PASS people are beginning to speak up. Understanding PASS

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Philip G. Ney

 You call them survivors if they were only a handful of people who lived thru the ship’s sinking or the planes crash or the hotel fire or an ambushed armored carrier. Those who survived the horrors of Auschwitz were called concentration camp survivors. Those who are alive when their preborn sibs were aborted are now called Abortion Survivors. They have a unique constellation of signs and symptoms. Clinical observations by this psychiatrist indicated that the “wanted” survivors were struggling with such deep conflicts, it was nearly impossible to treat them. (1, 2) When we did a systematic investigation we found their confusions and dilemmas were similar to those who survived Auschwitz and other death camps, only worse. You might think that being allowed to live when those near and dear to you were exterminated by gassing or abortion, would make you glad to be alive and ready to greet each day with gladness. Investigations of “concentration camp survivors” found they were morose, fearful, depressed and often suicidal. And so were their children. (3)

 We found children who were chosen to live when their parents had aborted other preborn babies had deep problems often misdiagnosed as ADHD, Obsessions, Depressions, and Phobias etc. Far too often these children were medicated. On routine diagnostic evaluation, when I asked children to draw a picture of their family, not infrequently they included other children. When the picture was shown to a parent there was often a startled, sometimes angry response. “Now Johnny, you know we have only 2 children. Why did you draw 4?  Start over and draw a really nice picture for the doctor”. If mother wasn’t looking, 4 children would reappear in the next drawing. When the mother saw this she sometimes began to cry. She knew and I knew and the child knew by means I will describe, there really were 4 children, 2 of which were aborted.

 One woman I knew was both a concentration camp survivor and an abortion survivor. She said, “Surviving in a camp was terrifying but at least you knew your parents and their friends would try to protect you. As an abortion survivor your parents were your worst enemies. More than anyone else your mother &/or your father wanted you to be killed. How could anyone grow up trusting their parents or any other parental authority?”

 But children must have someone they can trust; otherwise life has no hope or meaning. They asked themselves something like this. “Should I trust myself? I am not sure but I strongly suspect my parents aborted one of my brother’s. They probably discussed whether I was wanted enough to be allowed to live. Do I really want to know the truth? I must know for my own integrity and sanity but how could I live with people who are murders? I must pretend I don’t know and never ask. It would upset them so much, it might break up the family, or mum would get depressed again or they get so mad at me they might send me to a foster home. They already think I have a problem”

 In this way a web of pseudo-secrets is spun. “Let us all pretend nothing happened.” Even those who should know better cannot really accept that the truth will set you free.

Abortion survivors are the pro-death conspiracy’s deepest and dirtiest secret.

 Though abortion survivors are suppressed and ignored, their truth is erupting. What was whispered in the closets is about to be shouted from the housetops. “We are here and we are angry” “You let us live because you wanted us.” “Now I wonder if I want you old lady” “I think it is time you went to an old folk’s home. I may visit you.” OR “You government made no laws to protect us. Now we won’t obey any of your stupid laws”

 How many abortion survivors are they? There are no reliable surveys to determine prevalence but it is possible to make an informed guess. On average women have 3.1 pregnancies during their reproductive years. The abortion rate varies from 30 to 90% of pregnancies depending on country.  If the rate was 30% evenly spread it would mean 100% of all women had an abortion. If each of them had one child, 100% younger people are abortion survivors. Since the repeat rate is from 50 to 90%, and the average was 75% it would mean that approximately 75% of people born since 1970 are abortion survivors. Conservatively, 40 to 50% of the world’s populations are abortion survivors.

 Since one of the more prominent symptoms of Abortion Survivors is that they do not want to have children, (4, 5) this can only mean what demographics already show, there is an exponential decline in fertility. The human race is dying out. Unless the abortions survivors resolve their horrible conflicts and find constructive ways of dealing with their anger and distrust, we are facing a bleak economic and social future.  It is not possible to run a free market economy with a declining population. Witness what is happening in Greece and Spain at this very moment.

 Who needs to understand the thinking of abortion survivors? Pastors must understand the unique spiritual struggles of the PASS. They tend to be repulsed by the thought of someone (Jesus) dying for them for this is what happened to their siblings. The PASS are about 1/3 their congregation.

 Teachers need to understand why their PASS students, about ½ of their class, show so little interest in studying hard for a good future. PASS young people feel guilty about existing so life means very little to them. Physicians must know why some patients have such bizarre difficult to treat symptoms.

 Pregnancy centers need to know why women and men are choosing to terminate a pregnancy by killing a baby. PASS people, over ½ of their clientele, are afraid to have children, feel resentful of a baby’s good life and struggle with a need to reenact their aborting mother’s unresolved conflicts. Parents who have had an abortion need to know how to help their surviving children grapple with some very harsh truth.

 Teachers, Pastors, Physicians, Counselors are invited. There are very few people who don’t need to understand the PASS. So contact us to get training. at Mount Joy College now. Find the application on www. and fax to 250 642 1841 or scan and email to Or phone 250 642 1848



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