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  2. God’s Eternal Desire

God’s desire and intention is to fill the universe with humans with whom He could have the pleasure of their company. Yet humans are dehumanizing and destroying themselves. It is a type of self-imposed specicide with no apparent explanation except that they have been sold a lie by God’s arch enemy.

To humans it sounds bizarre because who could possibly know and converse with trillions of people. That is only because people continue to underestimate God. Part of their difficulty in understanding God is because they refuse to spend the time and energy trying to get to know Him. But a God of infinite power, wisdom, intellect and time has plenty of opportunity to know each person by name and by reputation and by their obedience to their creator. God wants to get to know Him first and foremost. He wants to be your Saviour, Lord and Friend. All this is now possible if and when you accept His plan of reconciliation made possible by the sacrificial death of His Son and Messiah, Jesus.  He wants you to really get to know Him both as the almighty Creator of everything but also as a person with individual personality characteristics. It isn’t as strange or impossible as you may think but satan wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. 2. The Most Important Choice We All Must Make.

Since God wanted friends by choice only, there had to be an alternative with considerable power, intelligence etc. Satan volunteered because he envied, hated God and knew he wasn’t under a suspended sentence of eternal dying. He had failed attempt in his attempt to overthrow the almighty. In defeat he would not accept God’s forgiveness and rehabilitation. He knew that God had chosen and created a different creature built a little lower than God who would freely chose to honor and obey their creator. The evil one hated humans almost as much as he hated God. Satan was delighted to accept the task of being the alternate, tempter and deceiver. Though he was not allowed to destroy humanity directly, he calculated he could get humans to destroy themselves.  And/or he could enslave humans and use them in his army in one last desperate attempt to outwit and overthrow God.

History and prophecy indicate that satan has and will almost succeed. He is twisting God created human survival instincts to destroy humans rather than to procreate and mature more people. It is very cunning and it could work. If this plan worked, satan’s laugh would be heard to the ends of this rapidly expanding universe. Could humans stop him (it*)?  Yes of course, by God’s power working in and through them but they are acting so stupidly, it is not likely to happen.

* Although the Bible refers to satan as he, it is clear that demons do not have the spirit of life God gave to humans and so he is not a person but another kind of entity. Sometimes I refer to satan as “it” to remind people that satan is not a person like humans understand personhood. He was a very powerful archangel, (the) angel of light. He can still masquerade, maybe in glowing colors but not as light. Light and life come from God only.

  2. The purpose and status of mankind.

a.) “What are mortals that You should think of us? Mere humans that You should care for us? For you have made us only a little lower than God. You have crowned us with glory and honour.”

God made humans just a little lower than God Himself (Elohim in Hebrew, Ps. 8: 4,5*). This is amazing.  Just a little lower than God is pretty high and mighty. For a brief period the earliest humans thoroughly enjoyed chatting and ambling in the most enthralling world (garden) that any human in their wildest dreams could imagine. Adam is on one side and Eve on the other as they approach a slender cataract whose source was some pink and blue glacier high above but brilliant in the rising sun.

Adam. “You know Jehovah; I was thinking “(pause).

God. “Don’t be shy. I am glad you are thinking. Tell me what you were thinking”.

Adam. “I was thinking about what you were teaching us about molecules. I suspect water is made of at least 2 atoms but not many more because it is so fluid”

God. “Well done, young man. You are on the right track. Just think what could be done if we combined two molecules of water.”

Eve. “I think we would have heavy water, but what that would look like I can’t imagine”

God. I am so pleased with you two. You are really quite bright. However, don’t let that go to your heads. Remember, there is a crafty creature who will use your vanity to trap you into doing something really stupid.”

A&E. “Not a chance Lord. We want to learn and you are the only being that knows everything.”

God. “That’s good but don’t forget that knowing is easy. It is knowing what to do with that knowledge, which is wisdom, that is many times more important and more difficult to acquire.

*The New Living Translation (1996) will be used unless otherwise stated.

  1. Humans are the apex of God’s creation. Jesus repeatedly called himself the Son Of Man. He was proud to be human even though He lived through terribly evil times ruled by ruthless despots, even though His own human ancestors included some disreputable people. When He was raised to life again, it was with a glorified human body. Anyone with an inkling of human physiology, genetics, anatomy and psychology are awe-struck that such amazing design and construction could be encompassed in such a vulnerable but flexible body. Humans are the top and most complex of God’s fantastic creation. He loves them even when they keep insulting, disobeying and ignoring Him, their legitimate master and Lord.
  2. The process of dehumanization.
  • A dehumanized human is hardly a human at all. When God created Adam, the best understanding of scripture and science is that He did it in 2 stages. He created a body from dust (elementary particles) then when he had a satisfactory body (maybe a Neanderthal) God breathed into that form, the breath of life and he became a living, now human spirit filled, human. That being the case, humans are created at conception by the 3 way combination of sperm, ova and indestructible spirit. Until the day a person dies and their spirit returns to God, they are human. A human body without his/her spirit is not a person.
  • b) A human becomes a real person when at the time of salvation they are given God’s Spirit to live in them forever. They become a child of God who keeps them as such for eternity. They are complete except they lack a soul and pair bonded mate.   wh   When they have intercourse they absorb each other’s hormones and are reunited becoming “one flesh” for the rest of their earthly life. They are now completely human and thus capable of raising a family. As humans equipped with God’s Spirit and joined as one flesh they have a full range of self and species preserving and guiding instincts and insights and the capacity to communicate with the Almighty. They are awesome
  • c) Humans are guided by God’s spirit to procreate as many little humans as they desire and have the strength and skill to bring up. Throughout life God uses the good and bad experience to mold and mature male and female people into becoming increasingly like God. They become friends of God, able to have conversations about a reality that non-Christians cannot perceive. When they die, their bodies take on an amazing form which is capable of instantaneous travel and of enduring the massive amount of light and radiation that hits them in God’s presence.
  1. d) Humans are progressively dehumanized by the insults of childhood mistreatment and their own wrong choices. Thru the Reciprocal Response mechanism, they are dehumanized when-ever they dehumanize others, particularly the weak, infants and elderly. They progressively lose their capacity to empathize with the suffering and the joyful experience of others. They lose: their God-given self and species preserving instincts, their capacity to experience joy and wonder, their ability to recognize the blueprints of their children and their soul’s ability to hear and understand God. Eventually they become a sad, cynical hulk, alienated and alone with their bitter thoughts. They remember their younger days when they were more human and wish they could go back in time. To some extent they can. By accepting Christ as their Saviour, they are given peace, joy and God’s spirit within them. Their mind and body respond with gratitude but they keep thinking, e.g. “If only I had not been such fool and drank and hurt my children etc..” They yearn for heaven and a fresh start. With Hope Alive Group Counseling** they are brought face to face with the awful reality that in this life they will never become the person God designed them to be. The Person I Should Have Become is dead and must be mourned. Yet with major conflicts resolve and reconciliation they can become a Pilgrim, gutsy, determined to serve God and loving to their family. It is a hard process but if they do the work they will regain a significant amount of their humanity.
  2. e) Humans dehumanize humans. It isn’t their Creator that diminishes them and satan cannot do it until and unless people give satan that permission.  Principally humans dehumanize themselves. Humans bring humans down to the level of prehistoric beasts of depravity. While God was hiding Himself so as not to overly influence the human right to freely choose Him as their best friend, satan was deceiving people with the distorted truth that God didn’t care for humans or what happened to them. Satan took advantage of the anger and confusion of God’s relative non-involved to foster violence, war, marital conflict, depraved sex, ignorance and slavery. All these factors resulted in dehumanization. Yet even with one holocaust after another, human high regard for himself and his neighbour survived.
  3. God’s immutable laws
  4. a) God enacted moral laws before he designed humankind. He then created the precise universe to house and mold humans. Then he made man and then woman to whom he gave binding terms of reference. King David rightly called these principles. He understood, appreciated and adhered to the principles so that even though he strayed in the precise adherence to the law, God called him a man after my own heart (Acts. 13:22).

** Hope Alive Group Counselling for people deeply damaged by childhood mistreatment and pregnancy losses, particularly abortion taught by Mount Joy College at Victoria, BC Canada.

  1. b) The highest moral law is the law of love. This law governs all mankind in all their relationships. God orders everyone to, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and strength and your neighbour as yourself. In obeying this command, all the laws and the prophesies of the Bible are kept. In basing all their human law and legislation on this one law, everything is ordered and civilized.
  2. c) The 2nd immutable moral law is the law of Reciprocal Response. This states that what you do to others you are doing to yourself. You cannot benefit at the expense of another human. If it isn’t good for another individual, not matter what that person’s shape, wit, intelligence, age, handicap, power or size, it will not be good for you. If it isn’t good for men, it will not be good for women. Whatever thought or action, if it isn’t good for a black man, it will not be of any benefit for a white man. If it isn’t good for a baby, at any stage of development, it will not be good for the baby’s mother, father, siblings, extended family or society (Universal Ethic of Mutual Benefit,

The common observation of children, ‘what goes round comes round’ is a fact of human existence. Only those who are willfully blind believe they can get away with violence, dishonesty, disrespect and ignoring God. I seldom found an imprisoned may who didn’t feel “I guess I owe it to society. I’ve got to do my time”. The awareness of the reciprocal response is built into every human. It is for this reason, God will sentence them justly.

  1. d) Therefore, whoever destroys a baby by abortion is destroying part of themselves, family and society. Whoever kills a helpless, dying or elderly person at that moment has killed part of their humanity. They may not immediately feel the effect of that dehumanization but they have lost something very precious and essential to their being. One part of the effect of dehumanization is that they will more readily kill again, not only another dependent human but also those they love and would cherish.
  2. e) Whoever kills helpless innocent babies, elderly, handicapped is destroying their society and cancels any claim they have to civilization. It is only a matter of time before the most vaunted civilization collapses in self ruin. In our day we watch astonished as our “western civilization is tottering into economic and moral ruin because they are destroying the young. No one can run a free market economy with a exponentially declining population.
  3. f) These moral laws are not fantasies or rantings of some religious nut, they are measurable facts. Some pieces of verifiable data that provide evidence for these statements are that: i) those who have an abortion are statistically more likely to have another abortion. ii) Those who have an abortion are statistically more likely to abuse and neglect their children. iii) Those who have an abortion have damaged their Species Specific Instinctual Restraint of Aggression and Abandonment and they know it. Thus they are more likely to place their children in daycare, “for their own protection”. These well-established associations come from our research. iv) What I am not so sure of but hypothesize a priori, is that those who contribute to an abortion are more likely to contribute to euthanasia.
  4. Satan’s moment of triumph.
  5. a) A short conversation in hell.

Satan let out a victory whoop. “That does it. Humanity is doomed and I will reign supreme”. Satan’s major minion of doom, Brute Force, was perplexed.

  1. “Oh mighty evil master what is such good news.”

Satan, “It is this little pill, my dull witted Brute Force.”

  1. “What can such a little object do for us, oh most conniving one?”
  2. “It will stop people having sex for children. Just what I want. And it will make it so easy to have any kind of sex just for narcissistic pleasure and that’s what I want. And it will make it possible to have only children they want and that is something I really desire. Those stupid little humans don’t deserve all the time and attention God gives them. Now they are doomed, their whole race is doomed.
  3. “I still don’t get it master intriguer. So what is my role in this grand plan?
  4. “You BF can almost retire. They will do it all themselves. He he he haw. But we will give them a little push thru their beloved media. So go and cook up some really sexy clothing adverts”
  5. “It will be a pleasure, your most auspicious dishonor”
  6. You are such a good evil daemon BF. And I do like the wonderfully miserable things you call me.

b). Abortion and Euthanasia are on the forefront of satan’s drive to dehumanize and enslave humans. If he can’t enslave them he will do all in his power to destroy the apex of God by getting them to kill each other.  Dehumanize people are much easier for satan to enslave. They will do his bidding to the point they will cruelly kill each other. People who are evil are being enslaved by satan in this world and in the spirit world, I suspect.

  1. c) Maybe dehumanized people become satan’s recruits for his final assault on heaven. As evil spirits they obey satan by aiding in the process of tempting people to dehumanize themselves and others. In the not too distant future they will join the ranks upon ranks of demons and evil spirits who march on heaven. Jesus predicts they will be defeated, subdued and sent to hell for a very long time. But in the near future they will almost succeed in destroying all humanity.

To more easily kill defenseless babies and the helpless, elderly, infirm, and dying, satan has deceived humans into thinking there are some humans that are intrinsically less human than others. This thesis is at the root of the argument, “that being the obvious case, although we wouldn’t really enjoy doing it, it is permissible, even laudable at times to kill and maybe eat these “useless eaters.”

d). In satan’s scheme, what gives a human value and the right to live is whether or not they are wanted. They are wanted by others to the extent they contribute and consume and sometime procreate. Satan would like to destroy humans but it realizes there is some benefit in having more humans to recruit for its evil purposes.

  2. a) Being allowed to live because you are wanted is the foulest, most perverted philosophy ever to afflict humans. Margret Sanger wrote, “The first right of every child is to be wanted”. “Every child a wanted child.” Margret Sanger was a witch who admired Hitler for his eugenics. She wanted the black people in America to be destroyed or enslaved.

It is most evil idea that humans ever concocted. Why? Because, if the first right of a child is to be wanted, any child who is not wanted, has no right to live. The right to life is granted by a preborn child’s mother and only by the mother depending on whether or not she wants him or her.

  1. b) To those who cannot detect the real intent, being wanted sounds so loving and kind. Most Christians naively are taken in by this apparently nice sounding ideology.
  2. c) “Every child a wanted child” is reinforced by the wrong science of: overpopulation, global warming, new diseases, selfish comfort, economic crises, and child mistreatment. To those who are encouraged by satan to push wantedness as the reason to be alive, research doesn’t matter. Having only wanted children was supposed to resolve the problem of abuse and neglect. It was based on a never tested hypothesis that it was the unwanted children who were mistreated. We found the opposite. With the advent of abortion making it possible to have only wanted children, the rate of child abuse increased, not decreased. In fact wanted children were more likely to be abused, particularly with verbal abuse.

      Wanted children have higher expectations put upon them. Therefore they are more likely to be disappointing to their parents. The parents in frustration urge their wanted children to greater efforts with harsh invectives. “What is the matter with you? We planned everything so carefully, including you, and given you the best of everything and you don’t appreciate our sacrifices. You try to annoy us by not doing your homework and skipping classes. You are one stupid child” Of course this has exactly the wrong effect. The child tries harder for a little while then asks themselves, “Why am I doing this?  It isn’t for me for sure”. Then they start using pot and are even less motivated. Eventually they are sent to the best boarding school where in sadness and loneliness they attempt suicide.

  1. d) “Every child a wanted child, (ECWC) suits the power hungry for with it they instill the fear of famine and economic chaos. ECWC became a mantra for the UN and like-minded governments. With it they pushed a 1 or 2 child only policy. They could have but didn’t foresee the net result. We discovered that these wanted children were most likely to be the siblings of aborted children who as adults did not want to raise a family. Thus the exponential slide of depopulation started and now continues unabated much to the economic ruin of the effected countries, now predominately Germany, Italy and Japan. (Isn’t it interesting that the Axis Powers that destroyed so many lives during the WWII are now the ones most rapidly heading for economic chaos because of their depopulation. God cannot be mocked. What we sow, we reap. The Reciprocal Response always happens.
  2. e) Using ECWC appears to work well in recent elections where people are convinced they must reduce the world’s population or die of starvation and polluted air. In Canada and other countries that still, in willful ignorance still hold to the wanted child idea; have successfully convinced the electorate and attained power. The other parties, believing they must do the same to become elected, push the idea even more blatantly.
  3. f) It is easily manipulated by controlling the media. The media, representing merchandizing industry also believe that ECWC is good for the economy and global warming, and so feature those ignorant articles. The net effect of these forces contributing to the eventual demise of all of them, plow on regardless.

Jesus Christ said. “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this one in my name (on my behalf), welcomes me. Anyone who welcomes me, welcomes not only me but also my Father who sent me. (Mark 9:37). The logical extension of that most loving,  gracious statement is that when you welcome Us, we bring you all the resources of the universe.

On another occasion when “parents brought their children to Jesus so He would lay His hands of them and bless them, the disciples scolded the parents.  Jesus was angry at his disciples. Let the children come to me. Don’t stop (prevent) them for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to these who are like these children (Mark 19:14). “These children” include preborn children because Mathew describes how when Mary, just a “few days” pregnant visited her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth gave a glad cry and exclaimed to Mary, “God has blessed you above all women and your child is blessed…..When I heard your greeting, the baby in my womb (at 6 months) jumped for joy” (Luke 1:39-42).

When a child is welcomed he and she are greeted and accepted and given a home and enclosed into a family unconditionally. Each welcomed child is accepted as they are, whenever they arrive for the duration of their lives. This unconditional acceptance builds  into every child self- esteem and self- assurance regardless of their parent’s circumstance of being a refugee or impoverished. Since welcomed children know that their existence is assured whether or not they are wanted, they can pass on that unconditional acceptance to everyone else. With an unconditional welcome, children can face uncertain days with a greater amount of hope. With a more optimistic outlook and hopeful outlook, children will find a more accepting world. For as people anticipate their environment, so they find it.

Unlike wanted children, welcomed children are not constantly, fearfully scanning others to determine if they are being wanted from moment to moment. They are not as worried about pleasing others and so can be them-selves as they were designed to be. Their minds are free from the obsessive questions of wanted children about why they were allowed to live and not a sibling. Welcomed children don’t have the existential guilt of wanted children and therefore better use their opportunities. Welcomed children are more likely to have and welcome children. Thus they build the economy and are appreciated for being productive citizens.

Compared to wanted children, there are many advantages to being welcomed, (see This is why prolife people should welcome every child, born and preborn, in the name of Jesus and in their own names. Parents invariably appreciate their child being welcomed. I firmly discourage parents telling their children they were planned and wanted. It usually results in children asking themselves, if no one else: “I wonder what I am wanted for. I wonder what would happen if I became unwanted like my aborted siblings. Would they still want to kill me. How can I trust them?”

God welcomes every child he creates. Whether or not they are handicapped or beautiful or intelligent, every child receives His unconditional welcome. So should we. God still welcomes each elderly, infirm, dying or diseased person and if we want a civilization built on love, so must we.

  1. Eugenics, The logical corollary to Every Child a Wanted Child

1) Down’s Syndrome Children.   It is strenuously argued that because unwanted children are likely to be abuse, and handicapped children are more likely to be unwanted, society should terminate their lives of Down’s Syndrome and other children before they have to spend their whole lives in misery.” The evidence is clear that: Down’s Syndrome children are affectionate, loyal, happy and a joy to their parents. These children appreciate life. The suicide rate in handicapped children is significantly lower than that of “normal” children.

2) Search and Destroy.  Considerable money has been given to research that has perfected better was of detecting “abnormalities” in utero. This is supposed to give parents the option of an early abortion which is supposedly “less traumatic.” Very sadly 2 eminent prolife scientists I knew have died in sorrow, realizing they have greatly contributed to finding early genetic and biochemical disorders in utero. Professor Sir William Lilley of New Zealand and Prof. Jerome Lejeune of France were lauded as pioneers only to realize they aided in the eugenic policies of many countries.

  1. D. “Only Wanted Elderly or Dying, or Demented Persons”

1) Every child a wanted child (ECWC) soon becomes every elderly person a wanted old person (EEWP). EEWP is based on the same idea as ECWC.  “If the old person is not wanted you should help them die in the most kindly manner possible and we will help you do that.” It was and is argued that dying, demented, and very old people (over 80) should be offered a Death with Dignity because: “It is cruel to let them suffer like that. You are their oldest son and you dare to keep you poor old mum alive when she obviously would like to move on, wouldn’t you old dear?”  Unintelligible mumbling in response is taken as assent.  The matter is taken out of the hands of family and patient and the patient is “kindly put into endless sleep” by the kind Dr. performing Doctor Assisted Death (DAD)

2) The best evidence is that for most people there is a final death struggle or agony that results in high levels of catecholamines, (stress hormones). As God designed all living creatures, He imbued them with one last desperate effort to live.  The level of stress hormones detected after death (post-mortem) is higher for some means of death than others. It is highest for people who are poisoned. The death inducing chemicals usually used, particularly barbiturates, are poisons that the body fights against. Thus DAD is more stressful and less dignified, not more dignified.

3) The “kindest thing to do”.  Abortion and euthanasia have become the “kindest manner possible to help them” or “to let them die”; those who would otherwise suffer the “horrible indignities of being unwanted” and insufferable pain.  There was a time in civilized society that those who spent much time in loving and caring for the more helpless persons, were honored for their sacrificial efforts. Now-a- days, they are pilloried as being cruel and selfish. Even when parents of handicapped children publicly attest that the child brought them joy, meaning and maturity they were systematically made to feel guilty. Even when children of dying parents describe how much they enjoyed bathing the parent’s skeletal body, there was no praise for their loving acts, just socially induced shame.

4) Many untoward effects.

  • Once established, the ethic of being allowed to live only if you are wanted, eventually includes almost everyone except those who are the powerful and those who have money enough to pay for being considered the elite. People begin to suspect neighbours and friends of turning them in to the Mobile Euthanasia Team who will make a quick assessment and return with a loaded needle.
  • b) Elderly people will resist going to hospital because they know of others who went there for simple surgery and did not return.
  • c) Patients who no longer trust doctors more frequently request 2nd opinions, more lab tests, a different medication they saw on TV using valuable physician’s time.
  • d) Because of declining confidence in physicians, the most beneficial, cheapest, safest medical tool (placebo, I am sure my doctor wants the best for me) losses its effect. Thus higher doses need to be prescribed and thus there are more damaging side effects which also need to be medicated.
  • e) With the above factors increasingly common, the cost of medicine increases and with it the desire to euthanize people to “make more beds available for really deserving patients”.
  • f) Socially approved indications for euthanasia expand to include: those who don’t improve with standard treatments, depressed and suicidal psychiatric patients, long term prisoners with little hope of rehabilitation, misled idealists who want to unburden mother earth and donate organs, anyone who cannot give a valid consent because of some form of dementia and eventually “enemies of the state”.
  • g) Those with prolonged illnesses or injuries, soon fear they will be put on the list for euthanasia. That fear interferes with their healing and so results in a vicious cycle of more difficulty treating chronically ill people and the desire to euthanize for medical costs containment.
  1. Pervasive Dehumanization thru the Reciprocal Response
  2. a) As those who dehumanize others are themselves dehumanized, so the evil spreads like concentric circles in a pond. When they become of the majority of people, they no longer feel any embarrassment for their dehumanizing point of view. They talk openly to each other and plot which group of people they will consider next. As that group of people expands, so grows the power of those who designate who is and who is not wanted.

b). Abortion and euthanasia is always promoted under the guise of being kind and humanitarian. “It is very cruel to let the elderly suffer when we know they would prefer a death with dignity”  “It isn’t very Christian to make a child with Down’s Syndrome struggle all her life when she could go straight to heaven with a small painless injection”. “The world is over-populated now. It would be good for everyone to abort that baby, especially because you don’t really want it” etc.

  1. c) Those who attempt to counter these arguments are made to look foolish. Too often they make themselves look stupid with statements that are neither scientific nor logical. “But we must be kind to all children because they didn’t ask to be born”. I won’t be talked into being cruel by your type of callous person”. “Of course they are human even when they are demented and cannot talk sensibly.” Prolife people tend to forget that those who promote a new “therapy” must bear the burden of proof. All they need to say is. “Show me how your type of Physician Assisted Dying” is more dignified.


6)  More power to the poor women.

  • a) The illusions of power have become so attractive to women, they are easily persuaded to give up their natural “power base” of having and raising children in favour of becoming president of corporations and nations. They have used mind and body sex chemicals to regulate their normal body functions for many years. Now they can choose when and if to become pregnant, if and when they want a child and if and when they choose to destroy the unwanted children. All these choices began with Eve’s choice for power and independence thru the knowledge of good and evil. Now women know the ultimate evil of killing their young, they are reaping the consequences by a multitude of illnesses and desperately distorted self perceptions. Women are exhorted by extreme feminists to feel the power they have over life and death by deliberately becoming pregnant (any man will do) and deliberately terminating the life of the preborn child to feel the thrill of that power. No longer is motherhood the apex of human love and sacrifice. Now about 60% of all women know themselves to be killers of innocent babies.
  • b) Do women appreciate this “power over life and death” of preborn children? Do they enjoy the freedom to enhance (glorify) their self by deciding who will be chosen to live and who to die? Now they can grasp venal power, even the power to subjugate men, are they happier and healthier? The common indicators of suicide rates, family violence, marital disruption and mistreated children show, they are less content and more aggressive.

To maintain their power and feign satisfaction, women must now control the propagation of knowledge, because the truth is too painful. They now decide what is truth but in doing so they wander further and further away from their God ordained blueprint. Their efforts to do and be everything result in failures that turn and mock them. Since women spend about 80% of the circulating money, the media pander to them and will more often feature their points of view regardless of whether or not it is accurate.

  1. Using weapons and diseases of mass destruction.

As the devil used a woman to gain entry into this world, distort the mathematics governing its life sustaining universe and cloud human thinking; now women are being used by satan to dehumanize and destroy people. They abort almost 100 million babies per year and think that God doesn’t notice or really care what happens to His precious little humans. Only their blindness from being dehumanized can allow this ultimate distortion that will destroy all of humanity.

People cannot erase the impact of destroying helpless babies  and elderly people from their minds. Almost everyone feels some guilt. In addition there are millions of abortion survivors with deep existential guilt. There is now a vast accumulation of guilt that people try to ignore with the aid of drugs, alcohol, entertainment, sex, work, travel, and violence. When the power of these devices to temporarily distract people from their guilt fades and there are so few who ever try to deal with the basic roots of this guilt give up, the only recourse is war. For war, desperately trying to survive or conquer is sufficiently distracting that people welcome it while decrying its destruction of everything they hold dear.

The combined actions of preventing conception, having abnormal sex, aborting preborn babies and producing a vast army of abortion survivors who don’t want children, are rapidly depopulating the world. The devil smiles. God barely contains His rage.


  2. God is. Whether the starting point is an assumption (God exists) or an observation, (that is a mountain) logic and probabilities pursued with honesty will arrive at the same conclusion. God exists therefore the mountain. The mountain exists therefore so does God.
  3. God thinks and so He desires. To think and not desire something makes no sense. In this instance God desires something for Himself which is equally for the benefit of what is desired. Since God is love, (wanting the best for everything and everyone He makes) what He desires for Himself is equally benefitted by having that desire fulfilled.
  4. God desires companionship with individuals and community with the whole society of individuals. In order to achieve this He made humans who are just like Him and almost equal to Him. This creature would be intelligent enough to want to know everything and communal enough to want to include all his neighbours in his fellowship with God.
  • God made man for companionship not for His amusement. To be a companion, man would need to have the intellectual capacity to be able to almost comprehend God. It is clear God wants to be known. To know God would entail knowing His thoughts. To understand God would entail understanding all He knows. It will take at least many eternities to accomplish this but God has time on His side.
  • b) Man and woman were created equal but different. Women are superior in many ways, but they were made from man and for man according to God’s plan and recorded in His word. (Gen. 1:27-31 and Gen. 2:20-25). God loves and cares for them equally. But knowing  that, was not enough for modern women. They compensated the disadvantage of being smaller by being much better at manipulating. Primarily by twisting male sexual desires and male guilt, woman now have at least 34 social, political, economic and legal advantages over men and still demand more. Even if they were equal in every other facet of life, the fact that only women can decide which child shall be terminated by abortion, gives women much more power. If you have ever seen a man cringe before his partner, begging her not to kill his son, you will have seen the great inequality of female and male power. This power imbalance makes men suspect women and not want to marry them. This contributes to the declining population.


  1. God desires friendship by free choice.
  2. a) Thus an alluring and terrifying alternative is needed. Satan who was thoroughly defeated in his attempt to usurp God’s place and power was given a suspended sentence of undying punishment. When he was given the opportunity to be God’s alternative for human choice, he readily volunteered. He saw it as the best chance to defeat God. He schemed to dehumanize, enslave and destroy God’s beloved new creature man and woman
  3. b) The present characteristics of satan reflect the glory and power he once had as a mighty arch-angel. He is very smart and cynically conniving. He craftily distorts Gods truth so carefully that many people cannot distinguish truth from distruth. A lie is a nontruth which would be a new idea. Satan cannot create matter or energy or creatures or new ideas, therefore technically he cannot lie. He doesn’t need to because he is so good at finely distorting truth that people are seduced into misunderstanding God.
  4. Satan’s mode of operation
  • a) Satan is attractive with colors and radiance but not light because life giving light comes only from God. He has indirect access to man’s thinking mainly through written and spoken words of human, particularly the mass media. But he can only directly interfere with human thinking when a person permits him to have access. Even then Satan cannot control human thought so completely that a man is deprived of sufficient initiative to not be able to respond to Christ and His call. Satan cannot speak into the mind of a Christian because they are the temple of God’s Holy Spirit. If anything unclean gets into the temple of God, it is immediately vaporized.
  • b) Satan is sometimes allowed to deprive a man of all he possesses and make him miserably ill, but he cannot destroy people directly. (Job 2: 6) Thus satan has devised ways and means of inducing humans to destroy each other. He has used war, famine, disease, pestilence, wild animals and poverty but still the survivors turned to rather than away from God. Satan’s latest ploy is working better than any other before. He is getting humans to dehumanize each other so they are much more ready to kill each other in cruel ways. The cruelty further dehumanizes the Perpetrator, Observer and Victim so that each group in the POV tragic triangle is better able to dehumanize and destroy others.


  1. Satan’s powers and limitations
  2. a) Since satan cannot create he cannot make more devils. He can recruit evil people, both in their earthly life and after death to become minions in his rapidly growing army. It may be he can even recruit the spirits of aborted babies to join his cause against God. If so this is another reason satan promotes abortion.
  3. b) Satan was given dominion over the earth and he controlled it with evil ideas until in dying Jesus, God’s Messiah defeated him again. Yet in defeat and for a limited time only, satan is allowed to prowl the earth, controlling human powers and much of human thinking.

Satan cannot and will not be God. He cannot create, know everything and be everywhere as can the Holy Spirit of God. Humans, through the power of God’s Spirit and with God’s agreement can chase satan and his henchmen away but not destroy them. That is God’s prerogative only. Will he after suffering the agony of total alienation from the life and love of God and fires of self-recrimination and the heat of God’s wrath, be rehabilitated, no one knows. Now Christians can defeat him if only they would realize how he is operating and with God’s protection, defeat all his machinations.

  2. Satan’s vain hope
  3. a) It appears that satan realizes he cannot defeat God but also thinks it is possible with the spirits of aborted babies, to have a fierce battle which will at least and at last embarrass God. The warfare is not with swords or guns. It is with words and reasoning. This is one reason Jesus is given the title, the Word of God. He will defeat satan by the breath of his mouth from which a mighty sword issues. Humans can chase satan and his minions away by ordering them to leave with words that Jesus has taught them to use.

b.) God has thwarted satan’s hope to destroy humankind with innate survival mechanisms we call instincts. God did not entrust human survival to philosophy, religion, science or reasoning. These can all be distorted. God imbued humans with species propagating and protecting instincts buried in human genes and intuition where they are less vulnerable. Only now through genetic manipulation and instinct distortion has the devil been able to effectively destroy humanity as never before. Christians because they are more in tune with reality, have no fear of discovering anything that shakes their core beliefs and have insights granted them by God, make much better scientists. Satan has used the curse of God that results from eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, to find ways of making the best inventions and new knowledge into weapons and chemicals of mass human destruction. Now humans are attempting to clone beings and to make 3 parent embryos, human existence is deeply shaken.

  1. c) Satan is also using humans to undermine these species preserving instincts:
  2. i) Parent infant bonding ensures that parents will care for their young with at least the same care they have for themselves because children have become an integral part of their thinking and acting. Children who are not well bonded are statistically more likely to be abused, neglected and murdered. In at least 6 ways, abortion interferes with parent infant bonding.
  3. ii) Pair bonding occurs automatically when there is heterosexual intercourse. Pair bonds have 8 components that if all are present there is a resilient marriage that provides the best situation to nurture and raise children. Satan is using humans to promote many kinds of bonding that result in bonds that cannot result in propagation of the species.

iii) Sibling bonding ensures that if the parents are injured or killed, the siblings will form a stable family unit. With more adopted, foster, surrogate, IVF, and genetically engineered children there are weaker bonds.

  1. iv) Fraternal, sorority and buddy bonds occur when people work, slave and war together. They often will honor their fallen comrades by caring for that person’s aging parents, E.g. CS Lewis.
  2. v) When parents and children have similar genes, the parents are better able to recognize their children’s blueprint and thus more readily know and meet their children’s needs. Children whose needs are met are smarter, stronger and more self-reliant. With satan’s encouragement, humans are using IVF, eugenics and surrogacy which results in children sharing less than ½ of their parent’s genes.

d). The noble efforts of Christian heroes and remarkable sacrifices of Christian martyrs have kept the devil at bay. But now the devil has enticed humans to mock and mimic the very best efforts of people to make their civilization into a God ruled culture.  God designed curiosity and the amazing opportunities to view and comprehend the largest and the smallest structures in the universe are constantly reminding humans, it could never have occurred by chance. Everything was so exquisitely designed in such minute detail, the probabilities of every-thing randomly coming together are so remote as to be seen as ridiculous by anyone who wants to know with an open mind. Nowadays it takes much more faith to believe there is no God than to believe there is God who really loves His creation.

  1. While inbuilt spiritual and psychological defenses are often in play in the constant struggle between truth and lies, humans are taking pride for themselves in their progress. They do not give the credit to God. Warped in pride to believe they created a new discovery. This pride of progress is what got the devil into believing he could challenge God. So that even though there is substantial evidence of earth’s orbital decay, humans think they can control global warming but reducing CO2 emissions. Even the most cynical godless scientists are beginning to realize their efforts are having no effect. Yet they cannot, will not, seek God to boost the orbit. The net effect is that as humans are so efficiently destroying themselves, God is allowing the events of the heavens to demonstrate only He is in charge. The changes in gravitational forces that accompany a reduced orbit will result in earth quakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and strange tides predicted in the bible many thousands of years ago.
  2. HISTORY OF PARALLEL DEVELOPMENT of abortion and euthanasia

. Origins of atheism.

All human error and foolishness begins with ignoring God and worshipping some image of themselves. They ignore God because:

  1. a) People are angry at God for being so helpless and dependent on Him. Though it is abundantly clear that humans did not create themselves, many still insist that they now know so much they can regulate themselves and their environment or that they have some kind of god or gimmick that will get them thru. God must laugh and would except it is so insulting to Him.
  2. b) There are some people who claim to be agnostics insisting that though they don’t know, they are willing to find out if God exists. What you really find is that by their life style they are atheists. After all how people behave shows what they really believe. When they are living as if God exists they are theists. If by living as if God doesn’t exist and they don’t care what He thinks about how they behave, by their behaviour they show they are atheists. There is nothing in between. Agnostics are invariably atheists.
  3. c) Atheism by definition is a religion, of a sort. It is a firm belief, not based on observation or experimentation that God is a figment of somebody’s imagination.  It is an assumption in action and that is faith. All faiths and everyone has some faiths, is an assumption or a belief in action. Atheists support their belief, post hoc, by boasting and trying to demonstrate their power by feats of war or logic or pseudoscience. History is replete with examples and all of them have come to nothing is a short time. The devil encourages them. He should know how because his pride brought about his ruin.
  4. Over population.
  5. a) In this time, satan is encouraging people to believe they can control their reproduction; turning off and on their individual and collective fertility at will. Thru ignorant politicians and vain scientists he has convinced the world that there are too many people and that if fertility is not drastically reduced the world will end in ruin and starvation and drought and noxious gases. Until recently the United Nations loudly and often warned of “overpopulation” and “population explosion”. For the last 5-7 years the UN has warned of “population implosion”.
  6. b) In 1994 I debated at the UN Conference on Population in Cairo in an ngo scientific forum. I held that the problem was under population and that it is on the exponential brink of being irreversible and that the economic consequences are drastic because it is impossible to run a free market economy on a declining population. I am not a particularly skillful debater but I won mainly because even way back then, the facts was very clear. All of those predictions based on exponential decline are coming to pass. Yet even with drastic needs for more people in many countries including China, people still promote birth control and abortion. Any sane objective person would say, “They must be mad, absolutely insane. Are they trying to extinguish humanity?
  7. c) What many countries are doing is to encourage immigration and migration, but the end result is more people on welfare and many expressions of xenophobia, including bloody riots, not the GNP growth that they wanted.
  8. d) Why are countries being so suicidal? Because they cannot admit they are wrong because they cannot humble themselves, repent and ask God to bail them out. Consequently they are rushing with greater rapidity to economic, social, ethnic, family etc. disasters. All the while calling out to each other for help and there is no help anywhere except in their Maker and He is so disgusted, I suspect He is thinking. “You humans think you are so smart, let’s see if you can solve this one on your own.”
  9. It seems to me that there are common features in all religions:
  10. a) There is a god, something or somebody who knows what it is doing.
  11. b) Because this god knows so much and is so powerful, it needs to be acknowledged and worshipped,
  12. c) Because this god has some human characteristics, it will punish disobedience and reward for good deeds, correct forms of worship and obedience.
  13. d) There will be religious structures in which the correct worship should take place and a hierarchy of prophets, priests and patrons who all have secrets they will share only to a select few.
  14. e) If anything goes wrong it is not the fault of the religion or the priests but some minority group that must be scapegoated and punished.
  15. f) Under the current practice of the religion called atheism, many things are going wrong. Because to mistreat the usual scapegoats (Jews, Gypsies, Ukrainians etc. is politically incorrect, there must be a new group. Preborn babies are ideal scapegoats. They are innocent, helpless, nameless, vote-less and dispensable because their mother says she doesn’t want it.
  16. g) Sacrifices to appease the gods are supposed to make crops grow better and eager young university students to get better marks. The obvious conclusion would be: “Your god must be wrong because no matter how many babies you sacrifice, things get worse not better. Maybe you should consider additional group of scapegoats”. Their reply would be, “Of course you are right. So we are going to sacrifice old and infirm and handicapped things in addition to the many fetae we now use”
  18. a) People don’t learn from their mistakes and thus tragic history repeats. Nations try and fail at their unthinking endeavours to sacrifice babies, old people etc. to appease the gods of economics and pleasure. Then try their best to resolve their political chaos with the new idea of some fabled economic genius as they become more desperate. A few people turn to God but the majority just intensify the futile efforts. More citizens are scapegoated until it appears that the cause of their turmoil isn’t having too many infants or elderly, it is their neighbors across the ocean or on the other side of the border. Bellicose rhetoric soon becomes border incursions, then an uneasy peace, then all-out war. At first nuclear missiles are mutually prohibited. But as the losing country becomes more desperate the first missiles are fired, “as a warning” then all hell breaks loose. The end result is so predictable you would think it was carefully planned by some horrible agent long ago. It was.
  19. b) People are programmed to resolve interpersonal and intrapsychic conflict because these aid entropy. They do this by obsessively thinking and thinking until they drive themselves crazy. Or they talk to anyone who will listen a bit until they drive their friends crazy and when these attempts fail, they re-enact their tragic histories. They do this to hopefully learn the roots of their original conflict which is often some type of childhood mistreatment. In this way they embroil their children and so the tragic history is repeated. The most damaging conflicts come from aborting their babies, the siblings of their children. So abortion is repeated from one generation to the next and multiplies. Until now probably 60 to 70% of every woman and man has aborted at least one child. Since people learn to rationalize why they killed their own child, they also tend to vote for political parties that support legal, multiple, state paid for abortions. Thus pro-abortion parties are re-elected even when it is so obvious that they are bringing about their country’s ruin.

Why do humans aid and abet the evil one who only seeks to destroy humanity?  Satan in a vain attempt to overthrow or embarrass God is quite willing to end the life of everyone, including his evil spirited minions and daemons. So then you ask, “If this is so obvious, why don’t people get smart and turn to God who could stop the destruction of humanity that he has so carefully guarded and nurtured for so many centuries”. Your question should be answered by an old psychiatrist and so I will.

  1. c) Remember God wanted friends by choice as free a choice as possible. Mind you there are times when He chooses people and relentlessly pursues them until they acknowledge Him as Saviour and Lord. For the rest there should be an approximate 50-50 probability of choosing God. To make the odds as even as possible, God will usually hide Himself behind a cloud of uncertainty. This also means He will give His alternate object for people to choose, a good running start. As knowledge has increased and the obvious conclusion reached that God must have created all of this, to keep the odds even, God would have to hide Himself even more and give satan lots of room to maneuver. So as we become better acquainted with God and His children become more mature, the world will become more evil. As evil spreads and intensifies, there will be more pressure to scapegoat. Paradoxically as the need for children grows, the politically correct rhetoric will become more persuasive. Finally somebody with great intelligence will persuade the nations that the only way to stop war and attain economic stability is to unify all financial transaction and make sure that people record every detail. “Sadly” says he, “this will entail a loss of some freedom. I will assign a number to each individual who must use this number in every detail of their micro economy. If they don’t, of course they will starve but if will be their own fault. “Brilliant” shout the organized mobs. “Make him world president” And the Christians will point to verses in Revelation chapter 13 that about 2100 years ago described this progression of events.
  2. d) At first it appears that the gods of war reward those who strike firs These are ISIS and others who use the ancient techniques of intimidation by terror of horrible atrocities perpetrated on innocent and helpless, women and children. Yet the obvious effects of the Reciprocal Response soon dawns on these primitive aggressors. Fear and Guilt walk hand in hand with Rage and Terror. That downtrodden band together to wreck fearful vengeance on these lawless terrorists.
  3. e) God sometimes chooses less evil to punish and stop more evil nations. The early Israelites could not believe God would allow the Assyrians and Babylonians to conquer them. God not only allowed Israel to be destroyed and enslaved, He encouraged their enemies. In our day those in decedent western civilizations cannot grasp the idea that God could allow/encourage Moslems to discipline apathetic, materialistic, aborting Christians but He may.


  2. Pride. God created man just a little lower than Himself in order to have interesting friends who chose Him to be their life long companion. Given a free choice (50-50) the earliest human ancestors were tempted to be self-important with knowledge that could only bring about their ruin. They were humbled but soon tried to go their own foolish ways.

In pride and anger they began to worship forms of themselves and became increasingly alienated from their essential source of life. This resulted in more desperate attempts to survive and dominate their world and each other. They should have recognized the deep sense of despair and helplessness came from their wrong choices.  As they became more alienated from their loving God, they became more angry and self-indulgent. They began to assert themselves and deny their need for any kind of god. With atheism and its attendant philosophies they drifted further and further away from truth and the source of Truth. There is no god they shouted to each other, hoping God wouldn’t hear them.

  1. 2. Rather than submit to God, they chose to dominate each other and slavery was the net effect. Slavery appeared to be the best answer to their usual grind of labor. But they would not recognize the Reciprocal Response and soon became enslaved to more depraved sin. They became dehumanized and treated each other with atrocious cruelty. God let them because He could not rectify the situation without usurping human’s God given right to make choices. But they He could no longer endure their insulting Him and debasing and dehumanizing each other, so He stood back and allowed the consequences of their stupidity to unfold. When those humans had enough, they would turn to God in repentance. This brought about peace and re-humanization for a short period and then the cycle would be repeated.

They hated their short span of life and their subjection to their weakness. They could not escape the human cycle of birth and death no matter how elaborate the fantasies of the hereafter and the grandeur of their tombs. They had to have children because the state had no interest in them when they lost their utility as workers of soldiers. Children were highly valued as social security and economic advantage but so many died dragging their loving parents into painful grief. “If only we could regulate our fecundity, having only as many children as we needed and no more”.

  1. With the increasing ability to ensure children did not die in their infancy, humans began to worry about having enough resources to house and feed everyone. The earliest warnings of overpopulation began hundreds of years before there was any evidence that the earth could not sustain everyone indefinitely. Then the politically correct warning was global warming. “We will all die from over-crowding or starvation or temperature increase. The evidence was poor for all of these assertions but they were very successful in making humans panic and thus accepting anyone who had some way to avoid it all. Then glory be, came the pill as an answer to all these problem but still people had “too many children” Then came safe abortions which was the ideal backup to failed contraception. Very few people recognized that the pill and abortion were wed around dehumanization. Why, Because people who relied on them became dehumanized. Dehumanized people could sense there was something catastrophically wrong in the arguments and in themselves but they would not face the truth. The more dehumanized they became the more strident was the shouts of this is the way to save the world.

Although there was accumulating evidence that, as a medical procedure, abortion was never necessary, never beneficial and resulted in much life-long harm, the evidence was ignored and the honest researchers ostracized. The burden of increased medical costs together with failing economies because of exponential depopulation, easily justified the consideration of saving resources, freedom and independence by euthanasia. Once that was accepted, the indications for Death with Dignity quickly broadened and soon mentally ill, prisoners and healthy elderly were targeted. No one justified euthanasia as an economic tool. It was always for their good and the good of society.


There were many warning signs and many effects that were overlooked, but the most serious were the abortion survivors. Children who grew up in home where siblings were aborted developed a uniform constellation of signs and symptoms I recognized as a deeply destructive syndrome. The main conflict of these children was that they felt they did not deserve to be alive. They were alive because they were wanted and their siblings were destroyed by abortion because they were not wanted. Their guilt was an indication of the strong family and social ties that God had built into every human to help keep the human species alive.

The constellation of symptoms was similar to those of holocaust and war survivors yet much deeper and more crippling. A woman who had survived Auschwitz and her mother’s abortion told me that being an abortion survivor was much worse. “At least in the camp though there was death awaiting you everywhere, your parents sacrificially strove to love and protect you. When my mother had an abortion, I realized there was no one I could trust. So I learned not to trust myself. I was always terrified of death yet felt that if I died it would bring an end to my awful guilt at being alive at the expense of my little brother and sister.”

Now when about 50% of the world’s population are abortion survivors and there is very little anyone can do to treat their deep damages, the clinics are bursting and medical treatments becoming increasingly superficial. People are desperate for some symptom relief from their obsessive guilt ridden ruminations; they turn to drugs, violence, bizarre sex and increasing anger at God. For their suffering they are turning their anger at the previous generation, who dangled their lives on the slender thread of wantedness, they are permitting and promoting euthanasia. For their deep guilt at killing their young and for existing, they are trying more and more fantastic entertainment until war is the only thing that will distract them from their internal, interminable psychological and spiritual distress.  When all of these fail, they will turn their destructive attention on scapegoats. Since Christians are the least effected, most healthy and most financially successful, Christians will become the universal scapegoats.

Abortion survivors don’t like and don’t want to have children. Thus the desperate attempts to stimulate population growth fail miserably. Since no one can run a free market economy with a declining population, without some huge effort the properly treat abortion survivors, the fertility rates will continue to decline and so will the economy. Preborn babies, elderly people, the mentally unwell, the handicapped and the criminals will be increasingly euthanized because they are not wanted. The vicious cycle is complete and humanity is doomed.

  2. Instincts.

There are built in factors and forces that have kept humanity from self destruction so far.  a) Instinctual bonding. Child parent bonding ensures parents will look after their children about as well as they cared for themselves. This bonding enables families to stay together for mutual care and protection. Sadly abortion interferes in parent infant bonding and abortion is now so prevalent about 60 to 70% of all women by 45 years have had at least one abortion. This means that the majority of children are not well bonded and families are not very stable. In addition the parents are dehumanized and have weakened SSIRAA so that more children are mistreated and thus more put into foster care where they are neglected.

  1. b) Pair bonding takes place between a man and woman whenever they have vaginal intercourse. With ejaculation there is an exchange of powerful hormones and results in a “one flesh” pair bond. That pair bond is life long. Thus the majority of people are bonded to others in addition to their present partner. The result should have been stable marriages. But with the advent of contraception and abortion, sex has become recreation and pair bonds weakened. When condoms are used and when any type of sexual behaviour other than intravaginal intercourse, this live long pair bonding cannot occur. Pair bonding becomes weaker with each additional mating. Without this durable pair bond, it is the children who suffer most for marriages are much more likely to breakup.
  2. c) The Species Specific Instinctual Restraint to Aggression and Abandonment (SSIRAA) protects children and dependent old people from the episodes of rage and neglect that affect everybody at some time. Abortion overcomes the death restraining force of the SSIRAA. Once a soldier has killed another, it is much easier for him to kill again. Once a mother and father have killed their helpless infant it is much easier to kill or abandon a child again.
  3. d) These three protective instincts are badly damaged in the majority of people. This means that babies, handicapped, elderly, imprisoned, infirm people are under much greater threat. As people kill and abandon with abortion and euthanasia, so they become progressively dehumanized. As such it is easier to dehumanize the helpless and then kill them nicely with death with dignity euthanasia.
  4. The protecting presence of angels and other agents of God’s peace and love-

God is constantly holding back the natural consequences of human sin. He keeps boosting the earth’s orbit to stop runaway global warming and gravitational changes that would bring natural disasters of fire, flood, famine, earthquakes and tsunamis. But He cannot maintain justice and avoid dealing with the horrible crimes done to innocent children and poor much longer. His anger is rising to a boil and sensitive people can feel it.

  1. God’s servants-

His children are given huge responsibilities to restrain evil and heal and bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ. They have become so materialistic and apathetic they have done very little to ensure justice and protect preborn babies. Because they have been given all the tools, gifts and opportunities and have discarded these, God is particularly angry at His people and will discipline them first.

  1. Extinction

Humanity is rapidly declining yet God is not yet showing the extent of His anger because He is hoping people will recognize the inevitable and turn to Him in repentance, humbly pleading for His help. The scriptures and scientific data indicate the current state of trouble is a warning of future catastrophes but arrogant humans will not heed them.    The present economic and social crises are accelerating and nothing anyone is doing will stop the very predictable end. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Jesus predicted long ago, ”In fact unless that time of calamity is shortened, the entire human race will be destroyed, (Matthew 24: 22).  In order to prevent the total eradication of humanity He so lovingly created, Jesus and his myriad troops will finally step in and His arrival will be welcomed by very few, the rest will hide in caves trying to avoid Jesus seeing and judging them.

  2. And yet God. While God is the epitome of truth and justice, He is also the embodiment of mercy and love. The bible is full of tragic stories which end not in fire and brimstone but with this wonderful phrase, “and yet God had mercy on them and did not destroy them in His anger and He had planned”

On the other hand JESUS has also said, “But now it is too late” (Luke 19: 42).  At which time are we? Only God knows. Many false prophets make a show of making predictions from scripture. When asked by his disciples, when will it happen (i.e. the total destruction of Jerusalem) Jesus literally replied with, (paraphrased), “Use your observations of events and common sense and you will be able to figure it out, not to the day and hour but close enough to take evasive action.” (Matt. 24: 3-22)

  1. What Should Christians do?

Assuming that God will give us all a little more time and will relent if we pray hard and work hard, Christians could make a difference in the outcome of this very predictable end to humanity by:

  1. a) Repenting for the apathy and materialism; particularly for doing so little to protect preborn babies and end of life frail elderly. The best way to stop abortions is not thru politics or major law court decisions but by suing the abortionists. There is plenty of evidence they are not practicing proper medicine but just harming women and families.
  2. b) Stop waiting for God to do it all for them. Stop preaching, “God can make it all right again so don’t worry.”
  3. c) Preach the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ only and heal the broken; many millions of people suffering from the combined effects of being abortion survivors, having been mistreated (mainly neglect) as children and having had an abortion. There is only one program I know of that does this, Hope Alive, which is based on science and scripture and has scientifically verified good results.
  4. d) Give up their sexual, entertainment, phony worship and materialistic addictions
  5. e) Welcome every baby in Jesus name and in your name; including babies preborn and babies in the families of strangers. Try it, (with permission of course).” Hellooo down in there. (Mother’s tummy) I welcome you in Jesus name and in my name, Paul. I am so glad you came to be part of this world. It really needs you. I recognize your right to exist because Jesus made you.” whether or not they are babies in your family.
  6. g) Reinforce the God-given instincts that preserve humanity, especially pair bonding.
  7. h) Do and promulgate good research showing the necessary effects of preserving old and young with statistics while people are still swayed by evidence.
  8. i) Be active politically at every level, showing that Christianity is very practical.
  9. j) Fight a losing battle victoriously. Always love your enemies, because your master ordered you to and because it works to help re-humanize them.
  10. k) Die well, singing and shouting the praises of God for anyone who might listen.
  11. l) Learn to know God better and better. Learn about who you really are and be that person.
  12. WAR

All of the mechanisms described here point to war. It is just what satan would like; people cruelly killing each other without restraint or guilt. Do not be violent but assert your humanity and the humanity of preborn babies and handicapped and elderly people to the very end.

Remember to humanize your captors. Treat them as real humans with families at home waiting for them. Learn and address them in their own language. If you treat others as persons, they are more likely to do the same for you.

When persecuted, don’t hesitate to flee just as Jesus recommended. Flee to anywhere the gospel really needs to be spoken for that is most likely where Jesus will especially protect you.


Doctor cheerily   “Well, well. Here you are. I am sorry I am a little late. I have been really busy and getting busier. Fifteen Euts today so far. It give me a feeling of satisfaction to send people on their way with a Dignified Death. I am sure this is what Jesus wanted me to do in life.

“This is your big day. I have your written and signed consent. Are you ready and still willing for this? It is the best thing for everyone. Don’t you agree?

“Oh, who are you?” turning to a man in a proper business suit.

“I am Jason his oldest son. I have come to watch his passage. I have been a strong supporter of euthanasia from the beginning. Old dad here at 75 years has had a good life.  Me and my sister have really appreciated all he has done for us”

“Hi, I’m Jane; this old thing’s one and only daughter. Yeah, he’s been quite generous with his time and money. I admit I am looking forward to getting something significant in his will. I sure need a long holiday.”

There is a tear in the old man’s left eye, his only good one as he tries to speak but can’t for coughing.  Very faintly. “I,I,I, don’t really want to die. I still enjoy my grandsons coming to visit. Are you all agreeing this is what’s best for everyone?

Jason with irritation, “Common old man. Don’t back out now. I thought you wanted to die with dignity so we made all the arrangements and came all the way from the other side of town to be with you”.

Luke.  “But I’m not so sure now. Fact is I’m scared. I would prefer to die naturally in my own time. I saw them do this to the old guy in the next bed and he kept thrashing about and crying out, ”Help me”. I didn’t see much dignity.”

Jane becoming really red in the face, “You ungrateful old fart. I have been really scrimping on buying toys and clothes that are in fashion for the kids to be able to help pay for your living in this pretty swank place. I guess you could tell we were beginning to resent you.

Jason. “You are only alive because we wanted you to live a little longer. Come to think of it. Now the tables are reversed. You are alive because we wanted you. Jane and I are alive only because you wanted us. Now you know how awful that feels.  As a kid I kept thinking, ‘mum and dad keep telling us we are special wanted kids. Nice, but what happened to the kids in your other pregnancies that you didn’t want. You killed them without the anesthetic you are going to get”.

Jane. “And I kept thinking if they kill kids they don’t want, I better be good. And I was until I couldn’t stand it any longer, wondering if you might just stop wanting me and throw me off the bridge. I said to myself, to hell with this and took off. You didn’t see me for 5 years and man did I have to struggle”.

Jason. So now you see old man what it feels like to be alive only because you are wanted.  It’s hell, isn’t it?

Jason turning to Jane,” Today do we want this old crock? He is just a drain on us all and frankly I don’t want him. In fact I am enjoying this moment. Looking at the terror on his face gives me a sense of sweet revenge.”

Jane. “I feel a little sorry for him, after all he could have had us aborted and didn’t. Let’s just wait for a few days and then make up our minds. Okay with you Doc?

Luke. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t think how life would turn out like that, never sure if you were going to live or die tomorrow because your parents might stop wanting you. I get the point. Please want me, just enough to live another couple of months. I won’t bother you and I will change my will in favor of you two instead of my other kids.

Jason.  “Well, well, now the truth comes out, you old hypocrite. I always suspected you had something going on the side. So change your will and we will let you live a little longer.

2 months later.

Jane. “Well your times up old dear. The doc will be here in a moment. No backing out this time.

Old Luke. ” I’m not ready yet. I haven’t finished my 10 final tasks *. Please let me live. Don’t you want me just a little?”

Jason. “Hello Doc. He is ready this time aren’t you, you old bugger. I’ll hold him still so you can get that stringy little vein the first time.

Luke. “Oh God please don’t let them do this” as he struggling wildly he kicks Jason in the groin.

Jason in a rage, “You dirty old man take this” and gives him a hard punch in the stomach. But still the rugged old man struggles and screams pathetically for 45 min while dying. “No, no, please God. Don’t let them, don’t let them”, more and more faintly until his last long gasp of life.

Jane “If that’s dying with dignity. Please someone shoot me”.

Jason. “I killed my old man. Not so long ago, he almost died pulling me out of a burning car wreck. And now I punched this poor old man. I had my revenge but now I feel sick to my stomach. To hell with this stupid idea of being alive because you are wanted.  Old dad. I am so sorry”.