Compassionate Care Bill S1696

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A COMPASSIONATE CRITIQUE OF THE US SENATE’S WOMEN’S HEALTH PROTECTION ACT # 1696 Philip G. Ney M.D. There is little evidence of human’s inherent goodness. Although there are good family and community building instincts, these had to be encouraged and guided by just laws enacted by wise people elected by a well-informed populace. Healers thru doing good are elevated by patient gratitude to a higher status. Too many have used this position to disregard the self-imposed restraints of their profession. Thus there has always been legislation to keep all physicians within the bounds of good...

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When Atheism Becomes the State Religion

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WHEN ATHEISM BECOMES YOUR COUNTRY’S STATE RELIGION.  Philip Ney, 18/12/07 Pioneer Publishing.  Introduction. “Put that bible away, you can’t read that in school” “You say you are a Christian, don’t even think of applying to grad school”. “Moslems are not welcome in this golf club” “Your charity has just lost its status because of its religious affiliation”. “But your honor, I was just standing there, quietly praying”  “The police saw             “Jews are not allowed to have private services for their dead”.   ETC. Don’t be so pessimistic,...

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The Blue Fox and the Three Silly Ganders

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The Blue Fox and the Three Silly Ganders Philip G. Ney   He had them, then he sneezed.  The wily blue fox had limped like he was mortally wounded to hide behind the stump. He had glanced furtively toward the silly ganders who, tied together by their left legs, waddled grandly if somewhat awkwardly toward the pile of power grain so temptingly spread beneath the trapping basket.  It wasn’t hard for them to see the trap but they didn’t realize the danger because they were so tempted by the prospect of delicious power grain.  The blue fox had silenced his well-disciplined children who...

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THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO CELEBRATE.                PG Ney                    14/11/2016 Introduction Pro-lifers all over the USA are celebrating a very narrow victory by a prolife presidential candidate and honest senators but they should not. There is good reason for a sigh of relief but this is not the time for mutual back slapping and self- congratulations. USAns, no everyone everywhere, now have a brief opportunity to freely repent of their pathetic efforts to protect preborn babies and old people. The population is almost all sick with sin and...

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Near Defeat, But Not Disaster Yet

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NEAR DEFEAT BUT NOT DISASTER YET.                        Philip Ney   27/7/16 In the last year, prolifers have made some significant gains but suffered some serious defeats. The net effect is to make many good God loving, preborn baby protecting people, give up. They are sticking their heads in the shifting sands of TV, occasionally glancing at bad news which they keep vainly hoping will soon, magically go away. During the time of momentous referendum, court decisions and elections, is not the time to hide behind status quo rationalizations. Since most people will...

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Why the Next War Will Be the Cruelest War Ever: Complete Edition

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WHY THE NEXT WAR WILL BE THE CRUELEST WAR EVER by DR. PHILIP G. NEY FIRST EDITION, September 2013     TABLE OF CONTENTS I     INTRODUCTION II    FACTORS THAT INCREASE AGGRESSION A.     Despair 1.      Worsening economics 2.      Usual economic theories don’t work. 3.      Collapsing infrastructure 4.      Shrinking investments B.      Hunger C.      Diversions that only result in more deaths 1.      From international conflict 2.      From inter -personal conflict D.     Rhetoric, education & philosophy 1.     ...

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