Human Male Protective Instinct of Pregnancy Partner

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Instructive Cases

Susan a large, handsome Polynesian woman stated that as she got larger and larger, she became a “man magnet”.  She couldn’t understand it.  She felt her looks were pretty disgusting, but men kept flocking about her.  She noticed that, as they did so, her husband got increasingly aggressive and protective.  She said that normally he would not help her when she brought home the groceries, but when he detected she was pregnant he became very, very interested in stocking the shelves.

Men’s paternal, protective and nurturing behaviour is elicited as a woman talks fondly about her unborn child.  To see her sitting in a rocking chair crooning a simple nursery song evokes strong images in the man that makes him love and protect her.  People forget that, in many ancient cultures, a man wouldn’t marry a woman unless he was quite convinced that she could bear children and that evidence was only convincing when she became pregnant.