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The Day Our Puppy Died

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THE DAY OUR PUPPY DIED                                                      Philip G. Ney             Isn’t he so lovely? Look at the perfect white cross on his chest. And he has white tips to his paws just like his mother had. He has the rippled black coat of his father. I imagine he will have the same protective instincts that make his father such a good watch dog.             But he is struggling to breath and he is only 6hrs old. I don’t see any abnormality and his mouth is clear. Common little one you can do...

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Near Defeat, But Not Disaster Yet

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Political | Comments Off on Near Defeat, But Not Disaster Yet

NEAR DEFEAT BUT NOT DISASTER YET.                        Philip Ney   27/7/16 In the last year, prolifers have made some significant gains but suffered some serious defeats. The net effect is to make many good God loving, preborn baby protecting people, give up. They are sticking their heads in the shifting sands of TV, occasionally glancing at bad news which they keep vainly hoping will soon, magically go away. During the time of momentous referendum, court decisions and elections, is not the time to hide behind status quo rationalizations. Since most people will...

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Our Lives in the Balance Part II

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  OUR LIVES IN THE BALANCE Part II For the Parliamentary Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care by Philip G. Ney MD, FRCP(C) for Mount Joy College 20/11/10 SUMMARY The Essential Dilemma Unlike any other species, episodically humans seem to want to destroy themselves. They have come close to doing so. In fact there are at least 50 cultures of which there is now no trace; people, language, art are all gone. Even now, humans are painfully aware they have the weapons of destruction that could obliterate all life on earth. It will only take a nuclear accident, some apparently...

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