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PASS people are beginning to speak up. Understanding PASS

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Science | Comments Off on PASS people are beginning to speak up. Understanding PASS

THE PASS PEOPLE ARE BEGINNING TO SPEAK UP: UNDERSTANDING POST ABORTION SURVIVORS.      Philip G. Ney  You call them survivors if they were only a handful of people who lived thru the ship’s sinking or the planes crash or the hotel fire or an ambushed armored carrier. Those who survived the horrors of Auschwitz were called concentration camp survivors. Those who are alive when their preborn sibs were aborted are now called Abortion Survivors. They have a unique constellation of signs and symptoms. Clinical observations by this psychiatrist indicated that the “wanted” survivors...

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Hope not Despair is What Keeps Us

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WE LIVE IN HOPE, WE DIE IN DESPAIR                  Philip Ney   10/12/10   Fred  Sweetheart, I think I’ll go for a little ride up island on my old Harley. Jane  My love, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Fred  And why not?  That bike may be a bit old but it leaves very little CO or CO2. Jane  You dear dummy, I’m not concerned about polluting or warming our world.  You seem to have forgotten we now have a beautiful baby. Now we must conserve energy, our money and silly old you.  Our baby must have a future. Fred  My bright little Christmas starlet. You...

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The Hopes of God

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THE HOPES OF GOD              Philip Ney            14/9/16   PURPOSES OF THIS PAPER I write this short paper with considerable trepidation and ambivalence. I do not want to misrepresent God, yet I want to share insights that will: i) glorify God, which is to describe Him as He * really is, ii) get to know Him better and better as Sovereign, Saviour and Friend. *Use upper case to help ensure I don’t think He is a large human, part of a colossal powerful empire threatened by no one since the devil was defeated and is now under suspended sentence. ** Use New...

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