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GOOD GRIEF AND GRIEF FOLLOWING ABORTION   Posted by Philip Ney on Aug 17, 2004 in Science at     INTRODUCTION   Though painful, grief should be natural and normal because it is a necessary process and very few people will be spared. Grief is the acutely conflicted process of detaching and it always hurts. Post Abortion Grief (PAG) is seldom natural, and it is never easy. It is painful, prolonged. For most post abortion people, in this life, it never ends. Yet once the impediments are removed (PAG) will flow with little effort and end satisfactorily. There are...

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Observations – October 2003

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Tears. Tears, the soft rain that makes the seed of hope grow into a lively plant of courage. It may take time. Whose Fault. Seeing the blind man sitting by the road (John 9:1-39) created the question, “Whose fault is it?” We have a choice to pretend we don’t see the blind man and walk away from him and his need, or else, if we face him, we may want to justify our indolence by blaming him or his parents. Jesus said “whose fault” is not the issue. The question is a question for everyone, not a question for him. The question is, “What are you doing to help this man so that he is...

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