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Why Kingdoms Rise, Why Kingdoms Fall

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Philosophy | Comments Off on Why Kingdoms Rise, Why Kingdoms Fall

WHY KINGDOMS RISE, WHY KINGDOMS FALL: History makes sense after all.                Philip G. Ney, MD   December, 2013 FUNDAMENTAL ASSUMPTIONS God exists Although the existence of God cannot be proven with the kind of proofs that humans now like to have, the assumption He really is there and here and always was accords with the most persuasive scientific fact and logic. The alternative attempts to explain human existence make little sense and are not supported by good science. The assumption that the universe was made by a very smart tiger and held in place by a very...

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Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Prophecy | Comments Off on THE SINS OF HER PROPHETS AND PRIESTS (Lamentations 4:14)

Philip G. Ney   22/4/2014 INTRODUCTION “It will never happen to us. We are God’s chosen people and He has promised to protect and save us” said one. The other said, “And those Babylonians all hate God and are idol worshippers and violent” “Excuse me your reverends but I couldn’t help overhear your conversation. Are you talking about the ancient or the present day Babylonians? Or maybe both? It seems to me the “people of God” back then are the “people of God” now. That being so, the warnings written for that time apply today. God justice doesn’t change. In fact He has...

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