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A Poor Person’s Christmas Story

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A POOR PERSON’S CHRISTMAS STORY.        (For my children and grandchildren) Philip Ney   27/12/08   “Wake up my little son (or daughter)   It’s Christmas”  “I wasn’t asleep mamma.  I was lying still so I could keep hearing the angels sing”  “You must have been dreaming.”  “If it was a dream, it was so wonderful I wish it could go on for ever and ever”  ‘We’ll talk about it some more, Banda (or Bandina)  Right now I want you to get up, wash your face, dress in your best clothes then do the chores.  But be sure to stay clean.  And be careful to...

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The Blue Fox and the Three Silly Ganders

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The Blue Fox and the Three Silly Ganders Philip G. Ney   He had them, then he sneezed.  The wily blue fox had limped like he was mortally wounded to hide behind the stump. He had glanced furtively toward the silly ganders who, tied together by their left legs, waddled grandly if somewhat awkwardly toward the pile of power grain so temptingly spread beneath the trapping basket.  It wasn’t hard for them to see the trap but they didn’t realize the danger because they were so tempted by the prospect of delicious power grain.  The blue fox had silenced his well-disciplined children who...

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