The Many Benefits of a Reality Based Lifestyle

Posted by on Dec 18, 2006 in Philosophy

Philip Ney MD 22/12/06 Pioneer Publishing


There are many measurable, personally experienced benefits from living a reality based lifestyle. Though people intuitively know this, and Christians from their knowledge of scripture affirm it, their fear and laziness keeps them from living in tune with God’s reality. The deleterious consequences are very significant, particularly progressive dehumanization. The advantages of living a reality-based lifestyle are that people truly become progressively more like God.


  • Reality – Reality is what is permanent. Only what is pure can be permanent. With no defect or impurity, all things are eternal. All the scientific equations must be precise. Where there is absolute precision, there is no imbalance; where there is purity and precision, there is no entropy.
  • Living – To live perfectly in harmony with reality would require that a person is pure. Everyone can only be pure if they are purified by someone with complete purity and immeasurable power. Then humans could be recreated, pure, precise and eternal.

Since recreation is not the lot of any man until their Lord and Saviour returns, this means that in their present life people should live as close as possible to God’s reality. The closer anyone lives in terms of reality, the more there are present and eternal benefits.

In the beginning of human time, God wanted to have many friends. Therefore He created humans a little lower than himself. (Psalms 8:5) In time, this would make it possible to have meaningful discussions and conversations with any one of them.

People were made to last for eternity. They have eternity in their hearts. Nobody really wants to die, even though many people say they would like to commit suicide. Death for the human is always an enemy, both for themselves as individuals, and for their family and for their species. As Jesus fought and conquered death, so everyone must fight any desire or tendency to die, in themselves and for others. With Christ, people can win.

Humans are immersed in a dehumanizing and destructive environment. They die because they are depraved, in a world that is no longer pure and harmonious. The devil’s seduction was the offer of knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil. Humans should have chosen to know God, which is the knowledge of pure good, but they wanted the quick fix. The devil is primarily enslaving humans in order to create an army, which it* hopes will be big enough to defeat God. The devil knows that knowledge can only come by experiencing it, * therefore when humans chose the knowledge of good and evil, that is what mankind would always experience. The more people know evil, the more easily they would be seduced to become more dehumanized.

Truth and gravity always win. The awareness of that is deeply implanted in the human mind. However because of the arrogance stemming from their knowledge of good and evil, humans believe that somehow they can fly through space or ignorance indefinitely without coming to a crash landing.

Truth has always had its own appeal. The truth in Christ produces freedom, love, peace, etc. Truth is so appealing that one would logically conclude everybody would earnestly seek and apply truth. Unfortunately the devil’s tricks are always present and always seductive. “You want power? With power you’re it. You don’t need anybody. To get power, you need the knowledge of everything good and evil.” We cannot know in abstraction. Knowledge comes only by experience. To have the knowledge of good and evil, people must experience good and evil and they always do.


Humans know, acquire reality by:

  • Always seeking truth regardless of how painful or how brilliantly blinding and beautiful it may be. They must always keep their ears open and their minds adaptable. They must be prepared to constantly seek truth even when they are weary and even when there is opposition.
  • They must act on the truth as they acquire it. Truth will always insist that people change and that they continue to find even more truth.
  • They must bring together their newly acquired belief and their behaviour. Any discrepancy is eventually destructive. The greater the discrepancy, the more people are torn apart by their own contradictions and dehumanized. To live in harmony with what they believe will produce many benefits and exponential growing to their life and health.


If you are want to experience the many joys and benefits of living according to reality, if you are really interested in changing your lifestyle, here are some of the basic tenets you believe and the logical corollaries. Of course there are many more but get started here [just 2 steps] and you will quickly see the rest and have the courage to live accordingly. If you immediately start arguing, “that’s just your opinion” and rationalizing “it isn’t my passion”, read no further. This isn’t for you or its too late or too hard for you to change.

  • All Humans Are Made a Little Lower Than God and In His Image. (Psalm 8:5) This means that every person must be respected as an incredibly beautiful and potentially powerful being. Since God made everyone, he has made him or her essentially equal. Logically this means that everyone must be treated equally. All humans must share their knowledge and their resources. Doing that teaches them to be loving. Sharing their knowledge, among many other things, means that they cannot charge high fees for their discoveries and authorship. Sharing resources means sharing medical facilities, drugs, etc. This means that Christians cannot accept major surgery when their life is nearly spent, but do their very best to make sure that what might be spent on their heart or kidney transplant is distributed to those who have much more basic needs. Step 1: Get rid of your exercise machine and gym membership and keep fit by chopping wood or building homes for the elderly. Step 2: Make a living will that ensures money that might be spent on your end of life treatment goes to AIDS orphans, prolife work, etc.
  • Without Christ, Everyone Is Going to Hell. This means that everyone must share the good news. It is mandatory, not optional. You are reborn in Christ you are a witness whether you want to be or not. If you are not telling the good news, you are trying to hide the light of your testimony. This means that everybody must be baptized, because baptism is the practical demonstration and declaration of what salvation is and what it does for the individual. Step 1:If you haven’t already, have a public baptism in the ocean, river or lake nearby where you invite all your friends and colleagues. Step 2: Keep a variety of new testaments or tracts handy in your office, coat pocket, etc. to distribute as the Lord leads, and explain fully whenever possible.
  • Each preborn Is a Person, Unique and Loved By God. This means that people must risk their reputation, their job, their lifestyle, and their life in order to protect preborn people. When the preborn are not protected, all humanity becomes dehumanized. That depravation eventually ends up in self and mutual destruction. Step 1: Join in a Pro-life chain near where you live at the earliest next time. While standing on the street, especially if you are near a traffic light, try to communicate with people and show God’s good manners to all and sundry, even those who give you the finger. Step 2: Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper whereby you clearly defend the preborn babies and their families. Yes, you must sign your name.
  • Abortion Is the Most Dehumanizing, the Most Damaging and the Most Death-Dealing Event In Any Person’s Life. This means that humans must go far out of their way to prevent abortions. They must learn how to therapeutically counsel those who are damaged by it. Step 1: Avoid idle chatter. Try to draw your friends and family into serious conversations about what can be done to protect preborn babies. Step 2: Commit some money to the serious research of the very few prolife people who know how to do this research. Get copies of their research findings and give them to students and academics.
  • Our Infinite God Has Created a Universe With Infinite Resources to Sustain an Infinite Population. There is no need to compete and kill, but to cooperate with courage and skill. Step 1: Help your children, young people in your church or students in general to give at least one good kick at the idea of population explosion while providing good evidence of population implosion. They should speak of how important it is to spread our God given resources, which can easily sustain the world’s present population. Step 2: Start cutting back on some of the stupid materialism of most North Americans by avoiding the malls, turning off or throwing away your television, and emptying your storage locker. When you throw away your television, you will find your mind is so much clearer, and there will be so much more time to spend with your family.
  • God So Loved Us Individuals He Died For Each of Us. When we acknowledge to God both our stupid sinfulness and our great potential, and accept his gifts of sonship, life and Holy Spirit, we have everything we need to do everything that needs to be done to love Him and our neighbours. Step 1: David enjoins us to “sing unto the Lord a new song.” Pen your own words, and try putting music to it; at least, hum them in your head. You will find there is more music to you than you thought. Step 2: Move into a smaller house, and use any profit to help build housing for AIDS orphans, etc.
  • There are many more core beliefs that demand logical practice that the readers can write out for themselves. Many of them are individual, and many of them require the activity of the family or group. Step 1: Start a list of your own core beliefs, and write out what believing them implies in terms of what you now must do. Step 2: Have earnest discussions in your family in which everyone is given an opportunity to suggest what the family can do together in living up to their core beliefs.


If Christians live according to these core beliefs, they will discover more. They will make better observers and therefore better scientists. They will learn the truth about God and about themselves, and that will set them free.

  • More sane, less afraid of going insane and less afraid of exposing themselves to confusing ideas.
  • Have greater courage and therefore take more risks, speaking up and standing up for the poor and the weak (Psalm 41:1-3), especially the preborn children.
  • Have more energy, a more harmonious mind-body relationship, greater homeostasis, and therefore they will live longer.
  • Be more ready and able to change. Therefore they will become more mature, joyful, content and closer to their blueprint.
  • Be less materialistic. They will be more content with less, and happier to share. They will likely lose weight.
  • Spend less effort earning, buying and selling. Therefore they will have more time for loving their neighbors and getting to know God.
  • Have more to give. Therefore they will be more thanked and appreciated, and more in harmony with the needy world.
  • Be more spiritual. They will see and know God. They will more frequently hear Him speak and sing to them.
  • Be able to travel lighter and faster. This means they will be able to flee with greater ease when imminent danger threatens them or their family.
  • Better see and understand the events of their time, so to be prepared for stress or disaster.
  • Yearn for their Lord’s return or their safe journey home instead of clinging to their earthly life and possessions.


Christians who put their essential beliefs into practice will:

  • Be less popular. The truth they understand and live will create both more respect and less tolerance.
  • Encounter more confrontations, some of which could take their life.
  • Be less able to accept the status quo. They will be more restive, and more likely to push politicians and organizations into changing, and seek change around them.
  • Be less attached to possessions and ambitions.
  • Have fewer people interested in selling to them, and therefore they will not have so many subservient sellers/renters etc.
  • Be impatient and critical of society. It will be hard to vote conservative or liberal, but for radical changes in every human institution.


  • The person will be better accepted, more in tune with their culture, and better able to “fit in.”
  • They will “enjoy living” their earthly life and acquiring beautiful things.
  • They will not have to put up with the demands of living according to reality, and less concerned about their own scruples.

The disadvantages are that they will:

  • Remain immature and selfish.
  • Become progressively alienated from God. The end result of that is hell.
  • Be more unstable and fearful.
  • Be more likely to become sick and die.
  • Feel guilty because of the discrepancy between belief and behaviour.
  • Because they are always rationalizing why they don’t live in accordance with their beliefs, they will become increasingly dishonest with themselves, and then with others. They will be liars.
  • They will be afraid. They sense they cannot defy gravity or truth for very long without painful consequences.
  • They will have a greater fear of God’s impending judgement, for He will judge everyone from their deeds what they really desired to know. By not seeking God they are purposefully ignoring Him.


There are so many benefits to living a Reality Based Lifestyle; it’s hard to understand why people don’t do it all the time. Surely a main reason is because they constantly expose themselves to temptation. Much of that temptation comes through the media. Maybe if they could start by turning off, or even better, throwing away their television, their mind would be clear, and they would have more time to put into practice what they really believe.

Sadly, it is not hard to see that North American Christians will all too readily give up their hard-won freedoms in order to retain their comforts. Anyone who recognizes this can take advantage of that vulnerability and quickly enslave them. I believe this is what is about to happen.



It begins with the fear of derogatory discrimination. But Jesus made it clear; “They will hate you for my name’s sake.” Not because of anything you do or say, but because you belong to Christ, there will be derogatory discrimination and persecution. There may soon come a day when Christians are required to sew and wear crosses on their clothes like Jews were required by the Nazis to wear stars. The devil can certainly destroy the body, but he cannot touch the spirit, so why fear him. The existentialists believed the worst fear was angst, the fear of non-being. That’s a fear Christians need never face. However Christians do need to be able to say goodbye. in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ the author writes,

“There is a way to face your interrogator.

    • First say goodbye to your possessions; the state will confiscate them.
    • Then say goodbye to your friends. They will be coerced into turning against you.
    • Then say goodbye to your body. The torturers can take it apart painfully bit by bit. But do not compromise your spirit. In the face of this, the interrogator must tremble. He has absolutely no power over you.”

2) LAZY.

North American Christians have grown accustomed to a 37.5 hour work week. There is nothing in scripture that supports this. God says, “you will labour six days, and on the seventh you will rest”. North American Christians are so blessed because they have an additional day without work. They should not be spending it upon their own pleasures, but use it as a day to expend loving their neighbours. Oh, they may say, but family comes first. That is not what the scripture says. Family comes second. Loving the Lord your God and your neighbour as yourself comes first. You can involve your family in chopping wood for the elderly, standing in a life chain, practicing for a concert, etc. Young people need to learn to love by meeting the needs of others. They need to see you as their model of loving others, not in self-indulging. It will be of great benefit to them.


Christians have become so immersed in their culture they can’t think straight. They are constantly watching television or listening to the news, which constantly, always distorts reality. Even Christian music, so-called, apes the norms of so-called music. Why can’t Christians compose something totally different, and set the style, rather than be set by it? (Jeremiah 22:21)


Christians buy for comfort and fun. They overspend, putting themselves into debt, which is a veritable trap. It is easy to manipulate people who are in debt. They have become so accustomed to comfort that they can’t put it aside. They dearly like and persistently cling to everything fun and all the nice comforts. It does not seem to matter if they compromise. (Ezekiel 22:13)


It is very clear that God will judge those who murder the innocent. “For he who avenges murder cares for the helpless.” (Psalm 9:12) “And they have filled this place with the blood of innocent children.” (Jeremiah 19:6) “On the very day that they murdered their children in front of their idols, they boldly came into my temple to worship. They came in and defiled my house.” (Ezekiel 23:39) “They polluted the land with murder and by worshipping idols, so I poured out my fury on them.” There never was a time when so many innocent people, particularly preborn babies are being murdered. Maybe 3 or 4 thousand Israeli children were murdered by sacrificing them to the god Molech. That is very small compared to the approximately 150 million children being murdered each year by abortion. And there is no country that doesn’t do this. Therefore God can only come in righteous anger against all the nations. Inadvertently the preachers promote this helplessness by reinforcing sitting with their entertaining homily. If Christians live as if this is not true, if they believe that the good times will last and they can fly indefinitely disregarding gravity. Truth and gravity always win.


There is only one way to resolve this, and that is for our nation and your nation as a whole to get on its knees and earnestly repent of murdering little babies, disregarding the poor, and living a life inconsistent with what they believe, then turning to the Lord wholeheartedly and making the nation a righteous place. “The Lord replied, ‘If you return to me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve me. If you speak words that are worthy, you will be my spokesman. You are to influence them; do not let them influence you.” Otherwise, “they have built the pagan shrines off Topheth in the valley of the sons of Hinnom, where they sacrifice their little sons and daughters in the fire.” “So beware, the time is coming, says the Lord, when that place will no longer be called the Valley of Topheth or the valley of the sons of Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter. They will bury so many bodies in Topheth that there won’t be room for all the graves. The land will lie in complete desolation.” (Jeremiah 7:31-34) “I will be merciful only if you stop your wicked thoughts and deeds and are fair to others, and if you stop exploiting foreigners, orphans and widows, and if you stop your murdering, and if you stop your worshipping idols (materialism) as you do now to your own harm.” (Jeremiah 7:5)

God so wants to you to know Him and enjoy His abundance of blessings. It will happen as soon as you repent and live as you believe. Start Now.




1. * Any being becomes an it, a soulless entity when it is so depersonalized, dehumanized or not what it was created to be that it is totally devoid of God.