What or Who determines Global Warming (or Cooling)

Posted by on Feb 18, 2009 in Science

Facts and Observations

  1. Regular, periodic fluctuations in global temperature of 15 degrees for the last 800 000 years seen in Antarctic ice core samples
  2. Gradual global warming followed by precipitous cooling although there is some ambiguity about which follows which.
  3. Earth has been cooling since it first formed and thus has Tec tons.
  4. Pressure of gravity produces magma, but gravity is not increasing (except maybe from the increased pressure of the earth’s surface from so many large cars) tongue in cheek) therefore there cannot be any increase in global temperature from that source.
  5. The only source of heat for earth is the sun.  The temperature of the earth is most closely related to the proximity of the earth to the sun.
  6. The irregular elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun has fluctuated.
  7. There are no records to note changes in the circumference of the earth’s orbit.
  8. The orbit can only decay.  There is some evidence of unexplainable Rapid Orbit Decay (ROD)
  9. There is no recognized force that will boost the earth’s orbit.
  10. The counter clockwise rotation of trade winds blowing upon the earth’s surface and its various wind slowing projections will slow the earth’s rate of rotation.
  11. At an average speed of the trade winds, (25 knots) must indicate there is sufficient friction in space to affect the earth’s air mass so that it never catches up to the speed of the earth’s rotation.  Note: Coriolas effect only applies in an inertial situation.  The coefficient of friction must equal the difference between the rotation speed of the earth at the equater (approx. 1000 miles/hr) and the counter clockwise speed of the trade winds, i.e.: 25/1000, (0.025)
  12. The massive amounts of water moved by the gravity of the sun and moon indicate the powerful impact of these bodies.  The movement of tides will affect the earth’s rotation and revolving speed.


Earth’s orbit must decay in time.  The rate of decay will depend upon the coefficients of frictions influencing it.

Since the earth has no new energy, the only explanation of rapid cooling is the boosting of the earth’s orbit around the sun by some external force.  That external force can only be the creator God.

These facts and forces have been known for a long time but people refuse to acknowledge them because they unquestionably lead to the conclusion God is taking a hand in maintaining the universe.  The Bible clearly states that God both created and maintains the universe.
Maybe it isn’t the gravity of dark matter but the energy of (dark) unseen hand of God that keeps galaxies from flying apart.  As an expression of His love for people He has to keep those balances very carefully maintained. 

If God became sufficiently disgusted with the behaviour of humans, that he decided to let these arrogant little creatures go their own way, He might stop correcting the earths orbit.  The result will be major gravitational shifts moving tectons, creating tidal waves, and volcanoes as the earth becomes closer to the massive sun.  There would be global warming at an increasing rate.  The scripture makes it very clear that the earth will end as a fireball. 

Only a few people will face these facts because it requires them to make peace with their maker.  This is always a humbling experience.  Presently humans are becoming increasingly arrogant and wayward.  There are few who will turn to God.
In mercy God has boosted the earth’s orbit whenever it becomes too hot for human comfort.  However, I suspect that God, who never tolerates the death of the innocents, will not overlook the present slaughter of preborn people.  He will let the earths orbit sink, hoping and when humans feeling the consequence of their own stupidity, may turn in repentance to God.