Observations, Deductions, Projections and Predictions

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Philip G. Ney, MD, FRCP (C)

June 28, 2003



Since the dawn of time, almost everybody has longed to know the future. If we know the future, we will be much better prepared for it and better able to decide what to do with our lives. Yet much as people have longed to know the future, there was always a concomitant fear because that future may not be a good one. In fact it might be so awful, knowing it would ruin the present.

Those who could, and those who claimed they could predict the future always were treated with considerable ambivalence, both reverence and skepticism. The degree of esteem accorded the prophet depended on whether his prediction was accurate or not. Of course, one couldn’t know if he or she was accurate, in the present. Most people did not live to see the foretold future unfold. Those who spoke pretending to be God, or in the name of God, or for God, were often confused or tricksters who convinced people they were prophetic for monetary gain or power.

It seemed to most people that the ability to predict the future was some mysterious or awesome power. Yet Jesus seemed to say, like Sherlock Homes, “It’s elementary, my dear Watson.” All you have to do is make accurate observations and then, knowing the laws of nature, project along a certain trajectory. Lo and behold, that’s the future.


To the question asked by His disciples “When will all this take place?” (Matt. 24:3 -24), Jesus responds with a series of observations and deductions. Finally he states “Now learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its buds become tender and its leaves begin to sprout, you know without being told that summer is near. Even so, when you see the events I’ve described beginning to happen, you can know His return is very near, right at the door.” (Matt. 24:32-33). In effect, Jesus is saying to his disciples, “Be logical. You observe these things and you deduce from your experience and knowledge what the observation means. You can then project into the future what will happen next. On that basis you can predict what, and when, events will take place.” Christ’s statements can be analyzed like this:

Observation 1:
“When (you see) its buds become tender and its leaves begin to sprout,”
Deduction 1:
you know from experience, without being told, about the change of seasons.
Observation 2:
“When you see the events I’ve described beginning to happen”
Deduction 2:
“you can know”
Projection 1:
“that summer is near”
Projection 2:
“His return is very near”
Prediction 1:
Understood – it will be summer in two months
Prediction 2:
He is “right at the door” (one step more, and he will open the door).
Observation 3:
“When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies” Luke 21:20
Deduction 3:
“then you will know that the time of its destruction has arrived.”

When instructing His disciples, Jesus was saying in effect, use your God-given power of observation and reasoning. You don’t need some miraculous sign or some sudden insight. Jesus got so frustrated by people’s disinclination to use their God-given intellect in understanding the present and from that, predicting the future that He called them hypocrites. He used His strongest epithet because people wanted something more spectacular than they were already witnessing. He refused to comply. It was as if He was saying, “I created you so wonderfully well with the ability to make accurate observations and the brain to make sense of what you are perceiving, and you don’t put it to good use. What is the matter with you? Make it any easier than it is? No way, I will force you to use what I’ve given you. I know all too well, if you don’t use it, you will lose it, particularly your brain power.”

‘Then Jesus turned to the crowd and said, “When you see clouds beginning to form in the west, you say, ‘Here comes* a shower.’ And you are right. When the south wind blows, you say, ‘Today will be* a scorcher.’ And it is. You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky, but you can’t interpret these present times.’1
(* Added emphasis mine).

Fundamental Tenets Behind Making Predictions

  1. There must be unity in truth. There is only one truth, and ultimately only one source of truth. All types of truth must agree. It is not possible to have a scientific fact and a true theological belief that contradicts it, or vice versa. They are not parallel realities or different but equal moralities.
  2. Truth is never abstract. Truth always creates a crisis, both the need and the opportunity to change one’s basic assumptions and one’s behaviour. That is why to know truth requires courage. We know truth in our whole being, not just in our minds. Truth makes us change and we must change if we are to know more truth.
  3. God made truth desirable. There are so many benefits from knowing truth:

    a) Truth sets us free; spiritually, psychologically, in the three dimensions of space, and to some extent, free in time.

    b) The truth of physics and chemistry gives us technology that frees us from back-breaking labour.

    c) Knowing the truth in Christ sets us free from the oppression of compulsive self-destructive choices.

  4. God made truth knowable. It fills us with joy and awe to discover. God placed us in exactly the right time and space to observe and know ourselves and our universe with relative ease:

    a) Earth is carefully balanced between the radial arms of our galaxy giving us the best opportunity to observe our universe.

    b) God created with us a mass almost ½ way between the largest and the smallest aspect of the cosmos so we could, with equal ease, look inwards and outwards.

    c) The basic design of the universe determines what anybody will or can know. Although it is limited by our time and space, it is vast and growing exponentially.

    d) The laws of the universe are relatively simple.

  5. Since 1927 when Heisenberg discovered the “Principle of Uncertainty”, it has become increasingly apparent there are some things we can never know. We will never know earlier than 10-43 seconds of the Big Bang. The Cosmic Constant is pulling the universe apart so rapidly that galaxies are now literally dropping out of sight. Their speed away from us exceeds the speed of light towards us.2
  6. Truth is converging. If anyone will follow any of the radial lines of reality sincerely, persistently and truthfully, they will find the centre and the origin of truth. They will find God. After all, creation has a purpose that is reflected in all of its laws. That place is for humans to know God and enjoy Him forever.
  7. Truth is intuitively recognizable. Children do not need to be taught how to recognize reality. They can see distortion in a cubist’s painting. They know when people are lying. Sadly, the more distorted information anyone allows into their brain, the less able they are to recognize truth. That is one reason children need to be protected from any media which is unable to promulgate reality.
  8. For perverted pleasure, most people choose ignorance. “Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God they deliberately chose to believe lies.” (Romans 1:24) The result was (verse 26) “God abandoned them to their shameful desires” and (verse 28) “when they refused to acknowledge God He abandoned them to their evil minds and let them do things that should never be done.” Ignorance invariably leads to self-destruction.
  9. Truth seekers quickly recognize each other. From whatever part of the world, from whatever science or religion, truth seekers quickly realize, “Here is somebody who is earnestly trying to understand.” Truth’s seekers are naturally drawn to each other. They try not to let ambition or pride get in the way. They want to help each other learn more of truth e.g. scientists cooperating in research and sharing information.
  10. The Creator of the universe had humans in mind when He designed the universe. The universe was created precisely for humans. Humans were not designed for the universe, i.e. evolution, but the universe was exactly tailored for humans. These precise conditions allowing human life probably will not last more than about 43,000 years.
  11. God wants us to know Him. To know Him is to know everything. It will take eternity to do so. He’s not particularly impressed by our efforts to please him (our sacrifices). He wants us to be like him, perfect, which is only possible by knowing Him.
  12. To know Him, which is to know everything, requires:

    a) an inherent desire (every baby is born with curiosity);

    b) the capacity (the human mind has unmeasured capacity to learn and retain);

    c) the opportunity and resources (powers of observation and deduction, of the body and mind);

    d) the time (if we begin now we can have eternity to keep discovering).

  13. God reveals Himself in progressive glimpses which thrill and awe us. God cloaks Himself to protect our freedom of choice. When He reveals Himself in nature or historic events and in Christ, people are either strongly attracted or repelled. Yet reality is always declaring itself. If that were not so we could know very little because when we observe, we distort the object of our observations be it electron or human.
  14. We discover and invent. We don’t create. God encourages and assists our attempts to know the truth in every kind of honest research. Those who personally know God have many advantages in discovering all kinds of truth.
  15. We can discover so much about our universe in conversations with its Creator. We can learn so much about our Creator by observing the universe or we can do both. We can talk to the Designer to learn about the how and why of His design. We can analyze the design to learn about the character of the Designer. Both is so much more efficient.

God makes it easy for us to know Him, and everything. Isn’t it amazing that the most fundamental laws that govern our universe are so simple: A=1/2 gT2 and E=MC2. Although these equations are not precisely right, they are sufficiently accurate to make predictions.
Did you ever wonder why it wasn’t E=M x .217894 x C 2.4891? Astrophysics is finding that things in the universe are simultaneously amazingly complex and simple. The rate of expansion is governed by two conflicting forces: gravity vs. the cosmic constant. The precision of the design that made human life possible is so extraordinary that very few serious scientists don’t believe there was a “Designer”.


The best way to project from the present and predict the future is to know the mind of God who governs all events. We can predict accurately when we:

  1. See the Designer’s character by better knowing ourselves and humanity.
  2. Trace the actions of the Designer in history and in presently unfolding world events.
  3. Carefully attend to the Designer’s personal communication, i.e. talk with Him every day, all day.
  4. Listen carefully to the quiet persistent promptings within us, of God’s Spirit of truth.

We can also make predictions by understanding the fundamental laws governing the universe. We can know these best when we:

  1. Observe, dissect, analyze and explain creation.
  2. Understand the directions the Designer has left us in his written communication.
  3. Read the Designer’s description of His handiwork.
  4. Understand the Designer’s purpose for this universe and for people.
  5. Watch the consequences of living according to the Designer’s design or from flouting his instructions.

We cannot defy gravity. Analyzing the momentum and trajectory of an object hurtling aloft makes it possible to predict where and how hard it will land. As young people are wont to say “What goes around comes around” and “The higher you go, the harder you fall.” Science systematically observes and carefully analyses observations and then confirms them in a variety of experiments, but best by re-creating them in a predictable manner. Science makes observations of the present to produce explanations that are confirmed by predictions of past and future events.

Universal Laws and Consequences

  1. Since we are made by the Great Designer in His own likeness, we are like Him. If we are like God, He is a little like us, only much, much bigger and wiser, more beautiful and powerful etc. Therefore, as we get to know Him, we better see ourselves. When we truly understand ourselves, those insights help us to better know God. Because both ways are rather disconcerting, many people would prefer neither to know God nor themselves as they truly are. It is quite predictable that understanding ourselves and knowing God is both frightening and freeing.
  2. Humans are most efficient, content and fulfilled when functioning according to their individual design (blueprint). That design is best known by God. He created an individual human design for every person. Then He created the universe. He wanted to make sure that the universe would be fit for everybody, to not only live but to grow, and to grow in their knowledge of Him. To ignore or go against our design makes us inefficient, discontent, and susceptible to entropy, which leads to illness in a predictable fashion.
  3. Although each person is unique and distinct, humanity is one unit. We are all rolled together in the bundle of life. Therefore, we cannot benefit at another’s expense. If we harm the least of our neighbours, we harm ourselves. If it isn’t good for black, it cannot be good for white. If it’s no good for men, women cannot benefit. If it isn’t good for her unborn baby, it cannot be good for a woman. Science clearly shows there is no benefit to abortion, only harm. Trying to benefit at the expense of the preborn is dehumanizing millions of parents. When we love others we are loving ourselves; the Universal Law of Mutual Benefit.3
  4. Love is meeting a person’s needs.4 In spite of what songs, poems and drama might portray, love is not an emotion. Love is the action of filling another’s need. When we try to benefit at the expense of another, all our effort will eventually fail and we will be injured. Look particularly at all the empires or nations built on slave labour. They’ve left very little trace of their power and glory. Their despots are dead and ridiculed. Yet enslavers are still very active.
  5. We do not have free will. We have a relative freedom of choice. Adam and Eve were the only human beings who had a free choice. They had a 50/50 probability of choosing one way or the other. Since that time we have all been privileged or underprivileged with choices. Because of our own and other people’s choices, our choices are swayed or skewed. Humanity has a collective 50:50 probability of discerning and knowing God, but for individuals it may be 60:40 or 90:10. Those chosen to have high probabilities of knowing God and those receiving His spiritual and material blessings, must share those God given privileges or lose them. If we keep making wise choices informed by truth, our relative freedom to choose increases. If we refuse to choose, relying on circumstances to govern our thought and behaviour, we become entrapped in our own ignorance and fear.
  6. Knowledge and courage are intimately connected. We cannot know without changing. We change without knowing. Therefore, we will never really know unless we have the courage to change. There is no abstract knowledge. A truth creates a crisis, insisting we change our thinking and behaviour. Truth in an imperfect world insists on change and shows the direction for change.
  7. The knowledge of good and evil can only lead to death. We know good and evil mostly through experience. The greater our knowledge of good and evil, the greater the contradiction. We cannot contain those contradictions without perishing in deep conflict and entropy. Physicians who do abortions have that knowledge of good and evil bound within them.5 In the morning they experience the most blessed experience of any doctor; they deliver babies. In the afternoon they experience the most depraved and de-humanizing activity of any human; they kill a helpless infant. Having that contradiction within them destroys them and their family. Yet people are always attracted to the power and wealth they believe comes from the knowledge of good and evil.
  8. The consistency between belief and behaviour produces health and vigour. Therefore any institution that promotes or allows hypocrisy promotes poor health. Yet many religious institutions do precisely that. Any church that doesn’t insist on personal honesty and putting into practice what people are taught, promotes hypocrisy and illness.
  9. We are inadequate (inherent sin) to exist in the newly created universe awaiting us. Therefore, we must be made new, whole, recreated, ready for the creation of a whole new universe. Isn’t it amazing that “ordinary matter”, the stuff we see, feel measure, etc. makes up only 4% of the universe? The rest is “exotic” matter and energy.
  10. The universe is decaying (entropy), losing both order and energy. The only hope of humanity is to be reconciled to and recreated by the Designer. When we do, we become adequate (fit) for His new creation. We are made new and whole by and in the vicarious death of God’s Son, Jesus.
  11. Compromise is a slippery slope with an exponential curve. The further people proceed down it the less likely they are to be able to reverse that trend without some very dramatic intervention on the part of God. Yet it is so tempting to do little evils and rationalize why we couldn’t help it.
  12. The Designer doesn’t suspend the laws of cause and effect for our convenience, only for His purpose. Some He apparently never reverses in this world, e.g. murdering the pre-born baby. This is partly to show how serious the mistake was, and partly to allow those who know better to intervene and prevent the tragedy.
  13. Life hangs in a balance between good and evil, aggression and nurture. The human perception of right and wrong is only a crude approximation of the Designer’s right and wrong. Because we live in a faulted universe it is not possible to do right and wrong, but we can choose between good and evil (Luke 6:9), aggression and nurture (Deuteronomy 30:15-20). If the balance between aggression and nurture toward infants becomes too upset, then human life cannot survive. Anyone who contributes to the death of a preborn baby damages the instinctual restraint to their aggressive tendencies. Then no one is safe because everyone will at some point emit a helpless cry. If the aggressive reaction to that cry is not muted by the God-given instinctual restraint, people will kill rather than cure the helpless. Having once killed, the restraint is badly weakened.
  14. The more innocent the human life that is destroyed, the more awesome the evil consequences. The consequence of killing God’s perfect Son was the destruction of the Jewish nation. The consequence of killing pre-born babies cannot be avoided. The consequences of abortion are:

    a) Progressive de-humanization of those who permit, perform, or request abortion and those who passively don’t resist. This is about 90% of most populations. Dehumanized people find it relatively easy to dehumanize others.

    b) Existential guilt in millions of abortion survivors is leading to a feeling that life has no inherent value, but is relative to the amount one is wanted. Abortion survivors make up 50-80% of the population and most do not want to have children.6

    c) Progressive distrust between the sexes resulting in marital conflict and family breakup.

    d) The perversion of the basic tenets guiding religion, philosophy, science, medicine and law.

    e) The collapse of capitalism. You can’t run a free market economy with a declining population.

  15. Tragedy occurs in triangles composed of Perpetrator, Victims, and Observers (PVO).7There are no innocent bystanders; all have sinned. The more fully people know about what is happening in other parts of the world, and the less they do, the more they are implicated bystanders. It is the observer who has the best opportunity to correct the tragedy. Observers can see what is happening more objectively, and are less locked into the struggle.
  16. All the universe fights entropy. Humans try to resolve their own chaos and energy engulfing conflicts engendered in their early development, by re-enacting their personal tragedy.8 This results in individual and collective repetitive conflict e.g. war following war. People must learn from history or they must repeat it. Then they perish in entropy.
  17. Reconciliation is the only way of promoting peace. The alternatives of ignoring the problem or taking revenge have never worked. The hard effort of effecting reconciliation will produce intrapsychic and interpersonal harmony.
  18. The universe would decay and die if it were not for the continuing input of order and energy by the Designer. It was not just wound up and let to go its own way. God is making sure the earth’s orbit does not decay. He is constantly correcting the human tendency to self-destruction. God is watching over His creatures. He loves them all intensely but protects their freedom to choose to ignore Him.
  19. Having given us freedom to choose, God hides himself so that we are not overawed by his love, or frightened by His power into serving Him, rather than choosing to enjoy His friendship. Adam and Eve were given the choice between getting to know God gradually, quietly walking in an exquisite exotic garden, or the knowledge of good and evil which would immediately make them like gods. Their stupidity ruined it for everyone. I would be more angry if I didn’t know I would make the same choice. I know that because that desire to acquire knowledge and the quick fix through TV or my computer often supersedes my desire to be with Him in a quiet garden.
  20. No one can escape the necessity of the fundamental change which will make it possible for them to survive in the new universe. The increasing rate of decay in our universe makes a recreation of everything necessary if humanity is to survive.
  21. Since every human was pre-designed, they are also predestined. We have no choice of family, culture, time or space. These were all chosen for us for God’s good and understandable purposes.


  1. Abortion is the most prominent factor that has contributed to the progressive, irreversible, exponential decline in population. The world has never before had a world-wide population implosion. It is unquestionably resulting in economic distress and the confusion of those who try to run the economies. In spite of draconian laws or financial incentives, governments cannot reverse the downward trend. Even with massive inducements to have more children, lowering the interest rates, etc. the population and economy sinks. Eventually economic times will become so desperate people will search about for some one to save them at any cost. Then some “genius” will step onto the world’s stage and offer his services, for a price. He will temporarily bring the economy back on track with forced compliance to massive control.
  2. Since the most fundamental components of human ecology have been irreversibly damaged, there will not be a natural resurgence in the population. Neither restrictive laws nor liberal incentives will work. Therefore the greater the decline in population the greater government control and coercion there will be. Humanity cannot, will not, survive in any of its present forms. We have gone too far. Too many survival mechanisms have been undermined. Materialism and being an abortion survivor keeps people from desiring children. Parent-child and pair-bonding mechanisms are too damaged in too many people. At this point it appears God is mainly waiting. Possibly because he is too disgusted or enraged or has decided human time has nearly come to an end. Too many basic concepts have been deeply distorted, father, family, love, etc. so God is having difficulty teaching us about Himself. There is no somewhat more righteous nation that God can use to judge others. Although there are laws restricting abortion in some countries, it is practiced worldwide. Satan’s recruited army is becoming very large. The human species is self destructing.


By understanding basic human ecology and viewing present trends it is reasonably predictable that the following future events will occur:


  1. Increasing demand for high-tech health care for a “better quality of life”. Then there will be escalating health care costs which will result in increasing government control of health professions. The government will push eugenics and euthanasia and physicians will be induced and reduced into performing doctor assisted suicides. The health care costs are already soaring out of control because:

    a) The vast number of people who have been damaged by abortion, being an abortion survivor, child abuse and child neglect are very difficult to treat for all their psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders.

    b) So many doctors are implicated in producing the vast problem from abortion, they don’t want to listen to their patients and can’t make the right diagnosis.

    c) The downward spiral of increasingly mechanistic biochemical pseudo solutions only compound the basic medical problems and result in a never ending spiral of demand for and variety of drugs to make people feel better.

  2. Since no country will be able to afford this health care there will be an increasing tendency to use “quality of life” criteria to determine who is treated and who is not. Consequently, there will be more old, infirm, ‘handicapped’ and ‘unproductive citizens’ who are excluded from proper treatment and life insurance.
  3. Rampant diseases. The scourge of AIDS resulted from ignoring basic public health policy and procedures mainly because of the gay rights’ demands not to be identified and not to be quarantined. So now there will be fewer effective public health measures able to deal with many bacteria, viruses, rickettsia, etc. that mutate and grow. The difficulty containing SARS is a good example.
  4. Social breakdown. Because abortion decreases trust, love, and bonding, fewer family members will be able to stay together and be loyal to each other. As families break up, so will society.
  5. Economic chaos. There has been an “unprecedented decline” in the value of stocks for three years in a row. This comes from:

    (i) An exponential decline in population.

    (ii) Shattering of basic social units, family, county, city etc.

    The net result will be:

    a) Increasing attempts to correct the economic crisis with computer technology and thus there will be a plague of viruses as nations become more desperate in their competition.

    b) Tighter control of human spending.

    c) Widening gap between the rich and the poor producing social unrest.

    d) Increasing amounts of gambling.

    e) Increasing demand and desire for euthanasia, eugenics, etc.

    f) Increasing attempts at cloning humans.

    g) Attempts to overcome the economic disruption by inducing increased fertility. As a result, in people who are poor parents will have more children. But the decline will continue.

  6. War with unprecedented cruelty and ferocity. This results from:

    (i) The progressive dehumanization resulting from abortion.

    (ii) The callous disregard for the intrinsic values of every human.

    (iii) The collapse of the pillars of society, i.e. law, medicine and religion.

  7. Persecution of Christians. This results from:

    (i) Truth is always unpalatable, and the truth-sayers considered to be dispensable irritants.

    (ii) The unrestrained influence of the media that easily isolates certain groups by pejorative labeling, e.g., “Christian fundamentalists.”

    (iii) God wants mature friends to spend eternity with. There’s nothing like persecution that wakes up, and smartens up people.

  8. The demise of humanity. When the spotted owl reaches low enough numbers, that species will die out. In the foreseeable future, the population implosion of humans will become catastrophic and unless the Lord returns, no human will survive.
    (Matthew 24:22)

How Soon

When all these things will take place is more difficult to predict. One lesson that can be learned from history and from the Bible is that it is possible to predict events that will occur unless people do something about it, but just up to a certain point. After that point in human depravity, predictable events will occur even though there is a change of heart in some people. That point of no return is imminent. Jeremiah constantly predicted some awful things were going to happen to the Jews unless they repented and reformed. However, there came a point at which he no longer said this will happen unless you …. He began saying this will happen regardless. Gravity always applies. There is a point at the edge of a cliff when you are going to fall over unless you scramble back. However, there is also a point when you’ve gone too far and you are going to fall no matter how desperately you claw and clutch onto familiar handholds. Just so, when humans have ignored God, preferred ignorance to truth, and when they have so badly distorted the basic species survival mechanisms, it becomes predictable that humanity cannot, will not survive.

Ezekiel repeatedly prophesied that Israel’s land would be “ruined”9 because “they polluted the land with murder”,10 murder of the innocent.11 The macerated blood, flesh and bones of murdered, innocent preborn babies by the millions in all nations are polluting the fields and the rivers. The produce from the fields is food, the water from the rivers is drink, thus people ingest the DNA of babies and become polluted. I guess this contributes to the farmers’ struggle with crop infestation and the doctors’ difficulty combating auto-immune disease.

Jesus said no one knows precisely when God will wrap this up, not even His beloved Son. (Matthew 24:36) The enemy knows how, where and why God will act but not when. When is the top military secret and God knew His Son Jesus might yield to temptation and side with the enemy. This unique situation is the best evidence that Jesus, while on earth, was God and man. As man he was allowed to make choices that were against God’s will.

All these events will occur in the near future. However, as C.S. Lewis would say of Aslan (Christ) “He is not a tame lion.” God can do anything in His own way in His own time. So often He has unexpectedly intervened. The last intervention should be no surprise. “In fact, unless the time of calamity is shortened, the entire human race will be destroyed. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.” (Matt. 24:22) (This clearly indicates there will be Christians on the face of the earth right up until the last moment when Christ returns). I believe human ecology has been so distorted that it is possible to predict that humanity has passed the point of no return on the exponential curve. At this point, barring some dramatic, probably painful intervention by God, humanity will perish.

Yet I recognize nobody can predict the future with any great degree of certainty; especially these types of catastrophic changes. Maybe the “unless” still applies. Unless we rapidly act on the following, we are doomed. To save our species, we must:

  1. Wake up. Take our heads out of the sand and recognize what is happening. That doesn’t mean watching more TV news; it means watching less.
  2. Confess our contribution to so many tragic triangles. Acknowledge the major contribution to tragedy by being observers.
  3. Repent. Turn around and go in the opposite direction. Value as equal to ourselves the lives of all preborn, handicapped and elderly people.
  4. Reconcile. Every person must turn to their family and friends and neighbors, close and those far away, and engage in the painful process of reconciliation. Most importantly everyone must reconcile to God through Christ Jesus.
  5. Compensate those who are hurt by our passivity, fear, materialism.
  6. Rebuild. We must reconstruct those ancient institutions that are the foundations of our society: religion, law, medicine.
  7. Rebuke. Spread the Word. Speak with courage. Search and research diligently. Write and show evidence as widely as possible.
  8. Grieve. Know in yourself and help other people know in themselves the phenomenal sorrows which comes from recognizing that the world as we have known it is dying. Everyone must mourn for millions of murdered preborn babies as individuals. Each person must acknowledge the impossibility of becoming who they should have become as designed by God.
  9. Mature and Die: It is time for Christians particularly in North America to recognize their selfishness and immaturity. We must start dealing with real problems so we will grow up and then we must die in order to enter into amazing friendship with God.
  10. Live by the Law of Love.4 In personal behaviour, in dealing with anyone, particularly enemies, love always must be the rule. There is no excuse for bad manners.

If a significant proportion of the world’s population did these things, the species could be saved. At this point people won’t change without a painful shake-up.



Future events are predictable from observation, deductions using basic ecological principles and projecting along the curve of present changes. There should be no surprises in the near future from watching the rapid chaos and catastrophic decay of current civilization.

Key Words

Observation, projections, predictions, ecology, extinction, species depopulation.


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