Observations – April 2002

Posted by on Apr 27, 2002 in Observations

  1. Anxiety. High levels of anxiety occur when people are watching helplessly another’s acute or tragic situation.  It appears they would sooner deal with their anxiety than with guilt, so they try to shut up those who are suffering.
  2. Hope. Real hope drives people together.  False hope drives them apart.
  3. Pursuing real hope. There are no roses without thorns.  Pursuing real hopes can also have some painful consequences like becoming God’s child.
  4. Marriage. Marriage is created by God, therefore in this life it is permanent.
  5. Becoming vs. achievement. God is much less interested in what you achieve than who you become.  After all, you cannot take your achievements to heaven, but who you are becoming in this world is who you will always be. 
  6. Ambivalence of abortion survivors. The deep ambivalence toward education arises principally in abortion survivors.  They are curious about what happened to their sibling, but they don’t want to know the truth.  It is too frightening to know your parents are capable of killing innocent children.  So students are eager to learn, but they couldn’t stand knowing anything that comes too close to knowing their parents are baby killers and the state isn’t interested in protecting them.
  7. Talking to abortion survivors. Parents of abortion survivors should show a readiness to talk about anything.  They should use forbidden words like kill, murder, etc. so their child can ask any question and express any feeling. Although it is traumatic for abortion survivors to learn the terrifying truth, they suspect it all along.  The small, innocent sibling was murdered.  They end up recognizing two vitally important truths– 1) If my parents can talk about the abortion they contributed too, I can talk about anything else.  2) If God can forgive my parents for killing an innocent child, surely He can forgive me for anything.
  8. Christian courage. For far too many Christians the bottom line is convenience and comfort rather than conviction and courage.
  9. Constricting commitment. Commitment is a restricting boundary, but you are freer within that boundary than you are outside of it.
  10. Naturally occuring chaos. If you drop something it will quite naturally and with no hesitation roll into the most inaccessible corner.
  11. North Americans. What can I say about North Americans?  They love images more than the real thing.  With equal ease they glorify their villains while alive and their heros when they are dead.
  12. Prayer. Jesus taught His disciples to pray so that they could pray with and for Him.  The time was when they were with Him in Gethsemane.  That is when they should have been urgently praying for and with Him to God, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”
  13. Abortion survivors and faith. The amount of faith we have is seen in how soon we start thanking and rejoicing for those issues for which we have prayed.  Even before we have stepped onto the bridge, we thank God for providing the passage over troubled water.  We shouldn’t have to wait until we successfully cross over.  Post abortion survivors have difficulty seeing Christ on the cross suffering and dying for them.  It is too clearly a reminder that their siblings died when they might have or should have.  They rejoice when they see the glorious, risen Saviour.  The one that will come in power. 
  14. Human existence. Humans have always jumped off branches from the tree of living, but now they are cutting at the roots of human existence. 
  15. Jesus Christ as holocaust survivor. Jesus Christ understands abortion survivors.  He is Himself a survivor of a catastrophic killing of children in His town.
  16. Windows of opportunity. There are three windows of opportunity that are rapidly moving by us.  1) Getting people’s attention from the emotional impact by recognizing the humanity of the disabled, unborn or the handicapped child.  2) The impact of scientific truth.  3) A knowledge that abortion damages each human and each human relationship.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that people can know all these things and not be affected by them at all because their comfort and convenience is more important.
  17. Love. One of the most wonderful things about love is that someone else teaches you who you really are.
  18. Stomachaches. There are 3 kinds of stomach ache.  1) The gnawing sensation from anger. 2) The knot from fear.  3) The nausea from revulsion