Where Are You Adam?

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And God called, “Where are you Adam?”  Where are all the Adams in this world?

Adam replied, “I was hiding” (1) The Adams of our modern world have fled or are hiding in the woods.

God, “Why Adam, were you hiding from Me?”  God terrifies those who are dishonest and or feel ashamed.

Adam, “Because I felt ashamed you would see me for who I have become” All the Adams have a little insight but it is usually too late and women manipulate men thru guilt and shame.

God. “Don’t be foolish Adam. I see you naked inside and out; always have. The real problem is that something has persuaded you to disobey me and now everything is upside down. Right?”  When we are in trouble, God just wants the truth.

Adam. “Yes Lord but it was her fault. She seduced me into what she fell for.”  Men blaming women from the beginning, some with good reasons.  “And Adam was not seduced but the woman” (2)

God. “Okay Eve. What happened?”  So God gets to the heart of the matter in 10 seconds flat.

Eve. Well God, you see it was like this……”  Women have always had handy excuses.

(Para-phrase of conversation between God and our earliest parents.) Genesis. Ch. 2, 3)

Current human conditions are so similar to this earliest scenario,  it is easy to predict that the outcome will be similar, only worse.  Can’t anyone see this?  I suspect many can see what is looming ahead but a pile of taboos keeps them from speaking out.

By many hard indices, human history is running out. It is time to be forth-right, is it not? If anyone wanted to slow or stop the present slide, they better act fast.

Present Human Chaos


Men in rapidly increasing numbers (North America) are committing suicide. Men are abandoning women and fleeing into each other’s sexual embrace. Men, more often than not, don’t want children so pressure women to abort. Men have abrogated their responsibilities, especially their prerogatives in protecting their children and have done little to regain them. Children are brought up in fatherless homes are much more likely to become unwell, criminals, irresponsible fathers and vagrant. Blaming the men for all these troubles has done nothing to correct them.


Sixty to Seventy percent of women worldwide are doing the most unnatural thing possible. They are killing their own children. At any other time this would have been seen as, unthinkable, crazy, lost their mind. Are not children the most important asset a family can have; worth more than much gold.

Women are clamoring to leave their homes in favor of the precarious business and professional world and going head to head, competing with men. This is seen as smart, regardless of what it does to her husband and family.

Women have 31 (at least) distinct advantages over men (3) but are not happier than their grandmothers. They are constantly clamoring for more privileges but these when granted only seem to increase the rate of depression. They casually accept their power over the life and death of preborn children, but that power brings them to more evil, not closer to God.


At least 50 % of children and young adults are abortion survivors. (4) They have at least one aborted sibling and thus feel guilty for existing. PASS people have little hope for the future and are afraid to have children. The male PASS are afraid of the power of women and don’t recognize or assume their fathering responsibilities.


Just when it is becoming apparent that it is not possible to run a free market economy with a declining population almost every country is pushing the untrammeled right to choose an abortion for every woman and making it increasingly attractive not to have children.

THIS IS MADNESS. It cannot possible work for any individual’s or society’s benefit. What is more astonishing that while touting the benefits of science, they ignore obvious facts and cling to the religion of “Global warming” etc. Time to reverse these changes is rapidly running out, particularly because those who could repair some of the damage are themselves severely damaged and handicapped. There can be no leadership until the leaders recognize the root problems. They won’t see these because they can’t recognize the problems in themselves. There are far too few wise counsellors who could help people gain understanding of the root issues and gain insight into how their personal conflicts prevent them from recognizing the problems in others, in society.

History will repeat itself as humans attempt to understand what lies behind their energy draining conflicts (4). Without insight, humanity is rushing headlong towards extinction that Jesus predicted would occur unless He intervened. Of course God is sovereign and could redirect history as He desires at any point. However, God desires to have mature friends not robots. That is why He made man a little lower than Himself and gave us awesome responsibilities.



Adam disobeyed and Consequences

Didn’t work

Adam was given work by God for his own good. Adam was ordered to name the creatures. In today’s terms this meant examining, identifying and classifying all living things. It was the work of a life time. If he had stuck to it all sciences would be much further ahead. Evolution would never have raised its silly head. Adam became tired and possibly lazy. He wanted and needed a helper. But when he got his helper, he didn’t stick to his life’s work and she wandered away in discouragement and in that state was easy to seduce.

Granted that sedentary occupations don’t suit the average man and that “affirmative action” if favour of women makes it much harder for men to find work, it seems that now days, men are getting lazy, particularly in taking the initiative in setting up new enterprises. When they have their own businesses, they don’t take advantage of opportunities as they should but hurry home to watch the “playoffs” and there is always some sport having playoffs. So it is small wonder their wives become disillusioned with the man who had so many dreams, they married.

Didn’t seduce his future wife. Any man who looks upon a painting of Adam and Eve wonder how is it they didn’t have sex until she was seduced by the Serpent. Of course Adam should have loving bedded his wife. In having intra-vaginal intercourse they would have exchanged hormones and become “one flesh” as the Lord intended. Having come from Adam, Eve would now be reunited to her man. That pair bond could not have been broken by Satan and his offer of power thru knowledge. Adam was so pleased that with Eve being taken from his rib of chromosome, he would now have: a loyal companion, someone who would work along-side, a person who would understand the importance of his life’s work, a fellow human who would empathize in his trials and disappointments. It is no wonder he shouted, “At last, I have someone…….. And isn’t she beautiful. Yippee! And thank you very much God.” It isn’t hard to imagine Adams’ severe disappointment in what his wife became after she was seduced by another. Yet there is no evidence he complained. Like a good loyal husband, he saved his wife from loneliness and embarrassment by joining her. Just like a good husband of an alcoholic wife eventually joins her at the bar.

In today’s world women dress so seductively that it is hard for the average man not to want something that doesn’t belong to him. He must keep suppressing his sexual desires. That suppression carries over into his bedroom and bed. He is less driven to have sex with his wife, partly because he has other wives and partly because she is so competitive. When she resists at all, he gives up too easily. Eve in disgust says to herself, what is the matter with men now days. They are nothing like what they were in times past when it appears they persisted in pursuit for days, months even years to get their woman.

Didn’t have children.

Adam was commanded be fruitful and multiply. God wanted a universe full of interesting individuals with whom He could chat. Adam disobeyed until after the serpent had seduced his wife. What took him so long, God only knows. He should have persisted in having sex and reminding Eve that she was designed to have children and in doing so would feel fulfilled. Adam would have to split his time with his God given job of classifying everything, loving his wife and providing guidance and an example to his dozen or more children. And in all things, chatting with God. Of course God would like to check Adams results to see if that classification was close enough to that of God to be acceptable for eternity.

These days, most Adams are less interested in having children because: i) they let themselves be persuaded that the world is overpopulated ii) they are so materialistic, the “cost of raising a kid” is calculated as more than the nice house they have been eyeing. iii) “kids interfere with the real fun of watching violent drama or sports and scream just when we are having a good time in Iv) with newer chemical contraceptives it seems possible to have unlimited sex with no fear of progeny. v) with kids, “you have so many obligations, there is no chance to go fishing with the guys” especially because his wife is now working.

Didn’t take leadership.

Adam was placed in charge of wife and creation. He lacked leadership. He let his wife wander of to be seduced by a super salesman. He should have shouted, “Hey beautiful, we aren’t finished. Come back and check these results with me before I load them onto God’s memory banks. And don’t forget we are having Arch-angel Michael for dinner tonight.”

Modern man has so many disadvantages compared to women, that they have given up trying to keep their leadership and dignity. It there is a violent altercation between man and wife in which she wounds him deeply with her words and he tried to even the score with his hands, it is a foregone conclusion that when the police intervene, the man will be the one who ends up behind bars. In competing for a place in medical or business school, men have learned they must win with many better marks because if they are even, the woman will be accepted as a matter of principal. Women have manipulated men into accepting this uneven situation by making them feel guilty. Burdened by guilt and shamed because the art taking advantage of the weaker sex, men don’t protest when they could. If given leadership in work of family, men tend to roll over. “Okay, you (women) do it your way. I’m just a man and what do men know anyway?” Then men are further embarrassed by women mocking them for being such wimps.

Didn’t protect

As the head of the wife (   ) it was Adams responsibility to make sure his wife didn’t wander off and talk to strangers.  He should have shouted, “Don’t be foolish Eve. Come back here. You don’t know how dangerous that stranger is.” If she had insisted with, “Who are you to tell me what is good or dangerous. Since when are you in charge of your wife?  I’m your equal and better.”  Adam should have responded by shouting in rage or dragging her by the hair away from Satan. Not the best technique but given the gravity of this situation for all human-kind, he should have done whatever it took.

Modern Adams have no ability to insist over their wife’s protest. They had no example in their fathers and have no encouragement to do so from the church. In fact modern churches add to men’s impotence by teaching this is Christ’s way. The churches forget to teach, that man is the head of the wife as Christ is head of the church. Is Christ always gentle in guiding His Church? Certainly not. Is this to advocate violence? Absolutely not. But in matters as serious as Eve being seduced by some wealthy neighbour, Adams may need to get pretty hostile, with both neighbour and wife. But modern men cannot club a wife seducer without spending lots of time in the big house.


Eve didn’t want to work.

Eve was not accustomed to work. Adam being a gentle man did most of the work assigned to them by God. He probably grumbled but kept hoping that if he was generous and worked hard, doing her share, she would be nicer to him at night. Besides, God didn’t directly tell her she was Adam’s helper in the work God gave to him. And besides this, Eve would not like the apparently submissive role of helper. “If I’m not your equal partner, you can do it all yourself. So don’t be so lazy. Other husbands (fairly sure there weren’t any others at the time) look after their wives.”

Modern Eves indicate they want to work and yet they soon hate their jobs, especially if they work soon after giving birth. They hear in their minds, all too clearly, the screams of their babies abandoned to the day care. Helping their husbands in the roles and duties and opportunities God grants to men, is not taught in bible schools. Bible schools echo the world’s attitude of women being educated for stimulating work in the government or industry. Women soon find being a filing clerk is not scintillating or challenging but are too embarrassed to admit it too their restive husbands who have given up good employment so their wives could also be in the work force.

Eve avoided sex.

It isn’t clear why Eve did not conceive until she had been seduced by Satan. It is possible she was aware that having sex with Adam would make her one flesh with him and she wanted to be independent. It is also possible that she guessed that as soon as she had enjoyable sex with Adam he would become her master. She would want more sex and more sex hormones and more children, all of which she could only have from her mate. It is hard to believe Adam would not want intercourse with such a lovely naked lady as was Eve. It is also inconceivable that Eve would not become pregnant if she did have intercourse. So she defeated God’s primary purpose for humans, the first and most important commandment, to be fruitful and multiply. God ordered people to love Him. It would be loving God to have many children with whom God could have billions of unique friends. Instead Eve resented the pain and the home-bound duties of mother-hood. When she became pregnant the second time I suspect she wished she would miscarry. She did not but Abel was soon killed; in many ways the first abortion.

The Eves of today proffer sex to entice a man into a life-long relationship. They may say, “My sweet loving boyfriend, all I want is children. The more the better” but when it comes to having sex, they soon back off. They fear Eve’s pain. They want to get what Satan promised them, power thru information and education. They want to be respected for having at least one master’s degree. Besides their school teachers kept telling them they had so much potential. Nobody except maybe their grandmother, thought it was fulfilling to have children. Besides, they can always have children “after my career”. Just when all their hormones are saying, this is the time, they cling to the chemical birth control or natural family planning. Should they become pregnant when it is inconvenient, they choose to have an abortion. No one was or is able to describe what a decent into hell that is. On earth they can never be the same no matter how many counselling courses, sermons, etc. they endure. They insisted on choice and a choice for a hellish experience is what they get.  All women who refuse to obey God’s mandate to multiply, offend God and bear the consequences of a life of frustration; for doing what God designed you to do is always the most fulfilling and rewarding life.

Eve enjoyed idle talk, gossip.

Eve was bored just talking to Adam and doing the same tedious work, day after day. She did not want the lowly role of being Adam’s helper. “If only there was someone interesting to talk to. I’m tired of, species this and phyla that. Hey someone is whispering something really interesting. I think I will find out what it wants to say. Adam isn’t looking right now. God said I should not but this is just to chat. Here goes”. Eve assumed she was equal to discerning the guile from anyone. Once into it, she became fascinated. It had enough truth in it to reassure her it wasn’t an untruth. (It wasn’t an outright lie, because without being able to create, Satan cannot lie a new idea. He can only distort some idea that began with God.)

Modern Eves have become seduced by the same distortion of truth that tricked Eve. “God didn’t really mean you would die” (God did mean Eve and Adam would die and die they did as soon as they disobeyed God and went for the pseudo truth promised by Satan. They began to die. It was only a matter of time before they returned to the elemental matter (dust) from which they were made. What was really tragic, their wrong choice resulted in the death of the whole universe. It was only a matter of time before it ended in a fire-ball). Modern Eves still choose education, which is full of half-truths, as the route to power over their man, freedom from being a helpmate, and the enlightenment of knowing everything, good and bad. None of the Devil’s promises came to pass

Wanted power and pleasure

Eve wanted that apple because it looked so beautiful, tasted so good and would give all that Satan promised. The instantaneous knowledge of everything. She was so easily persuaded because pleasure and power is what she longed for, not tedious work, obligated sex, raising kids and never seeing the outside world. She should have known that what-ever God forbade was not good for her or anyone else. The real problem arose from her disinterest in knowing God. Since Eve women have struggled to have power, directly or thru their family. They have always been seduced by things beautiful to the eye and tongue. Instead of understanding that raising children is the most demanding, intriguing, maturing, intellectually stimulating and eventually the most powerful work of anyone, she fell for the quick fix, the easy route to everything.

Modern Women struggle, most unsuccessfully with the same conflicts of Eve. They want higher education under the assumption, possessing higher education automatically gives then higher status. It seems to but it isn’t long before they realize they have per sued a dream that was someone else’s grab for power. At 40 they suddenly realize they wanted children after all or if they have children, what they really wanted was to be with their children as they grew thru all their stages, much more than reading the reports of the day care staff. To accomplish their goals and fulfill their media inculcated dreams, they felt they had to sacrifice by abortion the children that God loaned to them. Is there any woman who would not do anything to undo that 5 years later.


The three main causes of vanishing Adam that can be corrected are:

a)      Female dominance

b)      Stress during pregnancy

c)      Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome

a)      Male/ Female balance of family power

      Currently, women have 31 distinct social, political, economic and legal advantages over men. These came about over the last 60 years under the assumption that men headed all the important positions in society and business and that women should be treated equally. Nobody questioned these assumptions and no-one asked why things were the way they are. For example, how is it that all the generals are men? Is it possible that men make better, smarter quicker decisions in war? Neuropsychology has found that men and women have different brains. Men are more suited to making decisions in war times.

It was contended that men have used their height and muscle power to force women into subjection. No one bothered to point out that women have compensated for this apparent inferiority by using guile, charm, guilt, religion, and men’s sexual drive to get what they want. But whether or not the balance of influence, power or authority was even, it certainly is not now.

Recently a Canadian Government committee asked citizens to nominate people who had contributed most to equality. I phoned to inquire, could a man nominate such a person. “Well of course”.  Could a man nominate a man? Silence followed by a hesitant, “I suppose so”. I was suggesting the obvious but this committee only assumed the inequality could go one way. I tried to find a woman who would nominate a man. Some of my women friends were startled by the thought. A few eventually said they would try to think of someone. No one did. I thought I was a good candidate for such a nomination as I have practiced child and family psychiatry for over half a century and have done research on child mistreatment, in an effort to make families a more peaceful place for children. This meant there had to be fewer parental fights, a more equal balance of power and authority.

I once discussed the situation with my mother who was a mother, pioneer and daughter of a prominent suffragette. She snorted, “Modern women are wimps. If we are equal we don’t need to be handed advantages as if we were handicapped.”

     The best ways to rebalance this huge inequity could be to:

i) Women voluntarily give up some of their advantages.

ii) Women stop competing against men. The playing field isn’t level and in any all-out competition, women will win.

iii) Have more children. This will bring out the gentler side of women and require them to stay home more often. Women must realize that raising one child is more important and more difficult than running a large corporation.

iv)  Emphasize the importance and complexity of child care with closer observation, data collection and analysis.

v) Specialize along lines of design and blueprint in who does what for children. Women can out breast feed any time. Men can find their way thru the trackless bush to a suitable campsite far better than most women.

vi)  Wait for men to make decisions. This is really tough, especially when women are more educated in a certain field.

vii) Never say no in sexual matters. Remember that men are the givers of wonderful hormones that contribute to women’s health, especially postmenopausal.

viii) Be a help-mate. Encourage men to find a direction in this all out spiritual battle then help and sustain him in the fray

ix) Defer to men during family times of God study and worship

x) Stop this phony “I am a Christian submissive wife and always do what he suggests (when-ever he tells me to do what I know is right.)

xi) Obey God.  “And God said to Adam, ‘Because you listened to your wife and eaten of the tree….’”. Men must listen to and obey God in the tasks to which they are appointed rather than listening to their wives who persuad them to put family first. When men put God first, families are better protected and cared for even when men’s obedience to God calls them into dangerous circumstances. When people have the right relationship with God, their relationship with each other, naturally and easily assume a harmonious order.

xii) Insist that men are given equal importance in major court battles such as custody, abortion, health care etc.  Remember we are all servants of God and that our earthly life is the blink of an eye.

b)      Stress during pregnancy.  Research has shown that if an animal is stressed during pregnancy, she is likely to have higher levels of estrogen. These will tend to feminize the male offspring. Because of the hiding Adams, women are more often having to support themselves during pregnancy. Because of the economic, psychological and work stresses, working unwed mothers will tend to have more effeminate characteristics. This means they will more likely become hiding Adams and more often seduced into thinking they are gay. The solution is clearly to avoid hiring pregnant women but to give them an adequate subsidy for at least 2 years from the time of their conception.

c)Post Abortion Survivors. Among the characteristics of children who have an aborted sibling (5) is the difficulty of grasping responsibility because they feel so guilty about existing. The treatment is arduous. The prevention is simple, don’t have abortions or at least don’t have children if you have an abortion. The vast number of people with existential guilt etc. better explains the growing chaos in this world than any other cause, yet so few people think about PASS.



Trajectory of present. It isn’t likely that women will voluntarily relinquish their “rights and advantages”. However if they have any sense of what is best for children, they must. The alternative of an absent father will embitter children towards their mother. Besides the government is gradually recognizing that something must be done to bring men out of hiding. Their way of handling sexual dynamics is so clumsy, no one likes the results.

The only way to restore families is for women to give men a chance to come out of hiding and regain their status and dignity. Will that happen? Not until there are such desperate social conditions or war, that everyone will insist. In the mean-time the governments will continue to throw good money after bad and loudly bemoan the rapidly deteriorating state of affairs that “some-one should fix”. God could fix it quickly but He tends to be fairly rough and thorough. People know this so they implicitly pray, “Don’t come, Lord. Give us a chance to fix things first. God does not tolerate human arrogance. His response would be something like, “So you puny humans think you can run your own affairs. See if you can fix this one”.



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