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Is Abortion Ever Good Treatment?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2018 in Science | Comments Off on Is Abortion Ever Good Treatment?

 IS INDUCED ABORTION EVER GOOD TREATMENT? Philip G. Ney MD FRCP(C) MA           ABSTRACT   Philip G. Ney MD FRCP(C) Mount Joy College 14/10/2011   Although abortion is the most commonly performed medical procedure in the world there is no evidence that it is medically indicated or beneficial for the patient. Abortion has never been established as an unencumbered right. It is always assumed it is good for women but the research is clear that it is not. This paper briefly reviews the best evidence for and against induced abortion as treatment. It alerts scientists and physicians...

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Review of Research on Induced Abortion as Treatment

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REVIEW OF RESEARCH ON INDUCED ABORTION AS TREATMENT Philip G. Ney MD                                                             Pioneer Pub.   I. INTRODUCTION They are called therapeutic abortions but where is the evidence these abortions are effective treatment for any recognized disease? The 1967 Abortion Act of England states abortions are allowed if they would prevent a seriously harmful physical or mental disorder. So where is the evidence that abortions are effective in preventing harm? Freely available abortions were...

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Abortion as Medicine

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  Abortion as Medicine: Response to Andrea Mrozek’s piece in the National Post, Philip G. Ney                                      Thursday, Sept 17/07   Ms. Mrozek made a brave attempt to tackle a very touchy subject but missed some essential features.  The most salient and most often forgotten of these is that because abortion is a medical procedure, performed by medical personal, in medical facilities and paid for by medical funds, it must come under all the constraints imposed on the practice of medicine by the medical profession and by the...

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