Oh Dear, What to Give?

Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Children's Stories

“Mum, what can I give to someone who already has everything?”“Jimmy, you are by far the kindest 10 year old I know. Actually I don’t have everything. How about a pink sweater to go with the new dress I bought myself for Christmas?”

“Not you mum”

“Well your dad has almost everything a man could want, but how about some new lures for his fishing?”

“Not dad, mum”

“You really care for you big sister, don’t you? Or is it your little sister or maybe grandpa?”

“Not them. It’s Jesus. It’s His birthday. I want to give Him a present but He already has everything there is, doesn’t He”

“You are absolutely right my son. Christmas is His birthday and we should first give presents to Jesus. Yes, He already has everything but He waits for us to give Him ourselves.”

“Mum, I think I will give Jesus every other Saturday afternoon. I want to go down to the park with my baseball stuff and play with some kids who never seem to have bats and gloves.”

“You would do that even though you equipment could get stolen?”

“They probably need it a lot more than me”

“Well my boy, I’m mighty proud of you. You set the example, now it’s our turn. I’m going to give Jesus my golf.”

“Dad, you’ve got to be kidding. You’ll die without your golf.”

Jimmy, you hit the nail on the head. I’m giving my golf to Jesus partly because it has become too important in my life and because there are much better ways to spend that time. The church is asking for volunteers to help build a recreation center for youth down town. Now, that is where I will spend most of my Saturdays. I want you all to come and help. We can work and talk and have lunch together at BIG BURGERS, which is right across the street. That is how I will put Jesus first and my family second.

“So you guys think you can outdo us ladies huh? Well Fred you can also be proud of your wife because I’m going to take back that expensive dress and from now on will shop at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. They’ve got everything in clothes I would need. And with what I save, I’m going to get 4 more foster children in Africa and Vietnam. All that time I spent window-shopping I will give to Jesus by counseling outside the abortion clinic.

“Sweet heart, I am proud of you; especially you’re cooking. But don’t do it for me. Knowing how important it is for you to look your best, I think Jesus will be very pleased.”

“My gift to Jesus is my music. I really thank you mum and dad for all the piano lessons. Now I want to use my singing and piano for those nice people in grandma’s rest home. They love to sing the old hymns and it will be good practice to learn to play slowly.”

“But your boyfriend will miss you Susan.”

“No; he doesn’t know it yet but we are going to learn to harmonize. We’ll sing together. Besides he also has a grandma there who he misses very much.”

“What about me, mum and dad. I’m just little and I don’t have anything to give Jesus for His birthday. Wait. Let me think. I can give Him me. You told me you all did that. So happy birthday Jesus. I give myself to You.”


[Editorial note. I just talked to Jesus and He said that little family gave Him one of the happiest birthdays He has had in a long time.]