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When Atheism Becomes the State Religion

Posted by on Apr 28, 2017 in Home Schooling & Institutional Education, Political, Prophecy | Comments Off on When Atheism Becomes the State Religion

WHEN ATHEISM BECOMES YOUR COUNTRY’S STATE RELIGION.  Philip Ney, 18/12/07 Pioneer Publishing.  Introduction. “Put that bible away, you can’t read that in school” “You say you are a Christian, don’t even think of applying to grad school”. “Moslems are not welcome in this golf club” “Your charity has just lost its status because of its religious affiliation”. “But your honor, I was just standing there, quietly praying”  “The police saw             “Jews are not allowed to have private services for their dead”.   ETC. Don’t be so pessimistic,...

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For What Purpose Purr Puss?

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Poetry and Prose | Comments Off on For What Purpose Purr Puss?

For What purpose, Purr puss                                             Philip Ney   23/9/08  Pioneer  Publishing   For what purpose does our pussy purr? As she curls up in soft fur. Just to let us know she’s there? Or just to show her gentle care. As she lies beside our son, Kneading blankets like it fun. Soft her lullaby of purring, Keeps it up till he’s not stirring. So the purpose of our purr puss, Is to give him sweet repose. Sent by God small guardian angel, Knows her job from every...

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Why Kingdoms Rise, Why Kingdoms Fall

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Philosophy | Comments Off on Why Kingdoms Rise, Why Kingdoms Fall

WHY KINGDOMS RISE, WHY KINGDOMS FALL: History makes sense after all.                Philip G. Ney, MD   December, 2013 FUNDAMENTAL ASSUMPTIONS God exists Although the existence of God cannot be proven with the kind of proofs that humans now like to have, the assumption He really is there and here and always was accords with the most persuasive scientific fact and logic. The alternative attempts to explain human existence make little sense and are not supported by good science. The assumption that the universe was made by a very smart tiger and held in place by a very...

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Why God is so disgusted with Canada and the USA

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Science | Comments Off on Why God is so disgusted with Canada and the USA

WHY GOD IS SO DISGUSTED WITH USA AND CANADA.          Philip G. Ney  24/2/2016 Introduction. Scripture is very clear, God’s first intents for humans are that they: i) become everything that He designed them to be, ii) get to know Him, iii) choose Him to be their eternal friend.  The second order intents are that His new friends become interesting, loyal, obedient and experienced in helping Him do His work on earth. When people live and work with God’s purpose fixed in their minds, He blesses them and their country. When anyone attempts to thwart His purpose, He will tolerate,...

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Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Authenticity | Comments Off on PRAISE THE LORD

                                                              Philip G. Ney   27/4/2015 “Praise the Lord”, shouted the young enthusiastic pastor. There was a muted response. Someone with more than the average temerity shouted back, “How do we do that properly?” There was stunned silence. “Yes”, said another, “show us how”. More stunned silence. The pastor was about to retreat to his office with a severe headache, when a young fellow stood straight up and shouted above the hubbub. “Let me show you”. Before the pastor could say, “no’, the...

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