War from Abortion

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Although at opposite ends of the alphabet, abortion and war are closely related. When
we have another war it will be due more to abortion than any other factor. Here is why.


1) Panic Attack
Ask anyone who has experienced a panic attack, “It is the worst sensation imaginable” “I
felt I was going to die. In fact I would sooner die than have another.” Panic attacks seem
to be a combination of humans’ 3 worst fears:
a) going crazy. ”I’m losing my mind”
b) dying of a heart attack, “I was convinced my heart was going to stop.
c) helplessness,. “I couldn’t stop it and nobody else knew what to do”
Most people would rather risk their lives fighting than endure panic level anxiety.
Aggression quells high anxiety. That is partly why the old method of stopping a panic
attack, was to slap the person hard in the face.

2) Sources of Anxiety
The most common sources of rising anxiety for people is a concatenation of:
a) chaos. Arising mainly from failing attempts to fix the persistent recession.
b) confusion. Economists, psychologists, government leaders are constantly
changing their opinions and contradicting each other.
c) confrontation. Now they are burning each other’s places of worship.
Many people are longing for some demagogic, charismatic leader who will claim to know
how to fix everything. The bible says such a one will come and attempt to fix the
economic chaos with repressive control.(1) In the meantime there will probably be war
because humans cannot long sustain the growing level of anxiety. Their inner fears will
subside as the alien threat of aggression grows. Then all it will take is some provocative
trigger and there are plenty available right now. This is well known but what is not
recognized is how abortion makes this all possible.


1) Bonding is weakened.
Children who are poorly bonded to their parents are more like to be abused and
neglected. By several mechanisms, abortion interferes with parent-infant bonding.(2)
The wanted child, the one who survives after their parents aborted the unwelcome earlier
preborn children, is paradoxically more likely to be abused. Abuse and neglected
children are more insecure, more competitive and more aggressive.

2) Dehumanization.
It is always easier to kill a human who really isn’t a person. He isn’t a father, son, loyal
soldier. He is a “hun”, a “jap” etc. It is much easier to kill a “Jap” than someone’s son or
father. Abortion dehumanizes babies with terms like fetus, tissue, conceptus etc. making
it much easier to kill them. The dehumanizing isn’t just in a word, it is an attitude that
generalizes to babies then toddlers and in not so a large a conceptual leap to all other
humans that are not part of our group. “Go get them men, its okay to kill them, they are

3) Distrust of Parents and Authority.
People, whose parents have chosen them to live and killed their siblings, have a deep
distrust of their parents.(3) They grow up wondering when their child killing parents
may attack them. They need to know for sure whether or not their suspicions that mother
had an abortion is correct, but don’t really want to know that ugly fact. They are afraid to
ask in case the parent become so upset they would attack. If they can’t trust parents, it is
less likely they will trust authorities, even those acting in their best interests, saying to
themselves and each other, “They don’t know what they are doing, so why should we
obey them”. Thus it becomes more difficult to restrain impulsive gang-type hostilities.

4) Diminished SSIRA
The Species Specific Instinct Restraining Aggression (SSIRA) inhibits and usually stops
aggressive animals from hurting or killing a member of their own species, particularly of
their own family and especially of their own young.(4) Were it not for the SSIRA no
species would survive. There are always situations that are favorable to a wolf attacking
and devouring another wolf. Because of the SSIRA, the defeated rival only needs to bare
his neck in submission and the alpha stops the fight. Usually humans must be trained to
kill other humans in war. If and when they do kill, even only once, their SSIRA is
weakened. They are changed for life. For the rest of their lives they must be careful how
they handle their anger, lest they get carried away. The SSIRA usually stops mothers
from acting out the occasional uncontrolled rage they feel toward their irritating toddler
or rebellious teenager.
Humans know they cannot kill their young any more than any other species and still
survive. Yet by the millions they destroy the hopes for their future and change
themselves into people who are more likely to kill again. Having partially destroyed their
SSIRA by not protecting their preborn children, fathers become more ready killers,
prepared for killing in war.

5) Hope is lessened.
When people are hopeful about the future, they conserve their resources and have
children. When people have children, they are more likely to marry, make commitments
and plan for a future without war. Thus children result in hope and hope results in
children. Abortion kills hope and children. Without children people become more
narcistic, squander their resources and live only for the present. If their present becomes
too boring, and for narcistic people that is likely, then they could argue, “Nothing
interesting is happening, why not have a big blast and end it all?”

6) Male – female hostility.
Women become very angry toward men who coerce them into having an abortion. Men
hate women who abort their babies without their awareness or consent or discussion.
Their mutual antagonism and distrust flairs into domestic violence. In war it becomes the
ugly gratification of bayoneting pregnant women.

7) Commitments are weaker and less common.
Abortion survivors fear coming too close to their parents who they know or strongly
suspect are baby killers. Though they gang up for mutual protection and survival and
become pair bonded thru sex,(5) they fear a commitment will bind them and make them
more vulnerable to betrayal. Besides they have often heard their parents expressions of
love to them which they consider meaningless in light of the fact the parents are quite
capable of killing them also. Without a commitment to mate, family, boss, country, they
are more easily swayed into joining whoever they believe will win the war.

8) Massive amounts of unresolved guilt
On a biological basis alone, abortion results in guilt in all those who directly or indirectly
contribute to the killing of an innocent child. Almost every animal intuitively
understands and anticipates the uncomfortable feeling that would arise if it killed a
member of its family. Humans feel a sense of something amiss, someone sometime will
want revenge, a sense of loss, a worry that their future will be affected, a feeling that they
made a mistake they cannot reconstruct. The combinations of these feeling are known as
guilt. Biologically based guilt occurs in people because by killing a preborn child they
have destroyed an important ingredient to human survival.
In addition to this biologically based guilt, which is universal and inevitable, there is
moral, familial, theological, self interest guilt. Without the Creator’s say, no human
killing is completely forgivable because each one has an impact on Him. Yet very few
post-abortion people turn to God. Moreover many so called post-abortion grieve
counselors inform their clients their sense of guilt isn’t necessary. Yet it will not go away
with wishful thinking. This is partly why post-abortive people will say, “ I know my
partner can forgive me, my children say they forgive me. I believe God will forgive me
and even my aborted baby will forgive me, but I can never forgive myself.” (6)
When guilt is not properly dealt with, people try to distract themselves with more and
more explicit sex and/or violent entertainment. Eventually the only distraction that will
still work, at least temporarily, is war.

9) Unremitting economic crisis
With increasing fear, many nations are beginning to recognize it is not possible to run a
free market economy with an imploding population. A few which have tried, find they
cannot easily reverse this implosion because in spite of incentives, it is not easy, maybe
not possible to induce people to have more children. As the implosion deepens, most
governments print more money to stimulate buying to induce production to make jobs to
increase spending etc. They soon learn there is no substitute for more people but they
have supported abortion, fears of population explosion and global warming from
pollution for so long, they can’t think in any other way. Eventually, as history shows,
countries which can’t produce will pillage their neighbours.
With a shrinking tax base, infrastructure will crumble, (even faster than it is) and without
the conveniences of light, water, sewerage etc. people will insist the government
economize beginning with fewer services to older people. Euthanasia will inevitably
follow abortion.

10) Abortion Survivors
About 60 % of the world’s population have aborted siblings. They are alive only because
they were wanted. Their preborn siblings were not wanted at the time and consequently
were murdered. Thus wantedness has become the sole criteria that determines who lives
and who dies.
Since that was the criteria of life, it has become the main reason for living. If you are
alive because you were wanted, you need to stay being wanted to stay alive.
If your life depends on staying wanted, the value of your life is not intrinsic. Your life’s
worth is relative. If your life depends on maintaining favour with those who hold your
life in a precarious balance, then you must learn to curry favour, watch the opinion polls,
and appear to be in agreement with those who have the greatest political clout, i.e. think
and feel what is politically correct.
If the value of your life is relative, you will conclude, so is the life of everyone else. If
they become unpopular or unproductive to you, they become less valuable and more
expendable. When life is relative, no one feels safe, for how can you know when some
group will decide you should not exist, probably should have been aborted. After all they
will argue, “Your life is of such poor quality it cannot be valuable to you, so let us, you
and me, agree you should shove off the planet.
I will be so kind as to make it easy and painless”
When you are convinced your life is less value and you already have the existential guilt
of an abortion survivor, it isn’t difficult to end your life. If your life is expendable, then
your enemy’s is even more so. So dying and killing become much easier. War becomes
a game.
Abortion makes war: world wide, more likely, more devastating and more cruel. It will
begin with interpersonal then inter-family conflict but quickly spread to engulf the whole
planet. The planet will not survive.


1) Evolution.
In spite of fact that evolution and devolution from entropy are totally incompatible and
the fact that the scientific support for entropy far outweighs that for evolution, the
majority of people cling to the theory of evolution. People seem incapable of accepting
the scientific truth because it leads to knowledge of God and thus to the necessity of
accepting or rejecting His plan of salvation.
Those who desperately clutch evolution, cannot see a rosy future for the present species
homo sapiens and so argue that for the sake of life as it may evolve next time, it would be
good to cleanse the planet. Although it would be painful, the noble evolutionists will
sacrifice themselves and our species in the hope that a more humane species will evolve
on planet earth. What they cannot seem to understand is that even if a homo erectus
could evolve on earth, there isn’t enough time left. The sun will become an all life
destroying red giant eons before the present highly complex life and its supporting
mechanisms could evolve here.
The universe does not contain enough matter for gravity to collapse it and produce a big
bang bounce. So any kind of reincarnation cannot happen. This earth is all we have and
will have apart from the intervention of the Creator. Most intelligent evolutionists do
really know this. If they cannot accept God’s way, there can only be total hopelessness,
which increases the probability of war. (7)

2) Magic.
Currently, the media is filled with entertaining magic dominated drama. It varies from the
benign of CS Lewis Narnia books and movies to the monstrous books and movies of
Harry Potter. The theme of good magic, white witches, our technology beating the black,
satanic magic is very popular with almost everyone, including Christians. But there is
no magic. Although physics and biology have not isolated or explained all forces in the
universe, they are getting close. So far they have discovered there are only three and they
are relatively routine and mundane: gravity, the strong force, and the electro-magnetic
weak force. There is excitement that these 3 will eventually resolve into one force that
can explain everything. Christians know or should know what that is. It is God’s never
ending might and love.
No one has found anything that comes close to magic. So why do people love magic
rather than God? Is it not the old problem of pride? “I would rather be my own god than
have to worship him.” And because God wants friends who want to know Him by
choosing to do so, at least for a time He lets them choose ignorance. In the meantime, the
despair that results from that ignorance, the choice to spend on magic driven war filled
entertainment rather than on science which might lead to planetary colonization together
with the inculcated lust for excitement, promote the

3) Militant feminism.
The tensions between man and woman have never been resolved and peacefully
maintained.(8) It seems one always wants what the other appears to enjoy. Aided by the
technologies of computers, hydraulics, contraception and radio waves, women have
loudly demanded “equality” as if apples and oranges could be equal. It became a wave of
fury and enticement riding on the incentive and implied promise that “when we are equal
we will feel free and give you men better sex” plus imputed guilt, “if you don’t you are
no kind of man we want to be with” plus invectives “you patriarchal, hide bound,
traditional bigots should feel ashamed of yourselves, especially for always raping us.”
All most men got in return for giving up position and family was a flirtatious lot of
women who only wanted temporary mating thru casual sex. A few women gained power
but as always that power corrupted and made them mad for more. Although they now
have huge advantages of wealth, longevity, position and power, it only makes them
increasingly discontent and hungry for more power. Yet they are becoming angry with
themselves for giving up the role of mother, which was always the seat to real female
They gained what must be the ultimate human power, the power to determine who lives
and who dies. Almost every child must now go thru the unholy, unstable sieve of his
mother’s whim. “Do I want this one? Maybe, but not now. If I abort him, I’m sure he
will come back next time I want to get pregnant. And if I can’t get pregnant because of
scarring in my fallopian tubes and uterus, (from repeated abortions) I’ll just rent some
good looking chick’s womb and persuade my boy friend or maybe my ex (he was better
looking) to donate some sperm”
Men are increasingly enraged that their woman can legally abort any of his children
without his awareness and consent. And if he attempts to protest he is seen as violent and
casually imprisoned. The women are not content with this power and want to have and
raise children without the input of any man. Some now advocate that this power over life
and death is only a potential power for any woman. They can only know the joy of that
power by getting pregnant and aborting whomever they choose. Yet this is not satisfying
so women will demand more rights and powers, usually at the expense of men who still
do the majority by far of difficult, dangerous and dirty work in any country.
The net effect is a huge, barely contained distrust and anger, one sex against the other.
Where can that anger find release? In war. At least while they are fighting to defend
country and family, the women will stop shouting for rights and may even relinquish
some for their men at the front. And the men, as always can console themselves with the
unlikely dream that when and if they return from the slaughter, they will, with open arms
and legs, be welcomed as heroes.

4) Every child a wanted child
The statement “the first right of a child is to be wanted” coined by Margaret Sanger
sounds so right and pleasing, very few people think about what it really means. It means,
if you are not wanted your mother will kill you. Wantedness determines who lives and
who dies in over 90% of the world. (9)
Very few children are considered to have an intrinsic worth and right to life. Almost
everyone is alive because for reasons over which they have no control, somebody wanted
them and for that reason alone, they were allowed to live. Now those “lucky” people try
so hard to stay wanted. They feel in order to keep living they must stay wanted and to
stay wanted they have to stay wantable, and likeable. To be wantable they must be
conforming in thought and behaviour. They must be politically correct. This pernicious,
widely accepted philosophy has infected the world so that now there is very little original
thought and few who will protest injustice.
Yet conforming is alien to humans. The small child who tries so hard to please his child
killing parents, eventually rebels. Still he is terrified of his murderous parents, so where
does his hateful rebelliousness become directed? At authorities. Teachers increasingly
struggle for a modicum of classroom decorum. Army commanders wonder if their
soldiers will carry out routine orders. Not infrequently men and officers burst out of
bounds to torture, rape and kill those who are helplessly in their control. The Geneva
conventions of war are fragile things backed in some countries by a court whose justices
themselves have contributed to the killing of innocent children. So killing of children by
abortion sets the stage for merciless killing by gangs and even some peacekeepers, which
demands retaliation upon retaliation without end.
Eventually nations cannot afford peace-keeping costs and withdraw their troops. This
leads to a mayhem of persecution in poorly civilized nations. And so the lack of justice
for the preborn becomes widespread injustice to minorities worldwide. Until these
realize there is no one coming to their aid. Then they take up arms, no matter how few or
primitive, in their own desperate defense.
We have adequately, scientifically demonstrated that far from stopping child abuse and
neglect, the insistence that every child is a wanted child has led to more child
mistreatment. (10) Why? For many reasons but the most obvious is that the wanted child
has insuperable expectations placed upon him. Not infrequently he hears an outraged
parent shout, “You miserable, ungrateful wretch. You behave like an animal. Don’t you
realize how we saved and planned for you? We should have aborted you instead of the
other one. Now get back to your homework and don’t let me hear another objection”. Of
course coercion seldom makes children want to learn and so their marks continue to drop,
making the parent even more frustrated. These parents have a limited SSIRA so they are
more likely to lose control and strike with fists and more damaging words. So with no
surprise we find wanted children are more likely to be abuse than those unwanted.
It was found that during the Vietnam conflict, the Special Forces soldiers, those with
really dangerous missions like killing suspected informers in their homes in their sleep,
were more frequently than average, abused children grown more callous.
With this brief analysis, which can be backed by statistics, it should be apparent that the
mantra “every child a wanted child”, is probably the most perniciously evil idea ever to
be held by the majority of the world’s population. There are more ramifications, many of
which tilt the world to war.(11) Abortion and It’s violent affect on children.

5) Hedonism
The well advertised idea, “be kind to yourself”, “love yourself,” “indulge yourself” was
always popular among the idle rich. Thanks to materialism and cheap entertainment, it is
now it is possible for very large segments of the population. People are encouraged to
become narcistic. As such they care less for neighbours, friends and family. They resent
any intrusion into the fantasies evoked by TV violence, internet porn, FM hard rock,
computer games and prolonged showers. When frustrated they complain bitterly against
the government and employers. Eventually the government can no longer give “grants for the arts”, parking lots “for the big game” or time off work to overcome some “stress
illness” so they struggle to stay in power but are forced to resign. The employer can no
longer compete with more wages, incentives to work and gyms for lunch time muscle
building and so without announcement, goes belly up. As the Romans belatedly found,
the demand for entertainment is insatiable. Eventually no one really wanted to work. So
they had to buy or through war capture more slaves to do the work. That meant more
wars of annexation waged by mercenaries they couldn’t trust, more and more.
Nowadays it means finding cheap labour from developing countries. With population
implosion, there is more competition among the industrialized countries, so the
immigrants are asserting themselves. Massive immigration results in demographic
imbalances and changing cultures, resentment and xenophobia.
The clashes of races are more violent and difficult to control, partly because there are
cutbacks on funding police. Yet when the hedonists read about the latest race riots, many
see it as a form of entertainment. It is not taken seriously until someone comes bursting
through their door. If they survive, they demand harsher penalties, less immigration etc,
all of which will intrude upon their life-style. This leads to more resentment on both
sides of the barricades, more intense and more cruel violence. There are few as cowardly
and cruel as the narcissist who feels cheated.
Hedonism is openly supported by the media and subtly encouraged by governments
because the more people buy, the more production and jobs for the poorly reasoned chain
of the free market economy. But no one dares to ask, is there an end to the demand for
more pleasure-comfort goods. There probably isn’t because there are few satiable
appetites. What does happen is that the irritation from the perceived interference of
pleasure by children grows and with it the tendency to abort the preborn and thus an
acceleration in the declining population with all its attendant failing infrastructure,
diminished demand and production. Then accustomed pleasures become more expensive,
which just irritates the narcissist further. “This life has become so dull, I’m going to end
myself and maybe take a few others with me”.


1) Lack of objectivity in the news.
Editors have usually had a political bias that was well known and tolerated. Now the their
bias covers everything reported from who are the good guys in a far away war to the
number of people turning out for a prolife rally. That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for
the lack of alternative news sources. More and more the media are giant corporations
with many forms of mass communication under the control of a few individuals. Without
objective or at least alternative news, it is hard for people to make informed opinions. If
no opposition is reported, it is assumed by many there is no alternative. They believe the
abortion question is settled because they haven’t heard of anyone who objects or any
science that shows abortion is damaging.

2) Bias in the scientific press.
Only those who do good research about politically incorrect subjects or have findings that
go against the grain of most professionals, really appreciate how strong and persistent is
the bias of the editor in selecting what he/she will permit to be published.(12) Ostensibly
the papers submitted for publication are reviewed by unbiased, well informed peers. In
fact they are people selected by the journal editors who can be trusted to give bad reviews
for articles that they understand the editor does no wish to put into print. The chances of
getting any research about abortion published is very low. If it is accepted, they editors
usually require extensive revisions and will delay for years, the date of publication for
innumerable technical reasons. Since there is so little on abortion or related issues that is
published, most readers assume there is no research on abortion being done or that there
is no evidence of harm done by abortion. In either case, they feel safe in discounting the
objections raised by prolifers and join with the politically correct majority when those
who try to defend preborn babies are lampooned.

3) Forming public opinion with biased opinion polls
Mainly because so many people are abortion survivors, everyone seems to need to hear
what other people are thinking. “What does the latest opinion poll show” It is so easy to
create the answer that is being sought with the wording of the question and the sample
from whom the information is acquired. For example:
Pollster. (P)“Excuse me madam but please answer a few questions” (This is a telephone
poll mostly conducted at a time of the day when mothers are harried, trying to get supper
and care for demanding babies)
Mother (M)“I’m awfully busy but okay, just a few”
(P)“Thank you. Of course I’ll be quick. Are you satisfied with the current legislation on
(M) “Well yes and no. Johnny leave your sister alone”
(P) Sorry mam, is that a yes or a no?”
(M) Trying to control her growing irritation. “It’s a yes and no”
(P) “I’m sorry but we can only check a yes or a no. Since you said yes first, I’ll put that
(M) “Damm, you just made me burn myself” click.
The news report states. “Results of the Exmar Objective Opinion Poll, with an accuracy
of within 5 to 15%, taken from a random sample of women in the city of Brownsburg is
that 85% are happy with the existing legislation on abortion.”
Our questionnaire provided a visual analogue scale for opinions on abortion. We
found there was a W shaped graph of the responses, indicating a large percentage with an
opinion about ½ way between, yes all the time and no all the time.(13)

4) Inherent dishonesty.
The media, TV in particular, always lies. It literally can’t help it.
a) It collapses time making it appear conflicts are resolved quickly, suffering and
death are quick and easy, etc.
b) It shows only one angle of the events at any time and that angle is seldom from
behind the action where the action is being generated or manipulated.
c) It chooses sides. Not so long ago the Serbs were evil and the Croatians were
good guys when in fact they were both atrocious.
d) It edits the footage of any “documentary” according to the editorial policy.
e) It conveys only a limited number of sensations. It is the smell of war or
refugee camps that really give the right impression but TV can’t do that.
Knowing these distortions, most people still believe what the TV conveys, especially if it
is a “documentary” or “reality show”. “Seeing is believing” But the TV doesn’t report
opinions, it forms opinions. Almost universally, it is the TV mogul’s opinion that
abortion isn’t so bad as having unwanted children whereas the facts are quite the

5) The magic of life resurrected in the next episode.
Huge numbers of children and about 30% of adults watch “cartoons” or play “computer
games” in which the characters are annihilated but are magically resurrected for the next
game or episode. Is it surprising that death for many is temporary state? So if a baby is
killed by abortion, “Don’t worry, they’ll come back and maybe next time mummy will let
them live,” says young Mary. If life is so easily reconstituted, then it matters much less if
we kill or are killed in a war.

6) Lack of repugnance and recoil.
If a parent slaps a child, they recoil with horror when they see the bruises. “Oh my
goodness, I can’t believe I did that”
A soldier who thrusts his sword into another, must see him die in agony. The smell of
rotting flesh on the battlefield makes even hardened soldiers feel, “never again”. But
modern warfare is carried out at distances that make it impossible to smell death or hear
the suffering of the wounded which has a recoil and repugnance that inhibits further
killing or injuring. Besides the TV could not correctly convey what happened.


1) Disrespect.
At one time, elders were considered to be the source of wisdom, patience and restraint.
Partly because of the information boom and also because of the computer, elders are now
believed to be out of date, irrelevant and a burden to families. Although this is not true,
younger ones are so smart they can easily show up their elders in quizzes, games and
sports. What elders now contribute is denigrated by cultural mores. Being devalued,
older people soon begin to estimate themselves as worth-less. Rather than fight the trend,
tired or heavily medicated elders, easily give up and agree with almost anything their
children deem to be right for them. Having been directly involved, older people will tend
to be cautious about war and if allowed they will express that opinion and vote that way.
In spite of the fact that they have a sizable portion of the popular vote, they can’t seem to
get their act together and defend themselves, possibly because they feel guilty about
pressuring their children to have an abortion or aborting one or their siblings. (14)

2) Euthanasia
With economic crises deepening, the government will come under great pressure to
economize, especially in health care. Since people for a year before they die, use up a
disproportionately large portion of medical dollars, there will be a intense pressure from
the shrinking number of tax payers to place granny in “the home for her own comfort and
safety”. When she then more quickly deteriorates and there is a clamor for beds, the
family will be asked to “allow the kind doctor to gently send her on her way”. As a result
of physicians killing people, the confidence and trust in the medical profession will
diminish which will escalate medical costs.
When families consent to euthanasia, they will be burdened with a guilt and shame that
will interfere with their grieving process. They will more likely have a pathological grief,
which will often become a difficult to treat depression, which already is the 2nd most
often medicated illness. Rather than decrease costs, euthanasia will greatly increase
them.(15) That fact will be ignored by governments which instead or outlawing
euthanasia, will make it more readily available with fewer constraints. Soon there will be
insufficient physicians. Those that still practice will demand better pay or drop out of
practice. If war arises, there will be far too few. Much suffering will be part of the
common landscape.


1) Lover’s quarrels in the launch control room.
Although there are many controls and back-up of controls, launching nuclear warheads is
still in the control of humans. Humans are foible. They make lethal mistakes because they
are tired, emotionally unstable, quarreling etc.
Homosexual may have violent lover quarrels, which now may be sparked by jealousy of
a fellow technician soldier in the next cubicle who is the backup controller. When people
become jealously enraged, they may suddenly become uncontrolled and dangerously

2) Hopeless barren homosexuals
As noted, children evoke hope. With hope people conserve and plan for a futures. Those
without children more often become those without hope. Without hope for their genetic
continuity, ”my son and my son’s son will inherit this business I built” there is much less
future planning. Those without children care less what happens to them or to the world.
Homosexual people tend to be more angry than they will admit to because they see they
have no future.(16) The anger and hopelessness makes it too easy for them to become


1) Christian apathy vs. evil initiative
There is no need for the enemy to try harder or have new weapons. All it takes to be
defeated is an apathetic defense. The evil one has no new tricks or more demonic angels.
He cannot create, so he skillfully uses existing information or technology to deceive and
distort. He may be able to recruit the spirits of evil people and those who have reason to
very disillusioned, but the angels in heaven who rebelled with him are all he will have.
So why is he gaining strength and influence in his determination to destroy the apex of
God’s creation, His humans. Why? Because God’s timid, tired, passive human warriors
are giving up without a real fight.

2) Conditioned helplessness.
As Jesus pointed out, the preachers teach a lot but won’t live the life.(17) They tell
people fascinating stories, show beautiful slides, lead wonderful “worship” all while their
congregation are sitting passively in a warm pew. By so doing the pastors, teachers,
prophets, evangelists are inadvertently rewarding passive, apathetic responses to
desperate needs they just heard so luridly described. The more dramatic the preaching,
the more entertaining it is and thus the more strongly the passive behaviour is reinforced.
Soon the only reaction to an urgent appeal to defend the unborn is: “Amen brother,
preach it” and “Yes someone must do something about it” and “Next time I vote, it won’t
be for the rotters now in power” and “Lets get started right away. We’ll form a committee
to look into the problem as early as next month.”
What should happen is: having prayed, “oh God please forgive me for doing so little,
please help me now” then a quick drive to the nearest abortion “clinic” where she/he/they
pray and counsel even in the face of threats to be arrested.
The preachers etc show by their passivity what they are really expecting of their
congregation. They should be in the front of the protest march, the center of the sidewalk
counselors or praying most intently in prison. If you should ever ask them why not now,
you will hear, “I’m not really sure its effective” or Even pastors need recreational time
and right now I have a golf date” or “I must rush home and prepare to lead a retreat on
Christian social activism”
What is really sad is that, not understanding the roots to their apathy, Christians construct
rationalizations with which to persuade themselves and others that their passive attitude is
the most appropriate stance for a modern, tolerant Christian. Somehow they forget that
their master was very intolerant of injustice and illness. They forget that urgent praying
is what every Christian can and should do for “We fight not against flesh and blood but
against principalities

3) Weakness from inconsistency
The human organism runs best and most efficiently when there is congruence between
spirit, mind and body. There is biological homeostasis when there is intrapsychic
harmony. This makes it possible for all three systems to function with the least
expenditure of energy. When there is congruence, the person is best able to withstand
entropy, the effects of which are what usually kills us all. With efficiency comes
renewable energy, better health, greater resiliency to disease and decay and a more
optimistic outlook. The opposite is true when there are discrepancies between belief and
How many people can honestly say that their frequent assertion, “the preborn baby is just
as much a person as I am” is congruent with how they defend that baby. Many prolife
people say it but cowardly live a comfortable life style, never daring to show up for a Life
Chain once a year. For this and many other inconsistencies they will pay. They become
weak and sickly physically, mentally and spiritually. They put so much energy into
trying to maintain a “healthy balance” and forget that their Creator knows much better
than they ever will what their spirit, mind and body can take. If they would only learn
that with an intimate knowledge of their makeup, God can care for them much better than
they can care for themselves. They can afford to throw caution to the winds, go all out
and rely on their designer to know when they really need a rest. It is not only the apathy
but also the weakness of God fearing people, which invites the enemy to make war.

4) The moral fabric of the universe.
Christ said, heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will last forever.(18) His
words describe how God relates to humans and how humans should interact with God
and with each other. Morality preceded the creation of the universe. God first designed
his potential friend, a human, then put in place the procedures of relationships by which
he could best live and then carefully constructed the physical environment in which His
fragile little creatures could survive and thrive. This being the order of creation, it is safe
to assume the morality is woven into the framework of the universe and is more enduring
than the laws of gravity etc.
Just as every human must function within the strict constraints of physical parameters, so
he can only exist when he obeys God’s word, His unbending moral laws. Even though
there appears to be some elasticity, any apparent bending is only very brief. Eventually
man cannot evade the consequences of his actions.
One such law is, you cannot benefit at the expense of your neighbour no matter how
small or weak. Your actions will always bounce back on you for benefit or harm.
Humans are just beginning to realize they cannot benefit at the expense of the preborn
child. When a child is aborted, the humanity of that child’s killers also dies. When the
killing is global, as it is, so the world’s humanity will die. When the humanity is dead,
people will callously kill each other. It is only a matter of time and means.

5) Disbelief
They say they are bible believing Christians but they don’t really believe God would
punish them. Yet God’s punishment always starts with His people. Besides, He wants
mature friends. Sadly most Christians will not grow up except in the crises of adversity.
The idea that God will grant Christians peace and prosperity now and if it gets difficult
He will rapture them to heaven is not to be found in the bible. Instead you will find God
thru His prophets, major and minor, promises to punish His people for their disobedience.
They are not loving as He commanded nor spreading the good news as He ordered. They
lack concern for the poor and helpless, (particularly children) They misinterpret God’s
patience for tolerance “You have forsaken me and turned your back on me, says the Lord.
Therefore I will raise my clenched fists to destroy you. I am tired of giving you another
chance. I will winnow you like grain at the gates of your cities and take away everything
you hold dear. I will destroy my own people, because they refuse to turn back to me from
their evil ways.” (19)
Muddle headed preaching backed by engineered emotional experiences led by the
“worship team” are misleading people into thinking there is no need to fear, for God is in
charge. “Besides” they argue, “God promises His people peace and prosperity” It is time
they read the prophets, major and minor who blast complacent children of God for their
contribution as observers to the murder of hundreds of millions of innocent, hopeful,
perfectly formed children. The horror of it is that they are murdered in the supposed
sanctity of their mother’s womb by the parents who they were counting on to protect and
nurture them. Does any God fearing person really believe God will overlook this, the
worst of sins and the greatest of tragedies.. He never has so we can confidently expect
He never will overlook such deliberate evil.


1) His mercy
God is no more tolerant than His laws of gravity and truth. He is patient well beyond that
of any human and in mercy, restrains the consequences of man’s stupidity. It is His
patience and mercy that many humans mistake for His disregard (if He exists in their
minds) or tolerance. But in natural science there are always consequences and they are
always inevitable, sooner or later.
At this point in history, it seems God is being extremely patient, but knowing God as we
do from His word, history and science, He will not wait indefinitely. The Jewish
prophets make it very clear He is extremely angry at the murder of the innocents,
particularly small children.(20) He doesn’t need to blast us with lightening, all He needs
to do is withdraw His restraining hand and there will be disasters and war. Disasters
because the earth’s orbit is decaying. The resultant global warming is not due to
environment pollution which man thinks he can rectify and boast about in so doing.
Rapid orbital decay is due to friction and other forms of entropy that no human can fix.
Only God can boost the earth/s orbit and only by moving the earth away from the sun,
can there be cooling.
War is inevitable because for all the reasons just described. and then some, associated
with abortion. Killing babies on a large scale will result in killing everyone on a large
scale. “Your own wickedness will punish you” (21) In WWII, approximately 55 million
people were killed. In the next war it could be everyone. “In fact, unless that time of
calamity is shortened, the entire human race will be destroyed”, said the great Creator (22)

2) God’s perspective.
God loves people. He is well pleased with such amazingly complicated creatures that He
made, just a little lower than Himself. (23) He longs to be friends with them. He yearns
for their love, chat, songs etc but to have friends He had to give them a choice. He stands
in the shadows, watching and waiting and hoping they will eventually become wise
enough to accept His offer of friendship on His terms. He hates to see the horrible things
they do to each other but won’t intervene because that would take away human choice
and He would have no freely choosing human friends.
God loves this marvelously constructed universe and wishes everyone would marvel at its
grandeur and nano pieces. If only they would look and listen and wonder, they could see
God in His creation. There are few astrophysicists that don’t acknowledge a grand
Designer. The facts pointing to design are now so incontrovertible; it takes more faith to
be an atheist than it does to be a theist. “So they are without excuse” for not knowing
God. (24)
God put a lot of time, thought and energy into creation. For that reason if none other, He
is reluctant to vaporize everything. But God doesn’t give up and His purpose of having
mature human friends will not be thwarted. Having gathered almost enough friends He
can now call earth’s human experience finished or almost. Who knows for sure. On the
other hand Jesus said in understanding the future, use your common observations and
common sense. “You are good at reading the weather signs in the sky but can’t read the
obvious signs of the times?” (25) It seems pretty clear to me.
At one time God could use a somewhat more right living nation to punish the others
roiling in self destructive and rebellious behaviour. Now there is no nation that does not
destroy huge numbers of innocent babies. So He must do the punishing Himself, mostly
simply by letting human stupidity takes its course. He will no longer boost earth’s orbit.
As the earth loses height there will be major tectonic shifts resulting in earthquakes, tidal
waves, volcanoes and calamitous atmospheric changes. These together with the fall-out
of nuclear war will make our planet uninhabitable for the few survivors. “I looked at
the earth, and it was empty and formless. I looked at the heavens and there was no life. I
looked at the mountains and they trembled and shook. I looked, and all the people were
gone. I looked and all the birds of the sky had flown away. I looked and the fertile fields
had become a wilderness. The cities lay in ruins, crushed by the Lord’s fierce anger.”(26)


1) History of Killing
Humans have always killed each other with no one ever really benefiting. The
instruments of wars have become increasingly destructive so that now, there is enough
explosive power in nuclear weapons the atomize everyone. Yet knowing this, humans
continue to be narcisstic and incapable of love. The larger the injustice and selfishness,
the larger the calamity that struck a nation. Has anyone learned from these simple
deductions, that humans cannot control themselves or resist the control of God’s enemy?

2) The Root Problem.
“But my people have not listened to me or even tried to hear”(27). “But God shows His
anger from heaven against all sinful wicked people who push the truth away from
themselves” (28)
The root problem is willful ignorance. In a time of many leaps of knowledge in
engineering and science, when people can so easily see God, the majority chooses to be
unaware and foolish. And God lets them be that way, but not without consequences.
There is no excuse for ignorance. “So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing
God.” (24)
Even as I type this I have a heavy sense of futility. “Tell them all this but don’t expect
them to listen.” (29)


1) Stop being so stupid
Open you ears and unshutter your eyes.
Listen to grass grow and gaze at the skies.
Believe it or not He is smiling at you.
Go on disbelieving and know you are thru.
If you don’t believe God’s word, then see him in science.
If you don’t trust facts and research, then hear beautiful music.
If beauty and love mean nothing to you, read of the terror just around your corner.
“Obey me and I will be your God and you will be my people. Only do as I say and all
will be well. (30)

2) Turn Around.
We have all sinned and come short of the glory and intention of God. (31) So let us
abjectly repent, beginning with those self-satisfied church going people who cannot see
that by doing so little to defend preborn babies and seek justice, they are observers who
are the major contributors to the abortion catastrophe.

3) Publicly admit our foolishness and pride.
We must repudiate our old complacent ways and vow not to fall into the timorous,
materialistic lifestyle we followed for so long. If being prolife hasn’t changed your life
style, you don’t really give a d…. about preborn children. You should not be buying
what you can afford but much less, using the time freed from futile labour to champion a
full life for all, even to risking your reputation, yes and your job and your freedom and
your life. For in doing so you will be blessed with many times more than you give to

4) Reactivate.
Understand the roots of your passivity and avoid all those situations where you are
rewarded for sitting. Let your Designer and Creator run your life, giving you right
amounts of work and relaxation that He knows is best for you.

5) Rejoice.
God loves to hear you laughing and singing. In joy we find energy. In expressing our
appreciation to our Lord, we get others interested in finding out what we are so happy
about when there seems to be so little reason for it.


1) Show Me
Insist that abortion performing doctors, practice good medicine. Demand that the
rules which apply to the rest of medicine, apply as well to all the procedures of abortion.
Don’t forget that in medicine, it is those who perform and promote any medical action
who bear the burden of proof. Before they are funded, before the procedure is legal, they
must demonstrate with good science it is: necessary, beneficial, free from major harmful
side effects, only performed when all other treatments that are less invasive and more
reversible have been tried, allowed only when there is a clear decision to accept or reject
the recommended treatment when all necessary information has been clearly given and
when there has been a period for questioning and more for decision making. If all these
were applied to abortion, there would be very few if any. The scientifically established
facts are: there are no individual or collective benefits, there are many individual and
collective harms (family and society) from doing abortions. Since abortions are done for
no medical reasons, the procedure can only be considered criminal assault. No one needs
to demonstrate harm done. Being assaulted is cause enough for litigation. No kind of
legislation can condone, justify or legalize an action the intent of which is only to harm a

2) Don’t be defensive
Remember, that you have history, anthropology, biology, theology, logic, psychology and
astrophysics on your side. Insist the abortion minded people provide proof: that the
preborn baby is not a person; after all they intend to kill him/her, that abortion is
therapeutic. Remind them that even Roe vs. Wade did not establish abortion as a right
and that it is impossible to benefit at the expense of your neighbour. Because they can’t
prove any of these they will probably attack you in some way. (When you don’t like the
message, you shoot the messenger, at least use argumentum ad hominem.)

3) Nine options.
Pregnant women panic when they are confronted with the 3 terrible choices. There are at
least 9 options including adopting both mother and child.

4) Grab attention.
You must realize you are shouting out for babies who nobody can hear. Once you learn
to assert yourself as Jesus did, you can be assertive on behalf of babies. Did you ever try
advertising to buy preborn unwanted babies. Try it. You will get lots of media coverage.

5) Don’t forget dad.
In one of our studies we found the support of the child’s father for the mother, was one of
the most important variables that determined whether or not the pregnant women chose
abortion. He was far more important than family members, friends or physician. If you
support him, he is much more likely to support his baby’s mother.

6) Withhold a portion of medical premiums.
In Canada, the Health Act states there will be no federal-provincial transfer of funds for
provincial medicare unless the procedure is scientifically establish as therapeutic. About
1.4% of the average Canadian’s premium goes to pay for abortions. You should be able
to legally challenge any decision to withdraw your medical coverage.

7) Pray and protest outside an abortion “clinic”
Most provinces now have “bubble zones” ostensibly to keep you from interfering with a
woman who is seeking legitimate medical treatment. You may be arrested but you can
challenge any court by asking if, apart from you would the patient get the information
you were about to give her regarding the hazards of the abortion she was contemplating.
You can safely assert that doing abortion does not comply with good medical practice
and should not be allowed.

8) Grow up.
By visibly defending babies, mothers, fathers and families when it is deemed to be
politically incorrect, you will mature. You will find you can still exist when you are
unpopular. Moreover God wants mature friends, and so He will encourage and strengthen

9) There are more. If you have the courage and consistency and tried these
suggestions, God will give you good ideas.


1) Things are hotting up.
The more the proaborts feel they are losing, the more desperate they will become. Be
wise as serpents and innocent in motivation, as doves. Remember that win or lose, you
can’t lose. So fight a losing battle victoriously. And always mind you manners

2) They won’t listen.
”Yes go. But tell my people this. You will hear my words, but you will not understand.
You will see what I do but you will not perceive its meaning……(they will not) turn to
me for healing. Then I said, Lord how long must I do this?” And He replied, ‘Until their
cities are destroyed with no one left in them’” (32)

3) I feel it is happening as Isaiah predicted so long ago.
Yet we really have no choice. As Isaiah, we must speak up, so help us God.

4) A bold suggestion.
Given that God loves every individual, no matter how many and that He has created an
expanding universe and that He hates to see children killed, it is reasonable to expect He
will encourage space exploration and colonization. So why aren’t Christians in the
forefront of funding such endeavors. When people are looking outward they become
more hopeful and thus less war-like.


If these observations and deductions are correct, then war is imminent. What
should Christians do? Courageous soldiers on WWI used to say, “A brave soldier fights
then runs away so he lives to fight another day”. Jesus says something like that. “If they
persecute you in one town, flee to the next” for in that way the gospel will be spread.(33)
Since God is a god of Justice, He wants Christians to take His great commission seriously
and spread the good news everywhere. Thus if Christians need to run from persecution,
they should first run to any country where the gospel has hardly been heard for that is
where God is most likely to protect them.


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