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Euthanasia is the Worst Way To Go

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EUTHANASIA IS WORST WAY TO GO              Philip Ney.   7/9/2016 INTRODUCTION. Although Euthanasia is hotly debated by many, and it should be, few people realize all the far reaching implications. Euthanasia is only destructive. Euthanasia is the most traumatic and the least dignified way to die. Euthanasia results in undying turmoil, guilt and depressions in family and friends. Euthanasia is rapidly destroying the medical profession. Euthanasia is increasing the cost of medical care which reduces the availability of treatment for critical illnesses, limits funds available for...

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Philip G. Ney, 24/11/2014 THE CREATION OF PEOPLE Conception and Preconception God created a vast number of precise, unique, individual designs, one for every living organism. The most complicated design is for humans. A copy of this design is encoded in a huge “blueprint” folder, stored in God’s vast “computer”, or in His mind. Amazingly, God knows every detail for every person that has been or ever will be. The other copy is given to the person, and is encoded (genetically, psychologically, and spiritually) in the sum of that person’s total parts squared (the person). Each...

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