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Euthanasia is the Worst Way To Go

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EUTHANASIA IS WORST WAY TO GO              Philip Ney.   7/9/2016 INTRODUCTION. Although Euthanasia is hotly debated by many, and it should be, few people realize all the far reaching implications. Euthanasia is only destructive. Euthanasia is the most traumatic and the least dignified way to die. Euthanasia results in undying turmoil, guilt and depressions in family and friends. Euthanasia is rapidly destroying the medical profession. Euthanasia is increasing the cost of medical care which reduces the availability of treatment for critical illnesses, limits funds available for...

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The Day Our Puppy Died

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THE DAY OUR PUPPY DIED                                                      Philip G. Ney             Isn’t he so lovely? Look at the perfect white cross on his chest. And he has white tips to his paws just like his mother had. He has the rippled black coat of his father. I imagine he will have the same protective instincts that make his father such a good watch dog.             But he is struggling to breath and he is only 6hrs old. I don’t see any abnormality and his mouth is clear. Common little one you can do...

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Observations – Febuary 2002

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Ambivalence. Everybody is ambivalent about everything almost all the time. If you respond to one side of the ambivalence you push a person definitely to the other. The harder you push, the harder they are resolved to defend their apparent position which isn’t necessarily their position at all. This difficulty is reflected in opinion polls and bad research which don’t allow people to respond on a continuum between the extremes e.g. “always” and “never”. Dying. You don’t die until you are tired of living. You become tired of living when: a) the pain won’t go away, b) you...

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