The Best Shot in a Real War

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Observations

In a real live war, who is best able to detect the best shot; the good guys or the bad guys?
The enemy knows first and best who is the best shot because of the mortality on their side. So how do the good guys know who is the best shot on their side? Of course it is the one who is most frequently being shot at.
You would assume the troops would want to learn how to shoot as well. Usually they don’t. Instead they: a) move away from their best trooper because that is where they are likely to be caught by the enemies fire at their comrade, b) criticize him for being reckless, foolhardy and proud, c) ignore his wounds because the sight of them evoke unappreciated guilty feelings for being so inept and cowardly, d) apply for leave to learn how to be a better shot with little intention of ever engaging the enemy, e) construct, refine and rehearse rationalizations for their cowardly behavior.
So what about the general? Since He has been through the worst of it and has scars to show, He is most likely to direct the fire of His best marksman so they become even more effective. He is aware that will concentrate even more fire on the marksman.
Does the General care if His best shooter collects the bullet with his number on it? Of course especially when there are all too few real fighters. On the other hand He is trying for a difficult objective and all His troops, though indispensable they are easily sent behind the lines for good.