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Natural Selection by Design

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NATURAL SELECTION BY DESIGN; Earth as Seed and Soil, the way it was suppose do be. Philip Ney 14/8/15 Assumption God is almighty and He is very social. He desires for His own and for human joy limitless, interesting friends with whom to spend limitless time and in boundary less space. As incomprehensible as this may seem, God is easily capable of chatting individually with an infinite number and variety of people. It gives Him great joy to get to know a person, especially if they are wise and loyal. God designed humans to be a little lower than Himself (Ps. 8:5). He wants them to know Him as...

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Creation; Long or Short

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BASIC ASSUMPTIONS 1. God created all: a)      The elements, forces, laws of the universe. b)      He abides by His own laws. If He didn’t He would be like some ruthless, arbitrary human despot that cannot be trusted. c)      There is no such thing as supernatural. God cannot be above Himself. It only looks like He supersedes His laws because we don’t know them all. There is nothing supernatural but there is profound ignorance. Just because we can now partially explain events, detracts nothing from the power and intelligence God used to make something “miraculous”...

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