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Dear Pregnancy counsellor, prolife advocate and others:                                 21/3/2017

Thank you for attending my lectures in Auckland, Wellington and Gisborne. You were good students. I enjoyed sharing what I have learned in over ½ century of practice, teaching and research. There is much more which you can find in books I have written, in scientific articles you can find on in a wide variety of papers on and comments on and

I’m writing this as a reminder for some of the most important points I hoped to make.

1) Every pregnancy is a crises pregnancy in that it requires fundamental changes in the couple and supporting family.

2) Since everyone is ambivalent about everything almost all the time, especially about major changes, every woman and her mate have mixed feelings about are they ready etc.

3) Since the baby’s placenta so firmly clings to his/her mother’s uterus and since all processes in the body are recorded and reinforced in the mind, every woman to some degree wants and is attached to her baby no matter how determined she may be to “abort it”

4) Since every woman is attached to every baby, when she is detached and the baby dies, she must grieve.

5) If a woman doesn’t grieve her loss, she is less capable to bond to the next baby. Children who are not well bonded to mother and father are statistically more likely to abused and neglected.

6) Whenever anyone contributes to the death of the person (baby) they now must grieve, that grief is more difficult and prolonged. It is more likely to become a pathological grief which is often mistaken for depression. Doctors too often prescribe an antidepressant which interferes with grieving and thus the grief may go on for many years.

7) There is no clinical or research evidence that abortion improves a woman’s heath.

8) Abortion is almost never necessary. Removing an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion because the death of the baby was never intended.

9) There is very strong evidence that abortion increases: suicide 300-600%, homicide +/- 250%, breast cancer, drug abuse & alcoholism, poor general health, prematurity and low birth weight.

10) Abortion damages the Species Specific Instinctual Restraint of Aggression and Abandonment (SSIRAA) so that parents are more likely to hurt or neglect their other children.

11) Since abortion is never medically indicated, never beneficial, not done in good faith, results in maternal death and damages, its practice is criminal assault, not medicine. The onus of proof lies on any abortion practitioner or supporter to show this statement is not true.

12) Children who grow up in families where a sibling has been “terminated” have a constellation of signs and symptoms now known as the Post Abortion Survivor’s Syndrome (PASS). They feel guilty of existing, dance with death, don’t use their time and talents well, don’t trust their parents and authorities, have an uncertain identity and are more easily persuaded they are gay etc.

13) Proper interviewing should politely request information, not keep asking questions.

14) Good rapport depends on trust and a sense of being understood from accurate empathy and interpretations.

15) If the father of the preborn baby is involved, the chance of the mother choosing an abortion is significantly less.

16) Women who have had an abortion are statistically more likely to abuse and neglect their children. Women who have been mistreated as children are statistically more likely to choose an abortion.

17) In a stepwise analysis of possible reasons women choose abortion, the fact they were neglected is the most closely correlated, then her mother having an abortion, lack of partner support and being sexually abused as a child. Lack of education, lack of money and too many children are not significant.

18) You will not see in others, issues you can’t see in yourself. To be a good counsellor you must learn about yourself.

19) Since abortion and abuse of various kinds go together, in any post abortion counseling they must both be dealt with. That takes skill and careful, specific training.

20) In choosing a post abortion counselling method, go for one that is empirically derived (based on science) effective (determined by pre and post treatment measures) and gives God the credit. Hope Alive meets all these criteria. The next trainings, residential and experiential are in Victoria BC April 29 to May 6 and Melbourne Aug 10 to 16. No previous training or experience is required, just: intelligence, patience, maturity and trust in God.  Go to  for application forms and more information.

21) To improve your health and sanity, keep your beliefs and behaviors in agreement. To truly know the above you must use this  information. To know it you must act on it.