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Gobble and Go

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GOBBLE AND GO, AN ODE FOR CHRISTMAS                   Philip Ney,    Pioneer Publishing   30/11/07   Quick to the rich dish, Dive in the bowl. Down this, gulp that, Gobble and go. Narcissism is the goal.   “I’ve got to take some weight off. My new clothes will not fit. My belly makes me waddle, And where I plunk, I sit.”   If you opened eyes half way, You would see starvation. If you listened just a bit, Hear moans of dehydration.   The Lord of Harvests likes to give, Burdens the rich with more. He gives you space and excess, To share outside your...

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My Father Was a Soldier

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OUR  FATHER,  IN MEMORIUM                November 11/07   My father was a soldier,  In the first and second wars. He joined when he was 15, Had to lie about his age. He ran away from dull school. For he didn’t want to miss, All the fun of shooting Germans, He would shoot between their eyes.   So with very little training, He’s in the thick of it. The mud and blood was knee deep. There was no time to sleep. He was so keen and always brave, The sent him off to OTC. He came back a lieutenant, And told others what to do.   He always led from in front. At 17 they made him...

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For What Purpose Purr Puss?

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For What purpose, Purr puss                                             Philip Ney   23/9/08  Pioneer  Publishing   For what purpose does our pussy purr? As she curls up in soft fur. Just to let us know she’s there? Or just to show her gentle care. As she lies beside our son, Kneading blankets like it fun. Soft her lullaby of purring, Keeps it up till he’s not stirring. So the purpose of our purr puss, Is to give him sweet repose. Sent by God small guardian angel, Knows her job from every...

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Far across the troubled ocean, I think a light I see. A green light or is it red a’winking out at me? Should I swing to starboard or steer my ship to port? Somewhere in spray dimmed waters is the harbour I now court. It is not easy to know what’s right from what is mostly wrong. When I was young and restless, I always had a song. Where have gone the noble ones our poor country needs? How discern a good crop from all these thorny weeds? I wish I had my dear old mum to sit with me anew. I long to hear my brave old pa singing from his pew. Oh God please now guide me to my longed for...

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Would I Be An Angel

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Would I be a bright angel if I could? If I had a chance, I really think I would. Fly around sweet heaven every endless day. And when I took a fancy on my harp play. Of course I’d do exactly as I’m told, I’d never be presumptuous and never bold. Nor with appointed tasks would I be bored. And from required distance, I’d admire the Lord. I could see from Heaven, human’s awful state. And feel a bit smug that is not my fate. To see their misery, then to watch them die, I’d rather to the limits of heaven always fly. But at one time I saw the most amazing thing. A...

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A Whisper of Wind

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A whisper of wind from the west, Lying in bed feels the best. For soon comes a storm, Make me wish I weren’t born. In the fog its not clear, And I drank too much beer, Yet its not hard to guess what comes next.

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