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My Father Was a Soldier

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OUR  FATHER,  IN MEMORIUM                November 11/07   My father was a soldier,  In the first and second wars. He joined when he was 15, Had to lie about his age. He ran away from dull school. For he didn’t want to miss, All the fun of shooting Germans, He would shoot between their eyes.   So with very little training, He’s in the thick of it. The mud and blood was knee deep. There was no time to sleep. He was so keen and always brave, The sent him off to OTC. He came back a lieutenant, And told others what to do.   He always led from in front. At 17 they made him...

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The Hopes of God

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THE HOPES OF GOD              Philip Ney            14/9/16   PURPOSES OF THIS PAPER I write this short paper with considerable trepidation and ambivalence. I do not want to misrepresent God, yet I want to share insights that will: i) glorify God, which is to describe Him as He * really is, ii) get to know Him better and better as Sovereign, Saviour and Friend. *Use upper case to help ensure I don’t think He is a large human, part of a colossal powerful empire threatened by no one since the devil was defeated and is now under suspended sentence. ** Use New...

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Observations – April 2002

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Anxiety. High levels of anxiety occur when people are watching helplessly another’s acute or tragic situation.  It appears they would sooner deal with their anxiety than with guilt, so they try to shut up those who are suffering. Hope. Real hope drives people together.  False hope drives them apart. Pursuing real hope. There are no roses without thorns.  Pursuing real hopes can also have some painful consequences like becoming God’s child. Marriage. Marriage is created by God, therefore in this life it is permanent. Becoming vs. achievement. God is much less interested in...

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