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Why God is so disgusted with Canada and the USA

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WHY GOD IS SO DISGUSTED WITH USA AND CANADA.          Philip G. Ney  24/2/2016 Introduction. Scripture is very clear, God’s first intents for humans are that they: i) become everything that He designed them to be, ii) get to know Him, iii) choose Him to be their eternal friend.  The second order intents are that His new friends become interesting, loyal, obedient and experienced in helping Him do His work on earth. When people live and work with God’s purpose fixed in their minds, He blesses them and their country. When anyone attempts to thwart His purpose, He will tolerate,...

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Observations – April 2002

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Anxiety. High levels of anxiety occur when people are watching helplessly another’s acute or tragic situation.  It appears they would sooner deal with their anxiety than with guilt, so they try to shut up those who are suffering. Hope. Real hope drives people together.  False hope drives them apart. Pursuing real hope. There are no roses without thorns.  Pursuing real hopes can also have some painful consequences like becoming God’s child. Marriage. Marriage is created by God, therefore in this life it is permanent. Becoming vs. achievement. God is much less interested in...

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