Hope not Despair is What Keeps Us

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Theology

WE LIVE IN HOPE, WE DIE IN DESPAIR                  Philip Ney   10/12/10


Fred  Sweetheart, I think I’ll go for a little ride up island on my old Harley.

Jane  My love, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.

Fred  And why not?  That bike may be a bit old but it leaves very little CO or CO2.

Jane  You dear dummy, I’m not concerned about polluting or warming our world.  You seem to have forgotten we now have a beautiful baby. Now we must conserve energy, our money and silly old you.  Our baby must have a future.

Fred  My bright little Christmas starlet. You are right on both counts.  I’m a dummy. Of course we must save our resources and ourselves for our babies.  Their future is ours.

Jane  Hey man, unless you know something I don’t, he is singular. At least for now. Give me a kiss then go push the lawn mower for all of us.

Aside for editor. Cutting the lawn at Christmas in Canada, you’ve got to be joking.  Nope.  This is a very special climate zone in the otherwise very cool north.


Babies make hope. Hope makes babies.  When couples, families, tribes or nations give up hope they stop breeding, funding education sufficiently or building infrastructure that will last.  When people no longer have children they live selfishly, squandering their time and resources.

What severely weakened the instinctual, psychological and spiritual drive to procreate were these two well planted and watered lies: a) The world is overpopulated so that soon everyone will die from the lack of resources and global warming.

b) The first right of every child is to be wanted.

At the root of these lies was a mastermind of deceit and 2 evil-minded people who lusted for power.

What made it possible to actuate these lies was a combination of conveniences: i) relatively cheap chemical contraception.  ii) relatively safe intrauterine abortion iii) a compliant media misguided by human arrogance and far out philosophies.

What stopped scientific evidence and logic from combating these species destroying trends was the materialism, cowardice and narcissism of those who understood what was happening but who preferred to stay unnoticed and comfortable.

The end result of this worldwide struggle is in God’s hands but left to humans, it is easy to predict.  We have not only destroyed millions of preborn children, we have distorted God given instincts to survive and lost hope in a reasonable future.  Humanity is committing specieside.

The world is not and never was overpopulated.  Since God created humans with such a strong desire to grow individually and collectively, He made a universe with essentially limitless space and matter.  Mars isn’t that hostile that humans couldn’t learn how to live there.  If we spent ¼ of the worlds “defense” budgets on making inexpensive rockets and means to trap an environment, humans would be living there now.

Every child should be welcomed, not wanted.  Wanted is selfish, contingent and unstable.  Welcome is unconditional, persistent, and affirming. Jesus ordered his followers to “Welcome a child in my name”

Since abortion and contraception make it possible to choose, it is now possible to have only wanted children.  Do children enjoy being wanted? Not at all, especially because they also know that their parents are capable of killing those they don’t want. Now their life depends on staying wanted by people who can and have killed those they don’t want.

In our studies of children who are raised in homes where one or more of their siblings have been aborted, we find high levels of existential guilt in the survivors.  They feel guilty for existing and see little joy in their future. They have lost hope and generally do not want children.

At the same time their parents have deeply damaged their Species Specific Instinct Restraining Aggression and Abandonment.  The SSIRAA keeps the alpha wolf from killing off the rival he has just overpowered.  It makes it hard for the soldier to kill another man.  It stops a parent carrying out his/her threat, “If he doesn’t stop screaming, I’ll kill him” 

However, once anyone has killed, especially someone small and innocent, that instinct is weakened. Those people are now less capable of controlling their rage and they know it.  It isn’t hard to estimate this now applies to 70 % of the world’s adult population.  The world has become a very dangerous place; mostly so because there are fewer children and consequently less hope.