The Day Our Puppy Died

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Children's Stories

THE DAY OUR PUPPY DIED                                                      Philip G. Ney

            Isn’t he so lovely? Look at the perfect white cross on his chest. And he has white tips to his paws just like his mother had. He has the rippled black coat of his father. I imagine he will have the same protective instincts that make his father such a good watch dog.

            But he is struggling to breath and he is only 6hrs old. I don’t see any abnormality and his mouth is clear. Common little one you can do it. He is warm enough but he is becoming progressively limp. His mother keeps licking him all over. She is trying so hard to keep him alive.

            He is so busy trying to breath he won’t go to the nipple. We better try some CPR but how do you do it on a new-born puppy.  I’ll give it a try but I must be careful not to fracture his tiny ribs … common little one. Please God keep this puppy alive; You who are the author of every life. You want him to live more that we do. Please breathe into his tiny lungs.

            He is dying Lord and we have no way to help him. But you always can.

            I feel so terrible! Not knowing how to help and watching this brave little fellow struggle for each breath. They are becoming further apart. Why do little helpless babies have to die?  It hurts to watch them in their agony. Their pain in me makes me so mad.

            Just think what it is like for Jesus. He sees every preborn baby that is being aborted. He watches as they struggle to stay alive. He hears their pitiable silent cries.  He experiences the cruel crunch of the forceps on their tiny bodies. It really hurts him. He is far more sensitive than we are. And it happens millions of time each year. I don’t know how he can stand it.

            He can’t but despite of his agony and rage, His father keeps saying not yet and He obeys. But His rage is growing. Soon we will hear Him shout with the pent up fury from His pain of watching babies and puppies die.

            People will scream, no, no, no. Go away. Give us another chance.

            Jesus will respond with a terrifyingly loud. “And now it is too late.”