Prayer and Praise

When prayer is answered, it is appropriate and healthy to say “Thank you” both to those who have worked and prayed with you, and to God, who has provided you with all things. If you forget to give Him thanks, you gradually lose touch with reality. You may become a guru in the eyes of fellow man, but you become pretty useless in the hands of God.

This section is to allow people to engage a community of life-minded, God-fearing, Christ-loving, Spirit-dependent people, in the actions they feel are necessary when they become aware of harsh reality and their need to act in accordance. There is never a time like the present. Many windows of opportunity are closing. God makes history. There is always a sense of urgency in what He does, although He is quite prepared to rest when the task is finished.



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Information enhances a grasp of reality. The better one’s reality testing, the more sane one is. Reality calls for action. Action requires a source of energy and direction. Energy and direction come from the source of all power and wisdom. You dare not act without tapping into that power and wisdom, no matter how smart you think you are. This calls for prayer.

Prayer and Praise