Mr Gore and Global Warning

Posted by on Apr 24, 2017 in Science



Why is Mr. Gore such a hero to so many? He recently spoke in our city.  In the very large new hockey arena, people packed in to hear him say again what he has said many times before or what could have been read at their leisure, for $200 a seat.  Apparently he told good jokes and though his science is shaky, millions believed his every word.  There must be a reason.  I think there is.  Moreover if this reason is correct then the near future is predictable.

Mr. Gore argues that the world is heating up, the effects of that are catastrophic and the cause of the problem is human greed.  Since the cause is human, the solution can also be human.  All he has to do is change human nature. That shouldn’t be too difficult if he can make people desperate enough.  If he can make people feel sufficient fear, they will do anything, even give up their selfish, sinful ways.  So for the first time in history, is it possible that one man will accomplish what the most powerful, smartest or self-sacrificing have failed to do.  If he can save people from them selves and thus save mankind, he is a better savior than Jesus, God’s Messiah.

It is contended that humans must change their ways or all will perish.  Jesus said that and Jesus made it as easy as falling of a log.  In addition to His perfect logic and beautifully expressed lectures on disaster and love, Jesus would give to all those who wanted to be essentially different, the power to so and the promise of living in a perfect world for ever and ever. But Jesus was only about 20% successful.

Maybe Jesus’ problem is that he doesn’t have enough political backing or because His PR was insufficiently funded or because He insisted that the solution to man’s inherent narcissism was infusing each person with His spirit of love.  That’s it.  Jesus and Mr. Gore both say the basic problem is man’s perverse self-destructiveness.  The difference is that Jesus clearly states the only solution is for each person to admit their persistent sinfulness and humbly ask God to save him/her.  Mr. Gore says the solution is for every person to realize how desperate the situation is and be concerned enough about the environment and the welfare of humanity, to curtail his/her materialistic and pleasure seeking appetite.

If the object was to save all mankind, Jesus appears to have failed. He should move over and let Mr. Gore have a go at it, right?  I don’t think so.  There is a fundamental flaw in that logic.

I don’t see any mass movement of people to stop driving cars much bigger than they need, put out their comforting home wood fires, stop filling the air with dangerous cigarette smoke or curtail their jet travel, which spreads hydrocarbons in the upper atmosphere.  “Well”, you might say, “that’s because most people haven’t got it; they don’t realize how desperate the environmental situation really is.”  “We need to make them even more scared, even if that means distorting the facts further”.  I am sure that will happen.  With a bit more hype, it will become a kind of mass anxiety neurosis. Then people will discover that a person cannot change to basic selfishness nature, no matter how motivated they are. 

But why would people so readily accept Mr. Gore and company’s reasoning and consequent fear?  Could it be that the real reason and the fear from that very apparent cause is even greater and that the only solution is worldwide apology and turning to God.  What am I referring to?

Abortion.  “Abortion?” you say, “Don’t be ridiculous.  We need fewer people and besides it’s a woman’s right.”  Not quite so fast friend.  Have you noticed the struggles in the stock market, sliding house prices, difficulty finding employees and lack of children to fill the classrooms?  Did you know that the UN, after decades of making people fear overpopulation, has now admitted “population implosion”, an implosion that may well be irreversible?

“You are some kind of religious nut.  You belong in the dark ages.” Actually no.  I’m a serious scientist, retired professor and physician with a long track record of trying to make the world a better place, especially for children. 

Simply put, Mr. Gore and his hypothesis are popular because he and it diverts people’s thinking from the real problem.  His cause is more acceptable because it is simpler and easier to fix.  My hypothesis is far more difficult, grating and the basic problem almost unfixable.  Mr. Gore believes since humans created the problem, humans can fix it.  For the majority that is very reassuring.  I believe that the present: disinclination to mate and have children, widespread sense of impending doom, commonly experienced existential guilt, pervasive and increasing anxiety not allayed by billions spent on medication and increasing distrust of parents and authority, all stemming from abortion, are problems so deep they cannot be reversed without the direct intervention of God.

Who is going to be believed, Mr. Gore or me?  That isn’t so hard to predict from current data.  Mr. Gore is idolized and paid well by millions.  As for me, I will be speaking cold hard fact to an audience of a few dozen grudgingly forking up a few bucks to help pay some of my expenses to be there.  Do I mind?  Not particularly because I know that God is in charge and all I must do is to keep speaking the truth to as many as have ears to hear.

Am I worried? Very! Why? I am very worried because the next scenario is real scary.

As the economic decline stemming from population implosion worsens, there will be extra effort to blame pollution and global warming.  There may even be a temporary improvement in people’s selfish and neighbour careless ways, which will reinforce the belief that Mr. Gore is right.  But it will be temporary.  When things slide again and they will because the basic problem of human arrogance and selfishness hasn’t been changed, then as people watch their major assets shrink, there will be real anxiety.  Then people will call out for anyone to save them from catastrophe. 

Onto the world’s stage will stride someone who will take and/or be given charge.  They will centralize the economy and scapegoat any people who don’t go along, as being the cause of all economic ills.  It will work for a time.  When it no longer provides the masses with the life-style to which they have become accustomed, will they seek remedy in addressing the root problem?  No. Historically they never have.  More predictably, people will work at the false solutions with increasing ferocity.  Until when?  Until one of two things happens. Either Jesus intervenes by coming back or until people heed the global warning and humbly ask God to save them from their own stupidity.  Which is more likely?  You guessed it.