Principles Behind Proper Medical Ethics

Posted by on Jun 20, 2006 in Medical Discoveries and Medical Ethics

Philip G. Ney, MD, FRCP (C)
June 20, 2006


Although there is much written and discussed regarding medical ethics, most of it leads nowhere because it begins nowhere. For many people this is quite convenient, because then all medical ethics are relative to one’s point of view, time and history, the quality of life of the patient, the economy of the country, and techniques to prevent and treat. The difficulty is that without a sure foundation, it is impossible to predict the future, and thus everybody becomes anxious in the present. That anxiety invariably translates into manipulation that unscrupulous people will use to take advantage of the patient’s dependency.

These principles are the basis of our existence, and therefore relate to our fear of nonexistence, death and dying. If physicians are able to keep these principles in mind, they will be able to make “ethical decisions” without recourse to “ethical committees.” This may be a bit difficult for those whose growing status depends on being an “ethicist” or a member of an ethical committee. But it will greatly benefit the patient. Knowing what their doctor believes and predicting how he/she will decide will help every patient to relax and heal, trust him/her more, and cooperate in his/her recommendations.

Principle #1: God is

In the beginning God was, in the present God is, in the future God will always be. An unimaginably intelligent, beautiful, tripartite being, who is the Beginning of all life, the Sustainer of all existence and the Recreator / Healer all humans hope and long for.

God, for reasons we cannot fathom, longed for authentic friendships. He created man for His and their intimacy and joy. Whatever benefits God will benefit the whole, particularly the world of humankind. God wants all kinds of friendships with the widest possible variety of humans. Thus creation came out of God’s purpose to have human fellowship.

Principle #2: Creation with a Purpose in Humans.

To have honest, sincere friendships, God designed humans, and then created the universe to sustain this amazingly intricate, complex creature, first came God’s desire, then his design of a human, then his creation of an ever-expanding environment that is exactly right for humans. Yet it is estimated that the precise conditions necessary for human existence on earth can only last 43,000 years.[1]

To have the sincere company of humans, God enacted basic ethical principles which would sustain humans in their relationships with him and with each other. Those principles became embedded in the universe he created to house, hone and enjoy maturing people.

Tripartite God created humans in his image, with body, soul and spirit. A human is defined as that and only that being which has a human body, human soul and human spirit.

The human in relation to other creatures is a higher being, higher in order, higher in complexity, higher in unpredictability. He was “created a little lower than God”. [2] Humans were built to live and love forever, perfect and pure in a perfect and pure universe. Every component of the human has a purpose, some of which have yet to be discovered.

Humans are far too complex to have been evolved, even if there were infinite time. But time was only 13.7×10 9 years since the Big Bang; far too short for accidental evolution. It is increasingly clear that evolution is ridiculously improbable. Since the discovery of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, every scientist should have realized that evolution could not happen. Order runs to chaos, energy runs to entropy. There is almost no mathematical possibility, no observation to indicate increasing energy or order.

Humans are essentially spirit. The interaction of their body and spirit results in their soul. Their body is an amazing structure, but not perfect. From inception, the body begins to decay. The imperfection of their body means that only with a complete transformation can humans survive in heaven. Regardless of whether or not people sin by rebelling against God, everyone is imperfect and inadequate to live in heaven. Everybody must be transformed before they can exist in God’s perfect / holy world. Whether any person is considered “holy” by others, or an “innocent preborn baby”, nobody is able to go straight to heaven. Being imperfect, they would disintegrate and vaporize. They must be remade into holy / perfect creatures. The only one capable of perfecting others must be perfect themselves and infinitely powerful, as powerful and perfect as God. That can only be God’s Son.

Life begins with a 3-way fusion of ovum, sperm and spirit. Since the beginning of life is the infusion of spirit, the ending of life of the body is when the spirit leaves. That point in time is not impossible to observe. The centurion at the cross of Jesus was struck by the fact that Jesus dismissed his spirit. Although he had seen hundreds of people die in various ways, he had never seen somebody dismiss their spirit, and this convinced him that “Truly this was the Son of God!” [3,4]

Since humans are designed to live forever, suffering, dying and death are always unnatural. Death is an enemy. Christ fought and conquered death. Death and the originator of death are under a suspended sentence. God allows this state of affairs to fulfill his own purpose of giving humans the choice to know Him. Then God will recreate them.

Since being human is defined as being a creature of three essential components, it is possible to conceive a 2-part humanoid. Spiritless Neanderthals probably did exist. From cloning or other pseudoconception, some type of Neanderthal may exist again. There is no guarantee that God will put a human spirit into every union of human egg and sperm, or every cloned human-looking being. Any imperfection or essential artificiality in the process of conception would produce a humanoid. These creatures could look very human, but because they have no spirit, they will not be able to respond to God’s Spirit. Thus they will have no choice in knowing God.

When a person’s spirit leaves them, he or she is no longer a human being. As a human they are dead even though their body may continue to live.

God created humans with the capacity and desire to choose. He wanted to be sure that humans freely chose to be his friends. A free choice is a 50-50 probability. Adam and Eve were given the choice of whether to get to know God gradually, effortlessly walking about in the most beautiful environment possible, or to choose to be like God, knowing everything almost instantly.[5] Could God have predicted how Adam and Eve would choose; I wonder. Since the probability of choosing either way was 50:50, it was a free choice. Mathematically, even God couldn’t predict. It’s intriguing to think of God standing back and watching how they would respond. Of course, knowing they could respond either way, God had an alternative plan.

Since the disastrously wrong choice of Adam and Eve, no one has had a free choice about anything. Yet God insists that humans use whatever capacity to choose they might have. He hides (mystifies) Himself so human choice for him is not swayed by His beauty and power.

Humans are created with a form that precisely suited their intended function. They were created with enormous potential, and the capacity to see who they were about to become. They could unroll their blueprint, and on the basis of what they saw, know what developmental ingredients they should obtain in order to become the person God designed them to be. Sadly, no one in this life can achieve that because now the world is imperfect too, and this means that every parent is imperfect, incapable both of truly reading their child’s blueprint, and providing them what they need in the right quality, quantity and at the right time.

God made humans essentially indestructible, but first came their indestructible blueprint. This means that no matter how self-destructive humans become, their blueprint will never fade. This also means that there will always be a record of their existence and the impact they make, particularly in the minds and hearts of their family. Every person, no matter how brief their earthly existence after inception, leaves their mark in this world.

Humans use only a small portion of their genetic material. Yet God doesn’t waste anything He creates. One then has to conclude that the humans’ blueprint, partly discerned in their genes, will completely unfold in their new creation. All their genetic material will be used in their new body.

Humans are happiest and healthiest when living according to their God-designed blueprint. Although because of the many imperfections in the world, it’s never possible to become the person they were designed to be, people can make choices that align with the Creator’s intent. When their life and behaviour line up, they are basically much more healthy, energetic and becoming their authentic person.

Principle #3: Wrong choices result in imperfection which lead to dehumanization and destruction

Everything went wrong with a wrong choice. When Adam and Eve collectively and individually chose to “become just like God, knowing everything, both good and evil”[6], they had rebelled against God and temporarily frustrated his yearning for friends. With human rebellion, imperfection was introduced into an otherwise perfect universe. The universe can only be eternal if it is absolutely pure and precise. As soon as there is some impurity, there will be inevitably some imprecision in the basic laws that sustain everything. No longer would gravity be precisely ½ gt 2. There would be the introduction of small but significant numbers beyond a decimal point. The imprecision meant that the universe could not continue to exist indefinitely. Entropy would inevitably result in its destruction. That entropy would be proceeding much more quickly were it not for God’s input of energy.[7] Literally, God pushes on the earth to sustain its orbit. Otherwise the orbit would decay, and life would burn up. It’s not hard to understand that when God becomes so fed up with humans, He stops putting energy into the universe and entropy eventually destroys all.

With imprecision, entropy entered. It is only because God not only created but sustained the universe with his power that entropy has not more rapidly taken over. However, it appears that the Cosmological Constant, more powerful than gravity, is tearing the universe apart. For that reason, galaxies at the very edge of our perceptible universe are fading into the distance and will never be seen again. Because the whole universe is no longer precise and pure, it will decay, and entropy will reign. Only when the universe is recreated, will the perfection and precision that is required for eternal life be restored.

No one but God has free will. God can do whatever he wills. Humans can only choose, and even that choice is restricted by their intelligence, family, height, sex, eye color, time in human history; a whole host of factors which play upon their decision over which they have no control. However, humans cannot avoid choosing. They also cannot avoid the consequences of their choices. If God were to suspend the consequence of human choice, it would essentially deprive people of choice.

It is curious that people want to be able to choose, but they want God to nullify the consequences of their bad choices. God would like to do that, especially when those bad choices affect children, but he restrains himself to make sure that humans continue to have choice.

Since only a human has spirit, only a human can rebel against God, because that rebellion is against God, who is spirit. Of all God‘s earthly creatures, only a human has a spirit, and only a spirit can rebel against spirit. Spiritless creatures, and God loves them all, cannot be held responsible for their human masters’ foolishness.

Since only humans can rebel, only a perfect human can pay for the consequence of that rebellion, to restore the perfection and precision required for an eternal universe. Only the sacrifice of a sinless human could pay for all human rebellion. The only sinless perfect human had to be God himself in human form. Only the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was God and human, could set things right. Only the resurrection in a pure form could restart the recreation of all humans and their universe.

“Fool!” said the witch with a savage smile. “He (Aslan the Lion) knows that unless I have blood as the law says, all Narnia will be overturned and perish in fire and water.” [8]

Principle #4: Mankind fell from being the magnificent being God intended to become a sorrowing, sick, confused and dying creature.

When humans chose to be like God and go their own way, they lost their perfection and introduced into themselves and their environment entropy that inevitably starts progressive disorder and decay. They fell an enormous distance. The discrepancy between who they were designed to be, glorious beings greater than angels and a little lower than God, and who humans are, is the extent of their collective illness. For any individual, the difference between who he or she is now and the person God designed them to be is the amount of their sickness. Although medicine has characteristically defined as abnormal the difference of a patients state on any test and the norm or normal which is the average for the sex, age and location, it is a definition fraught with many problems. Not only did we all fall but also we have an inherent defect that makes us and our environment keep falling. History makes it clear that a civilization is established through blood, sweat, tears and God’s grace. It has a short period of glory then it becomes degenerate primarily because of ignorance, laziness, self-indulgence, dehumanizing and taking advantage of others. The slide culminates in the murdering of innocent people and babies. At that point God becomes so disgusted that He would like to wipe people off the face of the earth and start over. Instead He allows a holocaust of killing and destruction; a purging by a slightly more righteous people that rights many wrong. [It makes one wonder what happens now when all the nations of the earth are equally sinful. Surely now that every country is murdering preborn babies by the millions, it is a time for the final judgement.] Then He prompts people somewhere else start over, always hoping they will acknowledge and love Him. All this is repetitious and somewhat boring. Tragedy seems to keep following stupid tragedy in an endless cycle. Yet it isn’t just tragedy.[9] Humans were designed to live. If they all died or killed each other it would be a triumph for the evil one. I doubt if God would be thus defeated but He would be embarrassed. Moses used this kind of argument, “God what will the Egyptians and other nations say if you wipe out the Israelites. Don’t do it God because they will all say, God couldn’t make a nation of slaves like He said He would.’ So humans have a few built in self-correcting mechanisms. The one I have studied is the propensity to repeatedly reenact until they learn the essence of the problem, unresolved conflicts that arise while growing up. This results in transgenerational child abuse, neglect and abortion. At an international scale, self-correcting means that there are many generations of futile wars which feed on themselves. Nobody, or at least nobody in charge, seems to comprehend the killing won’t stop until they get to the root of the problems.

Not only is God patiently trying to correct human self and species destructive behaviour, He cares for the planet. “You take care of the earth…”[10]. Even mighty volcanic eruptions have a healing effect. Pine tree seeds would not be released from their cones were it not for the heat from apparently destructive forest fires. When man, from selfishness, wantonly destroys plant and animal life he is disobeying his chronologically first mandate. “Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Be [careful and kind] masters over the fish and birds and all the animals” [11].

Health care professionals should realize that measuring the amount of sickness by reference to established norms makes little sense, be it blood pressure, hemoglobin or IQ. To know how sick a person is, we must note the amount and rapidity of change and the difference between what that patient should be and what they are now. Pharmaceutical Corporations may benefit from persuading physicians that the patient will live longer if his blood pressure is brought down to “normal” with some ARC or ARB. And they need to take it for the rest of their life. But the patient doesn’t really benefit because of the side effects and because it isn’t really necessary when his history of blood pressure shows it has always been pretty high.

Humans must engage in the difficult task of saying good-bye to the Person I Should Have Become [PISHB] or else spend their days fruitlessly trying to find the essential developmental ingredients they didn’t get growing up. When they do say goodbye to unrealistic expectations, they become more mature and more peaceful. [12]

Principle #5: Naturally humans desire to live life fully and forever.

Since humans were created to live forever, no one really wants to be dead. They may say they want to die because of their distress, but given an opportunity to relieve that distress, everybody would like to continue living.

I have examined many thousands of patients who ostensibly wanted to kill themselves with suicide. Yet I have never encountered anybody who wanted to be dead. Given an option their life could be less painful or frustrating, people would choose to live. Try asking people “What percentage of relief of whatever causes you to want to kill yourself or have someone kill you, needs to be corrected before you stop wanting to die?” You may need to negotiate with individual patients so that they will have realistic expectations. One patient may say, “I want 50% less pain.” The doctor may say “Well, that isn’t possible given your condition. How about 30%?” They will negotiate to 40% and both be content with that. Then the patient no longer thinks of suicide.

Since no one wants to be dead, the proof that people are seriously suicidal must be left up to the person who has the intent and capacity to kill them. They must prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that the patient wants to stop living and that their stated desire to die is not because of anger, despair, seeing no alternative to their distress or because of threat, guilt, coercion or murderous rage. It is not necessary for anyone who strives to keep any person alive to prove their case. That is covered by a physician’s first dictum, ‘primum non nocere’.

Because in rebelling, humans chose to be like gods and know good and bad, they chose to know death. There was no other way to know death than to experience it. Death became the inevitable consequence of their individual and collective wrong choice. Though all people know they must die, the innate knowledge of their God-given built-in purpose drives them to continue living, often under horrible conditions. Their fear of death is secondary.

On one hand God created humans to live for eternity, and on the other hand humans chose to die. It looked like the devil had defeated God. However, God built into humans a variety of instincts that sustain them individually, and protect the species from extinction. God could not trust human science, religion or philosophy. So he created instincts that operate in every human everywhere, all the time to some degree. It is sad that humans ignore these instincts or override them with reason or “conventional wisdom.”

Principle #6: Killing or allowing to die ourselves or any member of our species is unnatural

There are a number of Species-Specific Instinctual Restraints to Aggression (SSIRA). This instinct stops humans from desiring to dehumanize, kill, destroy or eat each other, etc. However that instinct can be weakened. When it is weakened, humans can no longer trust themselves, or trust each other. When a soldier shoots another man, he has damaged or broken his instinctual restraint to aggression. He knows thereafter he cannot trust himself, especially when enraged, and shouldn’t be trusted by society.

The most beautiful and strongest SSIRA is to protect human progeny, helpless babies. To protect babies is the strongest instinct, because only with it could the race survive. The SSIRAs are also there to protect other vulnerable, handicapped or aged people. Abortion weakens or breaks the SSIRA(B) (Species-Specific Instinctual Restraints of Aggression to Babies). When the SSIRA(B) is damaged, a woman knows in her heart that she cannot trust her occasional aggression. These occur when the baby irritates her, and babies can be very irritating. She will therefore tend to overcompensate and be excessively gentle with her children. They may take advantage of this and become really ratty, provoking her to anger of which she is afraid she might lose control, and really hurt her child. For this reason, she is more likely to abandon her children or place them in daycare.

Mainly because of SSIRA, any human who contributes in a material way to the death of those near and dear will feel uncomfortable, a feeling we call guilt. This guilt is biologically driven. It can even be seen in higher order animals. It has little to do with morality or theology.

Grief that is Complicated by Guilt, (GCG) frequently becomes pathological grief, which often leads to depression. Society, which ignores the guilt of contributing to the death of a family or clan member, is promoting depression and therefore making a huge demand for antidepressants. Unfortunately the antidepressant makes it almost impossible for the person to feel the acute disbelief, protest, anger, despair, resignation and acceptance that are a necessary part of grief. Therefore the grieving is never finished, and becomes pathological grief leading to depression. Now the person truly requires the antidepressant, which in the first instance should never have been given.

The original sin was Satan’s rebellion because he wanted to be God. Just like Satan, humans, in pride, chose to be “like gods” and became Satan’s unwitting minions. Their desire to be godlike was the source of their rebellion. Little did they know that God had already created them to be “just a little lower than God,” magnificent creatures. Satan wanted to establish his own kingdom, while Christ was “obedient unto death”. Satan was expelled, Jesus was given Lordship in God’s kingdom. Satan continues to attempt to pervert and subvert humans, so they will become his tools in his attempt to overthrow God. He realizes he needs many recruits. Since he cannot create more minions, he is recruiting among the living and the dead. Satan works tirelessly to enslave humans. His best technique is to leave humans unaware they have been enslaved while at the same time thinking they are just great.

Principle #7: There is only one way to be living and dying at the same time

There is no intermediate position between dying and living, growing or degenerating, entropy or creation. Although people feel they can be observers, if they are not adding to the energy that sustains the universe, or helping to heal its imperfections, they are contributing to its death.

Though the body is decaying and the personality in real conflict, man’s spirit can always keep developing, right up until the moment their spirit departs for heaven. To those who have God’s spirit within them, God is always renewing, regenerating, reinvigorating the human spirit, even when they are struggling with the deepest depression, or when their body is tortured and their mind distorted; even when they are at death’s door, their spirit can go on living and growing. This is one of the ways in which Satan is defeated.

Dying is the forth most important event in one’s life; 1, being created at inception * 2, being born 3.being born again in Christ. Before death, everyone must finish much serious business. To do this, there should be sufficient time. This is why God allows difficult dying of diseased patients. He doesn’t enjoy watching them suffer at all, but he knows as people’s bodies progressively decay, they will turn their mind to spiritual things. The time it takes their body to die is the time necessary for them to accomplish important tasks. Rather than resenting slow and painful death, Christians, at least, should use this time in order to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Grieve the loss of the Person I Should Have Become (PISHB);
  2. Complete the process of reconciliation with Those I Hurt (TIH) and Those Who Hurt Me (TWHM);
  3. Give directions regarding what should be done with my body, the distribution of my assets, the inevitable change in relationships;
  4. Formulate and give a careful blessing. Just as the Old Testament patriarchs, so people should carefully put into thought and words statements as blessings in which they bequeath and therefore lose attributes they wish to give to the individual members of their family, e.g. “To Patrick I pass on the courage God gave to me, and pray he will use it wisely and well. May God make you bold as a lion.” Given with a prayer, God will honour and multiply these requests.
  5. Commune with God, confessing harms and wrongs and inaction then thanking and praising him;
  6. Being a witness in word, living and dying, of Christ’s saving grace for me and for all;
  7. Carefully composing an introductory speech and/or a welcome home hymn for the saints and angels for when I arrive.

End of life decisions become difficult usually because a person is so afraid to die, they put them off. There must be time, especially for reconciliation between people and their creator. There must be someone who can answer all their spiritual questions and lead them to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, if they haven’t already become part of God’s family. When all of these tasks are accomplished, people know their life on earth is complete. Like Jesus, they can then dismiss their spirit. The Lord will acknowledge that, and grant it when he so chooses. This is a very special prerogative of Christians. It can save them much end of life suffering.

Principle #8: All Humans are always equal

Because humans are essentially spirit, they are essentially equal, rich poor, man and woman, whatever color, shape, size or intelligence, at any point in their life. There is absolutely no evidence that the spirit of an anencephalic child is any way inferior to that of a super intelligent university professor.

In their pride, humans choose to be self-righteous. They try to be good or better than others, pushing themselves up while pushing others down. But it doesn’t work. The ethical rules of the universe ensure no one can hold their head up for long while standing on the heads of others.

While people attest to the equality of everybody, in their behavior they are always trying to feel or look or be treated as better than others about them. Behind this, I suspect, is the desire to be recognized by God, and be taken into His perfect universe. “Look at how good I am, God. Well, maybe not that good, but surely I am good enough for heaven.” The desire may be right, but the process is entirely wrong. They are following the footsteps of their real master, Satan.

From conception to beyond death, from beginning to end, regardless of their size, shape, location, age, sex, colour, or apparent imperfection, all humans are equal. Because we are equal, every human must have equal freedom, equal choices, equal education and equal medical care. Very sadly, profoundly disturbing, Christian people seem to have no difficulty spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their end of life care, while poor young people and those in developing countries do not have clean water or essential antibiotics. God’s command to love our neighbours as ourselves would work, but for the fact that people are proud and selfish. Thought they say it repeatedly, they don’t really believe that all men are essentially equal. If they did, there would be no question of a $50,000 heart transplant to save the life of an elderly person. That money would be spent on antibiotics and antimalarials, providing health to people who are dying young of relatively simple, treatable diseases. Because humans are proud, and believe that they have a right to more expensive treatment when they grow up in a wealthy country, they never give a second thought to the possibility that they should forego some expensive treatment in order that other people in the world should have a better chance to live an average lifespan having essential life support and medical treatment.

Since all people are always equal, they have equal right to equal medical care. This means until ordinary means of medical care are fairly distributed throughout the world, extraordinary means are out of the question.

Every human is ambivalent about almost everything almost all the time. they are ambivalent about their life, about living and dying, about loving or hating, about children in particular. There is nothing like children to stimulate the ambivalence of humans. Humans’ ambivalence about living is detectable. It is that which produces much of their fear, which diminishes their cooperation with medical recommendations, which increases the cost of medical care. If humans would resolve their ambivalence about living, care costs would quickly subside. If people really wanted a full, rewarding, enjoyable life, they would eat less and stop smoking. Because they are not sure whether they want to be alive or not, they kill themselves slowly.

Principle #9: In the Closed System of Humanity, All Actions are Reciprocal

Human transactions are always reciprocal. That reciprocity is inevitable. The time interval between action and reciprocal reaction (RR) may vary. When an ethics committee makes a decision that treatment should be withdrawn, that decision goes against their inbuilt SSIRA (do not destroy or allow to die any member of your species). That decision will affect each committee member. They soon become, sometimes subconsciously, aware that some day, some ethics committee may make the decision to pull their plug even when they don’t want that. They may boldly assert they wouldn’t want a lingering death like that, but a persisting fear starts to grow. In their hearts, they realize that the reciprocity that haunts criminals in particular. What does the thief fear most? That someone will steal their loot. A murderer fears less the gallows than someone stabbing them in the dark.

Any member of the medical profession who in any way contributes to the death of a human, has thereby dehumanized themselves. They become less and less able to hear the plaintive cry of the handicapped person, the preborn baby, the dying grandmother, and their own inner stirring will become less empathetic. Without empathy, they are less able to know their patients need, and inevitably they become less effective healthcare workers.

What we do to others is being done to us. If people dehumanize others, e.g. ‘hey nigger’ or ‘it is just a foetus’ they simultaneously dehumanize themselves. Because they dehumanize themselves, they expect to be treated as less than human. That expectation eventually happens, and they in turn are dehumanized, and treated as less than a fully human.

We are all part of a closed system, a bundle of life. We are all necessary for the continuation of other individuals and our species. What is mainly destroying the universe is that humans are killing and being killed, one of another, and the worst is murdering their “unwanted children.” When in pride, humans rebelled; they introduced many imperfections that are destroying the whole universe. Now every human is born imperfect. With imperfection and rebellion, every human spirit became dormant and can only be awakened by God’s Spirit coming into them. With God’s spirit in them, re-igniting their spirit, people become fully human.

Health is defined as being perfect, pure and precise. This would make every human so adaptable that space and time are no obstruction. The recreated human would be so complete that they would need almost no further input of energy.

What a person is doing to their neighbour is being done to them. When humans are dehumanized and killed, the dehumanization is already proceeding in the killer. On the other hand, when you love others as God commands, you are loving yourself.

The abortionist can only proceed if he first convinces himself that the preborn baby is not human. In thus dehumanizing the baby, he dehumanizes himself progressively with each abortion. In my conversations with many ex-abortionists, it is apparent this dehumanization has an indelible impact on them and their family.

Because of the reciprocity that is built into the universe, cheaters never prosper. You can never win a game by not playing by the rules. Evil empires may ascend, but eventually always fade, implode or explode.

Only for a moment can you suspend the painful consequences of gravity. Only for a short period of time can people ignore the rules that govern human behaviour. On the other hand, what is built in peace and love will always last.

The survival of the species requires the survival of each individual, and each family. No family can die without that affecting the whole universe. No baby can be aborted without affecting thewhole family.

Principle #10: Throughout their life, humans must fight entropy

Because humans were designed to always live, they will inevitably fight entropy and dying. Unless their life is made so miserable that nonexistence seems preferable, humans will cling to life hoping that somehow at some point in life, they will regain a relationship with their creator, and the perfection that is required for their eternal life.

Because the dilemma to live or die with its many manifestations is so built into humans, they are constantly in conflict within themselves and with each other. That conflict drains them of energy and pushes them toward further entropy. Thus humans think and think, or discuss and discuss, or reenact and reenact unresolved problems until somehow they reach some solution. The essence of good psychotherapy is to nudge people towards an understanding. With truth and clarity comes an improvement in their energy utilization, peace and vitality.

God makes history. Soon he will call a halt to human choices, either individually or collectively. Humans are uncomfortably aware of this. They engage in all sorts of death-denying and God-denying behaviours. But time progresses and soon they must face their demise. Too often those who were proud in life are arrogant in their dying. They insist they don’t need help and they don’t need God. However, those who have had near death experiences realize that death is not becoming unconscious. When you die, you wake up becoming very conscious. You become more clearly aware of things which you have denied for such a long time. Such is the impact of that awareness that people who have near death experiences never forget. It changes their perceptions and their life.

Death and destruction to any part of God’s creation are always against his desire, even though he allows it. He allows it because he insists that humans have choice. He wants humans who have chosen Him, to be his earnest, authentic friends for ever and ever.

God is always revealing himself, but he does it so quietly and subtly, many humans miss it. If God were to declare himself fully, show himself as He truly is, all human choice would immediately fade. They’d be so overpowered by God’s might and majesty that they would all bend the knee and acknowledge him as Lord. Thus to preserve human choice, God is quietly operating behind a veil, at the same time showing shadows of himself that should interest and intrigue humans. He creates in children enormous curiosity. Too often, the educational system drums it out of them. However, in every part of this world at every point in time, God has left enough intriguing traces of himself that humans have no excuse –they could have chosen to look for him. He answers them with the assurance that the harder they search for God, the more they will find.

God makes sure that nobody is so ill or so deranged that they cannot choose him. The man possessed by “a hundred demons” could still recognize, acknowledge and move toward Christ. Here is an example of the most deeply disturbed individual still having the ability to choose Jesus.


Since these principles are universal, inevitable and unchanging, a doctor must concede that in his efforts to keep people healthy and alive, he is helping God to put energy and order into the diseased person so they are more likely to heal. In fact, in his practice, he is attempting to counter the destructive effects of sin. Therefore, a physician should comfortably and boldly state:

To all my patients, I commit:

  1. I will always treat you until I am sure your spirit has departed.
  2. I will always treat you to the best of my ability and to the limit of my resources.
  3. When my ability is inadequate, I will try to improve my skill and quality of care.
  4. When my resources are insufficient, I will struggle to find more.
  5. When I don’t well understand your disease and/or distress, I will listen and examine more intently.
  6. I recognize you are not who you should be and that the amount of your illness is the discrepancy between who you are now and the Person You Should Have Become.
  7. I will treat you in all ways so that you become more like the person God designed you to be, which is a little lower than God and like Him for only that is your true health and wholeness.
  8. I will put equal effort into preventing and curing.
  9. Since all humans are equal, I will spread my abilities and my resources among all people, regardless of their age, race, sex, and completeness.
  10. From your inception, I will never contribute to your death, but always fight against your dying and dehumanization.
  11. However, because we live in an imperfect world, I may not be able to treat you as well as medical art and science makes possible. Until everyone has equal treatment and until resources are unlimited, I cannot give you the best and for this I apologize.”
  12. Recognizing I am often frail, foolish and foible, I will always ask God to aid me in treating you. When all is said and done for you that can be said and done, I will ask you to join me in thanking the Lord who created you and me, for the resources, skill and ability he gave me and the life he gave us both and for this time that has bonded and benefited us, more than we now realize.


These guiding principles will keep humans, particularly doctors, in touch with reality. Being in touch with reality means they remain sane, which results in good health. Health results from a close agreement between one’s belief and reality, between belief and behaviour. The more closely these are aligned, the more mentally and physically healthy a person is.

God has promised that some time in the not too far off future, he will recreate the universe. He will restore its purity and precision, which will recreate its permanence. There will be no rounding out of decimal places for any physical laws. They will be exact round numbers. Only an infinitely brilliant mind can figure the essential laws of all matter and energy to create a universe that lasts forever and ever. In that universe, physics and ethics will be in total agreement. All God’s children will have been made pure and recreated for a perfect environment. Thus there will be harmony and joy forever.

When God spoke, he spoke with mathematics, and out of that came creation. It seems to me he calculated exactly what was required and announced it. It came together at precisely the right moment and in the right amount. Various physical forces resulted in the big bang, and thereafter the beautiful unfolding of the universe we are just beginning to know. As we discover these, we become increasingly aware of ourselves and our time and our place in God’s great plan. This makes us both extremely humble and immensely proud. We are, after all, created a little lower than God. It is only in seeking to attain this that human existence makes any sense at all.



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* I use the word ‘inception’ because it better describes the fact that this is a 3-way union, not just sperm and egg.


The End for Now. June 20/06 Victoria, BC

See a response: Two Fallacies of Dying , July 2006