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Pregnancy Counseling, Prolife Science and Advice

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PREGNANCY COUNSELING, PROLIFE SCIENCE AND ADVICE.         PHILIP G NEY MD,FRCP(C) MA Dear Pregnancy counsellor, prolife advocate and others:                                 21/3/2017 Thank you for attending my lectures in Auckland, Wellington and Gisborne. You were good students. I enjoyed sharing what I have learned in over ½ century of practice, teaching and research. There is much more which you can find in books I have written, in scientific articles you can find on in a wide variety of papers on and comments on...

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A Poor Person’s Christmas Story

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A POOR PERSON’S CHRISTMAS STORY.        (For my children and grandchildren) Philip Ney   27/12/08   “Wake up my little son (or daughter)   It’s Christmas”  “I wasn’t asleep mamma.  I was lying still so I could keep hearing the angels sing”  “You must have been dreaming.”  “If it was a dream, it was so wonderful I wish it could go on for ever and ever”  ‘We’ll talk about it some more, Banda (or Bandina)  Right now I want you to get up, wash your face, dress in your best clothes then do the chores.  But be sure to stay clean.  And be careful to...

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