Men’s Hearts Failing for Fear

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Jesus said that in the later days just before He comes back to earth, men’s hearts would fail from fear. (Luke 21:26) “The courage of many people will falter because of the fearful fate they see coming upon the earth, because the stability of the very heavens will be broken up” I don’t believe this is an allegorical statement. Heart failure may be caused by fear, especially if that fear has continued for some time. Some translations state: ”..The courage of many people failing them…” . They are probably both correct.
For when courage fails, heart failure is more likely.

In this day and age, heart failure from fear is increasing. There is a good reason for this. Because people begin to discern that God is allowing a fearful fate they see coming upon the earth, because the stability of the very heavens will be broken up”

“God has put this knowledge in their hearts”…. They can clearly see His invisible qualities His eternal power and divine nature” “So they are without excuse” (Rom.1:19,20)

Whether they like it or not people know more about God than they care to admit. They know partly from God’s imprint in their heart, (read subconscious mind) and partly from casual observation of the world and the universe. They can sense how God is thinking and feeling. They can sense when God is becoming angry with them, much as a child senses when a parent is annoyed. They also intuitively perceive that God maintains the universe and that when He is angry and disgusted with humanity He will let earth’s orbit decay and there is nothing any human or earthly power can do about it.

For reasons few deny, people sense God is increasingly frustrated, impatient and righteously enraged with them. They have a sense of impending doom. Especially whenever there is a succession of unusual and catastrophic “natural events” that threaten large populations. It is not hard to deduce the basic problem with catastrophic climate change is a significant lowering of earth’s orbit around the sun.

“I wonder what is going on” This weather is very unusual” “This has been a disastrous year for….bees, wheat, corn. Cotton, coffee, cocoa…..etc.” “It must be a result of catastrophic climate change. Etc.….”
Rather than accept the fact, God is trying to warn us, most people want to attribute their unease to man made weather or economic changes because then they have a chance of fixing it all. When it comes as result of God’s annoyance, they realize they will have to swallow their pride and ask for God’s forgiveness.
Common human reactions to a sense of Impending Doom.
The Subconscious Nagging Fear (SNF) and Sense Of Impending Doom (SOID) only apply to those who have not done their utmost to prevent the murder of preborn children.That is almost everyone. Even those who have tried hard, know in their hearts they could have done more. So the following applies to almost everyone.
It is felt most strongly in those who are in tune with God and can sense His growing rage and impatience.
a) Retreat .Humans and animals when threatened or frightened by something “awesome out there somewhere in the dark” have a tendency to crawl back into their cave, cautiously looking over there shoulder to see if anything is following them. They know it is foolish to do this because there is a limited supply of wood to keep their small fire going and that they are now trapped. They vainly hope something
bigger will chase away the awesome presence out there, before dawn. They also know that is unlikely because there isn’t anything bigger or more benign to deal with the threat that is closing in on them.

In modern terms this means that there is a huge amount of conscious denial, plus fears people can’t articulate plus a desire to run and hide somewhere. They know there is no place to hide but they will try anything, even asking the rocks to hide them. As they run they call to each other false reassurances, “Don’t be afraid! We know what’s wrong and we can soon fix it..”
b) Passivity.
Many otherwise bold and active people start becoming passive for no apparent reason. They won’t volunteer for a worthy cause, not even if that cause might benefit them. They vote inconsistently making alarming, bizarre swings in politics. They won’t commit themselves to any moral, economic or political position. If rubbed the wrong way they can become aggressive and occasionally murderous.
c) Displacement.
Intuitively these people realize their fear is a sense that who-ever runs the universe is quite fed up with the way humans are treating each other and their environment. They also suspect they could not endure a direct encounter with who-ever that may be so they describe as a source of their fear some event or disruption as the cardinal beginning. “We don’t know for sure, but the data points to the aging population as the chief cause of all our problems. We wouldn’t want to alarm old people but maybe just maybe, the
best solution to this horrible imbalance is euthanasia.
d) Projection..
Many people will not want anyone to know how terrified they really are, ‘its bad for the stock market so they will make the source or the object of their fear, some other unsuspecting group. “Afraid? Us afraid? You have got to be kidding. You are the one who is really anxious. Your denial is the evidence you are coming apart from fears.”
e) Denial.
Denial is easy to see all around you but it is most prevalent amoung young public figures and younger bankers. They try to encourage a sense of, “ This is just a recession. We have plenty of resources. We can still run the worlds economy like we always did. As for God That’s for children. He never spoke to me”
f) Narcissism
This is the most sexually ridden and titillated age of all. Although heterosexual intercourse has become safer, (diseases and pregnancy), the media has convinced people that to “pleasure oneself” is just as enjoyable and safer. Consequently many forms of masturbation, (self, group, pornography, anal intercourse, heterosexual etc is usually preferred. By the laws of conditioning, people become more focused and more “caring for themselves” Narcissi people spend more money on their own fun, medicine, clothes, and travel. In the highly recommended process of “looking after yourself”, people become so self “loving”, they lose the ability to love others. They become increasingly resentful of any who would impinge on their personal “life style and fun”.
g) Hedonism
Related to narcissism, hedonism put the emphasis on pleasure, only pleasure. “If we’re going to go, let’s get drunk and have one long sex orgy”. They don’t care about family, they use friends, and they work only enough to pay for the next party and when life is no longer pleasurable, the want some foolish physician to help them commit suicide. However because they are trying to avoid a persistent nagging sense of impending doom that even the most intense sensation does not completely dim, they must
up the ante, make it more intense next time. Yet even then the body must recuperate and during that lull in the blast, the voice of fear comes back louder and more persistent, until they become very angry with God and then consequently more fearful because they really know He knows and He is not at all pleased with them.
h) Cynicism
In the face of a calamity that humans cannot correct or forestall, some people become more cynical. “Now just watch me. I will swindle the pants right off them and they won’t know it. I will buy at the bottom and sell at the top of the market. Making sure it keeps swinging for my immense profit. OR “They are so fearful of death, I will convince them there is an afterlife, after they are unfrozen. Who knows, there may be a more benign race of people after the grand finale. I won’t promise anything but I will
charge a hefty fee. OR “Join me and we will rule the world. So what if we nuke ½ the planet. We’ll be on the safe side”

i) Any cause will do.
“The whole world is going crazy cause they know we are going to die. I’ve always believed on dying for my country, but after making such a mess of everything,I’m not so sure. Give me a cause to die. Any reasonably good cause will do. I’ll even blow myself up if I can take a few real baddies with me.” Any smart despot will find these people and convince them there is still a slim chance everything can be set right if only they have enough power and military might to back it up.
j) Distraction.
With intensely absorbing entertainment, people can momentarily forget their fears. Excitement (an adrenalin rush), inhibits fear. The greater the rush the less the fear. The more absorbing and titillating the drama, the more the rush. The most absorbing drama is life-threatening situations in which the hero and heroine barely survive. Since they feel very threatened, people will create and absorb very far out
fiction, sci-fi or occult or even so called “Christian warfare against demons” that have little to do with real spiritual warfare but God always wins and nobody really gets hurt.

k) Numbing.
The pharmaceutical industry (PI) has become increasingly hungry for megamillions. The 2nd largest corporation is a pharmaceutical firm. The 2nd most often prescribed medications are antidepressants, (which it is claimed are also good for some anxieties). Thus they have become less ethical and more manipulative. Since the world cannot tolerate the oncoming sense of impending doom, the PIs will find and promote new meds which are recommended to make people more relaxed and happier for wider and wider range of “therapeutic indications” In the meantime, there are an increasing variety of street drugs and more types of alcohol on which to blow your mind and get really hung over” Yet the sense of mpending doom, facilitated by God sending natural (tsunami) and unnatural (stock market plunging up and down),shocks which cannot be completely ignored or forgotten, the number and amount of numbing meds and drugs won’t quite do it. But people will become increasingly hooked and aggressively
l) Becoming sick and sicker
While most of the population is getting hooked on unnecessary chemicals, almost all the rest will be using legitimate medication for wide a variety of physical and psychological ailments. Since none of these deal with the underlying issues, the problems will intensify. Their physicians will prescribe more and a wider range of drugs which will results in unforeseen illnesses. And thus a vicious cycle develop which usually ends in death promoted and complicated by “healing medication”. For those who are religious &/or poor or skeptical of modern medicine, there will spontaneously arise a whole new set of healers, some even Christian. They will first concoct a remedy, then carve out a market, the find a few gullible unwell people
who become better with that remedy to serve as examples of “how well you can become for less than ½ the price of a doctor’s fancy potion”. They will each have their converted following who disregard medical science and for a time appear to be miraculously healed. Then the old familiar aches and pains or asthma or cancer will return in force. They have been duped at least once and will avoid regular efficacious meds until they are too unwell for anything to aid them. They become the kind of incurable, persistently complaining patient who never listens to their physician’s advice who almost every family doctor wishes would go away. These patients will take up a very large percentage of the health care budget and drain
away resources from legitimate medical, surgical and psychiatric care. As the doctors struggle to find a suitable and persistently taken treatment, a doctor-patient atmosphere develops. The net result of this is diminishing confidence in the medical profession and consequently much less good placebo effect. All of this is compounded by the damaging effect abortion has on the number and severity of seriously damaged people who won’t complain because they firmly believe abortion is a woman’s right, even when it becomes increasingly obvious to them and the medical profession, the root cause is killing innocent children.
m) Rampage.
When survivor rage is mixed with a growing sense of impending doom in young people with little hope and poor self esteem it becomes a volatile gas requiring the smallest spark to ignite the largest explosion. The abortion survivors rage stem from the awakening awareness that one or both of their parents killed a sibling they would love to have had, if for no other reason than to dissipate some of their parents psychological pathology. They have little hope because they can’t trust those in power and the
progressive decline in fertility rates is creating growing unemployment. As Abortion Survivors they felt guilty for surviving so they could not develop good self-esteem. But they are very sensitive to “vibes” and tend to be “spiritual”. As a result they try to perceive what God is thinking and doing and sometimes they are right. They will try to convince their peers to “watch out because God is really angry”. When the authorities are so impotent and problems worsen, one killing by a trigger happy cop and “all hell breaks loose” The government cracks down but the courts and prisons are already too full, and so the police are discouraged from making “unnecessary arrests. In their own frustrations “the cops join the crowd” and anarchy ensues.
n) Despair.
“Its hopeless. We may as well end it now.” “Everything they have tried has only made it worse” Most scientists realize their loudly touting about the cause being human made CO 2, really has nothing to do with global warming. They are afraid to tell the world that the real cause of catastrophic climate change is probably a result of earth’s failing orbit around the sun. Why? Because there is nothing they can do to fix it. Some suggest massive nuclear explosions on some expendable part to the world”. Why not India? Its such a source of disease and depravity anyway”. As long as they debate where, nothing is done. The earth’s orbit decays with exponential rapidity, gravitational forces are deranged, tsunamis multiply and earthquakes totally destroy enough of a cities infrastructure that the survivors furiously fight each other for bread and water.Rather than succumb to savagery, the more noble survivors will want to commit mass
suicide or genocide.
o) Follow any charismatic leader.
In the midst of panic and growing despair, most people will search desperately to find someone to “lead us out of this hell”. Many demagogues will want to give global government a try but mutual suspicion will make them all topple. The only one to succeed will be some brilliant mind who initially gains popularity and power by solving the world’s economic chaos. He does this by both destroying most upstart rivals and unifying trading by insisting there be no commerce except thru his world bank. Only those who realize being part of his scheme is a form of worship, will refuse to have an imbedded chip. They will pay with their lives, less from pogroms than from starvation, for their money is worthless and bartering is forbidden.

p) Embrace bizarre theology.
As always in history, when things could not get worse, someone starts a new religion. Because it’s new and it’s leaders are so convincing, many will follow. The fact they are led to termination, only authenticates their leader’s strange beliefs. As with the Cargo Cults, there is a superstitious association between what they believe and some very temporary benefit.
q) Rigid adherence to my good old religion.
While some run after strange new ideas, others cling more rigidly to their old ones, especially those similar to Christianity. The more rigid they become, the more people are turned away from simple faith in God’s Messiah Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Shortly the most rigid are attacking each other, not only with words but also with sharp weapons. They revert to swords etc, because the government has confiscated all firearms and they would rather go down fighting than let some other brand dominate and
lead people astray.
r) We’ll try harder.
While most give up or run helter skelter looking for some-one or something that will at least produce some temporary benefit, those who have always tried hard to be productive citizens, will try harder. They will loudly shout or write, what is the matter with the rest of you?” “We must try harder to make things here as good as possible.Maybe God or who-ever is in charge will recognized our good efforts and reward us
with at least some relief from the heat and geomagnetic turmoil”. Soon finding itdoesn’t work will only make them redouble their efforts. Thy would sooner try again, then turn to scripture and find that in spite of self righteous effort, God will not forgive the murder of the innocents. (II Kings 23:26 )

What makes it worse and worse.

a) Distrust God even more.
Under extreme duress, God’s faithful children will trust Him more. While arrogant and the evidence ignoring people, will in growing doubt and anger, push His truth away. But as Paul wrote in ancient times, they will have no excuse, for God’s truth is in them and around them, if only they would open their eyes for just a little while. (Rom: 1:20)
b) Promote the problems of abortion etc.
Just as a chronic smoker now dying of lung cancer or COPD offers a cigarette to some teenager, so those who know their selfish choice have resulted in many of the world’s problems, so they will continue to offer to other’s what is destroying them. “It’s a woman’s choice and besides it’s the best way for us women to realize our power over life and death. We kill some and save some when and if we want to.Sisters hear me. That is real power and you can feel it every time you have an abortion.”Others, well aware they are doomed, will want to drag others, especially the middle class, down with them to an early economic grave.

c) Refuse reconciliation with God.
God wants friends who choose Him. When we and our ancestors chose to go our own stupid way, God set up a way back and waited to see how many would choose His alternative plan. A few feel to their knees in abject recognition that they could not get to heaven by their own best efforts which had been a matter of some self pride. Yet for many who can clearly see the way, will insist they must have at least some part to play in justification. ”It can’t all be by faith”. There must be an economy of salvation
whereby His grace plus our efforts and suffering, will bring us there. And so because of their pride and rebellion, they refuse reconciliation, God’s style
d) Won’t try reconciliation with family, neighbours and friends.
The Word of God is clear. We are not forgiven “our sins” unless we forgive others who have sinned against us” From start to finish, God’s good news is one of reconciliation, between God and man and between mankind and all his fellow humans. God wants friendship, not alienation. So we are commanded to reconcile. The route is not so complex although it may be extremely difficult.
e) Feeble response from Christians
With some exceptions, real children of God are silent and afraid. It seems that they are silent because the fear human reprisals more than God’s disapproval. Some Christians believe this is a time for peace and prosperity. They think we would all enjoy it except some Christians of “weak faith” refuse to believe the right way.Other Christians insist that because the Lord is in charge, He will straighten out everything in His own time and manner; “So what are you worried about?” They forget all the prophesies about the Lords people being the first to be disciplined for their disregard of people’s suffering and their smug indolence regarding the slaughter of innocent children, each of whom was created in His image. (Gen. 1:26 & 9:6).
There are so many self-indulgent, materialistic Christians who in defense of their comfortable life-style have found preachers who will defend their lack of involvement with concepts like being “called to ministry” and having “a passion for a particular ministry”. These Christians forget that there are far more commands in the bible than there are calls.

God who knows all hearts knows when individuals ignore the plight of others being led to death. (Prov. 24:12) He will not accept ignorance as an excuse for
disobeying Him.
Christians would prefer to ignore the evidence that there are no innocent bystanders. If you are not fighting for God, you are aiding His enemy. The vast majority will eschew abortion but to avoid hearing the muffled screams of babies being aborted and the moans of their guilt-ridden parents, they sing louder. If you don’t believe me, do a small survey to find out what % of people in your church have ever participated in the very non demanding protest for babies, of a “life chain”.

Only One Solution:
a) Increase desirability of children.
As long as humans wantonly destroy their helpless children in-utero, there will be a vicious cycle of social, political and economic destruction. The nations have been foolishly led to believe, there was planet destroying overpopulation and so human family and children have become the archenemy. Children were
dehumanized, devalued and only allowed to live if they were wanted. And so “wantedness” has become the essential criteria of life and being unwanted for any superficial reason is a death warrant, for preborn babies, handicapped people, the aged, the unconscious and all chronic suffers. With growing recognition that no nation can run a free market economy with a decliningpopulation, there are belated attempts to increase the desirability of children by using monetary incentives. It has not worked. Maybe governments should increase a couple’s desire for children by demonstrating it is good for their physical and mental health. If nothing else it makes people grow up and become more loving.
b) Welcome everyone.
In stead of the infamous IPPF statement, “the first right of every child is to be wanted”, The UN should loudly state, “The first right of every child is to be, to be welcomed into a natural family and to become who God designed him and her to be. A genuine welcome is noncontingent. It matters not who you are or when you arrive or what you look like, since God made you part of our family, you are welcome. You are welcome in your Creator’s name, (Matt 18:5) in the name Jesus and Eloihim His father. You are welcome in my name, Philip and your mother’s name Marie and in your siblings names:….., ….., …..”, in the names of your grandfather……, grandmother….. etc. A child welcomed in this manner knows that
whatever he does, he will have a family. Such a child grows into self-awareness and confidence in his/her God.
c) Reconcile with PASSers.
Since about 60 % of women of this world have at least one abortion by 45 yrs. about 50% of children have at least one sibling that his/her mother or father terminated. There is a huge reservoir of unexpressed anger toward older people that is seldom expressed directly. It comes out in distrust of authorities, fascination with violence and anger at the elderly. Parents must learn how to reconcile with their
non-aborted children. It is very hard

d) Colonize Space.
Ostensibly the underlying reason to limit a family and the world’s population is to save the world. This has always been a questionable tenet. The world has enough space and food for billions more people. Of course there is a limit.Before we near that limit, we should be spending ¼ of what is now spent on
destructive weapons of mutual destruction to build rockets and colonize space. I am convinced God wants that. How could I know that? It is inferred in His word. And when Christ returns “He will send out His angels to gather the elect from the four corners of the earth and from the heavens” (Mrk. 13:27). Besides if I understand a little of God’s immensity, it is easy to believe He wants many billions of friends, mature and different in every possible way. Just as a prosperous gardener wants every possible variety of flowers in his huge garden, God savors huge numbers in an infinite variety. Unlike any human gardener,
God will get to know and enjoy each person as an individual. He has already created enough space and materials to support people as numerous as the sands on all the seashores in this universe. We must start now, before international cooperation becomes impossible.
e) Reconcile with God.
There is no other way. We must reconcile with God on His terms. It is the route
to everyone’s peace, freedom and life. Those terms are not onerous except they
demand our humility and obedience, like that of a small child. We must
acknowledge and repent of our rebellion, selfishness, pride and inadequacy. We
must accept the substitutionary death of God’s Messiah Jesus, the God-man son
of Mary and Joseph and God. We must identify with Him and proclaim our
death and resurrection with Jesus by being publicly baptized by immersion and
we must live a life of obedience to His Lordship and command to love others.
This is not a tall order but God will not only save us to eternal life and friendship
with Him but also insist that we grow up. That is when the real challenges start.
The alternative of self and species continuing destruction is literally unthinkable. God will not allow it. He will intercede and when He soon does, it will be the turning point for each individual and for the human race. May God help us.
What then should God’s people do?
If there is any question about who are God’s people, then the best criteria/definition comes from Jesus, “ I assure you, anyone who believes in me already has eternal life: (Jn. 6:47) and from Paul an apostle of Jesus stating that you have the Spirit of Jesus living in you (I Cor. 3:16, II Cor. 5:5) With God’s Holy Spirit living in us: a) we are pure in God’s eyes. b)Have Christ as our only intermediary. c) can speak directly to God standing in His presence, d) Will live forever, death is only a transition. e) no evil being can reside in us because God will not cohabit with anything unclean f)can know God and what He is thinking
and planning, g) are becoming God’s friends for we know what He is doing etc etc.
a) Stand up. At times, it takes great courage to just hold your ground. God’s children do not back down of any essential belief or attitude. By standing firm, you show a good example of courage and will find more adversaries will attack you. (Phil 4:1, Jas 5:8). When you stand, you are not aggressive and Jesus is better seen in you.
b) Grow up. God wants mature, interesting, reliable friend with whom to discuss policies and projects. He knows that people prefer the status quo, and so bring challenges to a person who probably thinks they are quite unnecessary. God wants to teach and disciple you, so don’t grumble when life gets tough. You need it.
c) Hold you head up. This shows you have hope. Your God given hope keeps many others trying to follow you. Head held up is a sign that there can be a future for everyone and so people. People will run to you with questions regarding your faith. Head up is not arrogance but confidence in Christ.
d) Observe and deduce what is going on. Do not stuff you mind with news and entertainment. It is very nearly all distorted and false. See the “fig tree” which is about to blossom and know summer is near, (Matt. 24: 32:33). World events and natural phenomena will clearly indicate what is going on.
From that you can safely project what will happen. But don’t forget God makes history and He is not bound by any rules we know. He has been known to act quickly. There will be many convincing false prophets, so rely on God’s Spirit. “When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all
truth” “He will tell you about the future” (John 16:13.) And remember this was spoken to all Christians and applies to each individual, not to any church or denomination.
e) Prepare for the worst and the best. “You must be ready all the time” (Matt 24:44) This statement is less about having your bags packed than it is about being alert and ready to run at a moments notice. For when God decides to return to earth is the best kept military secret in the universe. (Matt 24:36).
“So stay awake and be prepared, because you do not know the day or hour of my return” ( Matt:25:13). Do not let indolence and apathy overtake your concern for the eternal safety of family and neighbours.
f) Warn. As Ezekiel so vividly describes the situation, you are a watchman on the battlements. If you do not warn people at the approach of the enemy of us all, their blood will be on your head. If you warn them well, and they die not safe in the arms of Jesus, their deaths will be their own responsibility.Christians must warn all the nations of the terrible consequences of aborting preborn babies. These consequences have always been felt sooner or later by the individuals most directly involved. Now the natural consequences are being felt by nations. You would think that people could make the connections but they have so often avoided the painful truth about themselves, they cannot understand that God is not preventing the disasters
abortion is now bringing. They cannot even perceive that an earthquake which “sounded like a bell” in Washington, is God mercifully warning the US government. Nor do they understand the awesome hurricane gathering force at this moment, off the eastern American states, particularly New York,
is not a random event. Thus Christians must whisper and speak urgently and shout, “Beware! Our God is very angry and coming soon.” For “If they listened to God’s warning, they could have saved their lives” (Ezekiel 33: 1-11)
g) Preach the Good News.
Until the very last moment, it is never too late. No matter how close God’s return to earth is, there is still a chance to find eternal life in Jesus. “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere” (Mk.11 16:15). This is not a recommendation for some who feel called or those who
have this passion. This is an order with the utmost urgency. Christians who disobey will experience God’s disciplining, (Heb. 12:7). No child of God can rest on their laurels. This good news is so vital, so joyful, that not to share it all the time, (convenient or not, opportune or embarrassingly out of tune) is criminal.. And Christians must not forget, when judgment comes, it begins with the house of God (I Pet. 4:17).
h) Investigate and demonstrate.
God’s people have many advantages when doing research. They have no fear of discovering some awkward truth. Based on God’s word they are more likely to make accurate observations and form better hypotheses. Since science is still held in high regard by the majority of humanity, Christian
young people should study to become good at discovering difficult truths about people, especially the consequences of abortion. As good scientists,although they are going to encounter more professional skepticism and journal rejections, they will find it opens many doors to speaking to international audiences.
i) Run away.
God has no pleasure in the death of people, particularly not His children. He does not want His servants to volunteer to be martyrs. He built into all life an intense drive to keep living. Jesus fought and conquered death. To give into death is to accept the mandate of the devil. So when faced by inevitable persecution, Jesus orders His followers to flee. There are 2 good reasons for this. To save the life of yourself ( Matt 24:16)and family and to spread the gospel ( Matt 10:23). It was those fleeing from Roman persecutions that started churches in Norway, Nubia etc long before the churches sent out missionaries to those places. (The Christians, Their First 2000 years. T. Byfield ed.)
j) Die courteously and courageously.
Christians have no valid reason to fear death, so when they are going to be killed they must treat their executioners with respect and face death as if it were a practical joke. For after all, nobody can kill a Christian. They are sending you to heaven a little ahead of time. “Only in this way (dying) could
He (Jesus) deliver those who have lived all their lives as slaves to the fear of dying” (Heb. 2:15)
k) Die by committing your spirit to God.
Jesus died when He committed His Spirit to His Father.( Matt 27:50, Lk.23: 46, Jn. 19:30) He died an exemplary death. The Roman Centurion had killed many and seen various ways people died, in rage, fear, remorse, sorrow etc. He had never seen anyone die like Jesus. I believe that Jesus gives to His children the same wonderful privilege of avoiding the last extremities by committing their spirits to God. God will
then determine when a person dies and in doing so, show His great mercy.

More than the vast majority of people realize they have a growing fear, an increasing sense of impending doom. It arises from their God given awareness of God thru their casual observation of God’s creation, God in their “heart” and instincts, which alert them to some death dealing behaviour. Their feel a biologically determined guilt from harming themselves or the human species c(ref. “God’s judgment….”, this website.) It is accentuated by human and natural events which seem inexplicable.The universe was created to be the comfortable, intriguing home for humans. As humans destroy their young, the universe loses its purpose. Without a God given purpose, everything is overcome by entropy. It becomes increasingly enfeebled and chaotic.
In hope of gaining more friends thru repentance and salvation in Christ His Messiah, God is being patient. However His righteous indignation is about to explode mainly because of abortion, and people intuitively know this. As their anxiety increases so do the number and extent of the defense mechanisms, almost all of which are maladaptive.Eventually humans betray and war with each other as basic resources decline.
Internecine war erupts until very few people are left alive. (Matt. 24:22) God cannot tolerate the pointless murder of so many millions of His newly created children and be true to Himself. While a few can recognize their growing sense of coming disaster stemsfrom God’s warnings, most will stick to their favorite defenses and entertainments to avoid reconciling with God. The saddest phenomena is Christians who ape the neighbors, Because of their great inconsistency of behavior and belief, they become
increasingly narcisstic, and apathetic. Some godly people sense the doom but after a feeble attempt to warn others, give up and become sadly, sunk within themselves.

This is the time to stand courageously, fight a losing battle victoriously and make sacrifices of comfort, jobs, freedom and life for the lives of preborn children. If they are imprisoned or die, God will be especially close to them.
It must be remembered that as a person’s anxiety grows the more entrenched their reactions and defenses will become. No amount of effort or intelligence can make it better. We must turn to God now. God has never tolerated the death of innocent children. At this time in history, the number of murdered children has filled the cup of God’s righteous indignation. I am convinced we are out of time.
No one can hide from God and therefore no-one has any excuse for not knowing
Him. God has left a witness in the physical world, in men’s hearts and increasingly in
most unusual weather. Thus it is not surprising men, women and children feel courage
quelling fear. They know God is very angry with human stupidity and rebellion,
especially about the abortion of millions of babies. In their hearts they sense He is about
to act. They could turn to God but their sense of impending doom is being dealt with so
many mutually supported defenses, they can’t make sense of it all. They will die in
their sins. You must make clear to them what is really happening. Their suspicion of
impending doom is about to become an experience of disaster.