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Dr. Philip Ney, MD

Skit 5

Jake: You know Mabel, there is nothing like a good Saturday morning when one can kick back, have a couple of beers, watch a good game and contemplate having a nice nap in the afternoon.
Mabel: Jake, I hate to intrude on your pleasant reverie, but did you happen to take out the garbage?
Jake: Naw, not yet Mabel, but I will do it. Just give me a few minutes. (Half an hour later) Mabel: Jake, you’re a good man and you have never not worked and brought home a good pay cheque, but I am just reminding you to take out the garbage again.
Jake: Now Mabel, just leave me alone. I am having a little break here. A guys got to have a Saturday to himself you know. I work hard all week, spend Sunday at church or with the kids…Saturday is my day.
(Half an hour later) Mabel: Jake really, that garbage is beginning to smell a bit. I would sure appreciate, if you wouldn’t mind, I mean I don’t like to nag you and I’ll get you another beer, but would you mind taking out the garbage? We did agree that it was your chore.
Jake: Mabel, now you are beginning to get on my nerves a bit. You are beginning to sound like my mother, always nagging me about chores.
(Half and hour later) Mabel: Jake, come on. Wake up! The garbage truck is due in just a little while and you haven’t taken out the garbage yet and you said you would. You PROMISED you would.
Jake: (Grumbling) Mabel, I was having such a pleasant dream and because you have been nagging me all the time, I’m not going to do it at all. Get one of the kids to do it.
Mabel: (Sadly) It always ends this way. What am I to do? Johnny! Please take out the garbage. Your father won’t do it.
(Half and hour later) Mabel: Johnny! Come on. Be a good boy. Take out the garbage.
Johnny: Aw mom, stop nagging me.
(Half and hour later) Mabel: (To herself) Why is it I always get left with all the dirty chores around here?
SCENE 2 Mabel: Good boy Johnny. You did a great job tidying up your room.
Johnny to Jane: You see little sister. Mom is not such an old hag. I’ll bet you if you would clean up your room, she would say a few nice things to you too. Jane: But Johnny, let’s face it. You didn’t do a good job. There is still all sorts of stuff you didn’t put away. Johnny: Yeah, that’s true. But it is better. I will try harder next time.