“Whenever there is lost the consciousness that every man is an object of concern for us just because he is a man, civilization and morals are shaken, and the advance to fully developed inhumanity is only a question of time.” – Albert Schweitzer Truth frees those who speak it and listen to it.

Paternal attachment to the unborn child

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Because the unborn baby attaches so tenaciously to the mother through his or her placenta, and because the mother at a very early stage detects that attachment, it is very easy for the mother to become attached to the baby.  It is different for men.  Men attach in two ways.  The maternal behaviour elicits a paternal response.  It is the “nesting” and “egg laying” behaviour of the goose that makes the gander so aggressively protective.  It is the change in the behaviour of a woman and the change in her shape that makes men nurturing and protective.  Unfortunately,...

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Observations – October 2003

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Tears. Tears, the soft rain that makes the seed of hope grow into a lively plant of courage. It may take time. Whose Fault. Seeing the blind man sitting by the road (John 9:1-39) created the question, “Whose fault is it?” We have a choice to pretend we don’t see the blind man and walk away from him and his need, or else, if we face him, we may want to justify our indolence by blaming him or his parents. Jesus said “whose fault” is not the issue. The question is a question for everyone, not a question for him. The question is, “What are you doing to help this man so that he is...

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Observations – April 2002

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Anxiety. High levels of anxiety occur when people are watching helplessly another’s acute or tragic situation.  It appears they would sooner deal with their anxiety than with guilt, so they try to shut up those who are suffering. Hope. Real hope drives people together.  False hope drives them apart. Pursuing real hope. There are no roses without thorns.  Pursuing real hopes can also have some painful consequences like becoming God’s child. Marriage. Marriage is created by God, therefore in this life it is permanent. Becoming vs. achievement. God is much less interested in...

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