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You Lazy Shepherds

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YOU LAZY SHEPHERDS. Song/Sermon. Based on Jeremiah 23 Philip G. Ney,     Pioneer Publishing3/4/12   1.You lazy shepherds don’t lead your flocks. Afraid of hardship, and him who mocks. You want your comfort, fill of man’s praise. You fear a prison where to spend your days.   2. The sheep are scattered on bare hills. They have no protection from him who kills. The lambs are torn, blood stains the land. The ewes are weeping, cringe in dark sand.   3.The rams are running. None make a stand. While priests and pastors strut oh so grand. There is no leader, that’s worth his salt. They...

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Observations – Febuary 2002

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Ambivalence. Everybody is ambivalent about everything almost all the time. If you respond to one side of the ambivalence you push a person definitely to the other. The harder you push, the harder they are resolved to defend their apparent position which isn’t necessarily their position at all. This difficulty is reflected in opinion polls and bad research which don’t allow people to respond on a continuum between the extremes e.g. “always” and “never”. Dying. You don’t die until you are tired of living. You become tired of living when: a) the pain won’t go away, b) you...

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