The Human Extinction Conspiracy (HEC)

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God wants myriad friends. Only those who choose to be His friends can qualify. There must be a choice. Therefore there must be a very attractive alternative to magnificent God.

Satan volunteered. He was created mighty but in pride thought he could overthrow God. God let him try. When defeated satan was banished to Terra.

He was given free rein to seduce and enslave people or to entice humans to kill each other. His relentless intent of revenge and power was to overthrow or weaken God by destroying the apex of His creation, humanity.

If I understand Satan’s conversation with God as recorded in Job, 1,  It seems Satan can tempt, seduce, entice humans to become his slaves and he can induce them to destroy each other, but he is not allowed to kill them directly. Those are the rules of this titanic contest.

Satan is smart and powerful but he cannot create more angels. He can swell his invasive forces by making humans rebel against God for then he can control their enslaved spirits.

Although he should know better, his pride blinds him so that Satan still thinks he can win and will try very hard to do so. He has technology going his way. He entices humans to become arrogant and disrespectful of God. With technology they don’t bother with wisdom or trying to know God.

God laughs but not loudly because He is seeing His lovely humans being destroyed and enslaved by the millions.  Jesus makes it clear that unless He directly intervenes, there will be nothing left of humanity. They will have become extinct and satan will have won.

These are the most prominent methods satan is using to depopulate the earth entirely.


  1. Distort reproduction.

a)      Reduce the desire to mate.

i)                    Post Abortion Survivors have poor self-definition. They don’t want to lose what little they have by being fused and bonded to another.

ii)                  Men are repulsed by the thought of “making love” in the torture and death chamber of the vagina of post abortion women. (about 50% of the fertile population)

iii)                Women are afraid to trust and bond to men who so often have led them astray with promises of love and family only to be abandoned when they become pregnant.

iv)                Men have no legal right to help determine what happens to their children yet to be born but are made to feel guilty for disregarding their paternal responsibilities.

v)                  Both sexes yearn for companionship and intimacy on one hand but fear and distrust each other, so they retreat into homosexual liaisons, where they become more disillusioned and bitter.

vi)                To justify their conditioned gay habit, they recruit young people with financial incentives, friendships, anger at the straights and operantly conditioned non-reproductive sex of many types.

vii)              Increasing the sameness of appearance and behaviour of both sexes results in them being less attracted to each other.

viii)            Greater sexual identity ambiguity, (intolerant of “sexual stereotyping”) inhibits the sexual character and identity development of adolescents.


b)      Curtail fertility.

i)                    Contraception. Chemicals, barriers, natural family planning, IUDs, morning after pills etc. are all promoted with the combined incentives of more orgasms, less expense, without long term commitments to mate or have children.

ii)                  Abortion kills a massive numbers or children and simultaneously detroys the humanity of parents, grandparents, physicians etc.

iii)                There is a large increase the number of handicapped children because of prematurity etc. as a consequence of abortion.

iv)                Abortion increases the # of sterile women, by tube and os damage (chlamydia etc.) and by indirect and direct sterilization.

v)                  Abortion results in greater immune rejections of fetus resulting in non-implantations and miscarriages.

vi)                Women are encouraged to do everything a man can with no regard for its effect on the developing male fetus who consequently has a diminished sexual drive to fertilize ovum and care for children.

vii)              There is a huge number of post abortion men and women who because they have had little help in finishing a complicated grief, have become “depressed.” While on antidepressant medication they have a diminished sex drive.


c)      Damage from feeble attempts at raising children.

i)                    Post abortion parents do not bond as well to their children. Poorly parent bonded children are not as well understood or as well nurtured by their parents. They are not as confident in their sexual identity or ability to care for dependant young or to form strong pair bonds.

ii)                  Poorly bonded children are more likely to be abused and neglected. They are less hopeful for the future and more likely to commit suicide.

iii)                Abused children are more likely to become adults who also mistreat their children. They intuitively understand they will not easily become good parents. To avoid hurting children as they were hurt, they decide not to have children.

iv)                Post abortion parents intuitively realize because they are not so well bonded and because their SSIRAA is damaged, they put their children into day care where “they will be safe” but where children learn to survive with many superficial relationships.

v)                  Every species survives because the God given Species Specific Instinctual Restraint of Aggression and Abandonment almost always prevents parents from attacking or devouring their young.  The same instinct almost always prevents adults from abandoning their young when the children, cubs, chicks are very irritating or demanding. They are more demanding often because there is not enough to eat. This instinct is weakened in any member of a species when they seriously attack or kill another of the same species. Soldiers are “hardened” by killing opposing fighters. Parents are more likely to attack and possibly kill their young if they have already attacked or aborted a child.

  1. Government and business designed economic chaos.

a)      Free Market Economies Collapse.

No one can run a free market economy with a declining population but almost every government provides all the above mechanisms at public expense. Yet because of the economic problems, they want to encourage fertility. They seem incapable of grasping the basic notion these are diametrically opposed policies.

b)      Health and Social Services Dwindle.

The costs of providing abortions and trying to deal with the large number of post abortion harmful consequences alone will overwhelm the current level of social and health benefits. As these services fade, governments will reduce programs and more rapidly encourage euthanasia and eugenics.

c)      Governments Print Money.

Governments at all levels will totter on bankruptcy. They will have to borrow or print money to keep their economies afloat. The net result is further destruction to fragile economies.

d)      Bilateral Trade Agreements Melt.

Governments will compete more and more desperately and bilateral trade agreements will be torn up.  Eventually they cannot trust each other. Soon some mad demagogue will push the red glowing nuclear button and wide scale war will result.

e)      The Exorbitant Costs of War.

The huge military expenditures, which cannot be supported by the decimated population, will further put countries into financial chaos.

f)       Pillars of Society Collapse.

Because the governments have allowed then encouraged the undermining of societies’ “pillars”, (clergy, law, medicine, business) there will be social chaos compounding economic chaos. Civility will be rare and persecution will be common.


  1. Consent and Commitment Become Rare.

a)      Mutual Distrust of Men, Women and Children.

The growing distrust of men and women, child and parent, worker and boss, teacher and pupil, police and citizen, will mean more laws will be enacted to fill the mutual respect and trust gap. The courts and jails will be so overwhelmed that many criminals will be let to roam about, creating more havoc.

b)      Lawless Society

As society becomes more lawless, people will be even more reticent to have children for fear to their child being raped, murdered abducted, kidnapped and held for ransom etc.


  1. 4.      False Remedies  Fail

a)      Population Induction Won’t Work

As it becomes apparent that population needs to grow if economies are expected to grow, there will be increasingly bizarre attempts to induce child production. These will fail because the root causes are not being addressed and even if they were, the damage is too deep for a quick fix and there are not nearly enough properly trained therapists to provide the prolonged counselling that is necessary

b)      Untreated Post Abortion Survivors.

PASS people, (now about 50% of the population) need deep healing before they trust themselves to be parents.

c)      Sexual Ambiguities Can’t Be Straightened Out.

The hormonal twisting via DHEA that results from not directing male and female behaviour cannot be corrected in one generation. Yet Governments will realize the growing number of people who prefer same sex partners must be corrected.

d)      Assets will evaporate.

The elderly will become increasingly desperate and have no family to fall back on. They won’t trust the government and will greatly fear medicine will euthanize them without request or consent. Fearing the worst will overtake them unawares they will beg for euthanasia.


  1. 5.      Failure of Christians

a)      Passivity and Fear Grow.

Fearing they will lose their possessions and lives, Christians will become increasingly passive and fearful. They will give up their weak attempts to defend preborn children, marriage, old and feeble.

b)      Afraid to Identify with Christ

To become less noticeable and less a target for discrimination, they will meld with the background godless society.

c)      Prophets and Sound Doctrine Rejected.

Christians will turn against their own prophets whose voice appears to grow weaker and weaker mainly because they will not be given a platform from which to speak effectively.

d)      Declining Congregations.

Most churches will have diminishing congregations because of declining population and fear of persecution. Thus most church sponsored social and relief agencies will wither and those who have become dependent on them will complain loudly and more viciously.

e)      Christian Scapegoating.

Christians won’t admit they contribute to the problems of abortion, abuse, eugenics, marriage redefinition and eugenics in many ways and therefore cannot be a part of the solution. They will continue to point their fingers at others and scapegoat the most visible perpetrators.

f)       Prolife Parlour Games.

Many prolifers play parlour games, making feeble attempts to counter large erosions of family and morality while proclaiming, “I did my best.”

g)      Clinging to Materialism and Entertainment

Most prolifers don’t take the battle of live seriously enough to change their materialistic life style. While the current situation calls for the imprisonment of thousands of prolifers, most are enslaved mostly by their addiction to entertainment. If they brought their beliefs and behaviour together they would be more convincing and healthier.


  1. The Sudden Anger of PASS people.

a)      Existential Guilt Turned into Anger.

Having been deprived of strong parents, experiencing the intolerable guilt of being alive while their siblings were cruelly murdered, being without the more trusted support of siblings, living in a very uncertain age, PASS young people will revolt. Their anger will spark off in many directions because it is hard for them to know who to be angry at without further undermining the shaky structures of family and society that they now need so desperately.

b)      Unable to Love Parents.

Having survived because they were “wanted”, abortion survivors will treat their parents to the same uncertainty of living and place them in “homes for the elderly” when they are no longer wanted.


  1. 7.      The Rise of Antichrists.

a)      The search for a Saviour.

As the economy spirals down, lawlessness increases and neighbourliness diminishes, people will frantically search for someone to lead them out of the morass. Finally they will pounce upon an obscure but likely looking leader and drag him onto the world’s stage. While many people detect and fear a certain cynicism in this individual, others will clamor, “Let’s just give him a chance”.

b)      Initial Success.

This strange sounding individual will make some mild suggestion in policy changes that appear to work. Thus much of the skepticism declines and people begin to relax and trust him.

c)      Government Failure

This increasingly powerful person begins to fail. He blames others and aids in persecuting those with strong religious beliefs. His plan cannot work, but its failure becomes justification for increasing persecution.

d)      Persecution.

The persecution ignites internecine warfare so that the governments insist on collecting all private weapons.

e)      Gun control.

This world leader insists he needs more control, so he confiscates almost all guns and gun controlling devices.

f)       Absolute control.

Insisting that he must be able to control the world’s economy which requires that everyone trades through a central bank over which he has full control.

g)      The Mark of the Beast.

Since people cannot remember their 13 digit #, the governments offer to painlessly encode individual numbers beneath the skin of hand or forehead. All those without this mark will not be able to shop, so they resort to bartering.

h)      Bartering.

If caught bartering, people will be imprisoned, their children placed in special social service run facilities and their elderly euthanized.

i)        Beheading.

Few will be able to withstand the pressure. Those that do will face execution by guillotine, their healthy organs snatched as they die.

j)        Near Extinction.

All the while the earth’s population will shrink from war, famine, radiation, disease, despair and very few children, with increasing rapidity. Until it looks very likely the human race will extinguish and that satan will win.




Just when Satan believes he has won, Jesus Christ will return in a blaze of glory. Satan, death and sorrow will be no more.