. (Gen 2: 19-20) This was a huge task and it still is. It was the beginning of science which if Adam and Eve had done their job, our science would be so much further ahead. It was an extensive physically and intellectually demanding job. He needed help and a physical companion, so God created a help/mate. He also commanded them to multiply and fill the earth and the universe with more humans. They got lazy and did neither of these fulfilling tasks. It was because EVE was not totally occupied helping Adam, filling his needs as wife and looking after children, that she had idle time to chat with Satan.

God made it very clear that man and woman were equal in His sight. But they were essentially different, carefully designed for individual and group tasks. Man was taller and quicker and bolder to protect and provide. Eve was shorter, could bare and nourish children and much better at persuasion and manipulation.  As the scriptures make plain, woman was made for man and man was made from woman. (1 Cor. 11:9-10). They were equally important roles but they were not interchangeable.

With the advent of contraception and abortion, women asserted themselves (or so they thought), and strove for equality with men. After much demanding, crying, manipulating and protesting, women far surpassed equality and have gained the upper hand. They have at least 34 political, economic, social, legal, educational and medical advantages over men. They live longer, hold most of the wealth in North America, spend about 80% of the money in circulation, are given affirmative action preference in being hired and gaining entrance to medical, law and other professional schools. Women have lighter sentences for the same crime, can have their infants in prison with them. Women have more genetic material and because they are smaller at birth experience less birth trauma and have less ADHD etc. More money is spent on their medical care but men are more likely to have stress related diseases and commit suicide. Most importantly women have the sole right and power to decide which preborn baby will live and which murdered. That advantage alone will make men cringe, cry and beg.

North America has led in this revolution and now spends millions promoting female liberation in developing countries whether or not women want to change their roles. Christian women in Canada and the USA will loudly affirm their subservience to men, all the while belittling their husbands at coffee klatches and smoothly manipulating the family leadership out of their men. Many Christian women seduce men into marriage but soon decline sex because, “after-all I am too tired at the end of the day from looking after all the children you insisted we have.”

The net effects are disastrous, especially on children. Not being willing or able to compete with their professional wife and having few advantages to bargain with, men leave home for the armed forces or dangerous jobs or flirtatious women or soft skinned men and are then harangued and harassed for child support even when deprived of the right and opportunity to spend time with his children. Children who grow up without a father don’t know how to relate to men except using their mother’s advantage of manipulation. Father-less children are more likely to do drugs and crime. On average their school marks are discernably lower, they are more likely to be abortion survivors who have mind crippling existential guilt and dance with death in cars and with drugs. The fathers grow desperately lonely longing for their children. They spend large portions of their earnings trying to gain legal access to his children while his wife uses legal aid, court sympathy and engineered public opinion to fight him on every step. It isn’t long before he turns to pornography, drugs, drink and /or gay mates to absorb his pain. When all of these stop helping him feel less anguish, he kills himself in an industrial accident or drunk while driving or with his favorite gun and few bother going to his funeral “because obviously he was deranged”.

More than any other time in history, it is hard for a man to be a real man. The Christians in North America are not helping. They are ½ century out of step with reality and still feel women need help to be equal. At the church I attend there are plenty of bible studies for women and none for men. Canadian and USA Christians, missionaries in particular, are shamelessly denouncing other cultures they don’t understand in favour of women’s rights. At first these women in primitive cultures resist, trying to support their men in the very difficult tasks for men with few machines to help them. Then they succumb to the not so subtle UN backed by US and Canada, sell that they will be some much better off with and education and women’s rights. While in Uganda we were teaching counseling to predominately Christian people who were expecting to be paid to attend intensive training. We were surprized by quite grumbling the root of which was the complaint we didn’t pay them to attend like the UN does for their seminars.

It is hard for a man to shout for any reason because women have learned to believe that shouting men are aggressive. Men shout: for joy, in pain, in triumph, to direct, to warn, to explain and to praise God. None of it is aggressive but their pastors warn them to always be gracious while their wives complain because his anger “is so frightening”.  North American men are de-masculinized but many men are still unwittingly promoting this image of a sensitive man in other lands. The way God intended a man and his family to be is: one God, one income, one mission, one wife who honours him in word and deed, 2-6 children with grandparents nearby who share the care of children and also promote the man’s chosen mission for God. Every child I have asked during an assessment has unhesitatingly responded with “I want my mother at home. I don’t care if we live in a shack and I have holes in my clothes”.

I told my son’s not to marry a professional woman who hasn’t given up her professional work and identity but is willing without complaining to be wife and mother. To women who complain that” house work and child raising is such a waste of my intellect and education”, I say, “Do you know how to pilot a Saturn rocket? No. Well a child is far more complicated than a rocket and will keep changing. Just when you are feeling comfortable with your child guiding ability and nurturing you find he/she has a different personality.  You better get a PhD in child anatomy, another in child physiology, another in child psychology and a Th.D. in child theology just for starters. And you better learn how men think”. Does this mean I promote women servitude? Absolutely not. All the women in my life are professionals of a high caliber but don’t kid themselves about being super- women. They have always put their families first and don’t regret the promotions they lost to other women who put career first.

What is so lowly about being a servant? Jesus exalted in the fact He was/is the son of man and a servant to His father. The man may be head of the family but he is still a servant to God.  And for countless generations men have willingly died to protect their families from intruders and enemies. Should they not be honored and maybe even compensated for their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for wife and children?

It is so sad to see the limp, overweight, aimless men in a typical congregation. They sit uncomfortably (if they are not already asleep) while the pastor shouts at them. The natural inclination of men is to shout back when shouted at. And to debate points in the sermon they strongly disagree with. Men I know would like to jump to their feet and yell “Yes pastor, men must love their wives (all of them) as Christ loves the Church but it also says that women must honor their husband. I feel so ashamed when I overhear my wife talking me down to her friends.” Churches are pacifying men and then wonder why these men don’t accept their responsibilities. Christ taught His decuples while they were walking or on some adventure, did He not? And more sadly is the exporting of this image of a “gracious man” in cultures where it is even harder to be a Godly man. God does not like it at all.

When the next world war comes and it will come soon I believe, it always has and there is one looming on the horizon, will be the most terrible and cruel one ever. Then men will again take their more natural headship. This is partly because that is what is expected of them and because men make quicker decisions and are more ready to face whatever is the consequence.  Very sadly churches are not anticipating awful scenarios nor teaching men how to cope with extremely difficult situations like how to respond as a Christian man when neighbours plead with him to share his food when he hasn’t enough for his own children. God will allow the terror to punish the nations, primarily Canada and the USAA but also to face men with harsh maturing reality.

  1. Not sharing the Gospel and God’s healing

God commanded, ordered all Christians to preach and heal.  (Acts 10:42-43) He ordered us to preach everywhere and to testify that Jesus is the one appointed by God to be the judge of all—the living and the dead. He is the one all the prophets testified about (Luke 9:60). But Jesus told him, Let the spiritually dead bury their own dead! Your duty is to go and preach about the Kingdom of God.” (Matt 28:19-20) Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Teach these new disciples to obey all that I have commanded you. (Luke 10:9) Heal the sick, and tell them, ‘The Kingdom of God is near you now.'(Luke 10:9)

The preaching is: sharing in the most loving and conversational way possible the best news in the world with friends and neighbours, shouting as loudly as possible so everyone in the large crowd can hear, “Christ is willing to save you all, now” and singing in a lovely manner, “it is very hard to believe but Jesus died for me and now I am His friend for eternity.”

The healing is: giving good effective advice on how to stay healthy, running with an overweight friend in the early dawn, donating used eye-glasses, applying a clean bandage to a bleeding child, using the very best counseling techniques to help people resolve internal and in-family conflicts, cutting, cleaning and sewing up suppurating wounds, etc. all the while praying for God’s healing power to show through you. Then people are healed and saved, jumping for joy with gratitude to God for His mercy and compassion.

Baptizing by immersion demonstrates what has occurred spiritually to the new believer. It should be his/her first act in spreading the good news by which he/she was saved. It is a simple pantomime so that even the most intellectually handicapped person can understand and seek Jesus.

Preaching and healing always went together in the ministry of Jesus. Jesus healed all kinds of illnesses and struggles and the healing always drew the crowds to hear him preach.  With His command to the “72 other disciples” (Luke 10:1) to preach and heal Jesus made it clear that He expected everyone to at least help heal. Sadly the early Christians could not believe their ears. “Hang on Jesus; this is taking egalitarianism way too far. How about we specialize and have preachers and congregations, doctors and patients. It will be far more efficient and effective than expecting everyone to do this very complicated stuff.” And so preachers and healers developed their highly praised arts and gained social status in doing so.   The sad net effect was that the preaching and healing life style was lost to the average Christian so that they lost the opportunity to mature and know God declined so that the average citizen was deprived of the privilege of knowing Jesus in these ways.

Jesus also ordered His children to preach the gospel and baptize in all world, (Mk. 16:15). Although this command and mandate clearly applies to all Christians, very few “laymen” have ever baptized anyone. I have and it was a wonderful experience for both of us. She was a former patient who came to know the Lord partly from my witness. She was dying of a metastatic breast cancer and had asked her pastor for permission for me to baptise her. He gladly gave it. After all baptism is another way to proclaim the Good News, It is a type of role play in which the new convert is showing what really happened in his spirit. The sad fact that it has almost become the sole prerogative of the clergy who endow this simple example with mystical properties that was never intended. That is done almost exclusively by priests and pastors, shows how the congregation has been made passive.

The disciples, all those who had followed Him and were with Him in every aspect of His earthly ministry were witnesses. Even if they never said or wrote about Christ, in the language of any court they were witnesses. Had they been requested they would have to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what they had seen and heard from Jesus. That is why Jesus told his disciples, “And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere Acts 1:8 and (Luke 24:48) Being a witness is something you are not something you do. Once you are a witness of a dramatic event, you communicate the shock in your body language and behaviour, whether or not you say anything. So it is with Christians. Having witnessed the dramatic event of being saved and made children of God, every aspect of their language and behaviour should communicate the wonder of knowing Jesus.

When asked to give out tracks or give their testimony, most Christians will demure in favour of the pastor or priest of limply state “Of course I will if God tells or calls me to do that” with no real intention to do that at all.

Although preaching, teaching, baptizing and healing are clearly the mandate and responsibility of every Christian, the “laymen” have stepped aside and left it to the professional Christians. The clergy are now expected to preach, teach, baptize and heal while the lay-person’s responsibility is to donate enough money to keep the clergy and their attendants well fed. The net effect is that the lay people do not grow spiritually as much as they should and the clergy feel or should feel overwhelmed and the gospel is not heard as widely as God wanted and the average person is not healed as Jesus had hoped.

In the Old Testament there were special responsibilities for especially designated people. When Jesus came and preached salvation in His name, the curtain in the Jewish temple was torn from top to bottom, thus removing for ever the distinction between priests and congregation. Yet humans in their arrogance want to keep trying to get close to God on their terms, namely becoming special to Him by being set apart. Of course there have always been prophets and preachers that God set apart but He chooses on His own terms. God chose Mary not because she was holy but because she was willing. God chose Paul not because he was willing but because he really knew the scriptures and was determined. God chose David not because he was a great man but because he really loved God with a unique innocence.

Is there a pattern to how and when God chooses His special servants? None that I can see except that He has His own criteria and it changes according to His grand design, which is not easy to detect. In the meantime, everyone is equally important and privileged. With privilege of being called by God, every Christian has a huge responsibility of finding Him more people willing to be His friends for ever. To decline to earnestly, always seek the lost, broken, arrogant, humble etc. people and introduce them to Jesus, is a grave insult to God and His kingdom. God does not easily ignore insult. He will reward everyone according to their good deed of finding Him more friends. Conversely He will punish everyone to the extent they abuse His message of salvation by holding it to themselves.

It is likely that God has always wanted his chosen ones to use their privileged relationship to spread the good news of salvation, full and freely beginning with the nation of Israel. When they stubbornly refused to share their unique opportunities and benefits, God destroyed their fondly enjoyed complacency and scattered them far and wide. The powerful Christians church in North Africa should have crossed deserts and rivers to bring the good news to the rest of Africa. When they refused, God humbled then destroyed their church and Africa remained darkened for many centuries. When the church in Rome failed to spread the good news to the heathen world around them, God used persecution to drive them into the wilderness where they did plant churches long before the organized church sent missionaries there. The Syrian Christians have been recently persecuted and made into refugees who are now dispersed all around the world.  God is about to destroy complacent USA and Canada to force His people in those nations to spread the gospel to every nook and cranny of the world. For when everyone has heard the good news, God will return.

Is it not amazing that mere humans think they can disobey the commands of the most high,  almighty, most loving, kind,  patient, generous, joyful, humorous, beautiful, knowledgeable, everlasting, all encompassing, only creative etc. and etc. God there is or ever will be, Amen. Who in the hell do they think they are? We are all commanded/ordered to seek and trust God, love and serve Him in everything we do. And His commands are not hard because He has given us fully, wholly His Spirit who lives in us and knows us inside out, to power, protect and teach us. What more could any servant want in life. We can’t lose. Even in the toughest circumstance we have the most amazing opportunities to know and converse with this awesome God. What are we waiting for? Canada and the USA have huge resources and funds and technology to spread the gospel, but even with some many good scholars there are about 2000 languages into which the bible has not been translated and there  many people who cannot hear or read the good news in their own language. These people and God wonder why Canadians and Americans are so self- satisfied and lazy about sharing the best news there has ever been.

Hey you lame brained priests and pastors. Help every brother, sister, aunt, grandfather. Boy and girl and baby to speak what they know of God from their own experience, if nothing else. Don’t erect artificial barriers of state or status, degrees or membership, orthodoxy or enlightenment to the clumsy flickering faint determination of the most feeble of Christians to try to share God’s best in the universe news. If you get in the way with the clergy vs lay distinctions, God will remove you.

Hey you materialistic Christians. Don’t you dare hide behind: I cannot because I am not: a clergyman, a church deacon, bible school trained, veteran believer etc. to excuse yourself from sharing God’s love and good news. God will give you on the job training. And don’t forget the church is His to guide, discipline, clean and educate.

Don’t think you are the best judge of who is closest to the kingdom. Try picking up hitch hikers, getting to know who they are and where they are going in life and then give them a lift toward heaven as you give them a lift to their next earthly destination. If you really want to show God’s love, and because you were in a rush or preoccupied and you drive past him, swing around twice, welcome him, pick him up and then take him further than you were going. On one occasion I did this the elderly hippie said, “Thank you Sir. You have just restored my faith in humanity”. This became a golden moment to speak of faith in Christ and our need to trust Him to get where we really want to go.  And don’t give me that old saw, “but it is dangerous to pick up hitch-hikers now days”.  It was always dangerous. God will protect you to the extent you need it. And to reassure yourself, drive with a big dog in the back seat.

Churches are emptying for these reasons: i) God is kindly preparing Christians to get used to meeting in house churches ii) God wants Christians to rely more on Him and less on clergy or the fellowship, iii) God wants Christians to better use their dwindling financial resources to share with the needy and be less worried about maintaining the church structures, iv)God hopes the world will see that the Church is any collection of His children and not a building  v) defeat Christian idolatry in worshiping/reverencing alters, statues, painting, stained glass windows etc.

The way to fill churches is the same way Jesus used to attract large crowds; He preached the Good News and healed minds and bodies. Christian must set up a scientifically established, effective and efficient counselling program like Hope Alive that will treat the abuse and abortion damaged people in the congregation and some of the thousands of hurt and gospel hungry people living nearby. After over ½ century in the practice of medicine, I assure you that there many thousands of people around your church that are desperate to get off medication and find the roots to their deep problems. Every church, large and small, that I have attended already has the resources to preach the gospel and heal people. What keeps them back is shear timidity and laziness.

  1. Duty to Warn

Every citizen of every civilized country has a duty to warn fellow citizens who are about to endanger themselves. This neighbourly obligation is essential to civility. Without it people don’t care what happens to their neighbours near and remote. Yet modern North Americans who claim they are among the most civilized in the world are not bothering to warn each other of impending harm or disaster. This lack of concern is not tolerable to God.

“Hey friend, you left your car lights on” is neighbourly.  Risking your life, you stand in the middle of the road with a light and sign or red flag shouting, “You must stop and turn around.” The bridge ahead is washed out”.  “Look out lady, get off the road. The light has changed and you could get killed standing there”.

In these and many more ways, lives are saved all over the world. But when people become dehumanized or narcissistic, they don’t bother. God notices that people care less for each other resulting in accidents and death. He has given Canadians and Americans as strong sense of neighborliness but it is quickly fading.

Where this obligation is most needed and most often neglected is at the abortion clinics. “Excuse me lady but you need to know there are no medical reasons for your abortion. You about to be harmed by a surgical procedure  that is unnecessary and results in no benefit. It only harms and some of those harms are untreatable.” That statement can be made with authority and with no doubt it is true because it is based on very large research studies.  So why don’t all good God loving people crowd around each abortion clinic with this statement, spoken or written and thus save lovely children from a cruel death at the hands of an abortionist? Are they afraid of imprisonment? If so they should ask God for the courage to emulate Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner. These 2 women have been arrested for standing quietly outside different abortion clinics handing out flowers, hoping to engage women in a conversation in which they warn women heading for a totally unnecessary only harmful abortion.

When I informed the judge at Mary Wagoner’s trial in Toronto, that Mary was simply carrying out her citizen’s obligation to warn people of impending harm, the judge said something like, “Duly noted”. In this way, the argument that Mary and Linda  were there to carry out their citizens duty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           to warn women can now be used legitimately. It was written into Canadian jurisprudence.

The duty to warn unsuspecting people of the harms arising from chemical contraception, abortion, smoking pot, euthanasia is established as:

  1. i) an ordinary citizen’s duty,
  2. ii) an especially informed person’s extra duty to warn and

iii) a Christian’s extra, extra duty to warn people because it is clearly commanded by God. Mary carried all three duties for she was a citizen, had been trained by us in the damages resulting from abortion and was trying to obey Christ.

So why are Mary and Linda all alone when they are arrested? Where are all the other Christians who claim they love their neighbours, are well informed about the hazards of abortion and loudly affirm that they want to follow Christ? Canadian and American Christians have the freedom, energy, opportunity and repeated challenge to fulfill their duty to warn women of the dangers they are about to encounter? God will judge Canada and USA soon because thousands of innocent babies are being murdered and their citizens are ignoring their awful plight. Wouldn’t God be just in destroying these nations?  Logic would reply, yes indeed and that right soon.



I should go on to include other obligations that people in Canada and the USA have, wrongs they have embraced and evils they have consciously exported to less sinful nations:

  1. i) The all too ready acceptance of illusionary truth instead of working hard at good research,
  2. ii) Worshiping as Spirit filled when it is an engineer emotional experience that is inculcated by the media and missionaries to many “developing nations where people are turning to Christ.

iii) Church traditions and limp sermons that do not prepare people for hard times ahead but teach  “the Lord will take charge of everything so don’t you fret”. Most pastors neglect the necessity of individual, family, church and national repentance. They forget that God’s children need to be disciplined and made to mature.

  1. iv) Undermining  male leadership and ignoring the real reasons men abdicate their responsibilities.
  2. v) Christians ignoring the constant need for reconciliation and substituting, “You must ‘forgive people in your heart’ when the scripture makes it clear that you forgive and God forgives you “from your heart” (authentically)
  3. vi) Undermining  God’s prerogative of marrying people, (making them one flesh for life) by pronouncing a couple man and wife. The Roman Catholic Church began the trend for political and economic reasons.

vii) Because they know so little about pair bonding, many agencies promote sex as recreation then wonder why so many marriages fall apart.

viii) Underestimating the power and deceitfulness of satan in his determination to destroy mankind by first dehumanizing mothers, fathers and children. For when they are dehumanized they can be cruel to each other and have rationalizations readily at hand.

  1. ix) Everyone misses the worldwide destructiveness of abortion with it manifold manifestations. Now many nations are worrying about restarting young people’s desire for children without any understanding of the root causes, particularly the fear of abortion survivors to have and then possibly hurt their children.
  2. x) Ignoring the huge impact of millions and millions of abortion survivors and what their persistent guilt for existing is doing to the military, economics, research etc. allows the basic problem to keep expanding while many false and futile remedies are attempted.

All of the above, if not always initiated by Canada and the USA, these two nation have make the largest contribution to sin and insanity. They have been blessed far beyond that of any other nation in history, but have their privileged position to stupidly promoting the destruction of the hidden and instinctual structures that keep the human species in existence. Thereby they have pushed humanity to the present brink of extinction. Is it too late to reverse these trends?

In God’s economy if there is nation-wide repentance, there is always a chance which in scripture is hinted at by the phrase “even yet”.  But Jesus, after His very best efforts to change the hearts and minds of the Jews pronounced it is too late. ”

“How I wish today that you of all people would understand the way to peace. But now it is too late, and peace is hidden from your eyes.  Before long your enemies will build ramparts against your walls and encircle you and close in on you from every side.  They will crush you into the ground, and your children with you. Your enemies will not leave a single stone in place, because you did not accept your opportunity for salvation.” (Luke 19:42-44).

Nothing could stop the chain of events that led to the destruction of the Jewish nation. Their indolence, their avoidance of the problems caused by abortion in their congregations, their conditioned vanity and the conditioning of their congregation’s apathy were major contributors. It has happened before. It is about to happen again.   “Not a king in all the earth—no one in all  the world—would have believed that an enemy could march through the gates of Jerusalem. Yet it happened because of the sins of her prophets and the sins of her priests, who defiled the city by shedding innocent blood.” ( Lam. 4: 12-13) It is less that pastors and priests kill babies, it is mostly the result of ignoring the murders of preborn babies.

Did these religious leaders go about the city wantonly killing?  No they just ignored the need for their whole congregation to save the innocent. They were just like the pastors and priest of today who ignore the murder of millions of babies. Rather than responding to the urgent call of for justice for the innocent and help for the poor by Jeremiah’s and other prophets, they preached false peace and security.  They are major contributors to world-wide violence of abortion.

God is about to let fall on our stupid heads the natural consequence of killing our young.  After a good run trying by: teaching, living a life of courage as an example, politics, research, treating and training with so little to show for the long struggle, (over ½ century in practice and teaching) with Jesus, I am also convinced that we have gone too far and it is too late. And yet by God’s grace I keep trying to turn individuals to Christ and nations to repentance.

Extinction by mass suicide  and mutual destruction.

     Canada was at the apex of civilization and the USA not far behind. Canada had a working democratic government, just courts, fair distribution of wealth, universal medical care, special programs for the disabled and poor,  freedoms of:  expression, press, association, worship, reasonably good education within reach of every student, sharp though limited armed forces, support for families, money for innovation, investment and research, high standard of maternal health, infant mortality and public health. Then the deceiver of all humans began to take advantage of technology and induced people to feel sorry for them and at the same time, arrogant and independent. The cry went out for women’s rights, gay rights, sexual freedoms etc. and our proud, grand nation quickly began to fall apart.

God is not mocked. It isn’t possible to ignore Him for long.  God has repeatedly warned that though everything may change and the universe fall apart, “My word will remain for ever”. God‘s moral laws preceded and supersedes all physical, psychological and economic laws. They were enacted in concert with the designing of humans. Then the home for humans on earth and in their place in the heavens was created accommodating the laws of God spoken in and through His Word Jesus and in His words the bible. When all was in place and ready, the humans were created. Since humans were designed and created to be molded and guided by Gods Laws (principles), any infraction of them would be harmful to all humans.

God disciplines His children and punishes evil people by:

  1. a) allowing the basic moral principles to be felt. In mercy and grace, He often holds them back for a time but He cannot deny Himself and restrain His own laws indefinitely. To do so would bend all those moral laws that hold creation together. The whole tightly and marvellously knit system humans operate in will fall apart.
  2. b) Permitting the natural consequences of breaking His laws to hit and hurt humans.
  3. c) Shouting at these humans with the voice of prophets, priests and pastors.
  4. d) Provoking wars and other painful phenomena that bring pain and judgement upon people.
  5. e) Directly intervening with some unexpected hurtful phenomena. E.g. volcanoes
  6. f) Allowing Satan to effectively induce individual and collective suicide and war.


Abortion and euthanasia as cause and effect.

There is nothing and has been nothing to match the human- destructive impact of abortion. It destroys what is noble and reverential in humans. They become dehumanized. Dehumanization, plus the weight of guilt from having killed the young of their species upon which their survival depended, becomes too great to bear. This combination has resulted in the seed and soil of suicide and specified. Humans are already committing suicide on such a wide scale that it is easy to see the destruction of our species has begun.

At this day and hour:

  1. a) Humans sense the rage of their creator.  They cannot banish the thought that God is furious because arrogant humans are destroying the apex of God’s creation, the delicate work of His hands. This ambiance of world-wide fear is undermining prosperity. People are hunkering down, hoping they can ride out the storm and then carry on with their usual materialistic life style. The idea there could be an end to everything they are and have known is too appalling to be considered. That is why they embrace as cause the increasing CO2 (something they could possibly correct) for global rather than rapid orbital decay.

The source of anxiety is ill defined and un-researched but it is palpable. Put into the mouth of young people, “Something awful is going to get us. What it is and where it is coming from, we don’t know but it is huge”.

  1. b) See the futility of correcting the basic problems with their determined efforts. In fact their efforts seem to make things go even more wrong. Just before giving up trying their best to correct dehumanization, depopulation and disregard for their fellows, humans will make one last ditch effort to be civilized but it will be their concept of civility. And because it is not based on knowing God first, it will fail. Then humans in terror and desperation will attack each other with all out nuclear war.
  2. c) Mass psychosis will haunt many other-wise sane people. They will do impulsive, self destructive things just to have some control of the confusion in their mind.
  3. d) The pervasive anxiety will be blamed on those who are most unaffected, i.e. the Christian, so that persecution of Christians will run rampant.

The vague but growing sense of fear and doom will have a disruptive effect on many human endeavors. In desperation they will increase the rates of abortion, (the world is too uncertain to bring a baby into it) and the rates of euthanasia (These nice looking old people have had their share of life and fun. Now it is time they shuffled off to make room for us.)

As rates of abortion and euthanasia climb so does the sense of guilt and impending disaster grow. As the level of everyone’s anxiety climb, so they consider than use increasingly bizarre methods to cope including: committing suicide, more pregnancies then abortion, provoking each other to fight, rape and pillage until almost everyone is involved. Yet even when they realize their desperate stupidities, they will not turn to God. As the world becomes arid,  disease ridden and radiation saturated, the vicious cycle of self and species destruction grows in a widening vicious cycle.

Having reversed the natural degradation of earth’s orbit many times before, God finally says to Himself, “In their arrogance human think they can reverse global warming by stopping everything that results in carbon dioxide, so I will not boost earth’s orbit. Maybe they will eventually realize there is a severe limit to what they can do and turn to me”.

While the climatologists lie to the people and astrophysicists invent new measures for earth’s distance from the sun, the Rapid Orbital Decay increases. As a result the tectons slide and overlap more rapidly making severe earth quakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions more common. Still, almost every human only becomes more proud and disdainful of Devine Mercy. However a few turn to God and He never turns anyone away. Their life on earth maybe short and desperate but they die in the arms of Jesus. At what point in time does God consider that His children have been sufficiently well disciplined, no one knows but at some point God takes his children home. After that is there still a possibility that people will be saved by Jesus? Yes of course. But it would be the height of stupidity to wait for that time before accepting Christ as Saviour and Lord. Besides, the best thing about becoming a child of God as soon as possible is that you have more time for the joy of living with Jesus as a friend and more profound discoveries led by His Holy Spirit.

Of course God takes no delight in the death or suffering of people, “And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not (to the nation of Nineveh) (KJV Jonah 2:10) but His holiness is the supreme characteristic of God. I believe this is an indication that His purity of math and logic must be maintained because these are linked to His permanence from which all reality is derived. And because He so loves humankind, He cannot stand idly by and watch the apex of His creation sink into and merge with the muck of sin and decay.

For each individual it is never too late. With their last ray of consciousness, a person may think a prayer of “Jesus I believe in You”.  And that is good enough for God who responds. “Welcome home my little one, would you like a glass of wine to take with you as Gabriel shows you around.”

However for a nation it is quite different. There comes a point at which the whole people are so depraved, only total repentance will change God’s mind. This has happened at least once before and it can happen again. It is unlikely that modern human will collectively bow their knees, ask God to forgive all their sins and humbly request Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. To this end all Christians must pray without ceasing. Otherwise He will use increasing political chaos, economic confusion, family breakup, internecine and global war, drought, radiation, earth quakes, volcanoes, air pollution, tsunamis, volcanoes, diseases old and new to totally destroy the arrogance of Canada and the USA, while hoping there are individuals who will still cry out. “Save us oh God. We cannot save ourselves.”

God is so disgusted with Canada and the USA it is likely He wants them removed from His sight. It is likely these 2 countries will be the first to disintegrate in the coming holocaust. Canada and the USA have led the world in evil. What really disgusts our just and merciful God is that these 2 countries used taxpayers money to export those evils to countries that are more righteous but very vulnerable to the financial pressure pushed upon them. They think that their liberalism is smart but God thinks otherwise and His opinion is the only one that counts for eternity. The growing economic chaos is a harbinger of the anarchy to come.


  1. Sins in Canada and the USA and in other countries from which they take advantage.
  2. i) Murdering the innocents. Abortion  1.4 million per year, NA and 50 million world- wide.
  3. ii) Idolatry. Worshiping  entertainment stars, sport champions, popular politicians, big church pastors, children with much talent.

iii) Slavery. Actual: e.g. children harvesting cocoa

Virtual: Millions of laborers paid a pittance, abused and discarded when too old or infirm producing inexpensive clothing and food.

  1. iv) Perversion of justice. Eg high rents for inadequate housing, low wages, little education, men have no right in the decision to abort his child. Women have 43 advantages over men.
  2. v) Foolish leaders: politicians promoted by the biased media and elected mainly by immature people.
  3. vi) Tacit approval of the suppression of poor people in developing countries who are allies.

vii) Harvesting organs and limbs from the desperately poor and criminals with long or death sentences.

viii) Inhospitable to refugees, especially cruelly persecuted Christians.

  1. ix) Usury. Controlling the supply, demand and cost of money with World Bank etc.
  2. x) Elder disregard and killing. So-called euthanasia to save medical and funeral expenses.

xii) War. Acquiring land and resources, selling guns and a training  ground of own troops.

xiii) Dishonest measures. In trading, shipping and stock markets.

xiv) Family breakup The merchandizing media profit with family breakups because with each new relationship people by gifts, rings, trips etc while wooing each new partner.

  1. xv) Sexual perversions No breeding relationship allow people to become increasingly narcissistic.


  1. The Process. The most blessed of all nations, with the highest level of civilization ever known to humans now squandered and misused their wonderful God given gifts by the following  mechanisms. Abortion is used here as an example
  2. i) Discovering evil. With self-induced and “back street abortions”  some women where dying  of infections. By greatly exaggerating the numbers, the abortion promoters (Aps) used women as examples to demand “safe, clean and easily accessed” abortions by state approved physicians.
  3. ii) Developing that evil: Those who had abortions developed the arguments justifying what was once considered the worst of crimes. With relatively sterile techniques that they  exaggerated the decline in abortion related deaths.

iii) Digesting: With antibiotics they found abortions was relatively safe so that sex could be enjoyed as recreation and abortion was a contraception backup.

  1. iv) Defending They developed arguments to sell politicians and public on the idea that women were always the victim and needed protection from moral and legal assaults on their new-found freedom
  2. v) Promoting With earnings from patients and contributing businesses, they promoted  the  dirty business of killing into a health  saving procedure and every one could benefit from.
  3. vi) Exporting: Under the disguise of concerns for women’s health, using taxes,  and easily garnered political support their imposed their evil on relatively innocent countries, especially those in Africa by way of the UN and very wealthy foundations.

vii) Laughing. Having dragged many millions of women, men and children into their hell of human destruction, they danced and laughed sardonically, often to the tunes of the occult.

  1. Prayer

Though it is too late to repent and reverse the effects of these sins please Lord: guide us to those you are saving, keep us hoping, trusting and singing, keep us from the horrors around the corner and help us know what you are doing and when You are about to return.

Amen and amen, may it be according to your will Almighty God, ruler of the whole universe.


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