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Philip Ney, Pioneer Publishing, 16/9/09


As in part I, these are essential issues where the choice is to ignore or to know. God is declaring Himself because He wants humans to know Him. Although He “veils” Himself to protect us, as it where from sunburn, he makes His creation amazingly easy to understand. Like God, His creation is declaring itself. Then why has it taken s so long to discover what little we know now? The same answer will apply as in part I. Because humans usually choose to be ignorant. They choose not to know because they realize, what they discover will point them to God and they will have even less of an excuse not to seek and know Him. Why do humans choose not to know God? Because they prefer to worship themselves. They would rather believe they have the power of knowledge, good and evil, that will elevate them to such heights others will want to worship them. Haven’t they learned by now this doesn’t and can’t work? Apparently not. But surely the futility of being their own god has shown itself in so much suffering and frustration, you will say. If left alone, it probably would but they have an enemy. The evil one, whose main object is to overthrow God, seeks to either enslave humans or engineer their destruction, one of another. Then why did God create such a monstrous device to undermine His created ones? The only logical and mathematical answer it seems to me is that, God’s primary desire and design is to have friends, many millions of them, many varieties of them. Not even God can create friends, at least not directly. A friend by definition is someone who has chosen to be such. The choice has to be free, that is, the results of that choice must be 50:50. All factors weighing on that choice must be very well balanced. To give humans free choice, there had to be a very alluring, powerful alternative. By rebelling against God, the mighty angel Lucifer, chose that role for himself. Satan has many remarkable attributes but he is limited. He cannot create, not even untruth. So he operates primarily by deceit. He takes the truth and twists it so that humans, unless they are constantly on their guard, won’t be able to differentiate Satan’s version from God’s simple, harsh and beautiful, truth. Adam and Eve, real and symbolic, had this choice (1), to get to know God, which was to get to know everything, (it would take at least a few eternities but never mind God has time on His side) walking and talking in a beautiful garden OR knowing it all, good and evil, just like the gods do, right now. “And just think of all the power and worship you would get, Eve, if you had all that knowledge. Why you could rule vast worlds and turn to dust with atomic power any creature that didn’t immediately bow before you”. She took the bait, bit the apple and bit the dust in the same moment. For a flash she could see that power, only to realize she had been deceived into thinking that it was possible without taking into consideration the immensely more powerful being whom she knew had created it all. She did not get the promised power but she did lose that direct and intimate access to God, which she had once experienced, the joy of all joys. In her bitterness, she seduced her husband into joining her. So now every son of Adam and daughter of Eve, must live struggling with the same choice, to know God, directly in His Messiah and indirectly through this most amazing universe He created OR ignore Him and pretend they can be everything their distorted imagination desired, by their own efforts. The choice is to become friends of God by knowing Him or to ignore Him, which will always result in ignorance. Since that awful event, humans without referring to, thanking or revealing God have usually found frustration through ignorance. Since the universe was created for humans, their ignorance significantly adds to the progressive decay of the universe, which was set in motion by Satan. (2) When humans, usually those who will give God the credit (3) do discover some remarkable feature of this and other worlds, it suddenly seems so simple. “Why didn’t we see this long ago” scientists will say. Do you not marvel at the simplicity of E=mc2 and a=1/2gt2 etc. They are such short formulae and the terms are not complicated numbers with many decimal places. This is evidence, I believe, that God wants us to discover and enjoy the fruits of those discoveries, if only we will give Him the credit. Here are some more choices where it appears the majority of people chose ignorance in the face of evidence and reason.

1).Double blind or using the patient as their own control.

Most of “scientific” medicine relies on double blind, placebo controlled experiments to demonstrate that the chemical in question is more effect than placebo. It is understood that there will be usually some improvement as a result of the patient believing they are taking something to aid their distress and remove the illness that causes it, even if it is inert, i.e. a placebo. If the difference in the amount of improvement between the drug being studied and the placebo is “statistically significant” than it proves the medication is efficacious and modern physicians should prescribe it. The problem is that there are no double blind studies. The emperor has no clothes. Sadly it seems very few, if any, medical scientists, drug companies, journal editors or practicing physicians see he is stark naked. I have written about this, objected in scientific meetings and debated with individuals, but they won’t see it or if they do, say “how could we do research without it.” Yet every physician would agree that it is unconscionable to prescribe costly medication without knowing if it really does what it is supposed to. Why is there no double blind? Simply because the effects of the medication are felt in the subject. They feel the side effects: dizzy, nausea etc. and hopefully some beneficial effects. Those on placebo may tend to believe they are being treated by some wondrous new drug, but realize their sensations are not strong. The effects can be observed by research assistants who already know what to expect and their interactions with the subjects are picked up and help the subject to guess accurately whether or not they are on drugs or a convincingly look alike sugar pill or other type of medication. It should also be remembered that there are placebo effects of the chemical effects. When someone feels dizzy, or eyes blurred etc. they are convinced they are on the potent chemical and not the placebo, so that their belief in the therapeutic benefits of what they are taking is even stronger. As they believe so they become, better and better even if the real benefit of the chemical in question is negligible. We found (4) in all the “double blind studies” of a decade for the British, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand medical and psychiatric journals that only 6% of the investigators checked to see if the subjects could guess with more than 50% accuracy which they were on. Those that did, found that neither subject nor experimental assistant were blind. So why do they keep on claiming double blind when there is no evidence of blindness? They must believe the emperor has wonderful clothes or the whole kingdom of medical science will collapse.

2) The preborn is a piece of tissue or a live, individual person.

This is a critical question for many reasons, but principally because it will determine who is a murderer and who is a friend of mother and child. The Christian view is that a unique individual begins life at the moment of conception when egg, sperm and spirit fuse. It is a dramatic event with a discernable, precise beginning. This is moment of awe when it is possible to see the creative genius and power of the Holy One. The opposite assumption is that there is nothing special in this fusion event because it is only the faint beginnings of an evolutionary process that may eventually result in a human. Those who believe this can also believe that humanity is a status that is granted to fetus or baby at some indeterminate time when they are deemed to warrant it. Yet the science and logic are clear: a)(lets call “it” a baby boy) is unquestionably genetically human. Even those with genetic defects are not little elephants b) If provided with time, nurture and protection, he will turn into a human with personality characteristics much like every other human. c) He learns and feels and therefore must think. Preborn children can be taught music and math. Some people remember their preborn life in details that can be confirmed by others. (Malls book) d) There is no way to add any essential or beneficial characteristic after fertilization/fusion. e) In his earliest form, he looks like a human and every bit of progress makes him look even more human. f) Our ancestors from the beginning of recorded time have always referred to him as a baby and they were not as stupid as modern technologically dominated man think. In law and in medicine it has been assumed the burden of proof lies with anyone who seeks to end the life of the accused to demonstrate they are guilty. Applied to medicine this means any one who intends to end the life of someone who looks human must prove they are not a person, before doing so. Sadly, no government has insisted that abortionists provide proof that the preborn is not a person before they terminate his or her life. It has been a well-practiced political ploy to keep asserting that the preborn is not really a person and if that is not the case, the prolifers must provide the evidence. It is disconcerting that those who insist on the right to life of preborn children, don’t seem to see this neat trick. Given that approximately 70% of all women by 45 have had at least one abortion and at least the same % of men have also contributed, it can safely be assumed that most humans do not think he is a child. On the other hand they may recognize his humanity but be incapable of understanding, this means they arranged and paid for his murder. In either case it seems that most people are choosing ignorance. This aspect of choosing ignorance is doing more than anything else to destroy our world.

3) Unique blueprint or one of a mass.

If children are essentially the same, they can be raised and educated as a group in a similar manner. If they are essentially unique, it is an enormous waste of time and energy to teach them as a class as if they are all learning in the same manner and approximately the same rate. If they have a blueprint (unique design) (5) that they can intuitively discern, then they need to be carefully observed red by those who would meet their needs in order to provide what they need next. Their design is so specific that the only way to measure the extent of their sickness or failure is in relation to that design and not the groups mean. If their design and therefore their needs are essentially different, those best able to nurture and educate them are those who know them best, their parents. Home-schooled children almost always out perform their public school peers, and that with less money and effort by their parent teachers. One parent and her son I know, completed in 43 minutes what took his peers in school a whole day to accomplish. If they are one of a homogenous group, it makes no essential difference to their development if they are raised and taught in fairly large groups. The best evidence indicates that children are genetically unique in a myriad of ways. The impact of their intra-uterine nurture and emotional environment also contribute to their uniqueness. Their earliest extra-uterine bonding experiences of holding, touching, feeding and interaction add to their temperamental differences to promote uniqueness, not sameness. So why are most children taught in classes and examined as if they can legitimately be compared to some non-existent standard called the mean? It is such wasteful ignorance. It wastes public funds. It wastes the energy and ability of the children. It detracts from the personality development that occurs best in a close, secure relationship with parents. It can only be explained by human choice of ignorance and indolence.

4) Wanted or Welcomed children.
Margaret Sanger wrote it, “The first right of every child is to be wanted”(6). She coined the phrase, “every child a wanted child”. The idea was to promote freely available abortion so no longer would unwanted children be born and there would be much less child abuse and neglect. It sounds so agreeable that many of the most prolife people endorse it. It is promoted by agencies of the UN like a mantra. It convinces most of the world’s unthinking people that it should be and must be. A little scrutiny shows it to be a most muddled logic. So what to do with unwanted preborn babies? Kill them, early so they won’t feel the pain of being torn apart, (unrestricted abortion). What to do with handicapped unwanted people? Kill them, decently so as not to arouse anger, (eugenics). What to do with unwanted geriatric patients? Kill them, kindly of course, (euthanasia). What to do with unwanted groups with the wrong color or attitudes. Kill them and bury them with a bulldozer after harvesting their useful organs, (Genocide). So now wantedness determines who lives or dies. Being wanted grants you the right to life, so be very careful to stay wanted; preferably don’t say anything disagreeable though it be true and stay popular. Is this really the kind of world you want? Besides there is no evidence that this pernicious philosophy works. Child abuse and neglect continue to increase (7). Children are suppressing their individuality. More people are becoming stridently vociferous in their demands to be given rights protected by tribunals. It blatantly doesn’t work yet its popularity isn’t waning. Even when you inform people it’s author, birth mother of International Planned Parenthood was a racist and eugenicist who admired Hitler. (6) On the contrary, Jesus said “welcome a child in my name”(8). A welcome means to recognize a person as they are, whenever they are, and provide hospitality and protection. It is unconditional. It has little to do with how well that person pleases you at that moment. They have a right to existence and that in a family. Those rights have been granted by their Creator. We have an obligation to recognize those rights and to pass on His welcome. That welcoming process is reciprocal.

5) Pair bonding or living with a partner.

With the advent of reasonably effective contraception, it was possible to indulge in sex only for pleasure. Before that having sex was considered to be for both intimate enjoyment and for propagating the young. Young men and women looked for that day when they could have spouse with whom to enjoy the “fruits of love”. Now although most young men will tell a woman they love her in order to seduce her, in most instances any kind of sex with anybody with no other purpose than to have an orgasm, has become the general experience of most young people. Though she may wear a lovely white gown, nobody really believes she is a virgin and they would laugh at the idea that she was “his first”. The practice of having sex for fun is so commonplace it is accepted as the norm. Parents only concern for their adolescent children is that they are protected from the possibility of becoming pregnant or infected with a sexually transmitted disease. The clear evidence is that the more premarital sex the more extramarital sex. As God made humans, they long to be reunited, no longer just male and female. He made it possible to be “one flesh”(9). It isn’t that remarkable that this statement, oft repeated in scripture is literally true. By absorbing each other’s hormones thru their genitalia, they take on each other’s hormonal profile. The more barrier-less sex the more the couple begin to think and look alike. This makes communication between them so much more efficient. They seldom need to talk. They anticipate each other’s needs and so love each other more thoroughly. As they love and are loved, so they become more mature and wise. With multiple partners the opposite is true. Understanding each other is hard work, and disputes more common. Without wanting to, they think of other partners and make comparisons, usually to each other’s detriment.

6). Sex education to prevent pain or sexual titillation to encourage acting out.

Parents and educators ignore the plain truth that to reduce unwanted pregnancies and diseases, sex education does not work. What does happen is that the more the sex education, the more the sexual activity? The more the sexual activity, the more pregnancies, abortions, STDs, depressions and suicides. The earlier the sex education, the earlier the sexual activity. There are now approximately 25 sexually transmitted viruses, bacteria and spirochetes. For many of the viruses, it is hard to keep up to the score because they continue to mutate and require new forms of treatment. Yet the majority of western legislators continue their demands for more and earlier “sex education” Child and adolescent sex has become so common that almost no one considers what ethnologists know as fact. For every monogamous creature, having sex with a chosen well endowed member of their species of the opposite sex results in life long pair bonding. This applies to humans. The mechanism of human pair bonding are known but ignored. (10) They include: Thralldom, imprinting, operant and classical conditioning, the mutual absorption of sex hormones during vaginal intercourse, rescue bonding, buddy bonding and social bonding. These are mechanisms put in place by the creator in order to insure humans would stay married. Thus almost every young person is bonded to (married in God’s eyes) to others at the time of his/her wedding, Those bonds lessen the ability to bond to and be intimate with the person to whom they are legally wed. The authorized marriage makers who do not bother to ask if the youngsters in premarital counseling are already bonded to others compound this tragedy. They perpetuate the charade of a beautiful wedding which is only intended for the one to whom each person intends to be faithful while there may be many others to whom they promised to be true in order to “go all the way”, and to whom they are bonded by God. Tragically, some so called “chastity programs” recognize bonding and therefore recommend, manual, oral or anal sex which allows the young people to explore, enjoy each other without the possibility of disease, babies or bonding and still remain a virgin. Little do they know that many components of bonding do not require vaginal intercourse.

7) Condoms prevent disease or mislead people to death.

In the last 10 to 12 years it is now written in medical and scientific journals that apart from needle prick and intravenous injection, AIDS is transmitted by anal sex, almost exclusively. This fact was known for at least 25 years but was not acknowledged because of political expediency. So you may ask, why the increase in heterosexual AIDS? Simply because there has been a rapid rise in the acceptance of anal intercourse by women. The public could but doesn’t want to know this it seems because it changes the generally accepted view of women. And yet fashion magazines often highlight tight jeans or pants showing lots of glossy rounded buttocks and cleavage. Cleavage has always acted as an invitation and a pointer. At best condoms are 87% effective in preventing HIV infections (12). This may sound good, “Its better than nothing” but would you fly in any airliner if you knew that 13% of the time you would crash and burn. The trouble with the condom program is that it gives people a false sense of security so they don’t employ other more effective methods, principally monogamy. Condoms are 0% effective in preventing Human Papilloma Virus. Condoms are less effective in preventing pregnancies than most Natural Planning methods. Yet condoms are everywhere touted as the answer to rapidly spreading diseases. When lives are at stake, why do people want to remain so ignorant of some very important medical facts?

8) Natural sex or anything goes.

The vagina has a tough skin of stratified sqaumous cells, much like the hand. It is able to withstand much abrasion and still absorb male generated hormones. The anus has single cell columnar epithelium, which is easily torn. Moreover, the seminal plasma has an immuno-suppressive chemical which knocks out the local immune response. Thus there is a high likelihood that the penis in the anus will break the skin causing bleeding and that immuno-suppressive chemicals in the ejaculate will interfere with the local immunity (13). If the seminal plasma has HIV, the concatenation of blood, virus and suppressed immunity increases greatly the chance the individual, male or female will contract AIDS. Seminal plasma contains a rich mixture of sexual hormones, thyroid stimulating hormone and prostaglandins (14). These are taken up by an active transport mechanism in the walls of the vagina. These hormones can promote a woman’s health and well being. This assumes of course that condoms are not worn. So why do people ignore good science to their peril and avoid the real benefits of vaginal intercourse? It is the same old question of why do people prefer ignorance.

9) Death by choice or a most important transition.

As the tax base of our economies shrink and infrastructure deteriorates there is an increasingly strident demand for euthanasia. No country in the world can afford the high tech medicine it is possible to provide, so resources must be rationed. Suddenly people are wanting to save medical treatment for those whose “quality of life” makes them a worthy patient. For all the vaunted safe guards to ensure only those who wish some form of doctor assisted death will get it, in every country that has euthanasia, it soon includes a variety of people who cannot speak up for themselves. The medical associations clearly understand this slippery slope and where it will end, but their voice grows weaker as the beds fill with the demented and chronic sufferers and they cannot find space for their elective surgical patients. Nobody has the august temerity to point out that much medical manpower and bed space is taken up with abortions that have no proven benefit and those many thousands who are damaged by abortion. And so with awkward and undue haste ethics committees are legitimizing the turning off of life support, removing food and fluids to hasten the painful demise of old grandpas, decorated hero of the war though they were. The criteria of wantedness, usefulness and inconvenience are what really determines whom and when the elderly and infirm die. Young people carelessly embrace euthanasia, never realizing they may think much differently when they age. If a fertilized egg becomes a person because God gave him a fully formed spirit, then he is no longer a person when his spirit departs. When the spirit is gone, it is just a body even though it may still have breath and a heartbeat. Beloved Godly grandpa has gone to be with his Maker and friends. Now and only now is it right and proper to turn off the life support. Therefore it becomes urgent to learn how to detect the departure of a person’s spirit. For those rapidly aging and those dying, there is much work to be done before they can pass on (15). The process of dying is not a waste of time and energy. It is a vitally important transition. There are at least 10 important tasks to accomplish before anyone can say, “It is finished”. There is no occasion for inactivity but urgent action by family and friends, “Common dad, we have to deal with this”. When reconciliation with family, friends and foes is accomplished and goodbyes said, everyone can reverently say, “Do you see anything of heaven yet?” Doctor assisted death in any guise not only terminates a life but truncates the vitally important process of dying. For this there is neither reason nor excuse.

10) Reciprocal effect or independent choice.

‘What comes round goes round”. What the kids chant to each other when things seem so unfair, most adults seem to forget. This is the era of independent thinking and life style. We are encouraged to choose our partner, ethic, sexual orientation and which preborn child should be allowed to live and develop and which should be “terminated”. It all seems so plausible until you reflect on the fact it is literally impossible to be independent. We are tightly bundled together in this life. Only rarely will our choice not affect someone else. If one chooses to be a Vegan, the cattle ranchers are somewhat impoverished. If the choice is to fly somewhere, the bus driver is less likely to be able to retain his job in hard times. If one “unwanted child” is chosen to be aborted, his/her siblings will likely feel the effects of being a survivor. Most particularly, if a physician chooses to abort some preborn children, he/she will become inured, hardened, callous, and less empathetic. We have conducted seminars for medical personal who have left the abortion industry (16). When we surveyed them, it appeared their prime motives for being an abortionist, nurse or receptionist at a “clinic” etc. was for power and money. Once they were idealistic and had concerns for women’s health but in short time, it didn’t really matter. It wasn’t hard for them to see they harmed much more than they helped women but that didn’t stop them. Soon they lost all pretenses of high ideals and sought to do more abortions for more money. What they realized is that at the moment, not later) they killed a child something inside them died. We cannot benefit at the expense of our neighbour. If it isn’t good for him and her, it will not be good for us. If it isn’t good for black, it cannot be good for white, If not helpful for men; it will not be beneficial for women. What we do to others is being done to us at the same time (17). When we kill, we die. When we deafen our ears to the cry of the preborn in fact, we will lose the ability to hear our own thoughts and feelings. When nurture we are nurtured. When we love we are being loved. This appears to be a universal ethic of our universe and was probably in place as law, before gravity, conservation etc. were brought into play. More-over, this law is always in effect. It cannot be avoided. So why aren’t people always loving, if only for their own benefit. They choose ignorance and promote independence to their detriment. Do you remember when he first fell in love? You were “on cloud nine.” The sun shone all day and all night and the birds never stopped singing. Such is the wonderful feeling that goes with being so preoccupied with someone else, no serious thought is given to oneself. Evidence shows when you focus outside yourself, your BP, pulse rate are lowered (18). When you focus on loving yourself your psychological and physical health, deteriorate. So to love your neighbors as yourself is the healthiest and most civilized thing you can do. To pleasure or look after yourself cannot work. You become narcisstic and unwell. With a little effort you find the best way to love yourself, is to let others love you.

11) Life will go on as usual or a bitter end is in sight.

Nations come and go. Civilizations rise then collapses. Civilization is a veneer that is defaced by ambition and cruelty. Tragedy repeats so often it is boring. Humans seem not to learn from their horrible mistakes. Yet there is an adaptive component. Maybe people are trying to stop child abuse from so often being Transgenerational (19). Maybe they hope to learn by reenacting unresolved conflicts from their own painful childhood (20). Even so, it seems God determines the fate of all mankind for reasons He knows best. (21) Since He does not change, His attitude toward humans today is best seen in the stories of Old and New Testament. Although history is written to make it appear that great kings, generals and admirals make history, there is a dreary repetition of tragedy. Do people repeat their mistakes because of maladaptive foolishness (22) or because they are attempting to thwart entropy by resolving their order and energy consuming childhood ingrained conflicts? The research I have been pursuing for many years indicates that the individuals, families and nations repeat their painful mistakes because they are trying to learn the essential substance of the conflicts driven into their minds by childhood abuse and neglect. The principal effect of mistreatment is that a person does not become that amazing person they were designed to become (23). For those who are reasonably conscious of this most important cause to their misery, there is a choice, to gain insight and avoid the repetitious tragedy or remain ignorant of insights they could have with a proven counseling method (24). God rules the world, promoting some individuals or nations and demoting others. (21) Unlike the Olympian gods, He is not arbitrary. It appears from reading history that He encourages discovery understanding and justice but does not tolerate ignorance and injustice, particularly the oppression of the weak and poor and the murder of the innocent (25) To the amazement of His people Israel, He used a godless nation to chastise them. As far as the Israelis were concerned, Babylon was disgustingly primitive and ruthless. But that nation was not as ignorant and unjust as Israel. It did not engage in the worship of Moloch and Baal, which required child sacrifices. Today there is no such nation. Though the Moslems are relatively restrained in aborting innocent preborn children, there is no nation, which does not conduct wholesale abortion. So when He cannot use a somewhat more righteous nation to judge the western conglomerate, He will do the judging Himself. It was possible to use Babylon and Media to show what captivity is like to the Israelis who were selling their neighbors and their neighbor’s children as slaves, Since there is no righteous nation in regard to abortion, He will do the judging Himself. God makes history and though we can never know the exact time of His return to earth because it is such a closely guarded military secret, we can interpret the signs of the times. He has never tolerated the murder of the innocents so it is not hard to guess that with the worldwide slaughter of his babies, He will come soon. Before then, it is likely He will show those who cared less about the murder of preborn people, something of what it felt like to be ripped apart. His judgment has always started by waking up and disciplining His own people. Since approximately 1.5 x 10 6th babies are being murdered each year and since there is an even spread of where this happens, and since God is hurt and very angry because of it, it is very likely He will dramatically intervene and that quite soon. If people did not choose to be ignorant, they might see this and prepare themselves accordingly.

12) Worship of God or self. (Narcissism)

As Narcissus fell in love with himself and drowned, so those who love themselves at the expense of others will drown in their own self-preoccupation. They will become progressively withdrawn and begin to lose touch with reality. As their hold on reality weakens they will use a variety of devices to keep them sane. The most frequently use tactic is to entertain themselves to both drown out their guilt ridden thoughts and to make them feel they are in touch with reality because having watched the late night news they can have a lively discussion with their coworkers in the morning. They oblivious to the fact that the news is constantly distorted and so they are even further removed from reality. While “keeping in touch” with what is going on in the world, by watching the news on TV, they are exposed to advertising which has taken up the hedonists mantra, be good to yourself, love your self, treat yourself to something extra nice, buy this wonderful sex toy so you can pleasure yourself. So sex, which was originally intended to drive a man and woman into each other’s arms to create a pair bond and the beginnings of a family, is now used by God’s enemy to promote self-love and eventually self-worship. Recognizing God is always a jolt. He is not what people wish to see in a god. He is certainly kind, gentle and good but because He is always loving, He gives people what they need and this is seldom what they like. That jolt either drives them into a greater sense of who they really are or drives them further into themselves. The choice they must make is once again, to know or to be ignorant. Dealing with God as He really is seems to most to be so much more difficult than to retreat into their self-indulgent ignorance where they can worship themselves in relative comfort. God in magnificent patience will allow this trend only so long, before He dramatically intervenes. When there are so many other affronts to Him like the millions of deaths of preborn babies, His tolerance is overcome by an abiding sense of justice. In effect God seems to say, you have chosen ignorance and in ignorance of what you are doing you kill my children by the millions. I hoped you would learn by the results of your stupidity, that ignorance, self worship and murder cannot work. You just went deeper and deeper into the pit. So now I will let you have the full measure of what you choose. You chose darkness and blindness so that is what you get. To hell with you.


This is a short list of the many issues confronting humans, which result in a choice to know, painful as it may be or to remain ignorant. In most areas I have commented on, I know my stuff. In fact I am and have been considered an expert as reviewer for professional journals and in weighty court cases. My interest in astrophysics and cosmology is an avocation. My theology is basic Christianity, having been taught by and personally known some of the best teachers, eg. Rev. John Stott, Dr. Billy Graham, Dr.J.B. Rowell, Dr. Samual Mikolaski etc. Most importantly I have personally known the Majestic God for over six decades. Where I am blatantly wrong, shown to be so by good science or theology, I will stand corrected It is surprising that in an age where investigation, science, travel and education are so highly esteemed that most people ignore the facts and immerse themselves in sophistry. On the other hand, no one should be taken aback. Most humans have always pushed the truth away from themselves. Ignorance is acquired actively. Although many are too lazy to open their eyes, most put a lot of effort into avoiding the obvious. The global warming fiasco is a prime example. What a huge waste of time, money and effort to convince themselves and their world wide following that humans are the root cause of a disaster that they believe will destroy us all. Yes, the is considerable power grabbing going on but the deeper reason is that man wants to think he is in charge. Why is it so hard to acknowledge and get to know God? At a time when the science so clearly demonstrates there was a creation event and thus a creator, why do thinking people turn from the obvious implications of what their beloved science has uncovered? Surely it now takes more faith to be an atheist than a theist. God is demanding but not unattractive. Those who really know Him are usually reasonable people. So why oh why do people choose ignorance? The answer to these questions are both simple and complex. What satisfies this well educated and research experienced man is the pivotal idea that God wanted friends. The whole picture makes very good sense if you see things in this light. I spent a professional lifetime trying to understand people. I believe I made some progress that others use. (26) Yet it is a wondrously complex puzzle. I sincerely hope others will pick up where I’m about to leave off. On the other hand, I am convinced we will all know very shortly the full painful reality. Then people will “mourn”, saying to themselves, “what an idiot I have been. Why didn’t I try to understand what was so obvious. Why didn’t I accept God’s offer of friendship and truth?” In the meantime, I will keep chipping away at knowing, mainly because it is so much fun and even more importantly because I am getting to know my high and mighty friend. It would have been nice, mind you, to have more acceptance and support. On the other hand, ignoring or opposing me was probably the most convincing evidence that I am basically on the right track (27). May the majestic Lord of the universe be praised for all I am and know. After all, every bit of my understanding comes from Him.



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