Reciprocal Effects in Morality and Physics

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“ What goes round comes round”. It always does. Sooner or later it always will. This reciprocity is the way the universe structured for physics and morality. Every kid knows this. “You can’t get away with this. They’ll find out and then you’re really going to get it”

In the entire universe there can only be one truth. Therefore there can only be one scientific truth. Biology and physics must agree. They do. The unsubstantiated theory of evolution only adds to the evidence of agreement even though it appears to counter the
well supported idea of entropy. Science and religion must and do agree apart from some crazy anti-God beliefs. Morality and science must and do agree essentially. One truth in science is the conservation of matter and energy apart from entropy. Another is the equal and opposite reaction of forces. Thus there should be and there is an equal and opposite equation in morality. Written slightly differently, “What you do to others will be done to you.”

When God speaks in scripture He is describing the way things are as much as advising how the way things should be. When He created the universe, He invented, the Law of Unified Truth (LUT). Morality was as much a part of His creation was astro-physics. In fact it appears that God created morality before He made the physical Universe. His primary intent was to have an unlimited supply of intelligent creatures made like Himself, only a little lower, with whom He could have scintillating conversations and wholesome games. His intent preceded His design, which came before His bringing things into an observable existence, tangible from a human point of view. Since God had unlimited power, there was marginal difference between His thoughts and what become palpable to lower reatures. Now that He has recorded His thoughts thru inspired scripture and in the recorded character, actions and sayings of His son
Jesus, we can know what He was thinking. Thus it is possible to detect the underlying morality He built into His whole creation. Since we are an essential part of His design, His morality is built into us. God wanted only those humans who chose Him to be His friends and family. To have a choice, humans needed an alluring alternative. To have a free choice, that alternative had to be sufficiently enticing that humans were likely to choose Him or the alternative on a 50:50 basis. The alternative promised power and pleasure. God said He would ensure those who chose Him would be more than amply rewarded with: life forever, a full knowledge of Himself (which is to know everything), peace etc, etc. The choice was so obviously in God’s favor, it is mind boggling that anyone would go for the tinsel and trappings offered by Satan. However Satan also offered an immediate knowledge of all things good and evil, which even uneducated Eve and Adam knew was the quick route to all pleasures and powers. God’s way would take time, a lot of time, eternities of time if indeed time meant anything when you are having a very good time.

So when those silly donkeys made the obvious mistake, you might think God would say, “I can’t believe this. Tinsel for truth. If that is how stupid you humans are, I give up. I’ll start over with something or someone more sensible. For His own reasons, God did not give up on humans. He kept trying to get through their think skulls into the more reasonable subconscious. Part of doing this was to keep reminding people of the morality that He built into them. That morality could be seen in The Reciprocal Eternal Effect (TREE). If humans didn’t understand His morality, surely they would feel and acknowledge that it was reciprocal; that what they did to other humans would be done to them; not only human interactions but all those with God. If effect God was saying something like, “Common you humans, be sensible. It pays to treat others like yourself because of the TREE. That also applies to how you treat Me. “Not only does it pay off in terms of what you get out of life, it pay even more in whom you become and that is something you can keep for a very long time” If you treat Me with reverence, your neighbor with respect and your self with a realistic self image, you will become the Person I Intended You Become (PIIYB) and that is truly awesome.  Since God both created and sustains the universe, He is the judge that enforces morality. And yet there is very little to do because the universe is so full of this reciprocity, it governs itself.

EXAMPLES in Scripture
Faithfulness: Jesus said, If you deny me (turn your back on me) I will deny you. (Matt. 10:33) I can guarantee you won’t like it. And yet you must also know I will be faithful regardless of how you lose faith in Me. Mercy: “God blesses those who are merciful for they will be shown mercy” (Matt. 5:7)
Violence: If you live by the sword you will die by the sword. Matt. 26:51 Giving: If you give to others, you will be given as much and more. Lk. 6:38
Neighborliness: You will be treated as you treat your neighbours Ez. 7:27
Forgiving: You will be forgiven as you forgive others, Matt. 6 14-15
Judgment: You will be judged as you judge others. Lk. 6:37
Insight: You will not see in others what you cannot see in yourself. Lk. 4:11
Belief: If you will believe Moses, you will be able to believe me. Lk. 5:46
Quarreling: If you snarl and snap at others you will be destroyed by the same process. Gal. 5:15.
Without too much digging you will find many more examples in scripture and in life.

Since the basic morality built into people and into the physical universe is reciprocal, it doesn’t take much effort to realize, fitting in with God’s way of operating in human affairs via Reciprocal Human Morality, (RHM) pays off in material terms. It makes logical sense. It promotes mental and physical health. It results in people becoming mature. It feels good and right because it accords with each person’s God given blueprint. It has immediate, long term and very long term consequences. In short it is the only way to go.

The corollary is just as true. If we are concerned only about ourselves we will deteriorate and die more readily and more rapidly. There is no way to avoid the logical consequences.

i) If anyone deafens themselves to the muted screams of preborn babies being murdered, they will become deaf: deaf to their own feeling and impulses, deaf to the appeals of those dependent on them, deaf to natures music, deaf to Gods quiet voice.
ii) If anyone turns their backs on the innocent in their dire distress, others will turn their backs on them when feeble or in pain or  confused.
iii) All who put their comfort ahead of the protection of those who are writhing in deaths agony will feel the progressive discomfort of losing all things they hold dear.
iv) All who dehumanize preborn people will inevitably and invariably be treated as much less than human.
v) All those prolife people who are afraid to risk their lives for the lives of their fellow but preborn humans will lose their lives.
vi)  Those who create the horrible pain in preborn babies feel and will feel for a long time their intense pain, e.g.: i) the fibromyalgia of women of have sought an abortion ii) the awful aching of rheumatism in the hands of a local abortionist.
vii) When marriages and families are destroyed by gay rights and pornography, the morals that maintain society are also destroyed and civilization will be destroyed.
viii) When humanity is being destroyed, just so the earth is being eroded and allowed to swing out of orbit and will soon be destroyed.
ix) God’s feelings. From scripture it appears God feels and is affected by human conduct.

You may ask, if this is so. Why don’t we see it happening? How is it that those who are most anti-life are the ones who are prospering so well, politically and financially? I suggest you change your focus a little. Take a close look at their personal lives and basic portfolios. Ask them about nightmares, family fights, or fears of impending financial failures. It is only a matter of time before what they fear most becomes what is happening to them. “The people’s wickedness and pride have reached a climax. Their violence (to preborn babies) will fall back on them as punishment for their wickedness.” “I will punish you more severely than I have punished anyone before or ever will again. Parents will eat their children and children will eat their parents.” Ezekeil 5: 9 & 7:10.

It is very hard to deny the Universal Ethic of Mutual Benefit or Disaster. It is written into the entire natural world, into our hearts (subconscious), into the rules that govern the economy, etc and into God’s work. That the effect is delayed can only be attributed to
God’s patience and the importance of having as many friends as possible. On the other hand, the consequences are being felt in minds, families, businesses and politics. The more outward manifestations are just a matter of time. Very quickly the combined effects will coalesce and the whole structure of civilization as we know it will collapse, burying most people. This is not a prophetic statement. It is a logical conclusion based on current science.


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