Gobble and Go

Posted by on May 8, 2017 in Poetry and Prose


Philip Ney,    Pioneer Publishing   30/11/07


Quick to the rich dish,

Dive in the bowl.

Down this, gulp that,

Gobble and go.

Narcissism is the goal.


“I’ve got to take some weight off.

My new clothes will not fit.

My belly makes me waddle,

And where I plunk, I sit.”


If you opened eyes half way,

You would see starvation.

If you listened just a bit,

Hear moans of dehydration.


The Lord of Harvests likes to give,

Burdens the rich with more.

He gives you space and excess,

To share outside your door.


Soon He comes to make all right.

Judge the selfish till they’re sore.

To some He’ll give a just reward.

To others show the door.


See how you deprive yourself,

Each time you turn your back.

Indulging self is hurting self.

You give yourself the whack.


But when you love each other,

You love you just the same.

This is the rule that rules the world.

You can’t cheat at God’s game.


Put down spoon. Don’t buy that cake.

You can not get ahead’

Until each family’s properly fed,

Each sleeps in their own bed.


And if there’s hesitation,

Remember what Christ said.

“I command you love each other.”

We must or we’ll be dead.


You love yourself by loving else,

You get more when you give.

When you reach a hand out full,

You really start to live.


At this Christmas, please my dears,

Don’t rap yourself one gift.

Give to those who can’t give back.

You’ll heal so deep a rift.


You want to teach your child to love?

Then show them how it’s done.

Accept their love in little things.

And with them have such fun.

Love’s journeys just begun.


Slow to the rich dish.

Don’t dive in the bowl.

Sip this. Don’t drink that.

Slim down your soul.

Now loving make your goal.