Global Warming; An Alternative Hypothesis

Posted by on Feb 19, 2008 in Science

People are becoming increasingly agitated by what many believe are the effects of global warming. The warming is created by people, so they believe. The science to support this isn’t very exact. The prediction of an increase in the average ocean levels didn’t happen. Automobiles did certainly not cause the greater global warming that occurred during the 16th and 17th centuries. But it serves the political purposes of some who want power, to frighten people with dire predictions and crazy science. The net effect is that more people feel justified in further limiting the population, not considering the far more disastrous effect of an exponentially declining population on the economy. It is more popular to believe that humans are causing global warming because it is comforting to believe if mankind has created the difficulty then people can solve the problem by just diminishing the level of CO2. The alternative explanations leave people with the realization that humans are not in charge of their destiny so they can only become humble and pray.

The earth is not floating, rotating or revolving in a perfect vacuum. There is sufficient friction that generates forces strong enough to:

  1. Deflect the normal thermal winds so that they become easterlies around the equator and westerlies in the northern and southern hemisphere.
  2. Create tides, when millions upon millions of tons of water are moved by gravity twice a day;
  3. Earthquakes, major tectonic shifts. They could not possibly move without some major force acting on them.
  4. Magnetic braking.

All these forces, solar wind, etc. would make the earth’s orbit to progressively decay, all other factors being equal. It is reported that recent evidence from the Canadian Solar and Planetary Institute (CANSPI) indicates the orbital decay has spiked in the last 50 years. “Basically we are falling into the sun faster than we should be” “If this keeps up we’ll reach Maximum Critical Ambient Temperature, (MAXCAT) the temperature at which life as we know it on Earth is no longer possible”(1). These findings on Rapid Orbital Decay (ROD) if confirmed “…. make Global Warming look like a party”.

The slowing of the earth as it plows through the frictions of space would make the orbit naturally decay. As it comes near the sun, there are many effects including increased global temperature. There would be major gravity shifts producing earthquakes. There would be a change in the wind and rain patterns. There would be unpredictable tides.

The most popular hypothesis to explain ROD is that there are too many tall buildings, which increase drag on the globe circling winds. If this were the case then all we must do is stop building such tall structures and take down some of those we now have. Again the temptation is too ascribe uncomfortable changes to human stupidity so that to fix the problem, we just have to get smarter.

After so many millions of years, why would the orbit begin decaying now? The God who created the universe must put energy into it. The bible states that God not only created everything visible and invisible but also sustains it all. It is now clear that the Cosmological Constant is more powerful than gravity. The universe will keep expanding and end because of entropy. Without the periodic infusion of energy the earth’s orbit would decay more quickly and the universe die at a more rapid rate. I suspect that God, in merciful love, is pushing the earth around the sun. However there is no promise that He will do this indefinitely.

A graph of the earth’s temperature over the last 2.5 million years shows wide fluctuations but a line thru the mean of the graph would show a steady rise in temperature. Could the rapid mean temperature decrease indicate the times when God gives the earth another shove to boost it’s orbit when things were getting to hot? Could it be that current increase in temperature indicates that the Lord may not going to intervene to save the earth from fire anymore because he is so fed up with human sin? It is interesting to note that the rapid orbital decay began about 50 years ago, about the same time that peoples began engaging in unrestrained abortion.

Would God stop putting energy into our solar system to maintain it when he is so fed with humans? Today’s people have turned their back on God, claiming they don’t need him because they are so scientific and technologically smart. The Lord may be totally disgusted with the rapid dehumanization of mankind, particularly from humans destroying their own innocent little babies by the tens of millions every year. All God needs to do is to stop boosting the earth in its orbit and all the predictions of Jesus and the prophets, old and new, will come true.