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Hope not Despair is What Keeps Us

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Theology | Comments Off on Hope not Despair is What Keeps Us

WE LIVE IN HOPE, WE DIE IN DESPAIR                  Philip Ney   10/12/10   Fred  Sweetheart, I think I’ll go for a little ride up island on my old Harley. Jane  My love, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Fred  And why not?  That bike may be a bit old but it leaves very little CO or CO2. Jane  You dear dummy, I’m not concerned about polluting or warming our world.  You seem to have forgotten we now have a beautiful baby. Now we must conserve energy, our money and silly old you.  Our baby must have a future. Fred  My bright little Christmas starlet. You...

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ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL- A play on words

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Satires, Uncategorized | Comments Off on ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL- A play on words

Isn’t she beautiful Players: G= God     J= Jesus. HS= Holy Spirit Much like her mother. How old now Michael? I would say about 12 wks. More precisely, 84 days, 4 hrs, 15 min. and 42 sec. plus or minus a few millisecs. Smiling at His beloved son. Where is his dad? Over there, behind that tree weeping his heart out. Hey man, get over there and love your woman. Larry. Oh God I don’t know where you are but don’t let her do this. G Do what young man? Who said that? I must be hearing voices. My Doc said I would if I stopped my meds. Do what young man? This is weird but I may as well...

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