How to Destroy Humanity; The Tragedy of Human Ecology

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Disabilities

While people are understandably concerned about the ecology of flora and fauna, they seem totally ignorant of the devastating effects of “social engineering” to human ecology.  Humans have extraordinary built-in resources and resilience, but they are not invulnerable.  From the beginning of time the evil one set about to destroy the apex of God’s creation.  To protect His finest work, God encoded self and species preserving mechanisms as instincts within genes.  Until this time humans have survived  war, plague, famine, earthquake and storm.  But now humans are tampering with genes and survival instincts.  I believe the tampering has resulted in ecological changes, some of which cannot be undone.  It is possible that humanity is dying out right before our eyes, yet almost nobody is really concerned.  Jesus predicted that unless He returned no one would be left alive [Matthew 24:  ].

The movie “13 Days” records President Kennedy saying the reasons the Russians backed down from a nuclear war was because they also wanted to see their children grow up.  But what would happen if there were a time when people either did not have children or did not care if they grew up?  Then war would provide excitement for a generation of the bored, hedonistic people who cared little about future generations.

This is a brief list of some survival mechanisms that are badly bent or broken:

No. 1  A nurturing response to human’s helpless cry.  When awakened in the middle of the night by a baby’s cry, even the most loving parent may respond with outright irritation.  As they stumble down the darkened corridor bumping into projections, fumbling for the light switch but finally arriving at the crib or cradle, amazingly, that same angry parent will look down on his or her infant and think gentle nurturing thoughts.  If anything should distort this remarkable transition so that the parent stays angry, not only is a baby at risk but so is all humanity.  For at some point in life, we are all likely to become dependent and risk emitting a helpless cry.

There is evidence that this distortion has already taken place on a massive scale.  There is substantial evidence that women who have had an abortion are statistically more likely to abuse and neglect subsequent offspring.  This correlation between child abuse and neglect [CAN] and post abortion syndrome [PAS] is positive and reciprocal.  Although it was often argued that having freely available abortion would ensure that every child was a wanted child, and therefore there would be considerably less child abuse and neglect, it is quite clear that the opposite is true.  It is reported that the most common cause of death to children six years and younger is not cancer accidents or infections, it is infanticide.

Every species has an instinctual restraint to aggression to its own kind, particularly the young.  It is difficult for humans to kill humans, but if someone kills their fellow human, that instinctual restraint is weakened or broken.  The strongest restraint to human aggression is toward infants.  Now that approximately 70 percent of all North American women by the age 45, have had at least one abortion, millions of women and men realize the effect of a weakened restraint  to their anger which is evoked by their infants’ helpless cry.  Those who were physically abused as children are especially afraid to have children lest they abuse them.  Others with children are afraid to discipline them for fear of losing control.

No. 2.  Protect the weak and wounded.  The noblest aspect of any human is to protect and nurture those that ostensibly do not deserve to be cared for.  Since to love and maintain those designated as nonproductive humans takes time and effort, there have always been  people who have promoted the idea of purifying the race.  Previous attempts have been crude and offensive.  Modern technology is now placed in the hands of eugenicists. Techniques for killing”lesser humans” so “neatly and kindly” have been developed so that almost everybody thinks they can benefit and not feel guilty.  With the declining population a greater tax burden is being borne by increasingly few workers. It is not hard to persuade these financially burdened people that it is in everybody’s interest for the government to allow, if not encourage, eugenics and euthanasia [EUGT].  As in Nazi Germany, cooperating doctors will be given praise and pay bonuses.

No. 3.  Interdependence of men and women.  We have determined that the most important factor which allows a woman to decide to abort a baby is lack of partner support.  This lack of support range is all the way from threats to kill a woman if she does not abort the pregnancy to languid indifference.  Men tend not support their partner if they do not attach to the unborn young.  Men will not attach to pre-born babies if they suspect their wife or girlfriend may abort their baby without their awareness or consent.  The courts have made it quite clear that men have no legal right in the unborn child.  Since they are unable to protect their child, men will not attach to him or her.  Since they are not interested in the child, they will not support their spouse.  Because they are not supported the spouse is more likely to abort the baby.  We term this vicious cycle lack of partner support [LOPS].

No. 4.  The desire to have children.  We have found that people who have siblings that were aborted are more often afraid to have children.  The United Nations has at last stopped trying to frighten  the world with a specter of over population, and is now reporting almost universal depopulation trends.  Some countries are going to extraordinary lengths to increase fertility but at the same time they are knowingly or inadvertently encouraging abortion.  In almost all Western countries approximately 50% of the children being born have or will have aborted siblings.  The post abortion survivor syndrome [PASS] also leaves the wanted, not aborted siblings with existential guilt.  These people have little desire to be alive and are indifferent about becoming the person they were designed to be, particularly becoming a parent.

No. 5.  The ability to bond to newborn children.  Women who have an abortion or more likely to be depressed during and after the subsequent pregnancy.  That postpartum depression interferes with bonding.  Children who are not well bonded to their parents are more likely to be abused and neglected.  People who are neglected as children have a pernicious propensity to select partners who will neglect them, particularly in a crisis.  Since every pregnancy is a “crisis of incorporation” for  mother and father, it is a tragic opportunity for the male to neglect and abandoned his pregnant partner.  Child abuse and neglect [CAN] increases the chance a woman will abort her pregnancy.

All these self and species preserving mechanisms are being undermined simultaneously.  The instincts that for all-time  preserved humanity are being destroyed.  Unless there is some recognition of this catastrophe, remorse and repentance leading to major changes in the majority of population, our species cannot survive.  The prediction of Jesus will come true.  It is unlikely that masses of population can accomplish this.  It can only happened in the minds and hearts of individuals.  Although Jesus spoke to large crowds there is no evidence of massive conversion.  Jesus has always dealt with individuals.  So must we.  This is why we have Hope Alive group counseling.  The fields are white unto harvest and laborers are so few.  This is why we earnestly pray the Lord to send more harvesters.  This is why we are eagerly recruiting.

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