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NATURAL SELECTION BY DESIGN; Earth as Seed and Soil, the way it was supposed to be.

Philip Ney   14/8/15



            God is almighty and He is very social. He desires for His own and for human joy limitless, interesting friends with whom to spend limitless time and in boundary less space. As incomprehensible as this may seem, God is easily capable of chatting individually with an infinite number and variety of people. It gives Him great joy to get to know a person, especially if they are wise and loyal.

God designed humans to be a little lower than Himself (Ps. 8:5). He wants them to know Him as a person. That includes knowing everything He knows. He understands this will take an infinitely long time, (eternity) but He made humans with that capacity, especially with a new body and mind which uses all the genes that now seem to be redundant.


  1. Start date. There was a beginning of the matter and energy that were necessary to build a home for the humans God had in mind.
  2. Plenty of time. God was in no rush to create humans and He was determined they should survive in the environment He was building.
  3. Detailed plans for everything that were to be tested over time.
  4. Experimental attitude which allowed for trial runs and the flexibility of thinking which would permit discarding less well designed versions.
  5. Elementary particles that can be used in building almost any type of force and matter.
  6. Basic sustainable, reliable forces with which to keep the whole universe energized.
  7. Reliable, strong, intelligent servants who will carry out His instructions with great precision.
  8. Reliable moral forces that will guide human thought and behaviour without constraining the human to always comply.

Natural Selection by Design

            God is capable of designing anything with great precision but as a good scientist there was always the slim chance that the development could be improved upon.  He was sufficiently wise and self-assured to acknowledge that the final development should include the possibility of further natural development. At the same time He knew that each structure could not be allowed to develop beyond its basic structure without that structure becoming self-destructive.

            The earth was designated the place for field trials. Thus it was constructed with a limited amount of variability that could naturally select designs that were an improvement. It must be emphasized that to create the possibility of natural selection took more not less intelligence. To help select the more efficiently designed naturally advanced models shows God could see well into the future and know which of a number of possibilities was going to develop in the direction He had in mind.

The hypothesis of bounded natural selection helps answer some persistent puzzles debated by both creationists and evolutionists?

  1. a) Why does human development use such a small percentage of the genes that are available in human chromosomes? Since God is eternal He must be efficient and not make any substance He will not use. I suspect these “extra genes” will be used in the quick creation of a new body that is promised to those who are destined for eternal life.
  2. b) The human and most creatures have vestigial organs (e.g. some whales have little feet) that could mean they have developed from a species that had and used those organs or these are the earliest phases of the full development of that creature with those organs in heaven. i.e. walking and talking whales.
  3. c) The wild profusion of seed which is far in excess of what that flora or fauna would need in this life. I believe God expected those seeds to be gathered on earth and planted in Mars etc. as humanity colonized space.

Since God so wanted to have a wide variety of human friends to love and teach, He set the whole order of natural selection in place so it would increase the variety of people. He was so pleased when some individuals, naturally selected, were significantly different. He was very displeased with handicaps; not the people but the way a handicap could limited the love, life and freedom on any person.

Jesus taught not only what people should think and do but also the way things were and how to handle these verities. Examples: i) “To him that has shall more be given.” People with talent or wealth find it so much easier to get ahead. ii) “The poor you will always have with you.” This is not the way things should be but it does provide God loving people the opportunity of learning how to love others, even though they may smell terribly.

Bounded natural selection is not random but designed. It is not spontaneous but energized by God.

Earth as the “hot house” for prototypes

God created seeds that produced plants and animals with far more seeds than any plant or animal might need for basic replication. I suspect He envisioned these seeds being taken to distant habitable planets for planting and harvesting by humans who would select the better varieties.  They would take these hardier varieties to even more distant earths for planting until the whole universe was full of them of all the flora and fauna that are now at home on Terra.

God allowed natural adversities so human could adapt and breed the best of humans. God never did and never will approve of discarding the “faulty” specimens but expected humans to struggle to meet the special needs of some people and thus become more loving and wise. In these ways, nothing is wasted

Bounded vs. Spontaneous Natural Selection

            It might be argued that God can’t be all-knowing if He needs to rely of natural selection to develop and test by natural selection. On the other hand it would take even greater intelligence to design a system in which a species could develop its own modifications from the proto-type. There would need to be limits to this natural selection by design so that species didn’t inbred and lose their original genes.

God driven, guided and energized natural selection (GDENS) differs significantly to Darwin’s ideas.  As the name suggests, this process has been carefully designed. Darwin believed the whole natural selection of what was better was spontaneous (Spontaneous Natural Selection for Fitter Species, SNSFS) as if the universe had the capacity to think thru all the ramifications and constraints that would be required to make this complicated system work.  SNSFS makes no attempt to explain the origin of energy and elementary particles. As explained in other chapters, once you can believe in the existence of an all wise and powerful God, the reasons for all other observations fall into place. GDENS understands that God provides the basic design and the energy for the ongoing process.  SNSFS relies upon the idea of spontaneity to provide the guidance and energy for natural selection. Entropy shows that belief is ludicrous. The 2nd law of thermodynamics shows that you get less work than you calculated from the energy source. Everything is inefficient and therefore winding down. As systems become less energetic, they become more disorganized. In GDENS any shortfall in energy is replenished from God’s infinite store.

God’s good earth was built as a laboratory in which to design and test prototypes of all creatures. It seems to imply God was no able to design or bench test all the species now known to humans. As argued elsewhere in these volumes, God cannot exist outside His own laws governing time, matter and energy. Thus it would take time and energy to redesign each species. So He saved time and energy by creating as system for the development and testing of subspecies. I’m quite sure God was intent on running His universe efficiently as possible since there was such a huge demand on His energy by so many billions of galaxies and solar systems that were decay because of entropy. Maybe in His original design everything was so carefully calculated and efficient, there was no entropy. The fall of man was the beginning of entropy and the progressive degeneration of everything.  With human disobedience and wrong choices, the devil was able to insert an error term in God’s huge computer so that everything became unbalanced and died, not instantaneously but progressively. God kept poring energy into this inefficient universe but was waiting for human-kind to choose Him as Lord, Saviour and Friend so he could collapse the whole array and start afresh. It appears that now He is so disgusted with people willfully, ignorantly killing his new babies, He is letting the solar system run down by first letting the earth’s orbit decay. In so doing He is challenging arrogant humans to fix the basic problem if they can. Even when it becomes so obvious that humans cannot correct rapid orbital decay and all its attendant destructive forces, most humans will not bow to God, repent and humbly ask Him to give them one more chance.

Human propagating

            Humans have far more seeds than they need to sustain their species. They also have an intense desire to propagate and when properly nourished, a vast reserves of sexual energy. This can get them into trouble. God did not make any mistakes in design so I suspect He intended that humans would conquer space and the seed the whole universe with people who God would get to know and enjoy chatting with.

Had Adam and Eve obeyed God’s command to be fruitful and multiply there would have been far more people covering the whole earth in different climes and thus with different appearances and personalities. If Adam, with the help of his wife and family obeyed God’s command to name (classify) the creatures he would have developed the scientific method of investigation and discovery. Thus, the technologies that is now just making travel to Mars possible would be far more advanced. The understanding of matter and energy would also be much deeper and extensive so that time and gravity were not such impediments to space travel.

There is certainly enough space and it is rapidly growing. There is plenty of matter and energy. All that is lacking is courage and ingenuity to make space travel comfortable and quick. A poor farmer is confronted by a dilemma of keeping his particularly errant cows from wandering into a neighbour’s fields but he doesn’t have the money to buy good fencing nor enough sense to see that the solution is right at hand. But he keeps wandering about watching, thinking and praying, “Oh Lord show me how.” Then bingo, “I think I got it. Thank you Lord.”

During a hot dry spell he dams a creek running thru is property, fashions a crude water wheel or turbine, rewires an old generator from his no longer operational tractor,  makes all the wire from his dilapidated fence into a single strand and “ouch” he has an electric fence all made from materials he had at hand.  As any old farmer will tell you, “Where there is a will, there is a way” Humanity now has all the materials and knowledge to travel at least to Mars if they had the will. There ‘jump gap’ between feasible and daring is much less for modern man than it was for Columbus.

With limitless space to explore and colonize, humans would be far less combative and more cooperative. With no preconceived restriction on the size of human families, there would be much greater cohesion. With the pride that comes from exploration, young men would gladly volunteer for space ship crews, especially if they could take their wives and children with them.

This hypothesis is supported by human natural inclinations. There is nothing like being a pioneer for most men. Very few women are hostile to children. Most would like to have and raise as many as their blueprint indicates. Most men would enjoy having many children and a wife who was well educated in child rearing and human psychology supporting him as the whole family’s main goal in life. Thus, families would be more likely to be harmonious and happy.

This hypothesis is supported by modern science: “the basic three quarks, changing numbers of gluons flit around like fireflies, flickering in and out of existence and pairs of quarks and antiquarks form and dissolve…”  (Scientific American page 48, May 2015).

This hypothesis is supported by scripture: “And He shall send His angels to gather His elect from the four corners of the earth and from one end of heaven to the other” Matt 24:31.


       Having known the Designer/Creator personally for over 70 years, having read his writings and speeches, having quietly listened to thoughts suggested by His Holy Spirit now living in me, having experimentally carefully studied the most complex object of His creation the human and having imputed to Him thoughts I might have if I were Him. Being made like Him although very much smaller, dumber, and much less powerful, I think it is safe to assume that we think alike. I believe God’s original intention, if humans would have only obeyed and trusted Him, was to have an infinite number of good friends of an almost infinite variety, with whom to have unhurried chats, any time it so pleased Him. To have an infinite number and variety, He needed infinite space and time. The earth was to serve as soil and seed, providing a good testing ground and thru natural selection to develop the most efficient and beautiful members of every species, that God designed and fashioned. Thus, the earth could develop and test seeds including humans that would populate the universe which is still growing and expanding.

The original propagating couple did not live up to God’s expectations. They disobeyed by not multiplying, developing the scientific method but attempting to short circuit the process with a method suggested by God’s arch enemy. They rebelled and from that moment on the original plan was in jeopardy.  But God purposes are never defeated so the alternative of life on this old planet was put into effect by God’s son Jesus. The rest is history, predominately y painful history. There is still a faint likelihood and odds are very lopsided but God could invade, not as a great conquering warrior but as a gentle friendly giant and set everything in order. It all depends on humanity’s desire to put God’s intentions first.