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Ever since humans chose to know everything, good and bad instead of gradually absorbing the very basics from the Creator Himself, human life has been in an uneasy, fragile balance. Life is in the balance individually and collectively. Despairing people take their own lives or throw them away with recklessness or in hopeless causes. Religious or philosophical groups have been persuaded to commit collective suicide. Armies of young men have killed and died fighting offensively and defensively for reasons history has shown to be vain and futile. But there has never been a time like the present when the whole race of humanity has so blindly run into the grinning arms of death. What makes this era different is abortion.

No species under natural conditions kills its own young. It could not for then it would be extinguished. Yet 60% to 90% of humans are cruelly killing about 1/3 of their children. Even when the world is easily able to supply the basic needs of every person, and even when most countries are desperate to have a growing population, humans are determined to die out. Most people cannot see these events in a clear light. Those who realize what is happening seem incapable of reversing this trend.

Sincere prolife people have used a wide variety of arguments to try to make others realize they must become prolife. Their best efforts and most eloquent arguments are failing. I believe that we have one last chance to convince the world of the universal destructive effects of abortion. The only argument left is: Wake up! Turn around. We are about to destroy our species.

The God-given instincts that have preserved and enhanced our worldwide family are being undermined by abortion. There is a small chance these can be reconstructed. But the time is very short. This short essay comments on many of these species-preserving instincts and how they are being either distorted or destroyed. Hopefully this information will help people realize how desperate is our plight and how urgently we must act in concert with the Saviour of mankind to ensure life and liberty for all.

I  Three Windows

  1. She is a baby.  Took a great deal of time and effort, but now the world acknowledges the preborn is a human baby. Now the pro-aborts say, “So what. So we are killing a baby. More power to us. Our rights come first.”
  2. Women are hurt. The overwhelming evidence show there is no necessity, no benefit and only harm to women from abortion. The pro-aborts respond with, “It’s no big deal. If we harm ourselves we have Medicare to patch us up. It is better to limp thru life than it is to be encumbered with a brat for the rest of our lives.”
  3. The species is becoming extinct. The evidence that some people are working hard to reduce the world’s population, even annihilate humans altogether is growing. The more extreme pro-aborts are saying, “This is good. Maybe mother nature can then start over and evolve a more ecofriendly species than are humans.”

However most people are either unaware or unconvinced humans could exterminate themselves. These must be convinced this mass suicide will be cruel and messy, and result in no good end. There is a small and shrinking possibility humans will back away from the brink and become prolife.

  1. Arguments for ‘Save the spotted owl’ and humans too.
    • There never was evolution and re-evolving is impossible.
    • The universe is devolving (entropy) not evolving. Global warming probably indicates the first stages of earth’s fiery end.
    • There is no life on distant planets.
    • Struggling to live and make life better for everyone creates hope which drives people to be more civilized.
  2. God’s priority and appropriate drives are born into every human with his God-given breath of life.
    • To know Him and to be known by Him in communion. Nothing could be more pleasant or fulfilling. But most modern education fills a student’s mind with false ideas (evolution) and phony science (global warming) which provide just enough satisfaction to drown out that natural deep yearning to know God. Scientists’ fear of finding God and having to reconcile with Him, keep them from asking the most pertinent questions of why, e.g. why was the universe created.
    • To enjoy being taken care of.  God yearns to be a father who can be trusted for everything at every time. Although humans desire to relax and enjoy being looked after, they are afraid to trust God. Instead they build social services which are faulty from the core, dishonest with promises and inadequate in providing because of mixed motives and insufficient funding.
    • To thank and praise God appropriately
    • To live forever in His kingdom
    • To further His aims of limitless people in a limitless universe
    • To enjoy and care for His creation
  3. Definition:  Instinct is defined in this brief treatise to be a complex natural, usual behaviour which is not learned but which becomes apparent when a member of some species requires it in order to survive individually and collectively. In humans those instincts are also directed to finding and knowing God and thus go beyond survival to attain the fulfillment of the plan God had for humans.
  4. God-given species-preserving instincts are being destroyed. These are listed briefly in random order because it is impossible to state which are the most important. Human instincts are all needed to ensure that humans, the apex of God’s creation, expand in numbers and mature as friends of God.  They are there to ward off attacks by the enemy of God who seeks to distort or destroy these instincts in order to exterminate the apex of God’s great creation. This defense has worked until now.a) Procreationis a powerful drive, yet everywhere there are exponentially declining fertility rates which soon cannot be reversed. Having children is seen as destructive to the environment. Most people would prefer to have an orgasm in any way possible that doesn’t result in a pregnancy. If pregnant, most believe kill the child “if it isn’t wanted”.b)Flight is necessary to ensure at least a remnant survive when death is imminent. Now fleeing is less preferred to hanging onto one’s comfortable lifestyle, even if for a short time. Pleasure and materialism have become so entrenched that people cannot, will not see death is at their door.

    c) Killing is to be avoided because they are us. But with progressive dehumanization of the preborn, elderly, dying, handicapped, killing has become easy and commonplace. It is more exciting than prolonged suffering from hunger, dehydration or the uncomfortable inconvenience of a pregnancy.

    d) Finding and Facing the Truth. The harsh realities of our fragile existence are becoming impossible to avoid but rather than face the truth, people are using a plethora of mechanisms of denial, frenetic activity of fun, fun, fun, sex, sex, sex, travel, travel, travel, entertainment, drugs, false religions, brain dumbing, etc. Although science, religion and philosophy avow they seek only truth, the media, which is controlled by those who spout false assurances, has distorted the reports of real truth or ignored them altogether.

    e) Exploration. Finding is fun but the joy of sharing new techniques, new machines, and new science is fast fading; partly because research grants are being swallowed up in demands for health forever care and partly because people are feeling vaguely anxious. They suspect the Almighty is mightily irritated by their wanton killing of babies and their pride.

    f) Searching for truth is fundamental to survival but it is being trodden down. It is getting harder to intuitively discern what is right. Statistics ad infinitum are no substitute for instinctively realizing what is right. Wrong is equated with unpopular. The many millions of PASS cannot face the fact their parents are murderers and so stop asking searching questions that are basic to any discernment of fact from fallacy.

    g) To resolve conflict amicably is innate. While there are some diplomats who seek to find peace and cooperation between societies and nations, the majority of politicians are driven by opinion polls, or what the media report as objective analysis of what people think and feel. They are determined to stay in places of power by granting as quickly as possible the desire for mass entertainment and comfort even when they realize that in the long term the result is more frequent and more intense clashes.

    h) Construct. People have always liked to build temples, sky scrapers and energy efficient housing. This is an instinct God has given humans but almost always the remarkable edifices were for the glory of man, not God. There are fewer simple architecturally unique churches being built and more awesome auditoriums and office buildings that bring prominence to architects and construction companies.

    i) Forage. People have always foraged and scavenged in times of want, but now they are so dependent on governments to provide services, they cannot accept welfare that they consider so far beneath their status and dignity. Still there are the poor who have always had to forage and they know how. They are not above eating garbage and they will survive when most are starving.

    j) Hide. When atrocities and aggression make life where one usually resides impossible, there is a strong instinct to run and hide. Now that instinct will be seen only in those who do not need to feel guilty for doing or having an abortion, or do not feel guilty for existing because a sibling was aborted. Those who feel this deep killing or survival guilt are more likely to believe they deserve to suffer and/or die, so they are more likely to reason, “Things will get better,” or “They wouldn’t do that to me, I’m an old friend”, until it is too late to escape.

    k) Plead and bargain. Instinctively when trapped, humans will plead and bargain for their freedom and life. For the reasons stated above, those who feel guilty won’t plead or won’t know how. They will go as lambs to the slaughter. Remember that God takes no pleasure in the death of his saints.

    l) Struggle to live and let live. Anecdotal and scientific evidence indicates how amazingly well humans can survive and usually keep their dignity in the most abysmal conditions. However those who are pro- population reduction or pro-abortion or pro- euthanasia will accept death more readily because they have so often promulgated the idea that death can be a friend. Since Christ considered death to be an enemy, fought and conquered death, He expects his children to fight death in all its guises all the time, to the very end of life.

    m) Avoid danger. Instinctively all creatures but humans sense and avoid danger. By watching thousands of wars and murders on TV, humans have become conditioned to become fascinated by danger, excited by killing and eagerly anticipate the next episode or movie when there will be more cruelty. Rather than intuitively shutting off the TV, they want to expose themselves to more danger until they can’t detect and avoid real danger to themselves. “The adrenalin rush and built-in rewards of the game, push the player to overcome conscience and the natural aversion to witnessing one human subjecting another to pain and fear. The game is drawn out, allowing the torturer to linger over the person’s suffering.” (LifeSitenews, 21/10/2013 re: The Grand Auto Theft V videogame)

    n) Shock. The sight of blood, disembowelling, decapitation no longer elicits a sense of horror and shock. People have seen too much blood shed and too many torn apart bodies of small babies. The sights that used to elicit, shock, and screams now results in a yawn. People that are only bored at the sight of cruel atrocities done to humans are much less likely to shout, “Stop, can’t you see what you are doing? This is a human being!” The honest response to this question is, “No I cannot see what you are shouting about. Just get out of here and let me finish him off.”

    o) Revulsion. When sufficiently shocked and disgusted with scenes of human degradation and torture, people have automatically felt like vomiting because it is so awful. After so many graphic scenes of violence to war victims and preborn babies, revulsion is rare. It was a survival instinct for the smell of vomitus was sometimes enough to drive the aggressor away.

    p) Confession. It has been said for many generations that confession is good for the soul. Confession or leaving an obvious trail gets the criminal caught. So why would anyone do it?  It seems that the intuitive tendency to alert the community to who is engaging in antisocial behaviour helps prevent social disruption and improve community survival. There are so many humans who have perpetrated the worst crime against the species survival by killing their young and gotten away with it, that almost no one is feeling the need to confess their crime against humanity.

    q) Nursing. Elephants succor their sick and wounded. Humans have felt medicine was the most noble profession. But this is no longer because physicians and nurses do not use the ethics in their practice that built trust and confidence. Physicians and nurses have become killers of the very young, old and long term sufferers. The destruction of credibility in the healing profession echoes what has taken place among all types of professions and lay people. There is very little left of the instinctual desire to care for the weak, wounded, sick and deranged.

    r) Glorify God. It may not be easily detected but many creatures sing and dance for no survival purpose. Surely they are instinctively thanking and praising God and so did many humans. “It was a close call, but thank God I made it.” Humans now credit their ingenuity and technology for miraculous events in their lives. The more pride gets in the way, the less they see of God in the amazing construction of the universe and the remarkable way He cares for humanity.

    s) Singing. Every culture sings and dances for joy. There is less reason to be joyful with the economies and governments poised on the edge of disaster, but the main reason is that people sense God is angry about the way they have killed millions of His precious children and despoiled His natural creation. It matters not that people worship God in diverse ways; they don’t need to be told that God is very displeased with humans.

    t) Exalting. People instinctively shout with joy, success, relief and discovery. “Hey everyone, look at what I just found!’ Look at this amazing sunset!” But people’s awareness has become dulled and their senses jaded with the overabundance of artificial sights and sounds provided by the various media. The only time you hear shouts of exaltation is when their team scores.

    u) Dancing has always expressed a wide variety of moods or engendered moods used to motivate aggression, rallying and sorrow. People still dance but it is much less spontaneous, expressive and beautiful.

    v) Seeking eternal life. Humans have always had some sense they were not designed to die. They protest dying and resent death. They want to keep living forever, if only there was some way to find perpetual youth or eternal life. Even when logically there is a way and it won’t cost them anything, they ignore God’s generous offer. The more they ignore God the more remote He seems to become. With such a huge burden of guilt, they have difficulty believing they could be accepted under any plan.

    w) The Species Specific Instinctual Restraint of Aggression and Abandonment (SSIRAA) (ref article on has kept people from destroying and killing their helpless young and enfeebled elderly when they were accidently irritated or willfully provoked to murder or neglect. By killing the preborn, mortally wounded, terminally sick and dying, about 80% of the world’s population has weakened or destroyed their SSIRAA. Now no one is safe because eventually almost all humans will reach a helpless state.
    x) Bonding. There are a number of different bonding mechanisms:

i)           Pair Bonding. By 7 mechanisms a man and woman are pair bonded for life. This bond was meant to be exclusive and binding for a number of reasons: uniting man and woman, praising God, forming the basis for a secure family for the nurture and guidance of children, intimate communion to learn to know and be known by another, expression of joy, relief, pleasure and other mixed emotions, and the increased survival of both individuals and the species. Since the one flesh has become almost always diluted with many other pair bonds, intimacy is lessened, mutual sustenance and protection is weakened and marriages less stable. Abortion cuts into the already weakened bond by resulting in distrust and poorer sexual relations.

ii)         Parent-Infant Bonding. Instinctively parents and children are bonded to each other. The child becomes part of the parent’s psyche. “She is my baby. She will not belong to anyone else. Of course I will feed, comfort and protect her all my life”. Child-parent bonding is weakened in post abortion parents and thus they are more likely to abuse and neglect their children.

iii)       Sibling Bonding. When children lose their parents, their siblings quickly become stand-in parents. Because some of their siblings were aborted, sibling bonds are weakened. They are more likely to view their siblings as rivals and less likely to protect them.

iv)       Buddy bonding. Friendships often become intense, lifelong and mutually sustaining. Because families break up, because children learn to be rivals at an early age when placed in daycare, because the sibling bonds are weak and because there are more same-sex mergers, friendships don’t form as readily or last as long.

y.      Intimacy. The instinct to know and be known by another, both in and out of marriage is being distorted by abortion and fragile marriages. Thus members of the human species are more likely to feel alienated one from another, making it easier to see another human as an enemy.

z.       Defend wounded. Some of the most respected of human behaviour is the instantaneous impulsive tendency to protect the wounded and sick from atrocities. This seems to happen less often except in groups like missionaries. The underlying dynamic of “do not get involved” stems partly from new internet games like those in which a person wins by being the most cruel.

aa. Respond to helpless cry. Across species, the piteous cry of the helpless and suffering have evinced the most loving of human responses. With research, we found that post abortion women are less likely to respond with concern to their baby’s helpless cry.

bb. Helping. God commanded people to love others as their neighbour and as themselves. This Law of Love is naturally found in those who have Christ’s spirit alive in them. Even those Christians have so often responded with passivity to appeals for help and healing, they are conditioned to inactivity in the face of overwhelming need.

cc. Become PISHB.  From conception, every human is innately driven to find the protection, nurture and guidance that will make it possible to become the person they were designed by God to become. Those conditions are most frequently found in stable homes with wise, courageous parents. These homes are becoming the exception rather than the rule. Children are left desperately seeking in an adult relationship the parent they didn’t have. Thus relationships break mostly from disappointment. This often repeats until each person becomes cynical and manipulative.

dd. Curiosity.  God built into children great a great determination to find out in order to help them perceive and learn. State-sponsored education often kills that curiosity. Moreover, PASS children limit their questioning for fear their suspicion that their parents murdered one or more of their siblings is confirmed.

ee. Limit killing. The pre-stone age Sawi people of West Irian instinctively limited their ability to kill by not putting feathers on the end of their war arrows. Humans have recognized the need for conventions of war e.g. prohibitions on the use of chemical and biological weapons, (Geneva Protocol) and nuclear arms, to make sure no one could destroy every human. There are now more than enough nuclear devices to destroy all humanity. The nuclear arms agreements are in place for most nuclear armed nations, but even there the triggers are close to being pulled because of threat and distrust which often arises because of abortion and euthanasia.

5.  God made humans with instincts whose correct expression are reinforced by pleasure, etc.

II Only result: Painful route to more painful Hell.

While the evil one with deceit has subtly convinced humans that in death there is peace and that dying is what their goddess mother earth wants of them, there are a few humans who think, “This doesn’t make sense. Surely we live so others may also live. Dying for a lost cause is the most lost cause ever. This world is dying and cannot be rehabilitated. So God or no God, we should live so our planet can live, so our species can live, so our children can live, so I can live.”

Those who love living and protect life are becoming fewer. Their voice is drowned out by the shouts of the media moguls who have convinced each other that dying is the only way to go.

While there is a chance, profilers of every stripe and situation must convince the masses of unsuspecting people, they must fight for life against the seduction of pro-death dancers. The seduction will soon become an armed insistence we must all die. Like in Jonestown the killers promise to kill themselves and they probably will, but they cannot be trusted. Maybe they wish to re-enact the Garden of Eden, with unlimited beauty all around and the evil one as their shepherd. They cannot see that the devil deceives them into thinking all will be well with just a privileged few to roam at will in an unpolluted jungle of flowers.

Don’t listen to him, world. Fight for life and implore the author of life to spare us.

III Sanity Regained.

Sanity is being in contact with reality and living by its dictates. Insanity is believing what comes from your disordered mind to be true and attempting to live by its bizarre dictates.

Prolifers have science, logic and God on their side. What are they waiting for? They must deal with the reasonable guilt that arises from their contribution to deaths and dying. When they are forgiven and reconciled to God, they will see more clearly how wrong they were to try and ignore God’s enemy and his message which is, “You can know everything, good and evil and it will give you such power that you can’t imagine what you will be able to do.”

While there is some sanity in your head and some left in the world, act now, urgently, to tell the world it is destroying the instincts that preserve life. Act to protect life of the preborn for they are life for the world. Do not accept the thesis that the world must die. Remember Jesus has life in Himself and He wishes to share His life with everyone.


Believe it or not, these God given instincts have made it possible for the human race to survive. It was not religion, philosophy, politics or great men the kept humanity intact. Without these subconscious, unlearned, automatic behaviours and attitudes, humans, following the dictates of the murdering father of lies, would have entirely perished. Because of them the evil one failed, until now. Now he has manipulated humans into killing their young through abortion, and thereby distorted the basis of survival of the human race. He can win and would, except that just before the time when there will be no human life, Christ will triumphantly intervene. (Matt. 24:12) Should prolifers stay passive, waiting for their Lord to return? Absolutely not. We must all do our very best to make sure every baby sent to the world is welcomed into a wholesome family. For when we love others, we are being loved, especially by God.

I hope that this inadequate description of survival defending instincts will show what little remains. Not only are almost all these wonderful instincts in tatters, but almost every human is affected. There are very few humans who have not either had an abortion or known somebody who did. The vast majority of people could and should have done more to stop a baby being killed. There is blood on the hands of almost everyone, and almost everyone’s instincts of survival are damaged or distorted.

I trust you will understand the situation even if you argue with some points. Abortion is destroying us as we are destroying our babies. Abortion must be stopped. There are effective methods to do so. May God grant you the wisdom and courage to act now.

God, please help us. We pray in your son Jesus’ name.

A subsequent essay will outline the possible ways to save preborn babies and save ourselves. For surely, what we are doing to them is being done to us. God’s law of reciprocal effect has always applied. Now we must see how it is operating.

By PG Ney        22/10/2013