ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL- A play on words

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Isn’t she beautiful Players: G= God     J= Jesus. HS= Holy Spirit Much like her mother. How old now Michael? I would say about 12 wks. More precisely, 84 days, 4 hrs, 15 min. and 42 sec. plus or minus a few millisecs. Smiling at His beloved son. Where is his dad? Over there, behind that tree weeping his heart out. Hey man, get over there and love your woman. Larry. Oh God I don’t know where you are but don’t let her do this. G Do what young man? Who said that? I must be hearing voices. My Doc said I would if I stopped my meds. Do what young man? This is weird but I may as well...

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Modern Medicine in Lilliput

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The lively little people of Lilliput one day decided, at least it sounded like they all decided, to inaugurate the progressive practice of prophylactic hysterectomies. Led by the loudly proclaiming liberals and female discontents they shouted and successfully manipulated the general population into accepting the idea that having a total lower female organ cleanout would prevent many types of nasty cancers. Without recourse to science or logic they asserted that since a woman owned her sexual paraphernalia, she should have the property rights to them and dispose of them, as she felt fit. The...

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